Using the 7 Ps of Marketing Mix for Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is a crucial component if you wish to expand your company as it aids the building of an effective presence online.

How marketing specialists carry out their business has evolved as a result of digital marketing. Digital marketing services are being adopted by several expanding companies, both big and small.

Traditional marketing strategies are being substituted by a variety of new income stream alternatives, each with its own set of difficulties.

The goal of "The marketing mix" is to offer a comprehensive foundation for contemporary business models and marketing tactics throughout the customer experience. 

To gain an understanding of how the marketing mix affects digital marketing, keep reading this article.

The Basics of Digital Marketing

Today, the term "digital marketing" has emerged as one of the most widespread terms. Digital marketing strategies are being used by many types of businesses.

Using the 7 Ps of Marketing Mix for Digital Marketing

Take into account a huge or small firm; each of these has incorporated digital marketing initiatives in some way or another.

Using digital media to advertise your business or product is known as digital marketing. It entails marketing through internet platforms and can be thought of as the opposite of traditional marketing.

Given that it includes all current marketing tactics and is a growing marketing trend, knowing the fundamentals of digital marketing is essential.

It has created a variety of options for different businesses, and now every brand needs to use digital marketing techniques to successfully manage their businesses. 

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Digital marketing has become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons:

  • Traditional marketing tactics are limited to a specific demographic. A bigger market can be reached with the help of digital marketing, which makes it possible to be experienced across the globe.
  • Compete with established players: Now that each company may use digital marketing techniques to their advantage, the marketing chances are no longer just available to large corporations, helping small brands to be at the same level as major players.
  • Reaching out to potential clients used to be challenging, but thanks to digital marketing, it is now simple to pinpoint and connect with the target market. This is important as choosing a specific demographic will produce greater results.
  • Track the reach: It was difficult to track the reach of conventional marketing strategies. It is challenging to determine how many people saw a specific sign and eventually made a purchase, but digital marketing makes it easy due to the tools that make it feasible to monitor social media activity, website traffic, etc.

The 7Ps Model: An Overview

The 7Ps marketing model is a structure created to assist firms in creating an all-encompassing marketing strategy. The 7Ps concept should enable a new company to create a comprehensive marketing plan from the beginning.

The traditional 4Ps are as follows:

  • Product
  • Place
  • Price
  • Promotion

4 Ps to 7 Ps: The Evolution

Harvard professor, Neil Bordon, coined the term "marketing mix" in a 1953 speech to the American Marketing Association to define the various elements that make up a successful marketing strategy

Even though digital media is changing the marketing mix in novel ways, some elements remain constant.

Every marketing effort is impacted by the four Ps: price, product, promotion, and place, while placing more focus on one or more of them might have distinct effects.

The marketing mix has changed since then. The "4 Ps"—Product, Price, Promotion, and Place—were initially used to characterize it.

People was the most recently added element; the fifth "P" for service-based businesses. The packaging and positioning areas of strategic marketing analysis were most recently included in the marketing mix.

The 7Ps model was developed to accommodate the rise of service-oriented firms, where "Product" can refer to either leads or services

Due to growing consumerism and competitiveness across all industries, the expanded model also places a greater emphasis on customer service. The 7Ps marketing mix has evolved along with consumer trends and emerging technology.

7Ps Elements

The 7Ps are crucial. It offers the business the factors it needs to create value and gain a marketing competitive edge.

Four factors are used by marketers in the traditional marketing mix: product, price, place, and promotion. Physical evidence, people, and processes were then added as three more variables to take into account the features of the service market.

1. Product

A product is something created to meet customer needs. We use the term goods to describe material goods. However, we refer to services as being intangible.

7Ps Elements - product

The business creates a distinct selling business model to please customers.

It is the distinctiveness with which the business aims to meet clients’ wants which sets its products apart from those of rivals. For instance, it may be of advanced or poor quality.

2. Price

Choosing the selling price is a crucial choice if you want your item to succeed in the marketplace

Businesses examine the consumer desire to pay. They gauge the highest price a buyer is willing to pay for the good (this is termed the reservation price).

Consumers perceive the price as the expense of meeting their requirements; it is the product's monetary value. Consumers are hesitant to purchase or go for alternative goods if they believe the product has low value. 

In contrast, if a consumer perceives a product to be worth more than it costs, they will be satisfied and willing to purchase it.

To implement a price plan, the corporation takes into account several aspects, including:

  • Production expenses, including both fixed and variable expenses per unit
  • Consumer characteristics, such as whether they are quality- or price-conscious customers
  • Product categories, such as whether they are mass-produced or specialized products
  • Is the target audience, for instance, a brand-new or established market?
  • Market competition, such as the number of rivals and their tactics

3. Promotion

Marketers use promotions and channels of communication to enlighten customers about their products, shape their opinions, and nudge them into making a purchase

Public relations, advertisement, sales, and direct marketing are a few examples of promotion tactics. The promotion mix is a common name for them.

There are a number of distinct goals for promotion, including:

  • Convince potential buyers to buy things in the current market
  • Motivate customers to experiment with new products by communicating with them
  • By concentrating on audiences in developing markets, you can increase the number of customers
  • Informing customers about changes to product quality
  • Convincing customers to choose the company's products over those of rivals

4. Place

The place is more than just physical shops. It covers a wider range, including making sure the product is accessible when customers require it and in the appropriate setting.

Selling products near the target user's area is one strategy for items. 

The creation of efficient distribution routes, both internally and through cooperation with outside distributors or merchants, is an additional strategy.

5. Physical evidence

Physical evidence describes material benefits that customers can experience when dealing with businesses. It might be the actual setting in which the business offers its services. It could also be a storefront in which the company carries out business.

Consumer comfort can be achieved in a number of ways, including structure, light, and interior design. During the encounter, they have an emotional impact on the customer. 

Customers could feel uneasy in a cluttered interior design, for instance. It makes the environment uncomfortable, which gives customers a bad experience. Finally, people are hesitant to conduct business or return to the same location in the future.

6. Person

People may refer to employees of firms or salespeople who deal with customers

7Ps Elements

Customers develop relationships and trust when they are being served. If they are competent, they make a good first impression on customers. Consumers are eventually willing to purchase and possibly suggest products to others.

The effectiveness of a corporation is determined by the caliber of its human resources. The deciding variables are knowledge and aptitude. Attitude and motivation are further factors.

Sales representatives, for instance, are skilled at both what and how they sell. Additionally, they must present a professional demeanor, appropriate body language, expressive facial gestures, and engaging discourse.

7. Process

The process is a set of procedures or actions used to sell goods and provide services to customers

Companies may offer all consumers the same level of service when they have the proper process in place. Through increased efficiency, the right processes do save money and time.

The process involves how businesses work together to satisfy customer needs. The service industry's activity revolves around it.

When buying furniture in a conventional store, for instance, customers may have to choose their items, deal with salespeople, pay at the register, and have their purchases delivered to their homes.

The process is crucial to gaining a competitive edge in the service industry since it serves as the firm's point of contact with the client.

According to the nature of the company's operations, several processes will be used. The fact that businesses have a distinctive or specific approach to providing their clients, though, is unquestionable.

As an illustration, consider the eatery. There are open kitchens in certain restaurants. Visitors may see while the cuisine they ordered is prepared.

Making use of the 7Ps for Digital Marketing

A website forms the brand in the realm of digital marketing. The material on the site must add value and be pertinent to the consumers as it displays the values and beliefs of your business.

You are well on your way to developing an effective strategy if the marketing mix is also followed by your digital marketing initiatives.


You can use a variety of pricing techniques on your website, similar to or different from your competitors’ websites, to draw visitors' attention to your products:

  • Coupon codes
  • Internet coupons
  • Boxes and bundles


Your website's visitors must be able to see the benefits and features of your offerings. Due to YouTubers' rising fame, businesses are increasingly paying them to create unboxing films that promote their products. 

This is a fantastic illustration of how to communicate the characteristics of your product to hundreds of buyers. Utilizing illustrative imagery will help your product stand out on your website


Although it may seem implausible, some organizations completely rely on digital distribution to move products from point A to point B

Making use of the 7Ps for Digital Marketing

For instance, the Uber app has a large pool of drivers that are eagerly awaiting the next passenger request. Through this digital medium, the user may quickly check the location of the driver and immediately get in touch with them.

Another instance of Place being included might be with fast-food restaurants like Pizza Hut. The huge pizza chain provides a real-time update to let you know when your order has been delivered and can even let you know when it is baking.


The marketing mix component of People is being used online more frequently as a result of technological and AI advancements.

Numerous websites now communicate directly with users via chatbots to meet their requirements. Social media is a great resource for people who have queries about a product


In digital marketing, there are numerous efficient ways to employ promotion:

  • E-banners
  • Sites
  • Social networking sites
  • SEO
  • Email
  • YouTube
  • Video Marketing
  • Online forums
  • Blog
  • Podcasts
  • E-newsletters

And a lot more!

Why just not begin with digital when there are so many ways to market your company's name and goods?


Although the word "process" is frequently associated with the procedures for delivering the product, an e-commerce website might exhibit similar characteristics

The 'journey' of a consumer visiting a webpage and then making a transaction is crucial today more than ever because the volume of online sales is rising significantly.

Making that customer journey as simple as possible via appealing web design is the responsibility of a UX (User Experience) designer

The customer's journey may also be impacted by other technical characteristics of a website:

  • Site Speed - Individuals are becoming restless, so if it takes a long time for a webpage to load, you can lose some users.
  • Device Optimization - Can the site fit all devices given that the majority of users browse on phones and tablets?
  • E-commerce Optimization - How simple is it for a user to submit payment information online?

Process refers to considering how to make a user's journey better. When a customer interacts with your site, always keep in mind what they might expect.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence in a digital age? When was the last time you bought something online after reading reviews?

This is one of the most significant pieces of physical evidence that is available online. These review/comparison sites use tangible proof from consumer reviews to distinguish their items from those of their rivals.

Have you ever been so impressed with an item that you posted about it on social networks? Given that you are disclosing your personal experiences to the audience, this might also be categorized as tangible proof.

Numerous social media influencers advertise and evaluate goods, which aids customer buying decisions.


Positive client experiences can increase sales for prosperous organizations. The brand or product will market itself if the user experience is so wonderful that they begin to scream it from the rooftops on social networking sites.

Do the 7 Ps of the marketing mix include digital marketing? They do! To differentiate your product or service from the competitor, you can employ the marketing mix in combination with digital marketing.

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