9 Reasons To Consider Contract Sewing Services For Your Business

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Contract sewing services offer a vital role in the overall creation of a product. Many businesses choose to outsource their sewing work to contract sewing services because it is beneficial in many ways from saving them money to helping them prioritize other business functions.

Read below to discover nine reasons why you should consider contract sewing services for your business.

Cost efficiency

The first thing businesses consider when they plan out the production of a new product is how much it is going to cost. Businesses that choose to fully produce a product in their own warehouses often have to invest a lot of money into training employees, buying new manufacturing equipment, and creating new production lines.

Cost Efficiency

This is a lot of money to put into a product that you are not yet sure will be successful. When launching a new product, it is best to outsource some of the production work to cut costs. In the long run, paying a contract sewing service to do the sewing aspects of your production process will save your business a lot of money. 

Outsourcing can help you to understand the expertise needed to perform some production steps and will likely deliver a better result than can be produced in-house. If a product does not sell well in the end, then a business that hired a contract sewing service will not have lost as much money as one that chose to invest a lot of money in the internal production of the entire product. 

Niche expertise

Small contract sewing services oversee employees who focus solely on specific sewing functions, making them experts in the field. Unlike newly trained employees that a business may use to produce a product, businesses that hire skilled contract sewers to produce certain items will end up with a product of higher quality.

Contract sewing services like Fieldtex Products, Inc. have expertise in producing top-of-the-line cases, nets, and other sewn products as well as a whole team dedicated to taking your design ideas and prototyping them to make the product you need. With many employees with years of experience in sewing heavy-duty equipment and clothing like cargo nets and work vests, there is nothing they can’t create. 


Unlike workers who are just learning sewing techniques, contract sewing businesses can adapt to fluctuating demands for products. Once there is a contract between a business and a sewing service, they will have a perfect understanding of how to produce your specific product and have the flexibility to take last-minute large orders. 

The employees and equipment are also always available, making it easy to quickly switch from one task to another as needed. The adaptability of contract sewing services makes it easier for businesses to alter scalability due to seasonal demands or spikes in sales.

In the scenario of trying to completely assemble products in one place, a business would have to spend valuable resources on hiring and training seasonal staff and purchasing specific equipment for certain tasks.

This is why many businesses that experience fluctuations in production needs find that partnering with contract manufacturers like sewing services can help them a lot with productivity and cost savings.


Focus on core priorities

By outsourcing minor sewing jobs to contract sewing services, your business can hone in on larger internal issues. If your business is in charge of creating new products and producing them in its own warehouse, it can be hard to do every step of production all under one roof.

This is especially true for small businesses as they may only have a certain amount of employees that they can train to manufacture certain parts of a final product. Focusing on core priorities like brainstorming new ideas, assembling final products, and outsourcing certain jobs to contract manufacturers opens up a lot of time for you and your employees.

As essential work is being done, the business will receive the pieces made by the contract sewers just in time to assemble the final product and get it ready to sell.


Not only does outsourcing work allow your business more time to focus on core competencies, but it also means that the sewing aspects of production will be completed much faster than if it was done in-house. Sewing is usually one of the most time-consuming tasks when creating a final product, so allocating it to an external service means that it can get done in a shorter amount of time.

Faster production means that the product will get on shelves sooner than if the business tried to assemble everything in one place. Working as a team with a contract sewing service results in better speed-to-market. Bringing on a contract sewing service streamlines the production process, especially if the sewing service is able to produce multiple parts of a final product at once.

With a dedicated team of experts working hard to produce your product and get it back to you as quickly as possible, your business will see an increase in efficiency compared to businesses that try to produce the same product with workers who are not as skilled and, thus, not as fast at production.


Access to specialized equipment

Because contract sewing services are focused on one specific vein of production, they invest in the best equipment to produce the highest quality products for their clients. This state-of-the-art equipment includes advanced sewing machines, computer programs that help them turn your ideas into prototypes, 3-D printers, and an endless supply of tools for all kinds of stitches and inserts. 

The investment in these kinds of tools would not make sense for a business that is in charge of all kinds of products, but for sewing services, they are an essential part of the production process because it is all that they do. Without access to certain pieces of equipment, a business may not even know the potential for the production of certain ideas that they have.

Consulting with a sewing service where you can see all of the services they provide can open up all kinds of creative doors. The choice to outsource certain work to a contract sewing service can help your business produce a more innovative product than you would be able to with limited equipment in your own warehouse.  

Minimal liability

One great benefit of contracting out work is that the employees who work on your products are not yours. This means that if anything goes wrong during production like an injury or a manufacturing mistake, it is not under the liability of your business.

There is much less risk in the production process than if you were training your own employees to do the sometimes risky work of sewing together heavy-duty products. The same goes for equipment. A company that purchases brand-new equipment to produce a single product can encounter all kinds of issues like employee misuse and unexpected damage.

Without the need to purchase any equipment or hire and train new employees to work the equipment, businesses that contract out sewing services experience much less risk in the manufacturing process. 


A main goal of businesses is to create a unique product that will sell. Working with a contract sewing service means that you can work hand in hand with the professionals to create a few prototypes of the ideal product that you have in your head.

This provides greater flexibility in design as you will be working with people who have worked with countless other clients on other projects. They can suggest designs that have worked in the past and aid in testing out different patterns, fabrics, and colors. 

Once you have a good relationship with a contract sewing service, you can refer to them on other projects as well. Using their expertise and equipment, you can work together for years to come whenever you need tasks done that cannot be done in the warehouse of your own business. 

Support for small businesses

By hiring a contract sewing service, your business is helping a small business that has unique skills that can contribute to your bigger business. Small businesses often have few employees but those employees are highly skilled in what they do, unlike some big corporations that churn out products as fast as they can with little thought for the quality of the product. 

Support for Small Businesses

The act of supporting a small business means that your company is willing to trust the hard work of a niche corner of the market and thus contribute to the local community. For businesses that have great ideas but not enough resources to see them come to fruition, contract sewing services are the perfect solution.

From ideation to final product, contract sewing services can help a business design and produce its products. The decision to outsource sewing services can help businesses focus on distribution and other business functions, save money in the long run, speed up innovation, and deliver products of the highest quality. If you are a business owner considering hiring a contract sewing service, keep all of these benefits in mind.

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