A Detailed Review On InstaFollowers

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Needless to say, we live in the age of social media. From anterior Facebook to new-born Threads, social media and its impacts are all over us, and it is even more fun when you get to engage with so many people from all around the world. 

Naturally, not everyone uses social media platforms as the same. Some only prefer small private accounts to get in touch with their loved ones, friends, and relatives. However, there are also people who are excited to reach thousands of followers or even to achieve a certain level of fame at some point.

At this point you might ask though: “okay, but what if I have only a bunch of followers even though I want to promote my account?” or think: “I wish my post got thousands of likes”. 

Well, don’t worry because InstaFollowers are here to make your wishes come true. Getting thousands of likes to your Instagram post or getting incredible number of viewers to your YouTube video or even having lots of followers on Twitter have never been this easy and safe.

Either you are just an individual user, or a business account run by a company, you can rely on InstaFollowers when it comes to fulfilling your social media needs.

InstaFollowers service details


It goes without saying that InstaFollowers is not the only social media service provider. However, what differentiates InstaFollowers from others is basically its wide spectrum offered to social media users.

Along with well-known Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Tiktok services, InstaFollowers also offers various services regarding Threads, Discord, Twitch, LinkedIn, Telegram, Spotify and even Pinterest, Reddit, SoundCloud, Tumblr, VK, Quora, and Vimeo. Moreover, you can also buy backlinks via InstaFollowers and there are free tools you can use if you are a total beginner in social media services. 


From most popular social media services to lesser-knowns, InstaFollowers provides you with a wide range of alternatives. So, let’s take a closer look how we can use InstaFollowers for different social media platforms.


Instagram, as we all know, is one of the leading and well-known social media platforms, especially when it comes to social media marketing. 


You can indeed share awesome photos and videos with your friends and followers via Instagram. You can follow other people and see what they are up to. Nevertheless, in addition to being a great way to express yourself and connect with others, Instagram is also widely used for business related purposes.

It is an amazing platform for social media marketing. It has a huge user base, allowing you to reach a wide audience. You can create visually appealing content, engage with your followers through comments and likes, and even collaborate with influencers to promote your brand. It’s a powerful tool to build brand awareness and connect with your potential customers.

However, it takes great time and effort to build an Instagram account with lots of followers providing you with high page impressions. The more impressions you get, the more likely you are to appear on a potential customer’s Instagram feed. Instagram works with algorithms that allow you to engage with other people sharing similar interests with you.

In other words, Instagram lets your potential customers find you if your account gets enough impressions. This is basically the core of social media marketing. The algorithm sounds easy, but even if people like your content, they are likely to just save one of your posts or just keep being a stalker instead of following you. 

At this point, InstaFollowers steps in, offering various services you can benefit from. Through InstaFollowers, you can buy Instagram likes, followers, views, comments or even live views and profile visits to increase your impressions. Great statistics promote your brand and get you new customers.

Plus, if you are an influencer, statistics regarding your followers, profile visits, likes, reels video views, and comments play a huge role in increasing your chance to collaborate with a brand. 

Moreover, for each service, InstaFollowers offers several options you can choose from. For instance, you have three options if you want to buy Instagram followers. You can buy high quality followers, premium followers, or free Instagram followers, depending on your need and budget


Regarding buying Instagram likes with instant delivery, you can either buy high-quality or real Instagram likes. Similarly, while buying Instagram comments, you can go for real or regular options. Each has particular pricing.

Once you select and order, they immediately start processing your service and you can even check the estimated delivery time for the amount you choose. So, it comes as a great advantage that InstaFollowers works very well planned and systematical while providing your delivery.


Since the very first day it was launched, YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform where users can upload, watch, and interact with a wide variety of videos. It offers a diverse range of content, including music videos, vlogs, tutorials, and many more. You can subscribe to channels, like and comment on videos, and even create your own playlists.


How fun, right? On the other hand, YouTube also provides vast opportunities for content creators to monetize their videos through ads, memberships, brand partnerships, and sponsorships.

Namely, YouTube is also a great income source in our age of technology. You can collaborate with brands, promoting ads, sharing discount codes and affiliate links with your subscribers. Thus, in addition to the money you make from video views, you can generate even a greater income through sponsorships. 

Well, being the face of a brand or a YouTube superstar might sound like an ultimate dream. However, reaching a considerable number of subscribers or getting crazy amounts of views could create a concern since it might not that easy at the beginning. If you do not have enough impressions, YouTube algorithms simply do not recommend you to users most of the time.

Nevertheless, after achieving certain number of views or subscribers, your videos start to pop up on other users’ homepages, which is basically the road to organic impressions. 

Especially, if you are a beginner in this journey, you might want to visit InstaFollowers to provide you with a successful start so that you never have to worry about how to reach your first subscribers. Just upload your content and let InstaFollowers do the rest. 

You can find many services including buying YouTube subscribers, views, likes, live views, auto likes and views, dislikes, comments, comment likes, shares, and watch hours. You can also buy free YouTube likes and views. While buying YouTube subscribers, views, likes, dislikes, and comments, you are free to choose between regular and real options.

Those parameters add to your impressions, which is the core of YouTube algorithms deciding your popularity and recognition among users.

Youtube Shorts

InstaFollowers follows updates and changes closely, so it doesn't come as a surprise that it also provides services regarding YouTube shorts, which is among the new members of the game.


You can easily buy YouTube shorts likes, views and comments via InstaFollowers. 


Being one of the predecessors in the game, Facebook is a widely used social media networking platform. It allows users to create a profile, connect with friends and family, and share various types of content like photos, videos, and status updates. You can customize your profile, join groups, like pages, and follow other users to stay updated on their posts.

Moreover, you can discover news, events, and even shop through the marketplace feature. You can also follow pages and groups related to your hobbies or even favorite brands. Facebook offers a range of features to help you stay connected, informed, and entertained

This being the case, Facebook is also very influential when it comes to social media marketing. Therefore, especially brands and online business owners need to stand out in order to reach their potential customers. Don’t worry though. You are not alone, InstaFollowers are here to lend a hand through various services it provides.

You can buy Facebook likes, page likes, views, followers, reviews, comments, comment likes, shares, live viewers and now event attendees via InstaFollowers. While buying Facebook post or page likes, you can choose between purchasing regular or real likes.

Having a page with a considerable number of likes gives the impression to users that your brand is quite popular among customers. Therefore, they are likely to follow you or even order from your shop since they subconsciously label your brand as popular and reliable. 

Similarly, when you buy Facebook views, followers, or reviews, you might choose regular or real option based on your preference. In addition, while purchasing a service, InstaFollowers guarantee you that there is no risk of decrease.

In other words, you don’t need to worry whether your followers or likes will be gone over time, which comes as a remarkable plus compared to other social media service providers.


Nowadays reappearing as X, Twitter has never gone out of style since the day it was launched. It is another popular social media platform where you can create and share short messages known as “tweets” with your friends and followers. It’s a great way to stay updated on the latest news, trends, and connect with people who share similar interests.


You can follow others, like and retweet their tweets, engage in fun conversations through replies, and even use hashtags to join trending topics. It’s a fun and fast-paced platform to stay connected and up to date with what’s happening around the world as well as sharing your thoughts and ideas. 

As aforementioned, what makes Twitter fun is to engage with so many different people. However, it is not always that easy to get many followers and have viral tweets. Luckily, thanks to InstaFollowers, you can buy Twitter followers, retweets, likes, poll votes, impressions, views, clicks and video views just by one click.

Also, InstaFollowers has recently launched a new service for Twitter users, allowing them to buy Twitter space listeners as well. 

At this point, you might be wondering: “So far so good, but what’s the use of only getting paid followers or likes?” Well, getting high-quality Twitter followers will naturally bring more organic followers and help your account grow organically as a result. On Twitter, people tend to only follow accounts with many followers or accounts that have tweets going viral regularly.

Therefore, getting high-quality followers, likes and retweets will make your Twitter account a “must-follow” option for users. Also, as a result of having high Twitter impressions, algorithms will promote your profile and more people will be exposed to your content. You see, it’s a constant cycle working on your behalf! 

Now let’s see how to use InstaFollowers’ Twitter services. When you want to buy Twitter followers, retweets, or likes, InstaFollowers offers two options: regular or real. The choice is completely up to you! Similarly, when you want to buy Twitter views, there are separate options for video and tweet views.

Last but not least, buying Twitter clicks is classified under four categories: link clicks, profile clicks, hashtag clicks, and detail clicks. All you need to do is to decide on a service, and the rest is covered by InstaFollowers.


Well, it might not date back to as old as Instagram or Facebook, but TikTok has definitely become one of the trend makers in social media. It’s all about displaying your creativity and talent through various forms of content like dance, comedy, lip-syncing, and even more.


You can follow other users, like and comment on their videos, and even collaborate with them. It’s a vibrant and engaging platform, allowing you to connect with a diverse community of creators from all around the world. 

Also, TikTok has become a game changer in social media marketing as well. With its large and engaged user base, you can reach a wide audience and promote your products or services through creative and entertaining videos. You can use popular trends, hashtags, and challenges to increase your visibility and engagement as a brand.

It’s a fun and effective way to connect with your potential customers and build brand awareness. You can even create your own challenge and go viral as a brand on TikTok, which is a marvelous way of social media marketing. And you might be looking for more impressions on TikTok for this exact same reason. 

InstaFollowers offers various services for TikTok, too. Using InstaFollowers, you can buy TikTok followers, likes, automatic likes, views, automatic views, shares, comments, live views, and even comment likes. Following social media platforms and updates closely, InstaFollowers has recently made “buy TikTok saves” service available for users. Also, there are free options for TikTok followers, likes, and video views.  

While buying TikTok views, you can go for high-quality or real views. High-quality views are provided by real-looking bots and real views, as its name suggests, are directly related to real TikTok users. Regardless of your choice, InstaFollowers quickly and securely starts delivering your service as soon as your purchase process is complete.

Discord members

Discord is like a digital hangout spot where you can chat, voice call, and video call with friends or people who share similar interests as you. It’s a cool and fun way to connect and have conversations with others in different communities. Whether you’re a gamer or part of another community, Discord provides a space for communication and collaboration among members


Speaking of members, having a huge server on Discord might sound like a distant dream. Well, it could be if it weren’t for InstaFollowers. If you want to gather and engage with a greater community, all you have to do is to go check InstaFollowers.co. No doubt there is an affordable and agreeable option for you as well. Thanks to InstaFollowers, you can have the most popular and fun server to ever exist

Based on your need and preference, you can buy just 50, 250, 1.000 or even 10.000 members. However, the good thing is that prices do not increase proportionally. There are remarkable discounts for users who want to buy greater number of members.

For instance, while paying $3.25 for 50 members, you have directly 58% off for 10000 members, only paying $269. Just enter your valid Discord invitation link, sit back, and relax. Your Discord members will be sent to your server as fast as possible. 


Launched as a rival to Twitter, Threads is one of the new ones in the game. However, the number of users is quickly increasing each passing day and it is already even used as a part of social media marketing. 


So, you might want to take your place before the game heats up. Needless to say, InstaFollowers has already started providing services for Threads, too. For now, there are not many options, but new service options and features are most probably on the way and will be available as Threads keeps thriving.

For the time being, InstaFollowers only allows you to buy likes, followers, and reposts for Threads and discount rates for bulk buying are lower compared to other social media services. However, the prices are likely to drop as Threads is getting widespread among users and tries to take Twitter’s place.


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where you can create a profile to showcase your skills, experience, and education. It’s like a digital resume that allows you to connect with other professionals, join industry-specific groups, and discover job opportunities.


LinkedIn is a great platform especially for networking, building, and strengthening professional relationships, and staying updated on industry news and trends. It’s a highly valuable resource for career development and connecting with like-minded professionals. 

In order to expand your professional network, it is crucial to have an outstanding profile. At first glance, lots of followers create the impression that you are a sought-after professional with many strong connections. Therefore, you are more likely to get linked with successful colleagues and hear about job opportunities and industry-related developments. 

Thanks to InstaFollowers services, you can buy followers, page followers, and likes. Page followers are also important for brands to look professional on LinkedIn to be taken seriously. A company with higher number of followers would look appealing and interesting to potential candidates.

InstaFollowers allows you to buy up to 10.000 page followers, 5.000 likes for each post or even 500.000 followers at once. It sounds unbelievable, right? However, it is indeed true and what is more astonishing is that all you have to do is to enter a profile, page, or post link to fulfill your need. 

Furthermore, it is possible to have special discounts for larger amounts of purchases.


Pinterest is a social media platform that allows users to discover and save ideas for various interests, such as fashion, home décor, recipes, and even more. On Pinterest, users can create boards to organize and save images or “pins” that inspire them. It’s a great platform for finding inspiration, exploring new ideas, and saving them for future reference. You can also follow other users or specific boards to curate your feed based on your interest. 


Pinterest is largely focused on visual content and if you have a brand that especially holds visuality as priority, it can be a great social media marketing tool for you. 

It goes without saying that InstaFollowers provides various services even for Pinterest, including buying Pinterest followers, repins, and board followers. It is possible to buy up to 5.000 board followers and 10.000 followers via InstaFollowers with a refund guarantee, and it is just one click away. You can simply copy your account link and paste it on InstaFollowers page in order to complete your order.


Spotify is a popular music streaming service that gives users access to a vast library of songs from various genres and artists. You can create your own playlists, follow your favorite artists, and explore different playlists based on your mood or a theme. You can also find podcasts, and personalized recommendations based on your music preferences. 


However, you might wonder “why would I want to buy any Spotify service?” Well, the answers might vary if you are an artist. Being popular on Spotify stands you out as an artist, and you can even get a greater chance to collaborate with other artists through your Spotify statistics. 

In addition to Spotify followers, your plays play a huge role in your success. When someone listens to your track more than 30 seconds, it counts as a play. The more play it gets, the more likely your track is to be included to algorithm-based auto playlists, which increases your chance to be discovered by larger audiences. 

Luckily, InstaFollowers provides you with services regarding buying Spotify followers, plays, monthly listeners, and even playlist followers. You can buy each service with different options based on your preferences and needs with no risk of decrease. Once you order your delivery, InstaFollowers quickly processes it and there is even refund guarantee if it exceeds the estimated delivery time.


Its popularity might have died down a little over the last few years, but Tumblr still has its fans. Tumblr is, basically, a blogging and social networking platform where users can create and personalize their own blogs. It’s a place to share various types of content, such as text, photos, quotes, links, audio, and videos. You can follow other users, like and re-blog their posts, and engage in discussions through comments section.


Tumblr has a diverse community with a wide range of interests, from art and photography to fandoms and activism. It’s a creative and expressive platform that encourages individuality and fosters connection with similar-minded individuals. 

Sure thing, having your own blog and engaging with a community that shares your interests is a fun way to pass time. InstaFollowers doubles your fun by helping you with services, which includes buying Tumblr followers, likes, and re-blogs. Now it is easier than ever to promote your Tumblr blog with new followers, increasing likes, and re-blogs. 

InstaFollowers allows you to buy up to from 100 to 2.500 followers, 5.000 likes, and 1.000 re-blogs. It offers advantageous discounts, too, depending on the quantity of the service. The discount rates are not as high as other more popular social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube services. However, you can still find an affordable deal from various options.


Being an alternative to Whatsapp, Telegram is especially preferred by some people, believing that it is safer compared to its rival. Like Whatsapp, Telegram is a messaging app that allows you to send messages, make voice and video calls, and share media with your contacts.


It offers features like end-to-end encryption for secure communication, the ability to create group chats with up to 200.000 members, and the option to send self-destructing messages.

Telegram has also channels where you can subscribe to receive updates from your favorite content creators or organizations. In addition, it has a cloud-base storage feature that allows you to access your messages and media files from multiple devices. It, indeed, offers versatile features to its users. 

Speaking of 200.000 members, getting engaged with that many people could be exciting or scary depending on how you approach it. However, if you think it is exciting but don’t know how to gather so many people, let InstaFollowers handle it for you. Via InstaFollowers, you can buy Telegram group/channel members up to 50.000 at once.

There are two different options for Telegram group members and Telegram channel subscribers. But it is to be noted that your Telegram group/channel must be public in order for your order to be processed. Additionally, you can buy up to 100.000 positive or negative Telegram reactions.

Instead of using words, you can express your negative or positive opinions through emojis in a fun way. Moreover, InstaFollowers also offers a service, allowing you to buy Telegram poll votes. Lastly, you can buy Telegram post views, and it is categorized as Telegram last post views and Telegram single post views, depending on your preference.


SoundCloud is a popular online platform for sharing and discovering music. It allows artists to upload their tracks and share them with SoundCloud community. Users can listen to music, create playlists, and follow their favorite artists.


If you are a brand-new artist, wondering how to promote your account and increase your visibility, you don’t need to worry about any of it anymore. Thanks to InstaFollowers and the wide range of services it provides, you can simply focus on making your music and enjoying the process. 

Via InstaFollowers, you can buy SoundCloud followers, likes, comments, reposts, and plays with amazing discount rates and secure payment methods. In fact, InstaFollowers uses the most secure and trusted payment systems in the world. There is even refund guarantee if they exceed the estimated delivery time. However, we must say that they are very assertive about fast delivery.

So, the chances are very likely that you will never need a refund. Also, there is “free SoundCloud plays” option, too, in case you don’t want to spend a dime. Moreover, none of the services requires the password of your account. Therefore, your account is completely safe and yours!


Quora is a platform where users can ask questions and get answers from a community of knowledgeable individuals. It’s a place to share knowledge, expertise, and personal experiences on various topics. Users can also follow topics and people to stay updated with the content that interests them. It’s indeed a great place to learn, engage in various discussions, and gain insights from diverse perspectives. 


That being the case, having an ostentatious profile might actually help you stand out among this community consisting of knowledgeable individuals. Here are all InstaFollowers services you can benefit to promote your account.

InstaFollowers provides users with buying Quora question followers, upvotes, shares, views, and profile followers options with reasonable and affordable prices. Promoting your account help algorithms stand you out, increasing your visibility, trust, and engagement in the community. 

For a quick start off, you can buy 500 views just for $1.75 or 100 followers only for $7. As soon as you complete your order, InstaFollowers quickly takes action, and starts processing your service to provide it within no more than three days.


Reddit is a social media platform where users can join communities called “subreddits” based on their interests. In these subreddits, users can share and discuss various topics through posting texts, links, images, and videos. Other users can then upvote or downvote these posts and leave comments to engage in conversations. In Reddit discourse, an upvote is a way for users to show appreciation or support for a post or a comment.


When you upvote something, it means you found it valuable, interesting, or helpful. It also helps increase the visibility of the post or comment within the community. It’s a way for users to collectively determine the quality and relevance of content on Reddit. So, if you ever happen to come across a post or comment that you like, you can give it an upvote to show your approval. 

Or we have another idea as an alternative. InstaFollowers allows you to buy up to 1.000 upvotes with 20% off if you are interested. You might be wondering “why would I want to have more upvotes anyway?” Well, here’s your answer. Reddit has a system where it measures the points you earn based on the upvotes your posts and comments receive. It reflects the overall contribution and engagement you have within the Reddit community.

The more upvotes you receive, the higher your “karma” score will be. In fact, karma doesn’t have any tangible benefits, but it can indicate your reputation and influence within the community. It’s a way for users to recognize and reward valuable contributions.

So, maybe now you’re interested in getting as many upvotes as you can. In addition, InstaFollowers now offers a new service regarding Reddit, allowing you to buy from 25 to 100.000 Reddit subscribers with exceptional discount rates


Also known as Vkontakte (translated as “in contact” in English), VK is a popular social media platform primarily in Russia and other countries. It offers features similar to other social media platforms, such as creating profiles, connecting with friends, sharing updates, photos, and videos, joining communities, and messaging.


It’s basically a platform where users can engage with others, discover new content and stay connected with their social networks. 

You might have never heard of it before; however, you won’t be surprised to hear that InstaFollowers already provides two service options for VK. Via InstaFollowers, you can buy VK likes and followers at very affordable prices. You can buy 10 followers for $0.20 and 10 likes for $0.13 to begin with.

The great news is that InstaFollowers allows you to benefit from super discount rates if you order in large volumes. Bulk buying is even more advantageous because discount rate gets higher as quantity increases. For instance, you can buy 10.000 followers for $78 with 61% off, which makes InstaFollowers exceptional and remarkable among its competitors. 


Vimeo is a platform similar to YouTube where users can upload, share, and watch videos. It’s well known for its high-quality video playback and focus on creative and professional content. Vimeo is especially popular among filmmakers, artists, and other creative professionals wanting to showcase their work in a more artistic way. 


While it offers various features for video hosting, customization, and privacy settings, InstaFollowers, on the other hand, offers various services for Vimeo. Via InstaFollowers, you can buy Vimeo views, likes, and followers, which increases your chance to work well with algorithms.

While providing those services, InstaFollowers doesn’t ask for any password or other private information at any stage. It basically says no password is required and InstaFollowers even warns you not to share your password with anyone unlike some of social media service providers requiring your password to begin with. 

Needless to say, InstaFollowers’ privacy policy regarding security clearly puts them in an advantageous position compared to most of its competitors. 


Twitch is a popular live streaming platform where people can watch and broadcast video game playthroughs, e-sport tournaments, creative content, and many more. It’s a great platform for gamers and content creators to connect with their audience and share their passion especially for gaming.


In fact, Twitch has also become a source of income for many content creators; therefore, recognition and visibility play a huge role for streamers wanting to grow their business. 

This is where you meet InstaFollowers if you haven’t already. Allowing you to buy Twitch followers, viewers, clip views, and live viewers, InstaFollowers offers various options for its services. You can order in different volumes based on your need and preferences. Also, InstaFollowers provides 24/7 live support, so if you happen to come across any problem or question, the staff is always ready to help you through different channels. 

After choosing the right plan for you, you can check the estimated delivery time in case you don’t want to wait impatiently in suspense. However, make sure to check if your relevant broadcast is activated as “public” before ordering Twitch live viewers. Also, InstaFollowers warns you to remove mature content filter from your account if there’s any for your order to be processed. 

Free tools

In addition to its paid services, InstaFollowers also has lots of free tools you can use classified under different categories. Under each social media category, there are different tools offered for free use. So, you can easily go and find the free service you want to benefit. It is especially helpful if your budget is inadequate, or you want to see how its services work, starting from the free ones. 

Some of the free tools are Instagram hashtag generator, Instagram story viewer, Facebook video downloader, YouTube thumbnail downloader, Twitter font generator and Whatsapp link generator. 


Along with providing services for various social media platforms, you can also buy backlinks via InstaFollowers. Backlinks are links on other websites that direct users to your website. They are an important aspect of search engine optimization (SEO) as search engines such as Google consider backlinks as a signal of trust and authority. 

When reputable websites link to your site, it can improve your website’s visibility and rankings in search engine results. Backlinks are like votes from other websites, indicating that your content is valuable and worth linking to.

Also being an SEO services provider, InstaFollowers offers SEO services & packages, and backlink, SEO consulting, SEO report, on-page SEO services buying options. You can also buy web acceleration and backlink analysis, using InstaFollowers. 

InstaFollowers: Prices & plans

One of the things that makes InstaFollowers highly preferable is unquestionably its diversity regarding price ranges. There are various plans for different preferences and usages. So, let’s say you just want to give it a try, starting with buying only 100 Instagram followers or you want to make a good start, buying 100.000 LinkedIn followers. Both options are possible thanks to InstaFollowers.

Also, for some services, it is possible to choose between real and regular options. Namely, there is a plan for anybody in InstaFollowers. You can order in different volumes for different social media platforms. Moreover, there are remarkable discounts and discount rates go higher as the order volume increases. In other words, it is possible to say that InstaFollowers is doing the best it can to favor its customers! 

Below are starting prices for some of the most popular services regarding different platforms:

Social Media Network

Followers - Subscribers




Video/Reels/Live Views 


$0.99 for 10 followers

$0.50 for 10 likes 

$0.50 for 100 views

$3.25 for 10 comments

$0.45 for 100 Reels views

$0.50 for 100 views


$2.35 for 100 followers

$1.25 for 25 likes

$0.90 for 100 views


$0.30 for 100 video views


$2.50 for 100 followers

$0.41 for 10 likes

$0.30 for 100 views

$4.50 for 10 comments

$14.40 for 100 views (Live Video)


$1.90 for 100 followers

$1.85 for 100 likes

$4.75 for 100 page likes

$1.80 for 500 views

$2.50 for 10 comments

$4.95 for 50 views (Live Video)


$2.64 for 50 subscribers

$0.26 for 25 likes

$0.79 for 100 views

$2.80 for 10 comments

$2.00 for 100 views (Live Video)

YouTube shorts


$0.30 for 10 likes

$0.80 for 100 views

$2.36 for 10 comments



$3.25 for 50 members






$4.45 for 100 followers

$1.95 for 50 likes





$1.20 for 100 followers






$9.90 for 100 followers

$4.00 for 100 page followers

$4.50 for 50 likes





$0.90 for 10 followers






$2.40 for 100 group members

$1.15 for 100 channel members


$0.39 for 100 last postviews

$0.42 for 100 views




$4.20 for 100 followers

$5.50 for 100 likes





$1.15 for 25 subscribers






$1.00 for 50 followers

$1.75 for 100 likes


$3.50 for 20 comments



$3.25 for 100 question followers

$7.00 for 100 profile followers


$1.75 for 500 views




$3.30 for 100 followers

$6.50 for 100 likes

$0.90 for 100 views




$0.20 for 10 followers

$0.13 for 10 likes





$0.50 for 25 followers


$2.50 for 100 views

$2.50 for 100 views (Live views), and $1.00 for 100 views (Clip views)

InstaFollowers: Terms and guarantees 

Now that we have analyzed all its services in detail, let’s take a closer look at InstaFollowers’ terms of service, refund, and privacy policy before we begin purchasing. 

Terms of service

First and foremost, InstaFollowers warns possible customers to regularly check terms of services since rules and conditions might change if necessary. Therefore, it’s customer’s responsibility to keep up with the latest changes before purchasing any service. 

Primarily, in order to buy any service, you need to be at least 18 years old, as the website claims. However, if you are at least 13, you might use services under the supervision of a parent or a legal guardian. Additionally, the website uses the information you provide while processing your order and might use it again in order to inform you about upcoming promotions or send you coupons.

However, InstaFollowers never and under no circumstances sells your personal data to any third party organizations or anyone. Secondly, a customer could get a refund if any problem occurs during or after the process. The website has 24/7 customer service and promises to get back to their customers within 24 hours.

Lastly, InstaFollowers cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss regarding your social media account or visual data during or after your order is delivered. You accept to take the risks while using the services. 

Refund policy

First of all, InstaFollowers guarantee providing you with your paid service within no more than three days. However, if it fails to deliver the service or the delivery takes more than three days, customers are promised to get a refund. So, rest assured.

But what if I do not claim a refund not out of supplier-related reasons? What if I want to get my money back because I have simply changed my mind? Is it still possible to get a refund? Well, unfortunately no. InstaFollowers only promises for a refund if a mistake occurs. If the delivery is completed successfully, any kind of refund is out of question. 


InstaFollowers never sells your information to anyone or shares it with third party organizations. However, if a wrongdoing occurs and a third-party organization reaches your personal information, InstaFollowers take the whole responsibility for it. 

Nonetheless, although InstaFollowers never sells your personal data, it might keep it to yourself for some reasons regarding membership, campaigns, errors, and partnerships

Quality review about InstaFollowers

Users mostly appreciate InstaFollowers because it has various options for the services it provides. Each has different pricing options; therefore, customers are free to choose according to their need and budget. For instance, some services are separated as regular and real.

Regular means that the service is provided by real-looking bots. However, the service is still high quality and help your account grow organically and rapidly. Additionally, bots, in no case, interfere with your account or personal data. Secondly, as its name suggests, real option means the service is simply provided by real platform users.

So, the impressions you get are organic and help you promote your account in the best possible way. There are lots of positive customer reviews since InstaFollowers help accounts grow organically through its high-quality services. The services engage with the account in a natural way, and they help boosting organic impressions.

However, even though the services promote organic growth and impression, it is still better to go step by step rather than boosting your account with the largest possible volume at once since it might look forced or fake. 

Pros & cons of InstaFollowers 

We have explored all aspects of InstaFollowers in detail so far. So, you can probably tell all its advantages. However, let’s count all its advantages one by one while briefly touching upon the cons. 

Pros of InstaFollowers

  • InstaFollowers differentiates itself firstly by its range and diversity. From Facebook to VK, and from YouTube to Vimeo, InstaFollowers provides various services for many social media platforms. So, most probably you can promote all your social media accounts just by using InstaFollowers. You can get thousands of retweets on Twitter, or you can get hundreds of followers on LinkedIn, or you can do both. It is up to you! 
  • InstaFollowers does not only offer one or two plans. There are many different options when it comes to choosing a plan. You can get any service at any possible quantity. Also, regular and real options are available, too. You ask and InstaFollowers provide!
  • InstaFollowers works for a fast delivery. As soon as you complete your purchase process, you can see the estimated delivery time. So, you don’t need to worry at all. 
  • Working with the most secure and trusted payment systems in the world, InstaFollowers promises for a secure payment process. Your data is safe and will not be sold to any kind of third-party organizations. 
  • There is no risk of decrease. Once you buy a service, InstaFollowers promises for it to be permanent. If any problem occurs regarding this issue, they guarantee you that they will make it up to you in six months after you purchase. 
  • InstaFollowers provides 24/7 live customer support. You can contact them anytime and any day. 
  • InstaFollowers never asks for your password or private information. You can and should keep your account passwords to yourself!

Cons of InstaFollowers 

  • Probably the biggest disadvantage is that you won’t get a refund once your order is delivered successfully. So, you better think carefully before purchasing any service.

Contact Details

In addition to 24/7 online live support box on the right bottom of the website, you can contact InstaFollowers via e-mail and telephone. 

  • Phone: You can either directly call or chat on WhatsApp using this number:  +1 416-803-9075. 
  • Mail: If you ever come across to a problem or a question pops up, you can always contact InstaFollowers through this e-mail address: [email protected].

Alternatives to InstaFollowers

Internet is an endless source when it comes to alternatives. Naturally, InstaFollowers has many alternatives, too. However, the question is do these alternatives could really beat InstaFollowers up in terms of advantages and user-friendliness?

Well, let’s check the top three options and decide:


Viralyft is a social media service provider that has options for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, SoundCloud, Clubhouse, and Telegram services. It offers fast delivery, refill guarantee, no drop-offs, and 24/7 customer support. However, the services it provides is quite limited compared to InstaFollowers.

For instance, InstaFollowers offers services under 21 categories, Viralyft, on the other hand, has services only for 8 platforms as mentioned above. Additionally, since we have covered all of InstaFollowers’ services, let’s make a quick comparison. InstaFollowers almost offers endless service options for Instagram including its free tools, but you can only buy Instagram followers, likes, views, comments, and auto likes via Viralyft. 


Another popular social media service provider among customers is GetViral. GetViral promises to boost your authority in social media. It serves Facebook page likes and followers, Instagram followers, likes and views, YouTube views, likes, comments, and subscribers, Twitter followers and retweets, TikTok views, followers and likes, Threads followers, likes and reshares, Spotify plays and followers, Soundcloud plays and followers, and lastly Twitch followers.

Yes, we listed all the services it provides, and I think there is no need for further comment in terms of service range of diversity. 


Buzzoid is basically used for providing Instagram-related services and it is popular among customers. It guarantees 24/7 customer support and fast delivery. Along with Instagram, it has recently started to serve options for Threads. Since it only focuses on Instagram and Threads, there is no need to compare diversity. So, let’s compare prices instead.

For instance, buying 250 Threads followers cost $9.75 on InstaFollowers, while you have to pay $11.99 for the exact same service on Buzzoid. Similarly, while you can buy 250 Instagram likes for $4.50 via InstaFollowers, you are charged $4.99 for purchasing the same service via Buzzoid. 

Who Can Use InstaFollowers?

Last but not least, let’s briefly talk about who can benefit from the wonderful services provided by InstaFollowers. Needless to say, whether you are a YouTuber or Reddit user, you can simply go for InstaFollowers when you need a service. 

  • Small and/or new businesses: If you have made a fresh start to online business world, or you are just a small-scale company, you probably want to increase your brand awareness and visibility, searching for your new potential customers out there. Well, we recommend you not to lose any second, InstaFollowers provides everything you look for. 
  • Big companies: You don’t have to be a small-scale or a new business to use InstaFollowers. Social media marketing has completely taken over the world and it’s all about impressions, metrics, and algorithms. It goes without saying InstaFollowers is all you need when it comes to boosting your impressions and social media authority. 
  • Influencers and content creators: Who doesn’t want to make a name for themselves, right? High traffic and impressions on social media bring you the perfect chance to monetize your efforts. By boosting your impressions, you can get sponsorships, and collaborate with brands, sharing ads, affiliate links, and discount codes with your audience.
  • Celebrities: Nowadays social media presence means everything for celebrities. Strong social media presence brings more fame and recognition along with it. InstaFollowers helps you own the throne!
  • Individual users: But all those being said, strong social media presence and high impressions are not just about social media marketing strategies. You can be just a random individual user, but still want to get contact with many followers and go viral. Well, don’t worry because InstaFollowers has got that covered!

Author’s opinion on InstaFollowers

Well, in the age of social media, everyone might need a hand to promote their presence. At this point, InstaFollowers offers innumerable options. From new-born Threads to Tumblr, it has a large scale of services. You can find numerous services for almost any social media network you can think of.

Moreover, InstaFollowers follows the innovations in an up-to-date manner, which is to say, it keeps updating itself with new services. New features are on the way with the latest developments.

Another advantage is that InstaFollowers’ social media services aren’t just limited to large volumes. There are various options for every user’s budget. You can pay only $1, or you can spend $500, depending on your budget and preferences. In other words, no matter what your budget is, InstaFollowers surely proposes a reasonable and affordable offer. 

Also, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your account because InstaFollowers demands no passwords or personal information, which is indeed a remarkable plus. They also guarantee no risk of decrease and work with secure payment systems, protecting you as a customer. Moreover, waiting indefinitely after purchasing a service is completely out of question when it comes to InstaFollowers.

As soon as you complete your order, they immediately start processing for a fast delivery, even giving you an estimated delivery time. So, everything is well-planned and safe. If they fail to serve for some reason or the delivery happens to take more than three days, there is a refund guarantee. Namely, you will get your money back as soon as possible without any excuses.

Lastly, if you run into any problems, their 24/7 customer service and communication channels are always ready and willing to help you. No wonder why it is highly recommended and popular among customers!

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