A Sun-Kissed Haven For Travel and Property Investment In Florida

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Florida has many decades of experience in making people happy and comfortable. It has passed through many phases. It was once the state of optimum vacation in the United States, receiving visitors and tourists from all over Europe all year round (the all-year-round is as a result of the warm weather).

Then it slowly metamorphosed into a hotspot for retirees and migrants. It is interesting to find today, that the State now combines all three phases into one, at least for the past three years.

Such that above 100 million visits annually and hundreds of thousands (up to 400 thousand) migrate to various parts and cities annually.

What then is so special and alluring in the State of Florida?

Reasons why Florida is high in demand and how to tap into the investment

It is the fastest growing state of the USA in 2023

Florida is the fastest-growing state in the USA for 2022, based on population metrics.

2021 - 2022

1.9% increase

1946 population


2022 population


Reasons why Florida is high in demand and how to tap into the investment

Over 9% total increment in the last 7 decades

Did you know that in the 2000s, even when the population of the USA slowed down, Florida grew? A critical benefit of being the most populous state is that its economy will be boosted along the line. 

That is because the business and services and local brands would have more customer base and improved turnover, among many other benefits of the rising demographic. The real estate sector is therefore a direct beneficiary of this factor because the demand for housing has increased to match the population.

Sunny weather

In the 1940s, the sunny weather was a very big problem for the inhabitants of Florida. In the hot summer, it was a tussle to live in the city with a terrible heat wave, considered as maximum discomfort. However, with the coming of air conditioning systems, many people embraced life in the town from the 1950s downwards.

Florida gets more sunshine than many cities in the USA. This is great for the retiree generation, as they can maintain their health, and people migrating from hotter terrain can cope likewise those migrating from colder regions. The sunny weather makes beach outings more fun for people.

Top-rated Beaches and Beach front activities

With about 189 beaches in Florida, there are more than enough places to lounge, relax and have fun. The beaches are decorated with private properties (for the privately owned areas) which have premium standard housing placed alongside, while the public beach area is converted to:

  1. Parks and themes for visitors
  2. Commercial lounge areas, and quality spots
  3. Seafood joints, pubs, restaurants, etc.
  4. Green and healthy initiatives

Finally worthy of mention is the Floridian Green technology initiatives. The town is quiet and serene, and everybody lives in their space; while most townhouses come with a garden space, a landscape or greenery corner, and trees to help with ventilation and fresh air

These allure green initiatives also make life bearable for all. There is an office for sustainable initiatives instituted by the government to ensure that there is consistent addition to sustainable energy use.

Over 9% total increment in the last 7 decades

Combining travel with real estate investment

From the above, you can gather that it is not a bad idea to buy real estate in Florida in 2023. It even gets more interesting since you don’t have to break a leg or strain yourself to achieve that dream. In 2020, foreigners purchased property worth 12.3 billion dollars. The majority of these foreigners are non-residents of Florida, but they had the insight to key into the market. 

It is even more interesting because in 2023, property ROI over rents improved by 10%. It suffices to say old investors are cashing out, but in about half a decade, if you combine your travel with real estate investment, you would be among the stream of those investors who are benefiting from it. More so, there are ways to invest effortlessly and not ruin your vacation.

Combining travel with real estate investment

How to save tons of hours

Want to save some extra hours? Turn to online house-hunting. Florida-Real.Estate is the place where you can find descriptions and images of the properties, and sometimes, a video may be attached for live views of the corners of the house/apartment posted. 

The cost/price of the property is also often included, coupled with a prompt as to whether such a price is negotiable or not (note that even where it is not clearly stated as negotiable, you can still ask if it is or see if the vendor would shift grounds, you just may be lucky). 

Additionally, there is information on the payment pattern, the location of the property, proximity to the road, etc. It suffices to state that you get all the background information that can help you decide if it’s the right house for you.

More so, you only get verified posts from the renters, homeowners, or agents directly. This is a critical point because it allows room for further negotiation, inspection (which experts always advise to be done physically), and further considerations. 

You could also carry out further due diligence as time goes on. More so, it allows you to filter online postings to remove bots and fake posts, or unoriginal property listings. This saves time wasting as you can be sure that what you are seeing is from real sellers, and you can find their emails and phone numbers attached.

How to save tons of hours


Without further ado, stress, or lack of time is no longer an excuse as far as Florida is concerned. Utilizing the tools on the ground will significantly ease your travel and investment medley and help you achieve the dream of having an impressive property in the magnificent and charming city of Florida for your enjoyment or profit making.

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