8 Affiliate Marketing Success Stories: Best Examples

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The way businesses carry out marketing is changing. Once upon a time, we were forced to rely on billboards, posters, and flyers. But those days are long gone. Today, businesses can carry out more advanced and targeted marketing than ever before

Most successful businesses have tapped into these developments. Their use ranges from hosted phone services for contacting customers, to deploying data analytics for more effective advertising. 

But new developments haven’t only extended to businesses marketing themselves.

Today, many organizations are using their platforms to also advertise other companies. You’re probably asking ‘why?’ Well, this form of advertising, known as affiliate marketing, is a great way to earn extra money.

But what is affiliate marketing, and how can your business cash in?

What is affiliate marketing?

Perhaps your business has put together a large mailing list to improve lead conversion rate? Maybe your website gets lots of hits from users around the world? Or perhaps your social media has amassed a large following.

What is affiliate marketing

This is all great news for your own marketing prospects. But these assets can be equally lucrative for other businesses if they have the cash to back it up.

When you use your platform to perform marketing for other organizations, it is known as affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you place links to other products and services on your platform. 

Whenever someone clicks a link and makes a purchase, you receive a cut. If done correctly, this can give your business a valuable cash boost.

Unconvinced by the power of this form of marketing? Let’s allow the figures to talk for themselves; affiliate marketing spending is expected to reach a whopping $8.2 billion by 2022.

It’s clear that this is a form of marketing that a lot of businesses are cashing in on. So, why not join them? 

There are many different affiliate marketing programs to choose from. 

One example is the online marketplace Fiverr, also offers incentives for promoting it’s digital products. You might ask ‘what is a digital product?’. The term refers to any product that is bought online and has no physical substance. 

Another option is the retail site Amazon. With this program, you will need to include links to Amazon products on your site, or on social media. If someone clicks a link and buys a product, you are afforded a small cut from the sale. 

Another, using tools such as a traffic arbitrage platform provides an effective tracking feature, so you can identify which products are profitable and what queries get the most clicks.

As well as looking at already established affiliate programs, it could be a good idea to look at businesses that you already have a history with. Your B2B lead list might help you to find companies willing to advertise on your platform. 

Track your progress 

Some partnership programs include dashboards to keep an eye on performance

Track your progress

Google Analytics (GA) is a free program that can provide advanced information. There is a number of services that provide affiliate software designed to track and manage referrals. 

It might also be a good idea to invest in a single pane of glass (SPOG). SPOG can centralize all your data into one place. 

Examples of affiliate marketing success stories

Affiliate marketing is quickly becoming an extremely popular method of advertising. Brands both large and small have capitalized on this to their advantage. Let’s look at some of the top examples of affiliate marketing in action. 

1. The Wirecutter 

The Wirecutter is an extremely popular website within the tech world. The site has grown significantly since its launch in 2011. Today, it’s the first place that many turn to before purchasing a new tech product.

The New York Times Wirecutter

The Wirecutter receives around 12 million visitors each month, posting blogs, tech reviews, and more. But how did it reach this level of success? With affiliate marketing powered recommendations!

The site contains regular updates, recommending some of the best tech on the market. Whenever a user buys a linked product,

The Wirecutter receives a cut. With such a high volume of monthly users, it’s not hard to see how this has become a goldmine.

Alongside product recommendations, the site has multiple monetization methods. These include:

  • Working with Multiple Partners: Alongside Amazon, The Wirecutter also works with multiple others, helping to boost its income. For example, the site also uses Skimlinks, an affiliate marketing program that works with 60,000 publishers worldwide.
  • Answering Consumer Questions: Readers of The Wirecutter send in questions, such as ‘which tablet should I buy?’. The site then compiles articles answering these questions which link to recommended products.

2. This is Why I’m Broke 

Many websites take a more serious angle with their affiliate marketing. This usually involves informative articles.

2. This is Why I’m Broke

These focus on products that people use in their day to day lives. It’s fair to say This is Why I’m Broke has taken a different angle on this. The site focuses on humorous articles about ‘out there’ items.

Examples of products featured on the site include an umbilical cord charging cable or a tic tac gun. This is Why I’m Broke is a great example of an affiliate site that has focused on a specific niche and built an audience around it.

Thanks to a loyal following, the website now has 728,000 visits each month. 

Through the Amazon associates’ program and other affiliate partnerships, This is Why I’m Broke is raking in the cash. The website doesn’t actually sell its own products.

Instead it includes a catalog of items that, when clicked, link the user to a different website. So whether you’re looking for hardware or a hosted phone solution it might be worth checking The Wirecutter.

The site’s success demonstrates how focusing on a niche can reap rewards. 

3. Adam Enfroy 

This is a prime example of how blogging can be an excellent route into affiliate marketing. If you have built up a loyal and dedicated audience, they are much more likely to respond to products that you recommend.


This was certainly the case for Adam Enfroy, a digital marketing blogger focusing on online money making.

Enfroy is a newcomer in the blogging world, setting up his site in 2019. Yet despite this, the blog already receives 500,000 monthly readers. The success of the site makes it a top candidate for affiliate marketing

The blog features reviews and recommendations with links to products. Enfroy reports that he has made over $1 million within two years of launching the blog. 

4. WinningWP

This is another example of a blog receiving affiliate marketing success. Set up by Brin Wilson, WinningWP is a blog designed to give tips to WordPress users.


Even if you’re unfamiliar with WordPress, there’s a good chance that you have used it. 

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world and is used by businesses of all sizes.

As you can imagine, because of its usage, there is a hunger for WordPress support and knowledge. Winning WP helps to address this need.

Wilson addresses many different aspects of the platform such as website design and unlimited web hosting, providing a useful resource to many WordPress users.

WinningWP has used multiple affiliate links to generate cash. This includes book reviews, links to web hosting sites, and more. 

5. NerdWallet 

NerdWallet is often described as a forerunner in the affiliate marketing world. The site focuses on reviews of financial products such as insurance, loans, and credit cards.


The site has received continuous growth since its launch in 2009. It now receives an astronomical 10 million viewers each month.

Part of the site’s affiliate marketing success is down to its use of keywords. ‘What are keywords?’ you might ask. The term refers to popular search queries online. For example, a business might search for ‘best small business VoIP phone system’.

 By including the right keywords in your articles, they are more likely to appear in the results. 

NerdWallet is a prime example of how careful keyword research can boost your affiliate marketing efforts. Each article on the NerdWallet website is carefully peppered with keywords, ensuring a top spot in search rankings.

6. Money Saving Expert 

Set up by UK-based financial journalist Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert is another example of affiliate marketing at its best.

8 Affiliate Marketing Success Stories Best Examples

The site is filled with articles designed to, as the name suggests, save readers money. The platform has attracted people from across the world, with 7.5 million users signing up for the site’s weekly email

Money Saving Expert takes an interesting approach to its affiliate marketing. The website refuses to accept payment from brands that want to advertise. Instead, the platform only seeks affiliate links once an article is written. 

This might seem like a strange way of handling marketing, cutting off the website from potential investors.

But if you look carefully, this is a clever move. This proves to audiences that the platform will only recommend good quality products. This has no doubt contributed to Money Saving Expert’s large following. 

7. Techradar

Techradar is a name well known to fans of technology. The tech-focused website offers thousands of articles on different gadgets and tech-related topics


If you want to know about  different types of reports in software testing or the latest mobile releases this could be the place for you.

The platform’s popularity is clear - launching in 2000 the website has gone from strength to strength. The most recent report shows that the website received a huge 41.9 million views in a single month.   

This is yet another example of a business looking to affiliate marketing for extra cash. Each review that is posted on the website, includes a link to where a customer can buy the product.

With the website’s huge following, it’s not hard to see how this could quickly become lucrative. 

Before launching affiliate marketing, the company was in trouble, making a loss of £35.4m. Today, the platform reaches between $25 - 50 million annual revenue.

The success of Techradar proves that with informative and engaging content, affiliate marketing can elevate your business. 

8. Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is a UK-based digital entrepreneur, whose digital marketing blog has received massive success by tapping into affiliate marketing. His blogs cover a wide range of topics from cold calling to increasing your search traffic


A testament to its success, the website went from receiving 2,000 monthly visitors to an impressive 38,000 in just 8 months.

This success is made even more astonishing by the fact that Woodward did not use any link building tactics to boost his website’s SEO rating. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the term SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a tactic that practically every successful website uses to climb Google search results.

Link building, where you pay other websites to link to your platform, is a big part of this. 

Instead of link building Woodward looked to other tactics. Number one on the priority list was to build a strong content strategy for his website. This meant making his content memorable and focusing strongly on brand identity.

As well as writing unique content, Woodward created a consistent color scheme across his website.

By focusing on memorable content, the entrepreneur was able to foster a successful affiliate marketing strategy. This focus paid off, one report shows that Woodward received as much as $22,788.34 in a single month.

Let affiliate marketing take you to the next level

Affiliate marketing can be a great way of gaining extra cash. But just remember, this form of marketing is by no means ‘earn while you sleep’. Effective affiliate marketing requires time and commitment.

You need to be able to create content that brings value to your audience. If it’s clear that you are only recommending a product to make sales, you’ll fail to build a connection.  

But with the right approach, and choosing the best affiliate programs for beginners, you can create a winning strategy

Your audience will trust your recommendations and reward you with purchases. So, get planning! Affiliate marketing might just be the transformational change your business needs. 

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