Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2023

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Affiliate marketing has penetrated various industries, and it’s being adopted in different forms. From influencers to regular folks, it seems everyone has at least one affiliate link to share.

This type of marketing has been around for a while — some of the earliest examples would be Avon’s attempts to introduce word-of-mouth marketing as it increases trust among the affiliate marketer and buyer. 

In 2022, the affiliate marketing industry reached $8.2 billion. By leveraging the power of affiliate marketing, businesses can tap into a vast network of publishers and influencers to promote their products and services, like Amazon or Honeygain.

While it’s a great addition to a company’s overall marketing strategy, you should update it according to the latest trends for optimal results. Stay ahead of the curve in affiliate marketing by considering these trends!

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing boomed a few years ago, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Affiliate Marketing Trends For 2023

With so many people having tens of thousands of followers, companies often sponsor such influencers to reach a global audience. Often, influencers have a loyal following and can sway their purchasing decisions. 

Your company should dedicate some budget to promoting your products and services through influencers with large followings to stay ahead of the competition. Why?

According to a survey by Influencer Marketing Hub, 67% of marketers plan to increase their influencer marketing budget in 2023

Unsurprisingly, brands are turning to influencers to promote their products. Influencers take up a lot of presence on various social media channels. Moreover, people trust them because they produce relatable content.

It can be hard for brands to produce personalized content as people have difficulty connecting with company stories.

However, influencers have an established relationship with their followers and can persuade them to buy or use certain products. 

Affiliate links will be beneficial both for the influencer and for the company as they both will be gaining profits from each purchase.


An alternative to famous influencers is a niche called micro-influencers. These people have a small following, typically between 5,000 and 50,000 followers.

However, their advantage is that their following is more engaged with their content. Consequently, micro-influencers have a better ratio of views and leads which can benefit companies that want to spend less but still bring in quality customers

With a higher engagement rate, your affiliate marketing efforts will resonate among the micro-influencers following and increase your brand reputation.

People are more likely to click on your website if the links are promoted by a relatable micro-influencer who often promotes products they actually use. 

Companies shouldn’t be afraid of honest reviews as they can help them improve their overall product and build customer trust. Mindlessly promoting products just for money-grabbing purposes is a thing of the past.

Thus, you should focus on authenticity and transparency, which can bring in a loyal customer base.

Moreover, affiliate marketing through micro-influencers is more affordable, and you can test out different strategies without spending thousands of dollars weekly.

If your brand is relatively small, micro-influencers can be a perfect solution for boosting your affiliate program and attracting customers that are genuinely interested in your products.

Oftentimes, it’s more effective to hire micro-influencers than run ads on social media. You should evaluate which option works best for acquiring customers, but the trend of micro-influencers will likely be popular in 2023.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

ChatGPT, Notion AI, Google Bard, and more AI tools have hit the market in the past six months

Artificial intelligence (AI)

With each update, machine learning is proving to be a reliable source of information.

From college students to working professionals, everyone is using AI to help them out with daily tasks. Whether that’s gathering information, producing reports, or writing content, AI can do it all. 

Notably, most of its work still needs to be edited by humans. Algorithms detect AI-generated content and can block your posts from ranking in search engines, getting discovered through hashtags, and more.

Content writing is the industry that is most affected by AI and the resulting changes in Google algorithms. Various detection systems automatically ban keyword-stuffed and AI-generated written content. 

So, if you’re using AI to brainstorm ideas or gather information, make sure to rewrite it before publishing it.  

Nevertheless, AI tools are making their way into the affiliate marketing industry.

AI can analyze data and offer insights into consumer behavior, allowing brands to target their advertising more effectively.

You can write cold emails, produce codes for tracking your affiliate links, or even write a script for a promotional video with AI

As an affiliate marketer, you should be able to leverage these tools to your advantage and save time on manual tasks. 

The rise of niche affiliate marketing

Another trend that we see emerging in the affiliate marketing industry is the rise of niche affiliate marketing.

The rise of niche affiliate marketing

What does it consist of? Niche affiliate marketers promote products or services that are specific to a particular industry or consumer interest.

People are interested in various things — Star Wars figurines, environmentally friendly shopping bags, sci-fi books, and more. The key to placing your affiliate links within these communities is to connect with them in a relatable manner.

You should find your niche on social media via community groups, hashtags, and other methods. Start a conversation with people who might be interested in your product or service, and get them to use your links!

Alternatively, hire micro-influencers in these niche industries to successfully execute your affiliate marketing campaigns.

The importance of transparency and trust

As the affiliate marketing industry continues to grow, there is a growing emphasis on transparency and trust.

Consumers are becoming savvier and are increasingly wary of sponsored content that is not clearly labeled as such. As a result, businesses must be transparent about their marketing efforts and clearly label sponsored content

Additionally, affiliate marketers need to disclose that they earn commissions from referring people to build trust.

Example of transparent and fair affiliate marketing campaign

One great example of such a case is a passive income app, Honeygain. The company’s affiliate program consists of referring friends to use the app and make money from sharing unused bandwidth

Example of transparent and fair affiliate marketing campaign

The referral gets a $5 starting gift, while the referee receives a permanent 10% bonus equal to the referral’s daily earnings. Such mutually beneficial arrangements should be the base of any affiliate marketing campaign.

Normally, Honeygain pays its users $3 for sharing 10GB of traffic, and its affiliate marketing program helps users boost their earnings. 

Another way of making more money with Honeygain is by using JumpTask mode, which is powered by Honeygain’s partner of the same name. The company discloses that the JumpTask mode’s bonus is possible due to the partnership.

As a result, Honeygain’s users are always informed and educated about new features, building trust and increasing transparency of the company.

The future of affiliate marketing

As we look ahead to the future of affiliate marketing, there are several trends that we can expect to see.

While the affiliate marketing industry is growing into a powerhouse, companies are introducing localized and personalized campaigns for potential consumers

As the industry continues to grow, we’ll see different actions in place to attract customers through affiliate marketing.

What actions should businesses take in 2023? Influencer marketing, artificial intelligence, micro-influencers, niche affiliate marketing, and transparency and trust are all expected to play a significant role in the affiliate marketing industry in the coming years.

However, companies have to branch out and innovate their marketing strategies from different angles. Having affiliate links is great, but if you don’t have influencer marketing actions, your affiliate marketing strategy will be ineffective

In the coming years, affiliate marketing will become even more important and intertwined with other marketing efforts.


Affiliate marketing is an ever-evolving industry, and it's essential to keep up with the latest trends to stay ahead of the competition.

By leveraging the power of different trends, you can boost your sales and the notoriety of the company through affiliate marketing.

Notably, you should implement different strategies into your marketing efforts as many actions will be intertwined. 

For example, influencer marketing, artificial intelligence, micro-influencers, niche affiliate marketing, and transparency and trust will be the hottest trends in the upcoming year.

Thus, businesses can tap into a vast network of publishers and influencers to promote their products and services.

Also, companies should focus on dominating their niche and pushing their affiliate links among interested people with similar hobbies. 

By staying up-to-date with these trends, you can position yourself for success.

Whether it’s using AI for producing content and saving time or looking up Honeygain’s affiliate marketing program as an example, you can capitalize on these emerging trends.

Your marketing strategy should be diverse and encompass as many target groups as possible

Some of the target audience might react positively to micro-influencers, while others may be convinced to buy from you because of a niche community group.

Make sure to include as many actions as you can when promoting your affiliate marketing efforts!

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