6 Applications of Chat GPT You Might Not Know About

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Technology never fails to surprise us. From the invention of the internet to smartphones and now smart tools, the world is surely moving towards an automated age where humans and robots will be working side by side.

Chat GPT is another tool that, while bringing havoc for many professionals, has introduced us to automation that was only thought of before

Now, Google is no longer the go-to search spot; people are preferring chatting with the AI bot to get the answers they need in a much shorter amount of time in the language they prefer (no offense to Google). 

However, keep in mind that we aren’t employing that Chat GPT is the future; it might be, but we can’t be sure as of now since its competitor is working day and night to bring forward an improved version of what is known as an “Intelligent Chatbot” or something even better.

Nevertheless, Chat GPT is here, and it is here to stay with us, at least for quite some time. So leverage it and make your work better and easier. But before moving on, make sure you have a stable internet service to leverage this tool. 

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Now, once you are all connected and ready to explore this trendy AI tool, here are the top 6 applications of Chat GPT you probably didn’t know about that will change your life for good.

1. Write and debug your code

Spending hours writing a code just to find out that there is an error somewhere you can't detect and that might require additional hours is quite frustrating. But with Chat GPT, you can get your code running in no time.

6 Applications of Chat GPT You Might Not Know About

Writing a code with Chat GPT is no biggie; you decide on a programming language, give Chat GPT a prompt explaining your code, and let the AI do its work.

Now, writing code might not be that hard, but when you face errors, which are inevitable many times, it isn't always easy to debug your code. You might be ignoring a small error that can be detected by the power of AI.

Following these steps, you can debug your code with Chat GPT in no time:

  • Identify the problem; ask Chat GPT about the error message you are getting and identify the possible reasons
  • Once you have identified the problem, find the line of the code that might include that problem. You can ask Chat GPT to isolate the lines of the code that might be problematic.
  • Once you have identified the problem, reproduce the code, making sure that the error is fixed.
  • Once done with the above steps, test your code again to see if it runs smoothly.

2. Get a job

While people fear that Chat GPT might take over their jobs, it can also help them acquire new ones. How? Well, write an attractive cover letter or make a resume with the help of Chat GPT

The tool will suggest relevant keywords and phrases that will make your resume appear more prominent and ensure that it passes through applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Moreover, Chat GPT can also help you network with professionals by writing tailored messages for reaching out to them

Just give the tool all the required information and instructions, and you will get a clear structure of how a winning resume should look like. Moreover, you can also ask Chat GPT to help you prepare for the interview. 

3. Understand complex concepts like a 5 Y/O

Want to understand a difficult math problem? Or laws of physics? Or the working of vital human organs? No worries; Chat GPT will help you understand all these and more complex concepts by explaining them to you in the simplest of words

3. Understand complex concepts like a 5 Y_O

So no matter how new you are to a topic, you can always start learning with the help of this AI tool. 

If you are a student wanting to learn a new concept, Chat GPT can teach you like a 5-Year-old. It can suggest your relevant articles and videos as well as other sources to further explore relevant concepts. 

Here are ways to utilize Chat GPT to understand complex concepts if you are a student:

  • Ask Chat GPT to summarize articles in simple words and read them with ease

You can use prompts like: “Summarize this article in less than 300 words”

  • Generate ideas for new essays and stories

Use prompts like: “Write a short story about [the topic you want to write about]”

  • Summarizing class notes and extending knowledge on stuff taught in the classroom

Use prompts like: “Give me a critical analysis of [the article you read]”

4. Write music in any genre

Another thing you can do with Chat GPT is music composition. Ask the tool to write a piece of music on any genre, and it will create a Mozzart-ish piece in a matter of minutes!

Just kidding though; Chat GPT can’t beat the top artists of all time (as of now).

But if you are an artist or someone starting their music career and find yourself stuck between chord progressions of a song, Chat GPT can help you with that. It can generate melodies and even entire compositions. 

Make sure to give it some specific information about what you expect from it. At the end of the day, it is a text-based AI model.

Here is a prompt you can use, for instance:

“Write a song in the chromatic scale and 4/4 time to Shakespeare’s sonnet Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?”

Additionally, you can ask Chat GPT to write lyrics for a song or complete the lyrics for a song in progress. This use is for those who find themselves in a songwriter’s block and need a little push to keep going. 

You can use prompts like this for songwriting:

“Write a lyrical verse in the style of Taylor Swift about Summer Times in California”

5. Get a relationship advice

Who knew humans could ask robots for relationship advice? But now you can.

5. Get a relationship advice

With data accumulated about hundreds of different relationships and different probabilities, Chat GPT can help broken hearts move on from past relationships or mingle the singles with some expert advice

Why is that special? Well, because it’s all for free!

You don’t necessarily always have to go to a relationship advisor to get a piece of advice when you can chat with AI and ask it about ways you can improve your personality to attract some real partners.  

Now, if you are a relationship coach, don’t fret; Chat GPT isn't going to take your job away

While the AI bot can help people create attractive profiles on dating apps or get into the dating world, once they get into deeper relationships, they might inevitably need you to help.

Amy Nobile, who owns dating coaching service Love, said there are some deeper layers to relationships that AI can't understand.

6. Marketing automation

Marketing is an integral part of any business activity and Chat GPT can be used for marketing automation by providing a conversational interface for interacting with customers and prospects

6. Marketing automation

Here are some ways Chat GPT can be used for marketing automation:

  • Lead generation: Chat GPT can be used to interact with website visitors and collect lead information. For instance, the bot can ask visitors about their contact details and qualify leads based on their responses.
  • Customer engagement: You can leverage Chat GPT to engage with customers through messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It can answer common customer questions, provide product information, and offer personalized recommendations.
  • Customer service: Chat GPT can also be used to handle customer service inquiries and support tickets. Customers can get a more prompt response on their issues, reducing the workload on support teams.
  • Sales support: Support team can leverage Chat GPT by asking for information about products and services, answering customer questions, and helping to close deals.
  • Feedback collection: Chat GPT can be used to collect customer feedback on products and services. It can ask customers for their opinions and suggestions, and provide valuable insights for improving products and services.
  • Personalized recommendations: Chat GPT can analyze customer data, such as purchase history and browsing behavior, to provide personalized recommendations for products and services.


Chat GPT has been gaining a lot of attention lately and, while not for all, for many good reasons.

We all know that the AI bot can help in content creation and coding, but there are some applications you might haven’t explored yet, like debugging your code, getting a job, understanding complex concepts, writing music, getting relationship advice, and marketing automation.

So, get started with using this tool and make your life easier and more efficient.

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