Are You Considering Becoming a Youtuber?

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Without a doubt, Youtube is one of the most expansive platforms available these days to consumers all around the world. 

According to a survey published by the Statista Research Department, by February 2021, 81% of American netizens declared their use of Youtube in one form or another. And that’s only the US alone. 

With over 2 billion users in total and growing, it’s perfectly understandable that more and more people dream of becoming active contributors to this enormous community. If you’re reading this article, then chances are you are in this very group.

Unfortunately, while becoming a YouTuber is easy enough - all you have to do is set up an account and start uploading videos, such a straightforward approach is not necessarily going to make you popular. The truth is, while luck is certainly a factor, the biggest names on Youtube put much thought and effort into making sure their content becomes widely recognized. 

With that in mind, we’ve prepared a set of tips for you to consider using if you’re planning to become a content creator on YouTube. So without further ado, let’s start with the most basic ones.

Once you create your account, think of the qualities you should improve

While the personas of successful YouTubers that they create on-screen differ widely, the people behind the camera have some universal qualities which you should try to foster in yourself.

Patience is a key virtue to a YouTuber

YouTube as a platform is perhaps one of the better examples of places where you can go ‘from rags to riches’. You begin with zero subscribers and can make your way all the way to dozens of millions in the end. But this might take time - more likely measured in years rather than months. 

As such, you should be fine with taking off only after a long time or growing quite slowly. You never know when that lucrative partnership contract to promote a free fax app for iPhone or another software might drop - quite possibly a few days after you decide to quit the platform, frustrated that no monetary gains were being made.

Are You Considering Becoming a Youtuber

Your discipline is important

Although some content creators get famous for uploading one-off videos, the fact is the majority of renowned YouTubers post things on a regular basis. Such a move allows them to continue to pique the interest of their viewers non-stop, making it impossible to forget them.

Make sure you’re open to constructive criticism and steel yourself for naysayers

No one likes haters. They can not only ruin your day and mood but even lessen your long-term determination to become a successful YouTuber. While the platform is doing its best to rid itself of toxicity, you, as an aspiring creator, must learn how to ignore those who offer criticism that is anything but constructive.

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But even if some people will bash you for no reason, it doesn’t mean you should ignore well-argued criticism. Over time, your community will engage with you more and more and get to know you closer than you might think. If someone questions your newest channel-related decisions and voices it in a polite and expansive manner, make sure to engage with them and if necessary, either calmly explain why there’s no need to worry or reevaluate your own position.

Ultimately, your community is what powers your channel and being on perfectly good terms with it is beneficial to your viewer retention.

Once you think you’re mentally prepared to embark on your YouTuber adventure, it’s time to give your future content some thought.

Determine the best niche for you to enter

This one has wider implications for the entirety of your channel. In simple terms, as a content creator, you will build your entire channel and if successful, your YouTube career around the sort of material you will post. 

It’s crucial to pick the right niche, as your future audience might get accustomed to it and disapprove of you suddenly changing the content theme. Two approaches here stand out.

Base your content on what’s trending at the moment

Of the two, this one is the high-risk, high-reward choice. What you need to do is essentially research the currently popular video tendencies and join in on the hunt for subscribers as part of this temporary craze. If done right, people will flock to your material and want more, so make sure to upload such content regularly.

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On the other hand, this is risky because trends on YouTube fluctuate all the time and what was booming in the past can turn out to be stale and boring only a few months later, leading to much-decreased viewership. 

If you don’t react quickly enough and research the ‘fresher’ trends to use in your content, people might simply abandon your channel. YouTube is full of such creators with subscribers in the six figures but with average views rarely surpassing low tens of thousands.

Find a permanent niche for your channel

The title here might be a bit misleading. By ‘permanent’, we mean a niche that you will stick to unless it doesn’t pan out in the beginning. Even if viewership takes a dip, you should simply modify the sort of content formula you use while retaining the general theme.

But then again, how do you find your perfect and “permanent” niche?

Focus on what fascinates you

Perhaps the easiest way to determine the type of content theme you wish to go through on your channel is to choose from what interests you. This way, you’ll not only be motivated to publish your videos on a regular basis but the quality of them should improve with time - after all, if you’re into something, you will spare no effort to research deeper and make your material more presentable and engaging to your followers.

Either diversify or specialize more

Once you have something you really love doing, think about how you will exploit that niche. On the one hand, you might want to slowly expand the scope of your channel to include other niche-relevant topics that your audience might be interested in. 

To illustrate the point, if your home food tasting channel’s views decrease, consider refreshing it with a series of videos about, say, cooking outdoors while camping. Or try to diversify your content by adding several distinct subcategories, e.g., historical home-cooked dishes from Victorian-era Britain or traditional Hindu food.

On the other hand, in some cases, it might be beneficial for your channel to narrow down the theme to a more specific area. This should allow you to more easily become a recognized authority in your niche by virtue of being more specialized than your YouTube rivals. 

To provide an example, YouTube is saturated with home security matters, so success and recognition become easier if you enter a very unique area of expertise as LockPickingLawyer did, regularly educating almost 4 million of his subscribers on the dangers of using cheap padlocks and other badly designed security mechanisms.

Consider what sort of equipment you will need

The days of old YouTube, when all it took to make a good video was a phone recording and determination, are long gone. With the proliferation of the platform among billions of users, the average standards in terms of material quality rose significantly. In 2022, in order to at the very least meet the average standard of content published by big names you need a number of things.

You should make use of dedicated video editing software

Although raw videos are still quite common on the platform, the reality is that most successful creators opt to make heavy use of editing programs to improve the quality of their content and make it more enjoyable to watch.

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For a beginner, the ideal software should be a good compromise between user-friendliness, capabilities and price. One of the better choices here would be the Premiere Elements by Adobe, a relatively simple to use editing tool that’s easy to navigate, has a number of useful features such as noise reduction and audio effects, and has lots of tutorials in case you get stuck at some point. 

It’s also much more affordable as opposed to true professional solutions such as Premiere Pro CC.

But that’s merely the beginning. Once you grow both as a YouTuber and skilled content creator, your editing needs will increase too. You could decide to spice up your video with amazing visual effects with Adobe After Effects or even introduce your own digital creations made in Blender. Essentially, the sky’s the limit here.

A good PC is a must

Unfortunately, all that editing magic requires some serious power. Suffice to say, your old, dusty laptop might not have the capabilities to do anything more than cosmetic changes. For more than that, you should upgrade your computer to something both modern and powerful.

The first rule here is to always go for the most powerful CPU available within your budgetary constraints. Video editing software usually makes heavy use of multiple cores and hyperthreading, meaning that 4 or 6 core solutions are the absolute minimums you should aim for. Graphics card is usually less important here, so you cut some corners here. 

Bear in mind, however, that this is not the case if you plan to make your channel focused on gaming material - in this case, GPU is equally vital as CPU.; Finally, you should top that with at least 16 GB of RAM memory and a fast SSD drive to make the video editing process even faster.

Invest in good accessories and peripherals

To quote an old saying, “the devil lies in the details”. While software and hardware are the backbone of any aspiring or successful YouTuber, there are other necessities you might want to invest in beforehand. 

One of the most important devices you should consider is a pair of high-quality headphones and a proper microphone. The latter will have a drastic impact on the quality of your recorded voice, meaning both less need to edit out any impurities and better experience for your audience

Headphones, on the other hand, will become invaluable if you decide to do live streaming on YouTube, making interaction with your followers much more pleasant in the long run.

Moreover, consider buying a proper chair if you plan to make YouTube part of your life. The idea here is that you’re going to spend hours daily while making your content upload-ready, making your back susceptible to various aches and pains. A good chair will minimize the chances of that, although please remember to get some exercise from time to time to keep yourself healthy.

Don’t be afraid to cash in

Ultimately, being a YouTuber is a two-way street, meaning that all said effort to provide interesting and informative content to your audience should also result in you getting some financial gains from it. After all, money makes the world go round, and without it, it gets hard to grow as a creator.

Youtube Partner Program

First things first, you need to get accepted into the YouTube Partner Program, assuming it’s available in your region. Of course, it’s not open to anyone right from the beginning. There are certain requirements your channel should meet, that is, having no Community Guidelines strikes issued, an AdSense account linked and being subscribed to by more than 1000 people, with over 4000 public watch hours over the last year.

Once that’s taken care of, there are several ways in which you can try to monetize your material on the platform. The first approach is to get ads to display during your videos. These short commercials don’t tend to pay much, but they’re on no matter if the viewer is a channel subscriber or not.

Besides that, you can also opt to have channel memberships where your followers can pay monthly sums for special perks of your choice. Once your number of subscribers rises to 10000, YouTube allows you to officially list your merchandise on your watch pages.

Finally, there are the Super Chat options where your audience can get their messages highlighted for you while you stream and Youtube Premium revenue that you get if someone with a subscription to this program watches your content.

Outside partnership

If your niche allows you to do so, think about entering into a professional relationship with a company outside YouTube to boost your gains. The idea here is to actively promote their products or services to your audience. Of course, the smaller your fanbase, the lesser are the chances of getting such a deal, so try to take off as much as possible before focusing on this part.


When entering such a partnership, always check out if the company you will be representing before your followers is a legitimate business that engages in genuine business practices. Being ousted for promoting a scam, even unknowingly, can have dire consequences not only from a legal standpoint but also to your credibility among your viewers and the platform at large.

Conclusion: are you considering becoming a Youtuber?

So there you have it. Becoming a YouTuber is not as hard as you might have imagined. The key here is to understand and emphasize the elements of your character most beneficial to content creation and finding the perfect niche where your channel can grow unopposed and flourish after a while. 

While doing that, don’t forget about the technical aspects of being a YouTube-based entertainer and to make your channel as profitable as possible. The rest depends on your skills and luck. Who knows, maybe your name will top the charts in the future? Good luck!

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