Five Artificial Intelligence Use Cases That Look Like Pure Magic

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Humanity used to see artificial intelligence as something unachievable. But with the development of programming and machine learning, this technology has become a reality.For years now, people have been using smart robots and sensors and AI-based software. 

Five Artificial Intelligence Use Cases That Look Like Pure Magic

The Siri assistant, surgical robots, and algorithmic composition don't astound us anymore. But we have found five examples of the use of artificial intelligence that you might have never heard of. And they are pure magic. 

An AI-based recruiter for employee assessments

The Swedish recruitment agency TNG has developed a recruitment assistant. Tengai is a recruiter robot. This unique AI-based device can interview candidates and gather information about applicants.

An AI-based recruiter for employee assessments1

Unlike human recruiters influenced by stereotypes, moods, and personal beliefs, this robot treats all candidates equally. It asks interviewees the same questions, records their answers, and gives a transcript to the HR department.

A hiring manager examines the answers and decides whom to hire.

The potential of AI in recruiting is enormous. The technology performs the following tasks:

  • Search for candidates by job description. The algorithm compares the information from a vacancy with a database of online CVs, finds matches, and suggests suitable candidates to recruiters.
  • Assessment of applicants' emotional intelligence and other non-academic skills. AI can perform EQ testing for jobs where the ability to communicate with colleagues, manage stress, and think positively is especially important. The smart algorithm talks to thousands of applicants, selecting the best talent.
  • Personality assessment. Although AI imitates the human mind and has no feelings, it can assess the personal qualities of an interviewee with an accuracy of 99.96%. This striking technology draws conclusions by analyzing the tone of voice, facial expression, and vocabulary used.

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that the average hiring process takes 42 days. The advantages of using artificial intelligence are obvious, as recruiters can shorten the selection process.

They will analyze dozens of CVs selected by AI instead of thousands. Thus, they will choose the most suitable candidates for a position, with a minimum likelihood of turnover.

Furthermore, AI can evaluate potential employees and current staff members. The smart algorithm analyzes employee performance by comparing information from different sources. It predicts whether a worker will perform their tasks well.

An AI-based recruiter for employee assessments

For example, an outsourcing firm employs a mobile developer and assesses their performance via sensors installed in the office. Computer vision estimates whether the specialist is happy with the project they work on and what resources they use to solve problems.

AI quantifies their performance and predicts if they are fit to work on a similar project. In terms of productivity and skills, the smart algorithm selects ideal development teams for upcoming IT projects. Andersen is ready to help in implementing AI solutions.

Games that use artificial intelligence for personalization

The gaming industry is moving toward the future when products are adapted and personalized to each player. How is this possible? Thanks to generative AI, capable of creating original content in no time, according to user requests.

Games that use artificial intelligence for personalization

You are already familiar with implementations of this technology through Jasper Art or Deep AI, innovative applications of artificial intelligence. But research and development are going on in every field, from design and music to the game industry.

AI has gradually made its way into this sector. At first, it was a highly specialized algorithm designed for a specific game and unable to learn. Then, AI-based opponents appeared in games, and they also could not go beyond the script. 

Thanks to the development of information technology, microprocessors, and the cloud, it was possible to reach a new stage – generative AI. It helped construct a realistic three-dimensional world in Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

For example, it independently processed information about 197 million square miles of Earth from satellites and generated a location where players learned to fly.

The next step is the emergence of a new game genre based on real-time content generation. Such individual games as Arrowmancer have only the rudiments of it. AI generates characters based on given descriptions, and each of them is unique.

Minecraft, No Man's Sky, and Diablo use procedural methods to generate design levels randomly. League of Legends and similar multiplayer games dynamically balance the level of difficulty based on player skills.   

But a game fully adapted to human wishes is only possible with a generative AI model created for each game asset (animation, image, speech, or text).

When developers achieve this goal, there will be games “adding code” as the process evolves, considering weaknesses, errors, and the wishes of individual players. predicts that, the artificial intelligence market reached a valuation of USD 129.28 Bn in 2022, and is now projected to reach USD 2745 Bn in 2032 with CAGR of 36.8%.

Video generators with AI avatars

How much time do you need to prepare a one-minute video?

Video generators with AI avatars

Experts say that one edit takes 1-2 hours, without considering the preparation of the script and filming location, the study of the text by the presenter, the selection of material for illustrations, and so on.

What if a content creator is a beginner without relevant technical knowledge? Here, it takes even more time. 

Would it be possible to speed up creating video content? Absolutely, if you use modern AI tools for video generation. Platforms such as offer virtual AI avatars to voice prepared text information. All you need to do is:

  • choose your favorite avatar – a digital twin of a real actor (there are 70 on the platform);
  • set the text playback language (up to 65 variations);
  • set up a unique video design (add a background image, video fragments, graphic elements, and animation) or use a ready-made template;
  • generate a video and save it.

You'll be amazed to see the avatar you’ve chosen come to life and voice your text. This way, you can easily create video presentations, online lessons, YouTube videos, or even news clips.

An AI tool to improve video conferencing

With the onset of the pandemic and the adoption of remote work, videoconferencing has become the major way to communicate within a team and a new type of “business travel”.

An AI tool to improve video conferencing

With 30% of the British still working remotely at least once a week in 2022, video meeting platforms remain relevant in the post-COVID World.

There are innovative applications of artificial intelligence in virtual human interaction as well:

  • a smart algorithm automatically increases video resolution even if a conference participant uses a mobile device with a slow Internet connection;
  • AI animates people's avatars so that they don't have to get ready every time before a video meeting – a neatly dressed digital twin plays the dictated text;
  • it adjusts the position of a person's eyes via video – a useful tool for shy conference participants or those who read their text from a “cheat sheet” (just kidding);
  • simulates virtual backgrounds to give a conference an official air and eliminate distracting objects;
  • removes background sounds so that extraneous noise does not spoil the impression of a meeting.

AI can overcome global worker fatigue from video conferencing and technical interference with sound, video, and the Internet. It turns online communication into a productive work environment that causes less stress.

What artificial intelligence can be used for: AI for the film industry

Videos of singing Mona Lisa, Charlie Sheen with the face of Elon Musk, or Jim Carrey as Wolverine have made a stir on social networks. Aside from entertaining the public and distributing deepfakes, generative adversarial networks have more serious use cases.

What artificial intelligence can be used for AI for the film industry

Deepfakes are a valuable discovery for the movie industry. The technology makes it possible to replace one actor's face with another, to “reanimate” deceased people from their photos and voice, and to make aging movie stars look much younger.

A good AI usage example is the rejuvenation of 70-year-old Mark Hamill in the TV series The Mandalorian so that he could play Luke Skywalker in his youth. 

Deepfakes will also solve the problem of conflicting schedules of actors involved in different filming processes. So as not to delay shooting, a director can hire an actor with a similar physique for backup, and the technology will provide the understudy with the right face.

In dubbed films, actors' lip movements can be synchronized with the sound so that the audience can better perceive foreign movies. For example, Flawless uses the True Sync AI tool for perfect visualization. 

But like any innovation, deepfakes have legal limitations. Unscrupulous people can use them for misinformation. Therefore, some countries have adopted laws restricting the use of GANs. 

For example, the European Digital Services Act requires deepfakes to be marked with a certain sign. In New York, there is a law forbidding the use of a “digital copy of a deceased performer” in audiovisual content for 40 years after his death.

Therefore, regional regulations will largely determine the development of the film industry.


Artificial intelligence used today is a benchmark for the development of many industries. The opportunities this technology opens to businesses are unique and look like magic.

Organizations embracing such innovations and applying various AI use cases will gain significant advantages and become leaders in their niche.

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