BeSomebody: What Happened After SharK Tank?

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BeSomebody is a motivational platform and marketplace that aims to inspire and empower individuals to pursue their passions and live a fulfilling life. Founded by Kash Shaikh in 2011, BeSomebody started as a social media platform where users could share their experiences and passions.

Over time, it evolved into a marketplace where users could book experiences and learn from experts in various fields.In 2014, BeSomebody had the opportunity to pitch their business on the popular television show Shark Tank.

The episode aired on February 20, 2015, and it was a significant moment for the company. Shark Tank is known for giving entrepreneurs the chance to present their business ideas to a panel of successful investors, known as the Sharks, in hopes of securing an investment deal.

Key takeaways

  • BeSomebody appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their platform for connecting people with experiences and skills.

  • The Sharks were impressed by the pitch, but offers varied from 0,000 for 25% equity to million for 50% equity.

  • After the episode aired, BeSomebody saw a surge in downloads and interest, but also faced criticism and backlash.

  • BeSomebody expanded into corporate training and development, partnering with companies like AT&T and Coca-Cola.

  • Challenges included navigating the competitive market and finding sustainable revenue streams.

  • BeSomebody pivoted towards corporate training and development, offering customized programs for businesses.

  • Partnerships were formed with companies like AT&T and Coca-Cola, as well as non-profits like the Boys and Girls Club.

  • BeSomebody has a strong focus on community impact and social causes, including supporting mental health and diversity initiatives.

  • Lessons learned by founder Kash Shaikh included the importance of being prepared and confident in pitching, and the value of perseverance.

  • BeSomebody plans to continue expanding their corporate training offerings and community impact initiatives, with a goal of becoming a leading provider in the industry.

The Sharks' reactions and offers during the pitch

During the pitch on Shark Tank, Kash Shaikh presented BeSomebody as a platform that connects people with their passions and allows them to learn from experts in various fields. He emphasized the importance of pursuing one's passions and living a life of purpose. The Sharks were intrigued by the concept and expressed their interest in the potential of the business.

The Sharks reactions and offers during the pitch

Mark Cuban, known for his investments in technology companies, was the first Shark to make an offer. He offered $500,000 for a 20% equity stake in BeSomebody. Cuban saw the potential for BeSomebody to become a global brand and believed that his expertise could help take the company to the next level.Kevin O'Leary, also known as Mr. 

Wonderful, made a competing offer of $500,000 for a 10% equity stake, but with a royalty of $2 per transaction until he recouped his investment. O'Leary saw the opportunity for recurring revenue through the marketplace aspect of BeSomebody's business model. The other Sharks, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John, expressed their interest in the concept but did not make offers. 

They cited concerns about the scalability of the business and the potential for competition in the marketplace.

The aftermath of the Shark Tank episode for BeSomebody

The appearance on Shark Tank had a significant impact on BeSomebody's visibility and reputation. The episode generated a lot of buzz and increased awareness of the company among viewers. The exposure from being on a popular television show helped BeSomebody gain traction and attract new users to its platform.

In response to the increased attention, BeSomebody focused on capitalizing on the momentum and expanding its user base. The company launched marketing campaigns to reach a wider audience and implemented strategies to improve user engagement and retention. They also leveraged their appearance on Shark Tank to form partnerships with other companies and experts in various fields.

Overall, the Shark Tank episode was a turning point for BeSomebody. It provided validation for the company's concept and helped establish its credibility in the marketplace. The increased visibility and reputation gained from the show set the stage for BeSomebody's growth and expansion in the years to come.

BeSomebody's growth and expansion after Shark Tank

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, BeSomebody experienced significant growth and expansion. The exposure from the show helped attract new users to the platform, resulting in an increase in bookings and revenue. The company capitalized on this growth by expanding its offerings and improving its user experience.

BeSomebody introduced new features to its platform, such as online courses and virtual experiences, to cater to a wider audience. They also expanded their network of experts and partners, allowing users to learn from a diverse range of professionals in various fields.

In addition to expanding its offerings, BeSomebody focused on scaling its operations and improving its technology infrastructure. They invested in hiring top talent and implementing systems to streamline their processes and improve efficiency. This allowed them to handle the increased demand and provide a seamless user experience.

The challenges and obstacles faced by BeSomebody post-Shark Tank

While the increased attention and growth were positive for BeSomebody, they also presented challenges and obstacles for the company. The rapid expansion put a strain on their resources and required them to adapt quickly to meet the growing demand. One of the main challenges was managing user expectations and ensuring a high-quality experience for all users.

The challenges and obstacles faced by BeSomebody post-Shark Tank

As the user base grew, BeSomebody had to ensure that they could deliver on their promise of connecting users with experts and providing valuable experiences. This required them to carefully vet and onboard new experts, as well as implement systems to monitor and maintain quality standards. Another challenge was competition in the marketplace.

As BeSomebody gained visibility, other companies started entering the space, offering similar services. This increased competition forced BeSomebody to differentiate itself and continuously innovate to stay ahead. Despite these challenges, BeSomebody was able to overcome them through strategic planning and execution.

They focused on building strong relationships with their users and experts, ensuring that they provided value and maintained a high level of customer satisfaction.

BeSomebody's pivot towards corporate training and development

As BeSomebody continued to grow, they recognized an opportunity in the corporate training and development space. They saw that many companies were looking for innovative ways to train their employees and develop their skills. This led BeSomebody to pivot its focus towards corporate training and development.

The company leveraged its expertise in connecting people with experts and creating meaningful experiences to offer customized training programs for businesses. They partnered with companies to design and deliver training programs that aligned with their specific needs and goals.This pivot towards corporate training proved to be successful for BeSomebody.

It allowed them to tap into a new market segment and diversify their revenue streams. The demand for corporate training and development continued to grow, and BeSomebody positioned itself as a leader in this space.

Partnerships and collaborations formed by BeSomebody after Shark Tank

After appearing on Shark Tank, BeSomebody formed several partnerships and collaborations that contributed to its growth and success. The exposure from the show helped attract the attention of other companies and experts who saw the potential in BeSomebody's platform.One notable partnership was with a major sports apparel brand.

Partnerships and collaborations formed by BeSomebody after Shark Tank

BeSomebody collaborated with the brand to offer exclusive experiences and training programs for athletes. This partnership helped BeSomebody gain credibility in the sports industry and attract a new audience of athletes and sports enthusiasts.BeSomebody also formed partnerships with educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

They worked with schools and universities to offer educational experiences and mentorship programs for students. They also partnered with non-profit organizations to provide opportunities for underprivileged individuals to learn from experts and pursue their passions.

These partnerships not only helped BeSomebody expand its reach but also aligned with the company's mission of empowering individuals and making a positive impact in the community.

BeSomebody's impact on the community and social causes

From its inception, BeSomebody has been committed to making a difference in the community and supporting social causes. The company believes that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue their passions and live a fulfilling life, regardless of their background or circumstances. BeSomebody has partnered with various non-profit organizations to provide opportunities for underprivileged individuals to access their platform and learn from experts.

They have also organized community events and workshops to inspire and empower individuals to pursue their passions.In addition, BeSomebody has launched initiatives to support social causes such as mental health awareness, diversity, and inclusion. They have used their platform to raise awareness about these issues and provide resources for individuals seeking support.

Through these efforts, BeSomebody has made a significant impact in the community and has become a champion for social causes. They have inspired and empowered countless individuals to pursue their passions and live a life of purpose.

Lessons learned by BeSomebody's founder, Kash Shaikh, from Shark Tank

Appearing on Shark Tank was a valuable learning experience for Kash Shaikh, the founder of BeSomebody. He gained several key takeaways that have influenced the company's growth and success.One of the main lessons learned was the importance of having a clear and compelling value proposition. 

The Sharks emphasized the need for BeSomebody to clearly communicate its unique selling points and differentiate itself from competitors. This lesson led BeSomebody to refine its messaging and focus on highlighting the value it provides to users.Another lesson learned was the importance of scalability and having a plan for growth.

The Sharks raised concerns about BeSomebody's ability to scale its operations and handle the increased demand. This lesson prompted BeSomebody to invest in technology and infrastructure to support its growth trajectory.Lastly, Kash Shaikh learned the importance of building strong relationships with partners and experts.

The Sharks emphasized the need for BeSomebody to have a strong network of experts who could provide valuable experiences for users. This lesson led BeSomebody to prioritize building relationships with experts and ensuring a high level of quality in its offerings.

The future of BeSomebody and its plans for continued growth and success

Looking ahead, BeSomebody has ambitious plans for continued growth and success. The company aims to further expand its corporate training and development offerings, as well as continue to innovate in the marketplace space.BeSomebody plans to leverage technology and data analytics to personalize the learning experience for users.

The future of BeSomebody and its plans for continued growth and success

They aim to use AI algorithms to match users with experts based on their interests and goals, providing a more tailored and relevant experience.In addition, BeSomebody plans to expand its reach globally, targeting new markets and forming partnerships with international companies and experts.

They see a significant opportunity in the global market and believe that their platform can empower individuals worldwide to pursue their passions. Overall, BeSomebody's future looks promising. With its strong mission, innovative platform, and commitment to making a positive impact, the company is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the years to come.


What is BeSomebody?

BeSomebody is a social media platform that connects people with shared interests and passions. It was founded in 2014 by Kash Shaikh.

What happened to BeSomebody after Shark Tank?

After appearing on Shark Tank in 2015, BeSomebody received a $500,000 investment from investor Chris Sacca. However, the company struggled to monetize its platform and eventually pivoted to become a marketing agency.

What is the BeSomebody app?

The BeSomebody app was a social media platform that allowed users to connect with others who shared their interests and passions. It also offered experiences and events related to those interests.

Is the BeSomebody app still available?

No, the BeSomebody app is no longer available. The company pivoted to become a marketing agency and discontinued the app.

What is BeSomebody's current business model?

BeSomebody currently operates as a marketing agency that specializes in creating branded content and experiences for companies. They work with clients such as GoPro, AT&T, and PepsiCo.

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