13 Best Baby Products Affiliate Programs For 2022

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Hey, aspiring affiliate marketer!

I know that sometimes it can be hard to find the right affiliate programs to promote. From thinking about your brand to figuring out your niche, it can be a lot of hard work. 

It's no secret that baby gear, supplies, items, and services are always in demand. With hundreds of new humans greeting the world each and every day, it only makes sense for new parents to look to experts.

If you want to dip your toes into the world of affiliate marketing, here are some helpful affiliate programs for you to consider promoting.  I have also curated a list of the best baby affiliate programs at the bottom of this post.

What to look for in a baby product affiliate program

Like any other niche, there are hundreds of different ways to make money with baby product affiliate programs. Just because many people have found success in a niche, doesn't mean it's right for you.

Baby Products Affiliate Programs

For example, you might be passionate about creating healthy meals for your family, or maybe you can't get enough of your favorite TV show. One of the best ways to earn money is by recommending products related to your passion points.

By now you've probably already zeroed in on a few affiliate programs that you would like to start promoting. But how can you tell if they're a good fit? If you are starting out, here's what you need to look for:

The credibility of the company or brand

Just like any other type of business, many baby product companies offer affiliate programs. Although it may seem like an easy way to make money, not all companies are reputable or safe to do business with. You do want to consider the reputation of the company behind the affiliate program.

Are they well known and trusted in the industry?

There are a few things to look for in particular:

  • 1. Revenue – Has the company been around for a while? Have they been able to grow their business year after year? If so, it means that the product or service was able to fill a need. It is always good to know what type of product or service you are promoting before signing up for an affiliate program.
  • 2. The products and services on offer – They should be related to what you love. It helps to see the compatibility between who you are and the industry.
  • 3. Pricing – do they just have their products or services, or are there additional benefits or extras? You want to look for programs where you can get paid on a recurring basis for promoting their product & service.

13 best baby affiliate programs

Now that you know what to look for in an affiliate program, I have curated a list of the best baby product affiliate programs for you to consider promoting. Most of these companies are well established and are easy to work with.


Founded in 2014 by two close friends in California, the platform was designed to help mothers everywhere find the best deals. While it is still a relatively new company, Patpat has quickly become a staple in the baby product industry. What's great about this program is that there are no caps on commissions. This means that you can earn unlimited amounts of commission for any purchases made through the affiliate links.


This company seems to have its act together, and it is clear that they are committed to the success of their affiliates. They offer a suite of easy-to-use tools and educational resources so you can promote their products effectively. You will receive real-time affiliate stats so you can track your progress easily, and they also provide detailed analytics reports with information about your traffic sources and sales conversions.

Commission rate: up to 15% per sale

EPC: Unavailable

Bloom Baby

Bloom Baby was founded by four dads with a mission to provide parents everywhere with safer and more sustainable products for their children. I love how they have managed to create a successful business while also supporting the environment by using recycled packaging and natural ingredients where possible.


They offer affiliate programs for different types of baby products. If you are looking to market a specific kind of product, Bloom Baby may be the way for you to go. They offer affiliate programs for diapers, baby wipes, high chairs, strollers and more. You can get your commission from any sales that you make through your referral link.

Commission rate: 10%

Sign up link: https://usa.bloombaby.com/pages/affiliate-program

EPC: $250.37

Baby Sleep Miracle

Many parents are sleep-deprived , and they are looking for a solution. That is exactly what this company provides. Unlike the previous options on this list, this is a single product that you'll love promoting to help parents everywhere. It comes in an ebook format created by Mary-Ann Shuler.

Baby Sleep Miracle

Aside from the ebook that gives parents a step-by-step guide to get their kids back to sleep, there are other bonuses as well. For example, you will also gain access to what the creator calls "Miracle Sounds" that will play music that can help lull your baby to sleep.

I like how the ebook was created from her own personal experience as a mom of five. Shuler is not a doctor or medical professional, but she is passionate about helping parents learn how to get their kids back to sleep. This passion shines through in the ebook, and it really is likely that it can help you out.

Commission rate: 74%

Sign up link: https://affiliates.babysleepmiracle.com/

EPC: unavailable

Organic Baby Foods

This one is for those who would prefer to promote organic baby foods for babies. This is a company based in Berlin, but they do have an affiliate program that you can sign up for from anywhere in the world.

organic baby foods

Since being founded, the company has grown to become one of the largest organic baby food suppliers in Europe. Forget about the fact that many parents already trust the platform, think about the possibilities!

More and more parents have started to see the health benefits of organic products and are on the lookout for alternatives. The company creates some of their own products, but they also work closely with other suppliers to make sure that there are a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Commission rate: up to 15%

EPC: $132.05

Urban Sitter

Finding a trustworthy babysitter has become more and more difficult. In the past, you would just phone up a friend and arrange to have them babysit while you go out. These days, there is a much larger pool to draw from, but it can still take time to find someone that you feel comfortable leaving your children with.

urban sitter

Urban Sitter was created to make it easier for people to find a babysitter, nanny or housekeeper. The platform is currently in 60 cities across the United States.

Furthermore, you'll also gain access to a directory of over 150,000 registered and vouched babysitters you can hire at the last minute. Think of it as an UberEats - except for nannies!

I like how you don't really have to exert much effort to promote this particular affiliate program. Many parents are already likely to want a babysitter, so all you really have to do is provide them with the service they need as well as a link to the main website.

Furthermore, parents also have the ability to interview babysitters before hiring them.

Commission rate: 15%

Sign up link: https://www.urbansitter.com/referral-terms

EPC: $129.30

Cole & Coddle

Perhaps one of the cutest baby product affiliate marketing programs on this list, Cole & Coddle creates matching shirts and outfits for dads and their little ones. What's even better is that the tees are CPSC certified. Basically, this means that they have been approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and they are safe for babies. How great is that?

cole and coddle

While I guarantee you that not everyone will care much about these certifications, it's always a nice bonus to know that you're promoting clothing that won't cause your children any harm when they wear it.

What's even better is that they give you access to a wide range of styles to choose from. There are some fit for dad and his little mini-me, while others are ideal for a king and his princess to wear. 

Commission rate: 15%

Sign up link: https://getlasso.co/affiliate/cole-coddle/

EPC: $75.98


Every parent will agree when you tell them that changing a diaper can be drag. Not only is it messy, smelly, and unpredictable, it can also be a stressful experience. This is why you need to have the right tools ready before it happens. It's no secret that children can get up to all sorts of trouble during changing times.


SnoofyBee was created to help make diaper changing times smoother and easier to manage without holding your little ones back from exploring the world they move around in. Basically, what it is is a unique diaper changing mat that wraps around your child like a cone. This minimizes the amount of contact they have with the diaper and prevents them from getting dirty.

You can get paid to promote this lovely mat to other parents and they even offer a trial period in which you can see how much you will earn. You might end up being completely smitten with it, or maybe other parents have already tried it out and have enjoyed the experience. Either way, it's a very positive experience, so go ahead and try it out!

Commission rate: 20%

Sign up link: https://snoofybee.com/pages/affiliate-program

EPC: $198.97

Happiest Baby

The Snoo Smart Sleeper is a high-tech bassinet that'll change the way you and your bub sleep. It was designed to help solve toddler sleep deprivation by introducing a new level of comfort and security. It'll not only help you to get your little one to sleep, but it will also help you better understand their sleeping patterns.


The Snoo Smart Sleeper was created by the same people who invented the co-sleeper. This is a bassinet that is designed to be placed right next to your bed and supports babies up to ten pounds. It's also made of a foam-like material that is breathable, so you'll know that your baby will not get overheated.

The fact that it's an interactive device is another major advantage of this particular product. It automatically plays white noise to lull your baby back to sleep once the bassinet "feels" your child wake up. This way, you won't have to worry about running to soothe your little one each time they're half awake - the bassinet does it all for you!

Commission rate: 4%

Sign up link: https://www.happiestbaby.com/pages/affiliates

EPC: $63.49

Summer Infant

A popular all-in-one baby stuff supplier, Summer Infant has a lot of unique products that will help you to save time and money. I like how they carry almost everything you need for your little ones all in one platform. It's not only convenient, but you manage to save time and energy from having to hop from one shop to another.

Summer Infant

Furthermore, their wide selection of products are of great quality. You won't have to worry about products that aren't safe for your baby when dealing with Summer Infant's catalog. They tend to have products that meet the highest safety standards.

Commission rate: 7%

Sign up link: https://summerinfant.knoji.com/questions/summer-infant-affiliate-programs/

EPC: $183.09

Hatch Collection

As a baby product affiliate, you may have begun to focus on promoting baby products entirely. However, there is also a wide pool of mothers and parents who might look to you for products that would benefit them on their journey.

hatch collection

Hatch Collection is a great option for any expecting mom who wants to feel comfortable and in style while carrying a bun in their oven. I like how stylish their choices are and how the clothes are all created mindfully.

Not only will mom look her best wherever she's headed - but she'll also feel great at the same time. One thing I think you should be aware of is that these stylish clothes are functional enough that mom can even wear them after giving birth! They're perfect for anyone who wants a transition piece that'll stay in style for years to come. 

Furthermore, the company also carries some beauty essentials for mom! There's everything from belly oils to baby-safe beauty creams and shampoos, so you have an extensive pool of options to choose from. I'm sure you'll find something that'll work best for your needs.

Commission rate: 8%

Sign up link: https://getlasso.co/affiliate/hatch-collection/

EPC: $51.96


Designed in Sweden, DockATot is a line of loungers designed by parents for parents. It's a product that is designed to be comfortable and supportive, while giving parents the ability to use their own bedding while they're away.


This product has made a difference in hundreds of thousands of families around the world. That's an impressive accomplishment in itself! The lounger comes in a variety of sizes that you can easily fit in your house, regardless of how many kids you have. It's ideal for newborns, infants and toddlers when they're sharing your bed.

Furthermore, the company also manufactures a range of luxury bassinets for children . You can match all of your bassinets with a select group of mattresses to maximize comfort for sleeping. I think you're going to love this product.

Commission: 10%

Sign up link: https://getlasso.co/affiliate/dockatot/

EPC: $148.26


The 4G is a great way to share the softer side of being a parent by selling this ergonomic carrier. It has an adjustable seat width, leg and waist straps, padded shoulder straps, and an adjustable head/neck support. The 4G carrier also has an adjustable chest strap that you can use to help adjust the position of your baby so that you can achieve a sitting position (if possible for your little one).


The Ergobaby carriers are designed with babies in mind. That is why it comes with breathable fabrics that won't overheat your baby. The 4G is perfect for newborns and infants, as well as all stages of development as they grow.

You won't believe how absolutely easy it is to market something as helpful as the right baby carriers to a new mom. You can seriously become a "go-to" source for anyone who wants to find the best baby carriers around.

Commission rate: 10%

Sign up link: https://ergobaby.com/affiliates

EPC: Unavailable

Atterdag Kids

Atterdag is a kid's clothing brand that's all about making your kids look good and feeling great. They have a variety of name brand designs for boys and girls, so you can make sure that your little one has just the right setup.

Atterdag Kids

The material used in their outfits is breathable and soft, making them perfect for warm weather. I like how they also carry an array of solid colors and patterns, which sets them apart from other brands in the market.

But what really sets them apart from the rest is their attention to detail. They go ahead and make sure that your children will feel at home in their new outfits. That way, you can really feel highly confident about shopping for clothes for your little ones.

Commission rate: 10%

Sign up link: https://atterdagkids.com/

EPC: Unavailable


If you're looking for a really easy way to make some extra cash on the side, then baby clothes are a great option. Not only do you have the chance to earn positive reviews, but you can also benefit from an impressive number of customers who have tested and reviewed these products.

With the right product, you can make money from affiliate marketing quickly and easily. Just make sure that you give your product enough attention. Make sure that it's well-made, comes with a customer-friendly support system and is worth the investment.

You only have to focus on one thing when promoting a product like this - getting customers in to see just how good your products are!

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