Best ClickFunnels Examples And People Who Are Using It

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So you’ve been doing your research lately, asking questions about Clickfunnels. And in one moment, you’ve thought:  

Who is actually using Clickfunnels? Which businesses are using it? Maybe it’s only for MLMers?  

And it’s understandable. With the company’s owner promising so much to basically anyone who has something he/she wants to sell, of course, you’re going to ask questions.  And you will also want to see the best ClickFunnels examples and people having success with it.  

And there indeed are different examples of people with different businesses achieving great things and impacting many people by utilizing the power of Clickfunnels.  

You may have heard of some of these stories but there are others that I am sure you’ve never heard of and in this post, I will share them with you. 

Today, I’m going to cover: 

Some of these are going to blow your mind, let’s go!

What is Clickfunnels?

Some of these are going to blow your mind, let’s go!

Simply put, Clickfunnels is a software used for building sales funnels. Besides that, when you become a Clickfunnels member, you will also get access to various courses teaching exactly how you should build your sales funnel.  

Best ClickFunnels Examples

Plus you also get some other nice bonuses like a 30-minute call with an expert.  

Clickfunnels itself is very easy to use and you don’t need to hire any programmer or designer to build your funnel.  

If you’re new to Clickfunnels and want to learn more about it, check out my Clickfunnels review. You’ll find everything you need to know about the tool there. 

By the way, you should also check out my other article about similar tools:

Best sales funnel builders

Why should you use it 

If you have something you want to sell and you want to build your audience that will follow you and buy from you on a consistent basis then you should seriously consider using Clickfunnels.  

In order to persuade someone over the internet, you need a sales funnel. And Clickfunnels is the tool for building just that. 

Sales funnel is way more than just a fancy sales page with some cool text and video with men in suits. It’s the process of getting people from complete strangers who have never heard of you to like you and trust you. That’s the whole point. 

Your audience will build your business. And you can’t reach and convert an audience without a sales funnel.  

And sales funnel itself is not really difficult to set up. It USED to be hard because you would need a programmer, designer, analytics guy, etc. Now you only need Clickfunnels and that’s pretty much it. 

If you want to learn more about sales funnels as well, check out my article on what they exactly are. Just a few sentences about them can’t explain what they exactly are to somebody who is just starting out. So, I’ve dedicated an entire post to them so go check it out.  

But maybe you think that the line of work you’re in doesn’t need a sales funnel. Well, I am about to prove you wrong because funnels can be made for ANY business. 

Check these examples below to see it yourself.

Best ClickFunnels examples and different businesses using it


There are way more photographers that are implementing sales funnels into their business than you think. And they are doing that by using Clickfunnels.  

Photographers example

One of the famous photography success stories from Clickfunnels is Clare’s. Clare has been into photography for almost a decade and after doing it successfully for years, she started teaching other photographers how to grow their businesses online.  

Here is her on the picture with Clickfunnels founder, Russell Brunson

Clare and Russel Brunson

Getting consistent leads is CRUCIAL for every photographer and every business in general. That’s why it’s important to have that constant flow of new leads that are coming to you.  

The way you should build your funnel as a photographer is to have some sort of small pain killer for your prospects. That should be a small product (usually a video or an audio file) that solves a small part of an overall problem that your prospect has.  

For example, if you are a wedding photographer, your free guide could be something like How to Handle the Photography at Your Weeding with Less Stress.  

If you’re struggling with this, think. What problem does your ideal client have? What could you help them with for free?

And then, create a guide based on that and then upsell them a full service.  

Or what you can do is give them some kind of a free special. Maybe a voucher or a discount, that also works.  

Here is one funnel example that does just that.  

free funnel example

And then immediately after they enter their email, upsell them a service. 

free funnel example upsell

This funnel worked great for Clare and it will for you too if you model it.  

If you’re wondering how do you build a funnel like this, don’t worry. Inside of the Clickfunnels platform itself, you’ll find great free training like Funnel Builder Secrets Lite and you will also get a free coaching call with an expert so you’re in the right hands.  

All you have to do is just take the first step and actually start!  


There is a podcast called Funnel Hacker Radio where people are talking about, well, sales funnels and all that kinds of stuff.  

Musician example

And one day, they’ve interviewed the music producer called Sammy AKA Shoebox Moses. Sammy is a DJ and also loves funnels. He has two funnels, one for booking his clients and other for teaching other people how to create music and be a DJ. 

Sammy AKA Shoebox Moses funnel

Sammy has played music around the world and is a very successful DJ. He has won many awards and is now devoting a lot of time to teach kids how to become artists and “party heroes”.

He says that funnels can be implemented into EVERY business, even music production.  

Real estate 

There are plenty of realtors using Clickfunnels to build simple, lead generation funnels that would get leads for them on autopilot.  

The biggest problem for most of the realtors is generating leads. This is where a sales funnel comes in to put a lot of weight off your back.  

Real estate funnel ex

If you clearly mention the benefit your prospect is going to get once taking the action you want them to take (sign up and become your lead), you’ll get leads.  

Take a look at the example above. The headline clearly mentions the benefit of signing up and this is a funnel you should model. Great background pictures of nice homes also come in very handy in real estate funnels. 


Take a look at the funnel below.  

Coaches funnel example

This high ticket coaching funnel has managed to produce over 4000% ROI  (return on investment)!  

The way this funnel worked for this specific coach was you first get to download a free guide and then you’re upsold a small product. The product’s price was $7 so the sales from that product alone almost covered the entire ad spend.  

Almost $1,000 was spent on ads and about $800 was generated from the sales of that small product.  

Then the people who bought that product booked a call with the seller and he passed on that information to the sales staff that went on to call the prospects.  

23 people bought the product, not everyone booked a call but out of those who did, 4 were closed on a coaching package and those sales generated $32,000 in total! 

Funnels work great for coaches! No more cold calling and approaching prospects. Now they are approaching you through your sales funnel.  


Dropshipping is more competitive than ever! Everybody (and their mother) has a Shopify store. So, how can you make this work for you even with all of this competition

What you need to do is create a sales funnel with a unique offer. An offer that says: “You can only get this from me and nobody else!” 

eCommerce funnel example

If you’re selling camping equipment, add a camping guide for free if they buy from you. This is just a random example.  

Trey Lewellen made over $20 million in 6 weeks selling flashlights! 

There really are no limits. 


That’s it for today’s examples! If you want to see more examples, check out my post on 11 crazy and weird sales funnel examples that are KILLING it! 

And if you’re serious about sales funnels like these people above were and are ready to devote your time, money and effort into building one, all you need is one program with a blueprint – One Funnel Away Challenge

It’s not expensive but it offers real valuable information on how to build a sales funnel step-by-step in 30 days. Every single day you’ll unlock a new video training and then, at the end of every video, you’ll get a task to complete in that day. 

The program lasts for 30 days and it’s the best course I’ve ever invested in by far. It completely changed the way I see business and marketing.  

It has also pushed me to start this blog and produce the best content I can about things that I love and continuously learn about – marketing, sales, understanding people’s problems and helping them solve them, etc.  

I’ve written a One Funnel Away challenge review on this blog and you can check it out if you’re open.  

Other than that, thank you for reading this post! Make sure to comment your thoughts and what you want me to write next. 

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