19 Best Companies That Pay For Ideas And Inventions In 2022

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It feels like there are more ways to make money than ever before in today's world. Whether you're an entrepreneur or want to earn some extra cash, the internet has made it easier for people of all backgrounds and skill levels to find a way that works for them. As with any other venture, however, success doesn't come easy.  

Many people overlook when trying to earn an extra income because they should be looking for opportunities to get paid upfront instead of waiting until they've already put in hours of work.

Companies That Pay For Ideas And Inventions

The 17 best companies listed below will pay inventors and ideators who submit their ideas and products by 2022 – meaning the risk is on them! 


As a leading brand that operates worldwide, Henkel is committed to pushing innovative ideas by sponsoring the program known as Henkel Partnership Program. Innovators and inventors are given access to resources such as financial support to test their concept further, making it an attractive opportunity worth considering if you have something interesting up your sleeve. 

People are encouraged to join the program if they have new ideas in beauty care, laundry care, and adhesive technology. They will be given a chance to sell their products for Henkel.

Hampton Direct

A company that enriches life through innovation, Hampton Direct has many products and services they are looking to purchase from the public. You should pitch the idea for a new innovative product or service that will solve everyday problems. The company believes in the purchasing power of ideas as well, so if your concept wows them enough, they'll invest fully into bringing out such a product swiftly with the hope of getting it on shelves quickly. 

Wide Planet Entertainment

Wide Planet Entertainment dedicates its production to toys that help children learn and develop in-home comfort. The company's products stimulate a child's imagination and give them tools for exploration, which encourages growth around the world they live in.  

Contact this Hong Kong-based company if you want to market your ideas for children's toys but don't know where or how to start! They are always looking for new inventions that will be fun and beneficial. 


A global company that sells consumer goods and services has been around for over ten years. One of the world's most successful businesses today has a sustainable living plan at its core, with sustainability as one of its primary goals.  

Unilever is a multi-billion dollar company that values its employees' ideas and contributions. They are willing to pay. Get your fantastic ideas and technology inventions out there if you have an idea for their business to grow or solve minor issues. You can submit them through an Open Innovation program, which will give you feedback in due time. 

Pro Performances Sports

This company specializes in producing sporting equipment and gears for multiple sports fields. They are looking to expand their training items, so if you have any ideas that will be useful for athletes, they encourage you to submit a form on their website as directed. Visit their website for more information about the products and services. 

Coastal Pet Products

Coastal Pet Products is the perfect place to shop for pet collars in your neighborhood. They produce quality products, such as Ribbon Adjustable Dog Collar and Wolfgang Dog Collar, that help you properly groom your pets at home or outdoors within a short period.  

Coastal Pet Products

A company that constantly seeks new ways to improve the life of pets is hosting a contest in which ideas can be pitched and developed. If your idea seems promising, they will buy it from you if possible.  

Your customers will benefit from high-quality, innovative pet products as you become part of the growing coastal family. People can make even more money with Coastal Pet Products by their side. 


Coleman is a world leader in producing outdoor recreation equipment. The company has its headquarters situated in Chicago, and if you want to find the perfect tent for backyard hangouts or camping adventures, look no further than Coleman.  

Coleman is open to hearing your input if you have any ideas on outdoor gear and gadgets that will make adventure more fun. They are known for producing top-quality camp equipment like tents, stoves, sleeping bags, etc., so if there's something new they can make or improve upon - let them know!  

Coleman manufactures and distributes outdoor equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, coolers, canopies for picnics, or sporting events like the World Series. It supplies camping furniture (folding chairs) and grills for cooking outdoors over an open fire at campsites while hiking through trails to your favorite national park. You will spend several days getting in touch with nature on rough terrain.

It requires sturdy yet lightweight gear allowing you to travel fast without missing out on an adventure by being weighed down too much. 


Preply is a flexible platform for private online lessons where you can find and book the best teachers based on their experience, feedback score, language expertise. Teachers are affordable too. 

Tutoring on Preply is an excellent choice for all teachers. Teachers get paid more than the average salary because their innovative tutoring approach makes them stand out from other online platforms. Your innovative teaching approach is considered a creative idea and is paid accordingly. 

Sharper Image

Saying that this company specializes in the production of electronic gadgets is an understatement. They probably have a device for it, if you can imagine it, and their innovative collection covers everything from smart home technology to high-tech drive control systems.  

Sharper Image is a catalog of electronics and high-tech products that meets the needs of its customers. Their customer service makes for easy transactions thanks to their site map, Online Return Center, and available representatives who can be reached by phone or email 24/7.  

Sharper Image is a company that believes in making shopping more accessible and more enjoyable for the customer. They buy your innovative ideas and have fantastic offers on their platform, ensuring you get the best deal possible. 

Invention City

Have an idea for a new invention? You can submit your ideas to Invention City. It's free, and you'll get back in touch within 24-48 hours. Inventors will receive royalties if they choose one of the submissions as their next innovation project. The site also offers paid reviews costing $95 per hour; however, these are only recommended after significant market analysis has already been completed on that specific product or technology.  

It will take about 20 minutes to complete the submission if you don't have a basic understanding of the invention process. Are you a newbie to the idea behind inventing something and filing for patent protection with USPTO – well, that might be an entirely different experience!  

The company will pay royalties on sales if you accept a licensing deal from it. It ranges between 1% and 5%. It also has revenue-sharing deals with sub-licensing that is structured to cover 20%-60% of inventor revenues. 

Cal-Van Tools

Have you ever wondered how to make cash with your tool ideas? If so, then California-Van Tools is a company that can help. The Cal-Van Tools royalty program allows people like yourself to submit their product idea and get paid if the business owner accepted them. 

Builders Invention

The Builders Invention is a company that cares about building contractors and their daily struggles. They have invented tools such as apps to design products on the internet for convenience, making things easier.  

Builders Invention is a company that specializes in creating construction tools designed by artisans, tradespeople, and builders. Suppose you are an artisan who has ideas for useful work-related inventions they will buy from you. A company needs ideas to help construction workers. A process will be followed if you have an idea and want your creation considered by this company. 

Jokari Home Solutions

Jokari is an innovative company that uses its creative minds to create unique products for people worldwide. Jokari, a leader in creative, innovative products for homes, was founded in 1974. This company offers a wide range of housewares such as kitchen gadgets, storage accessories, and cooking accessories, among others. With collaboration with retailers, they aim to help innovate their stores by turning them into bestsellers through Johari's offer of these high-quality products at an affordable price point.  

Jokari is a great website that encourages people to come up with money-making ideas. You'll have to fill out some basic information on their site, and they will consider your vision overtime to get started. 

Idea Buyer

A company called Idea Buyer will help you develop your product idea and bring it to the market. They accept any product, so if they like what you've created, then they'll work with you to refine it a bit more before presenting it for potential distribution or partnerships. 

Worksafe Technologies

Businesses are focused on protecting their products and services, so they outsource this to companies that live off open innovation. They prefer simple solutions with clean designs over complex ones as well.  

Worksafe Technologies deals with everyday inventors who have come up with a new product that has been successfully tested and is ready to be sold. However, they also deal with designers whose ideas are still on paper or those looking for help trying their concept in real life before selling it. 


This company has an online submissions board for general ideas on improving the design of many daily necessities. Categories include cleaning, tools, food prep, outdoor activities, appliances, frozen foods including ice cream and smoothies, and beverages like coffee/tea or juice!  


You must ensure your idea has a published patent number to submit an invention or design suggestion to Tovolo. Otherwise, the company will not review it for consideration. 


This company has been leading the charge in healthcare safety and technologies for over a century. The organization operates across several sectors, including Diabetes Care Solutions, Medication Delivery Systems, Pharmaceutical Technologies (pts), and Surgery Services (ss).  

It's worth sending to the Big Idea Contest if you have an idea best described in a drawing or literary form. It typically takes 4-6 weeks to review statements and get back with their decision on whether they'll accept your submission or not. 


Crown, headquartered in Philadelphia that manufactures metal beverage and food cans, aerosol containers, closures, capping, and specialty packaging, is a leading manufacturer in the market.  

They are the global leader in metal packaging technology, with operations expanding into 47 countries. They have an open innovation portal and seek to innovate around new technologies for shelf life enhancement, improved manufacturing practices across their facilities worldwide, sustainable materials of use within packages (packaging.)

Any advances that can positively impact overall sustainability throughout their business model. If you have an idea, submit it directly to their website and expect a response within 30 days. 

Play With a Purpose

Play with a Purpose produces children's toys explicitly designed to help your child master physical skills, balance, and coordination. Play with a Purpose is an exciting organization that allows you to share your ideas on making the world better, so if you have one, you are more than welcome to participate. 

To sum it up

A lot of people have ideas, but few are willing to put in the hard work required. Ideas are cheap and plentiful, so it's not difficult for many people to come up with one now and then. Some things worth having require a great deal of effort before they can be enjoyed.  

You may think that you don't need as much time or money invested in your idea because it won't be around forever anyways, but there is no such thing as something free; someone always has to pay the price eventually. The question shouldn't be whether an idea will make any money at all-it.

The questions should be, "how much profit can potentially be generated from this investment? How can we scale the outcome of the idea and earn money?"

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