Best Cryptocurrency Projects In 2023

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Digital projects aimed at achieving functional cryptocurrency goals and solving problems are called crypto projects. In this article, we will look at new crypto projects and cryptocurrencies that could prove useful and profitable by purchasing their tokens in 2023.

It is important to invest wisely in new projects, as many crypto projects on the market are fraudulent. We will give you tips on how not to run into crypto scams and distinguish real functional projects from pyramid schemes.

By the way, one of the most interesting GameFi projects is My Neighbor Alice. You can find more information about it by following this link –

Here you can find all data about it, and all its advantages and disadvantages.

Best Cryptocurrency Projects In 2023

The best cryptocurrency projects of 2023 whose tokens can be bought at the presale stage

We can highlight new cryptocurrency projects whose tokens can grow in value after the pre-sale stage. If you invest in them in time, you can increase your capital several times over.

  • FightOut is a new project, and participating in it will allow you to earn by doing physical training.
  • Dash 2 Trade is a cryptocurrency analytics project that will help traders improve their trading performance.
  • RobotEra is a gaming meta-universe where you can create valuable new NFTs.
  • Calvaria is a Play-to-Earn card game with the ability to participate in the management of the meta-universe.



When looking at promising new crypto projects, one can't help but mention the FightOut meta-universe, which has launched a new cryptocurrency, FGHT, in the amount of 10 billion tokens.

By signing up for the platform, participants can earn FGHT tokens and other rewards by engaging in physical training in real life.

In the meta-universe, rewards will be issued in REP tokens, which can be used to purchase in-game items and online training with trainers.

The main advantages of the project are:

  • The interaction of your physical activity with Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 technologies;
  • Availability to purchase FGHT tokens in pre-sale until 31 March 2023 for $0.0166 per token;
  • Opportunity to win tokens worth the equivalent of USD 250,000 by participating in a token sale;
  • Dozens of gyms are planned to open around the world, where members of the meta-universe will be able to visit them and exercise for free.

Dash 2 Trade

At the launch stage, the new crypto project Dash 2 Trade became so much in demand that it was able to raise more than $2 million in ten days by selling its tokens!

Due to the rapid growth in popularity, the creators of this analytics project were forced to extend the pre-sale phase of the D2T token. At the moment, D2T is available at an attractive price of 0.0556 USDT.

It is anticipated that after the pre-sale ends, the price of the token will increase dozens of times, providing high returns for early investors!

A trader who registers on the new cryptocurrency platform Dash 2 Trade will be able to increase their profits using the crypto signals and analytics of this trading platform.

Starting from 11 January 2023, D2T tokens will be available for purchase on the centralized cryptocurrency exchange, as well as planned listings on Uniswap and BitMart. 

The Dash 2 Trade contract code has been SolidProof tested and found to be fully secure.

Dash 2 Trade


When exploring new cryptocurrencies that could grow significantly in value in 2023, TARO, a digital currency that will be used as an internal currency in the Robotera game meta-universe, is worth a look. 

The token will run on the ERC-20 protocol. At the pre-sale stage, the price of 1 TARO is just $0.02.

RobotEra is a meta world in which participants will develop a sandbox-like planet. Each player is represented in the game by a unique robot that manages its land and builds various objects on it.

Pros of the project:

  • By purchasing TARO tokens at an early stage of investment, you can sell them at a much higher price after listing on a cryptocurrency exchange;
  • Possibility to create your own NFT communities within the game meta-universe which will allow you to understand how much does it cost to create an NFT.
  • Having a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, which means that all token holders of the game will take part in the management of the universe and its development;
  • Completion of certain quests in cities and exploration of new lands will be rewarded, allowing the rewards to be converted into tokens.


Calvaria is a new crypto-project using NFT technology, which is a card game with colorful characters. With the help of playing cards, you can take part in virtual battles, develop your skills, and receive rewards.

The project is built on the Ethereum blockchain and the game's currency is the RIA token. A pre-sale of tokens is now underway, allowing you to become an early investor and purchase the game's currency at the lowest price.

The fifth round of the token sale is currently underway and the value per RIA token is USDT 0.0324. Most cryptocurrency experts agree that the price of RIA tokens could rise by 500-1000% once the pre-sale and listing on exchanges are completed.

Advantages of the project include:

  • The ability to profitably purchase new tokens during the presale;
  • Availability of an in-game shop where in-game asset owners can sell their items;
  • The possibility for any user purchasing an RIA token to participate in managing the development of the project;
  • The ability to create their own game decks and form a unique gaming style.

Also, you can try IMPT which is an eco-crypto project that aims to offset the carbon footprint, and Lucky Block – by purchasing tokens from this platform, you will be able to participate in various draws for real prizes, including $1 million.

We hope this brief information can help you spend your money and time in the right direction.

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