What Is The Best Free Landing Page Builder in 2022? (8 Tools Compared)

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Everybody probably told you that bringing your business online would be the best choice you’ll ever make. But, honestly, it requires just as much hard work to make it work.

Luckily, we can have shortcuts, and that’s where landing pages come in.

A well-made landing page is a sure way of attracting potential clients or customers towards your business.

However, not everyone can afford to hire an entire team to create stunning websites and corresponding landing pages.

For us, we strive to cut costs to save as much as we can for marketing. Getting the BEST free landing page builder is the right way to do it.

What to look for in a landing page builder tool?

Much like you, I’m someone who is looking for ways to earn online. I’ve tried multiple platforms in creating ways to monetize my website, and one of the most effective tools I’ve tried incorporating is landing pages.

Landing pages are static single web pages. Many advertisers like creating landing pages because they’re simple to make and they can generate more conversions with just one page.

Landing pages vs web pages

Compared to websites, landing pages are all-in-one pages that provide you with all info that visitors need to either purchase a product, hire your services, or make any form of transaction.

Landing pages vs web pages: What’s the difference?

Both types of pages can be found under the same domain. The difference lies in their function.

Most web pages are there to give users information. They’re general-purpose pages to give visitors more insight about your product or services and what they can benefit from it.

Landing pages, on the other hand, are there to build your ROI. They are there to fulfill your marketing goals. For that reason, they are also designed differently.

The Best Free Landing Page Builder

When do you need to use a landing page?

The sole purpose of a landing page is to get users to do one thing… CLICK.

Whether it is to sign up to your email list or to make a purchase, your landing page should always only ask users to do one single action.

A landing page is an eye-catching stand-alone page that will make users focus on your marketing goal. 

If you’re only going to provide quick information or an introduction, then landing pages aren’t it.

These pages are meant to turn visitors into people who will drive revenue (mostly) like make a purchase, sign-up to your newsletters, or get them to give their information that is vital for you to market the right products and services to them in the future.

What do you need from a free landing page builder software?

Since landing pages are single web pages, they shouldn’t be a hassle to make. They are most likely going to change from time to time depending on the season or the offer you’re trying to make.

A top landing page builder should be:

  • Easy to use and publish for beginners and professionals
  • Simple to create deals, offers, and promotions
  • Provide multiple tools in creating custom designs to match your marketing goal
  • Provide information (like metrics made on leads captured) on the activity made on your landing pages

8 Best free landing page builder

Considering the qualities of a free landing page tool I’ve listed above, I tried many and came up with my final list of top landing page builders.


This all-in-one digital marketing platform is a promising partner to build your business website online. For anything related to monetizing your brick and mortar business online, Builderall provides many business sites (big or small) all the tools you need to build an online presence.


What is Builderall?

Builderall is a complete website builder and marketing automation platform. Aside from website development, Builderall also allows beginners and professionals alike to create their own apps and eCommerce websites.

With multiple marketing tools running from sales funnels to email marketing.

Target audience

Builderall aims to target all business persons who are meaning to earn money online. From beginners to professionals, it targets all types of users from a wide scope of technical know-how.

However, this could both be a pro and a con. Usually, when a tool aims to be an all-in-one tool, it would result in a poor-quality service provider. 


I have an in-depth review of Builderall, but today, we’ll focus more on its free landing page builder feature.

What makes it unique?
  • Drag and drop

Everything about Builderall is practically a drag and drop feature. This makes it extremely easy to create stunning pages and skipping the technicalities behind it.

  • Mobile device compatibility

One of the top features that Builderall boasts about is its mobile compatibility. Every page you create is automatically converted to its mobile counterpart. This makes it easier to create landing pages that are also fit for mobile devices like phones and tablets.

  • Multiple design templates

Starting off, there are already quite a number of templates to choose from in creating your own landing page.

But what’s great is that you can shoes a blank slate and create your entirely new template or a custom page design as well.

  • WordPress integration

Despite it being a website builder on its own, your individual page designs can be integrated into your WordPress Website. The integration is easy and implementation of your custom landing page is just as quick.

However, editing the contents of your custom page will require web builders like Elementor.

  • Quick bar pop-ups creation

Again, another drag and drop page creation. You can make a simple or even a beautifully crafted pop-up to further boost your landing page.

  • Inconsistent user performance

As I mentioned, being an all-in-one building tool, Builderall hasn’t mastered all the tools needed to help users. There would be instances of inconsistent performances of your landing page.

And at times, when the page loads to a mobile device, the design gets distorted due to its adjustments.

  • New updates make it more and more complicated

Builderall is quite focused on building and adding more and more features. Instead of integrating them in exiting features making the updates confusing and the design process a little more challenging.

Pricing Plans

YES! Builderall is a free landing page maker. But it also has paid pricing plans.

  • Builder Plan starts at $19.90 with a given 2GB storage and up to 100 subscribers
  • Marketer Plan starts at $29.90 with 5GB disc space and up to 5000 subscribers
  • Essential Plan starts at $49.90 with 10GB storage and up to 15000 subscribers
  • Premium Plan starts at $69.90 with 10GB disc space and unlimited subscribers

Final Verdict

Builderall has about 30+ features. With that many features to claim as being ‘the best’ you may wonder just how well they deliver. Builderall is a company that wants to give you ALL, despite the many features, I’d say it’s holding up its promise pretty well.

Although consistency in quality performance and stability can be an issue, it still offers one of the best builders especially when it comes to creating landing pages.


The name says it all. Known as a powerful tool in creating media for converting users to your business or website, Convertkit is a great tool for starting internet marketers and enterprises.


What is Convertkit

Convertkit specializes in providing tools for internet marketing from email marketing to creating stunning media for lead generation.

It’s a great tool designed for audience building and retention making sure that you generate as many leads as possible from every page you create with Convertkit. 

Target audience

This builder is ideal for small business owners, individual site owners, and freelance internet marketers. However, it is also a great fit for internet marketing agencies, especially when using the paid subscription.


Convertkit is an email marketing tool fit for all types of users, more than that is also a free landing page tool.

What makes it unique?
  • Code-free landing page builder

You don’t need to know how much about HTML or CSS coding to build a stunning landing page. With numerous templates for all types of websites and pages, you can create a separate landing page just by filling up the information needed on each template.

  • Stock images integration with Unsplash

Getting beautiful images without violating any copyright laws is hard. One of the most popular sources of high-quality images is Unsplash.

Instead of downloading and uploading images, you can simply gain access to hundreds of thousands of images online via the Unsplash integrations with Convertkit.

  • Mobile compatibility

Every landing page you create is designed for mobile compatibility. All templates offered adjusts well whether a user is on a mobile gadget or in front of their PC. As a free landing page generator, it automatically adjusts your landing page appropriately no matter which device it may be.

  • Complete landing page opt-in kit

You’re not only granted an easy landing page builder, but you’re also given a free and complete opt-in kit. This allows you to complete your opt-in journey from calling their attention and gaining access to their inbox.

  • No customization

Though you don’t need to have knowledge of how to code, everything is automated. You only need to fill in the information needed on the templates provided and you’re done.

It may be simple but you won’t have any options to customize a page.

  • Limited designs

When browsing through the templates, there only have less than 50 landing page designs to choose from.

  • Basic statistics

You only get the basic info on how many have converted, subscribed and unsubscribed. Other than that, you need a third-party tool to help get an in-depth analysis on the performance of your landing page.

Pricing Plans

Virtually a free email marketing and landing page builder, there are also premium options. But you’re only limited to a single plan which you either pay monthly at $29 or annually at $300 (i,e, $25/ month).

Final Verdict

The essence of a landing page is making users convert. Convertkit is a tool that knows how to do that thus offering a free landing page builder.

Though it is an effective email marketing tool, it still has a lot of lapses as a landing page builder offering very little options for marketers and website owners alike.


As one of the pioneers of the drag and drop website builders, Wix has certainly built a name for itself as one of the most beautiful website builders in the market.


Making website creation easy for professionals and beginners alike, creating stunning landing pages is definitely not a problem for Wix.

What is Wix?

Wix is a leading website builder that offers professional-looking websites for all its users. With millions of users loving this cloud-based website builder, it is also among the best platforms in creating stunning landing pages. 

Recently, Wix has added a new service dedicated to offering its users landing page templates and design inspirations.

Though you can easily create a killer website with the Wix toolbox, the landing page templates make it easier for marketers to simplify the process of creation.

Target audience

Wix is free for everyone to use. From a large website to a simple blog-for-myself type of person, Wix is an ideal choice. However, in building landing pages, you need to know more about creating a marketing campaign from scratch. 

Wix offers a complete toolbox for anyone to create a high converting landing page. But to be able to make a stunning page meant for marketing and getting conversion, you may need to know more about designing a landing page than coding it.


As a free cloud-based website builder, Wix is also a superb platform to create enticing landing pages.

What makes it unique?
  • Complete Builder Toolbox

Wix has everything you need to create a website and that also goes for making a landing page. As a top landing page builder, Wix allows you to add buttons, integrate personalize graphics or stock graphics from the Wix library.

  • Absolute Zero to Hero Customization

You can build a new landing page from a blank slate. This allows you to completely personalize an entire landing page to fit your brand, your theme, and the goal of your website or business.

  • Designer Inspiration

Wix has continuously been rolling out new designs for different types of users. This allows you to simplify the process of creating a landing page and customizing it to fit your needs.

The designed templates are also ready to use and publish or can fully be changed and customized at your will and preference.

  • Customer Support

Whether it’s your first time building or creating a landing page, you won’t have to worry. Customer care is one of the prime features of Wix providing you with assistance from when you start building your landing page to publishing it.

  • Speed, Security, and Stability

You won’t have to worry about inconsistent performance from Wix.  This cloud-based landing page creation tool offers speedy creation and publishing as well as protecting your rights as a creator.

You are also guaranteed that your published landing page has a 100% uptime.

  • Paid premium benefits

Wix is 100%  one of the best landing page builders for FREE. However, it comes with a ton of limitations from numerous ads (some of which may even be a direct competition to your business) to limited use of tools from its web builder toolbox.

  • Custom page efficiency

As ideal as literally dragging and dropping design features to a landing page, the end result may be frustrating. 

It’s easy for non-tech users to create landing pages but if you fully construct a landing page from a blank slate, automatic adjustments and possible design glitches will come your way. 

When designing pages that go against typical parameters set by Wix, design features like media placements and content may end up being mixed up once it is published or viewed from a different device.

Pricing Plans

Many users may claim that Wix is the best free landing page builder out there but a free account has quite a lot of roadblocks because the free account gives you very limited access to the wonderful features of Wix.

The paid plans are as follows:

  • Connect domain starts at $4.50 for basic premium features
  • Combo starts at $8.50 for personal website owners
  • Unlimited starts at $12.50 for entrepreneurs and business sites
  • VIP starts at $24.50 for the additional premium features

Final Verdict

Wix is indeed a popular website builder as well as an ideal landing page builder. Fit for all non-tech to professional internet marketers, Wix promotes an ideal platform to create custom landing pages.


An all-in-one marketing automation service that helps marketers create a cohesive promotional campaign and build a trusting relationship with the customer. With SendPulse, creating a landing page is a straightforward process that doesn’t require any coding skills or prior training. 


What is SendPulse

At its core, SendPulse is an email marketing automation service that turned into a multichannel marketing platform. Right now, the set of marketing channels and features include email campaigns, SMS, messenger chatbots, web push as well as a landing page builder, email verifier, and even a free CRM tool. 

Target audience

Due to the wide array of services, SendPulse is a perfect choice for small and mid-sized businesses. There is even a special startup accelerator program that can help market a startup for free.  


SendPulse provides all the necessary tools to cover everything from lead generation and nurturing to chatbots that can help your business out with customer care: Landing page builder; subscription forms; email campaigns, and SMTP server; email verifier; email template builder chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Telegram; SMS, Web Push notifications; free CRM; 

What makes it unique? 
  • Multi-channel subscription widgets for your landing page

Once your landing page is up and running, your customers can start communicating with you via the channel they prefer - be it Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, email, or SMS. 

  • A landing page as an online store

Add a product gallery and descriptions, integrate a payment system into your landing page and you are good to go. Start taking secure payments from your customers with payment buttons on your landing page. 

  • Bio link page for your Instagram

A single page that helps drive your social media traffic to your store, website, or blog. 

  •  SEO options and analytics to help boost your traffic

Google Analytics for your landing page helps to track your customers’ activities as well as offers options to improve your landing page. 


Over customization 

A beginner marketer might be a bit overwhelmed with the variety of customization options. Once you get used to it, this may serve as an advantage, but sometimes less is just simpler. 

Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing, SendPulse actually has a free plan for any feature except for SMS notifications. Paid plans are rather flexible and start at as low as $8. 

Final Verdict

It’s no surprise that you can’t really go wrong with SendPulse when it comes to deciding on a landing page builder. The best thing about the platform is that you not only get a highly customizable landing page but also an array of tools to promote it and even turn it into an online store. 


Yet another email marketing tool, Mailerlite specializes in building an audience and retaining them through effective newsletters.

In retrospect, it also offers a free landing page builder to create stunning landing pages fit to build newsletter and make conversions.


What is Mailerlite?

Mailerlite is a tool that simplifies everything you need for email marketing. From building your brand to connecting with your audience, this software combines the best tools needed in email marketing and services surrounding it.

From automated newsletters to creating stunning yet straight forward landing pages and gathering info from all your campaigns, Mailerlite is an app that truly provides an exceptional user experience.

Target audience

Mailerlite focuses on simplifying the task of building an audience and this applies to complete newbies in the online business. Fit to accommodate all skill levels, it’s an ideal marketing software for beginners and specialists alike.

In terms of creating landing pages, this is a fitting tool for many who lack the ability to design their own landing page from scratch.


What makes it unique?
  • Landing page A/B testing

One of the great features of Mailerlite’s landing pages is it’s split testing. This helps you identify which landing pages are performing.

You can test up to 5 different landing pages and split the traffic between them and actively monitoring them on your dashboard.

  • Multiple Integrations

Another great thing about landing pages by Mailerlite is its integration with many tools and software. Your workflow is efficiently increased with easy integration with popular web services.

  • Drag and drop editor

Constructing landing pages easily makes marketing more efficient since it takes time off your process of creation. Mailerlite has a drag and drop tool that simplifies this process. Furthermore, you also have hundreds of templates to choose from and customize yourself.

  • Real-time editing

One of the pitfalls of creating a landing page using Mailerlite is that you won’t be able to make changes and apply them in real-time.

Unfortunately, once you need to make changes to your landing pages, you need to republish them again.

  • Inadequate customer support

One of the common problems with Mailerlite is its customer support. There have reports of inadequate customer services when it comes to finding solutions regarding technical difficulties, though I haven’t experienced them myself.

Pricing Plans

Mailerlite offers and absolutely free account allowing you to create newsletters and landing pages.

However, it offers only limited emails every month. All other premium subscriptions offer unlimited emails every month.

  • Up to 1,000 subscribers costs $10
  • Up to 2,500 subscribers costs $15
  • Up to 5,000 subscribers costs $30
  • Up to 10,000 subscribers costs $50

Final Verdict

Though an effective landing page builder, Mailerlite’s primary function is to simplify email marketing. Creating a landing page is easy and it also provides users with the chance to test the effectiveness of each designed landing page.

On the downside, using a free account only limits you to a number of emails you can send every month and the cost of sending more is quite high compared to competing marketing software.

Regarding email marketing tools, you might want to check my guide: the best autoresponders.


Not as popular as many on my list, but Site123 is a website builder designed for simple but professional-looking websites.


What is Site123?

As the name suggests, building a website is as easy as 123. It offers lifetime free services (with options to upgrade) to all interested users. Since it is a pretty easy website maker, it’s a great choice for many to create landing pages.

Target Audience

Site123 targets people with very little coding know-how. From newbies to individual internet marketers and bloggers, and smaller website owners, Site123 is a great start for learning how to make landing pages.


What makes it unique?
  • Customizable templates

With an array of templates to choose from, you’re bound to fall in love with any of the templates they provide.

  • All-in-on toolbar for easy editing

It’s not an easy drag or drop tool that allows you to fully personalize a template. But what it does is that it offers a complete toolbar that allows you to create your pages with ease.

  • Quick publishing

With just a few clicks of a button, your landing pages are up and running. All ready for your viewers to see and attract leads, with a simple way of publishing your landing page, you can create many more!

  • Access to its amazing features are paid

Like the other landing page builders on our list, we don’t really get the most from a  free account, Site123 may offer great editing features but you can only access them with a paid account.

  • Many templates, look the same

You really have many templates to choose from but unfortunately, many of which practically have the same layout and not much diversity in its templates.

Pricing Plans

Site123 is indeed one of the best free landing page creator, however, it does have a premium upgrade at $5.80 every month.

At this cost, it’s a bit hard not to upgrade when you have an unlimited reach of tools and features to unlock when you do.

Final Verdict

Site123 is a free landing page creator that works best for small businesses and websites that don’t need a lot of personalized content to create a landing page.

Though most of their landing pages are pre-designed, they’re stunning nonetheless.


Another renowned free landing page maker, Weebly is among the top builders that provide its users with everything they need to start and build not just a landing page but an entire website.


What is Weebly?

Weebly is an all-inclusive builder that provides multiple tools and features that any internet marketer needs to create an enticing landing page. 

Target audience

Weebly is great for all types of users from freelancers to marketing agencies. It’s a landing page builder tool that will definitely not disappoint. 


What makes it unique?
  • Simplified user interface

Weebly is super easy to use, though it doesn’t apply a drag and drop feature, it is relatively easy to use. Everything you need is a click away and is practically visible making it simpler and faster to create a landing page.

  • Speed, Security, and Stability

As a cloud-based builder, everything you make is secured. Weebly has its own hosting and storage system making everything easy to access without and downtime.

  • Easy building and launching process

Weebly has multiple templates to choose from that you can customize yourself. Since it is a very straightforward tool, you can easily create and launch your landing page.

  • Reduced efficiency due to storage organization

Though it’s easy to create a landing page, sorting them and keeping them nicely organized can be a pinch. This then reduces your efficiency especially if you're planning on doing an A/B testing.

  • Migration difficulty

Weebly has a platform lock-in which means that you will have trouble migrating your landing pages to a different builder for publishing. You may have to manually transfer your landing page to your site.

Pricing Plans

Though you won’t really need to upgrade into a premium account, Weebly offers a wonderful and affordable selection of price plans. 

  • Connect Plan starts at $5 with your own domain.
  • Pro Plan starts at $12 with your own domain and free of ads
  • Business Plan starts at $25 with all the prime features available

Final Verdict

Simple and absolutely free, it’s something that every internet marketer needs.

With creating landing pages simplified using Weebly, it’s a sure win for many freelancers or site owners who want to create their own pages without the need for a professional.


The perfect website builder for simple sites, this is a great landing page creator that offers a selection of uniquely designed pages to choose from.


What is Webnode?

Yet another web builder in our list, Webnode may not offer landing page designs but each of their web page templates can easily turn into a crafty landing page.

Target Audience

Geared towards beginners, most of the designs are already ready to publish. However, despite its simplicity in creating landing pages, it is also a great tool for marketers or advertisers to create a stunning page in just under an hour.


What makes it unique?
  • Drag and drop interface

Webnode really delivers when they say you can create a website in under 5 minutes. With a simple drag and drop interface, you can easily create a professional website adding and removing any features you need.

  • Responsive media and designs

From sounds, videos to stunning imagery, everything you add to your website is completely responsive to different types of devices.

  • Easy publishing

As I said, with easy creation comes easy publishing. Furthermore, migration of your landing pages is also quite easy with Webnode.

  • Outdated designs

Webnode has pretty robust features and it doesn’t come with modern designs that many are looking for.

  • Limited features

Unfortunately, Webnode only has a few designs to choose from, it also only offers basic features a typical website builder and landing page creator offers. 

Pricing Plans

Webnode has zero startups, but it also has 2 types of price sets: for websites and for e-commerce sites.

But since we only need landing pages, here are the plans for creating a website using Webnode:

  • Limited Plan starts at $3.95 with just a bit of upgrade in using some of the tools in Webnode
  • Mini Plan costs $5.96 includes a domain name, increased bandwidth of 3GB, and cloud storage of 500MB
  • Standard Plan is at $11.95 with a 10GB bandwidth and 5GB cloud storage
  • Profi Plan price is $19.95 with unlimited bandwidth and 10GB cloud storage

Final Verdict

Webnode is great for bloggers and startup sites.

However, it is quite limited too. It has a wonderful interface for creating landing pages, so the best you can do is creating a landing page and migrating it to a more professionally made or customized website.


About a third of the world’s websites are powered by WordPress, whether they are free sites or paid domains, WordPress has certainly become the leader in website building and with that also the best landing page builder for free.


What is WordPress?

WordPress is the leader in creating stunning websites, from a full eCommerce site to single pages, it is a platform where one can easily design and launch a website.

As a landing page builder, every feature offered in creating a website is the same. From quick tools to free plug-ins you are fully equipped to create a landing page that will certainly bring leads and conversions.

Target audience

WordPress, though offers a free account, requires a bit of knowledge when it comes to custom-designed landing pages.

Although you can get plug-ins to simplify the process, you can only do so much. As a landing page builder, it is also the same especially when you’re going to publish it.

The free WordPress account is much simpler to use. WordPress is great for internet marketers as well as small businesses who wish to build an audience in the digital world.


What makes it unique?
  • Multiple tools and plug-ins

Since a huge amount of websites in the world are made under WordPress, many plugins were created (both free and paid) to integrate many features in improving a webpage. These plugins cannot be found elsewhere.

  • Unlimited templates to choose from

Many designers put up their designs on WordPress, this allows many to find stunning landing pages without actually creating their own.

  • Unlimited integrations

WordPress is so versatile you can easily integrate your created page to different tools for marketing.

  • Limited using a free account

Using a free account on WordPress.com means you are highly limited in creating stunning pages and editing templates. On the other hand, as a self-hosted solution, you need to take care of hosting, backup, security, etc.

Pricing Plans

WordPress.com is technically free, but it has four price plans (Personal, Premium, Business, and eCommerce) that are billed annually. 

And of course, WordPress.org is a self-hosted version that is totally free but you need to pay for hosting, themes and plugins in case you want to build a premium website.

In my opinion, the best page builders for WordPress are:

Final Verdict

WordPress is a complete website builder that also allows you to create, publish, and track your landing pages.

However, if you’re looking for just a free landing page creator, WordPress may not be it, since you are given limited choices and accessed features to create and personalize a landing page.


For any internet marketer, affordable options are always the way to go. And in choosing the best landing page builder, it’s only right that you choose the features that you need in creating a captivating landing page to grab the attention of your audience.

And for that reason, you need the best landing page builder.

By the way, in case you want to choose a great funnel builder (mostly premium ones), check out my guide - Best Sales Funnel Builders

If you’re looking for a customizable landing page that you can create from a blank slate, then the best choice is to go with Wix. It also comes with landing page tracking features.

And some premium landing page builders not mentioned in this guide: 1. Unbounce, 2. LeadPages, 3. Landingi.

I highly recommend Builderall for professionals who are looking for a free landing page generator that allows split testing and overall marketing. With Builderall, you can also monitor the performance of your landing pages. If you find Builderall a bit confusing, you may want to try ConvertKit as an alternative.

However, if you’re completely new to creating landing pages, I highly suggest you try Weebly or Webnode. These are very user-friendly and versatile making them two of the top free landing page builder for beginners.

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