9 Best Hotel Advertising Ideas You Can Use Right Now

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You know that the hotel industry is incredibly competitive, and you're probably already aware of just how many hotels there are to choose from, but it's important for you as a hotel owner or manager to always reach new customers and keep those customers coming back, so you can achieve your goals. 

Besides providing your guests with an amazing experience every time they visit, it's important for you to consider ways to advertise your hotel. Use the following ideas as inspiration and remember that advertising doesn't have to be expensive to work - it just has to be done right.

1. Reputation management

A lot of people think that search engines are the primary source of business for hotels, but there is something to be said about word-of-mouth as well. In fact, 84% of travelers read online reviews before making a purchase, and some even make their decision based on those reviews only. 

Best Hotel Advertising Ideas

This is why an important part of hotel marketing is managing your reputation online because many consumers base their opinions of you on what they read or hear about you online. There are some different ways you can go about doing this. 

For instance, you want to ensure that all reviews are managed and displayed properly through your official website. If there are any negative reviews, it's not a good idea to delete them because that could actually hurt you in the long run. 

Instead, try promptly answering in a helpful and professional manner to try and rectify the situation. If an unhappy customer is allowed to spread their displeasure about your hotel, it may even lead to more bad reviews from other potential customers. 

In addition to the aforementioned, if you have a review management system in place dedicated to being at the top of incoming reviews about your hotel, this allows for real-time review monitoring and alerting. 

2. Social media

Social media has become one of the most powerful advertising tools in recent years, and it's no surprise that hotels have benefitted from this. This is why social media should be a critical component of your marketing strategy for your hotel, especially since Facebook reported an average of 8 billion daily views on their platform alone. 

When you are using social media, it's important to remember a few key things.

For starters, posting regularly is important for both increasing brand awareness and staying in touch with your customers. Try to post at least three times per week and make sure that you create posts that align with your audience's interests, not just about what you want to share or sell. 

Also, try to find what works best for each individual platform because certain social media channels work better than others for specific purposes. 

This is why it's important to have a presence on platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube - which you should all have an account on by the way. 

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when using social media is to always provide value with your posts so people stick around long enough to read them and hopefully click on your links. 

3. Search engine optimization

There are many different ways to advertise your hotel, but one of the most important things you can do is use SEO techniques. This means making sure that visitors can easily find your website when they search for hotels in your specific area, so you want to make sure that all information about your hotel is easy to find online. This can be roughly segmented into creating keywords for your website and optimizing it in general.

Search engine optimization

If you want to start using SEO effectively, one of the best things you can do is identify key 'areas' on your website that will help in generating organic traffic in the form of visitors who are interested in booking a room in your hotel. 

This could include things like creating an attractive description for your hotel, including photos of the rooms so potential customers can see what they'll look like if they stay there, creating a map showing where it's located, and featuring user reviews.

Backlinks are another important part of SEO because it's basically a measurement of your online presence. Basically, the more backlinks you have to your hotel website, the higher you rank on Google and other search engines. One way for this to happen is by getting reviews or sharing your content on other websites that are highly trafficked, but also remember that quality matters more than quantity. 

4. Email marketing

Email marketing is often underused by many hotels, but it can really be an effective way for you to communicate with your customers and increase awareness of your hotel. A lot of people think that this is a thing of the past, however, email marketing has a 13.29% average return on investment (ROI), which means that the benefits usually outweigh the costs. This is why it's important to make sure you have an email marketing plan in place. 

First, build a list of people that would be interested in hearing about your hotel and the things that it has to offer by getting their information and having them opt-in to receive updates from you. When building this list, keep in mind that you want to only reach out to people that are likely to support your hotel by booking a room there or sharing your email with others. 

5. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing basically means using influential people with a large audience to market your hotel. Influencers could come in the form of celebrities, bloggers, or even business leaders that can influence what people are interested in since it's highly targeted. 

In order for influencer marketing to work, you need to find people with the right amount of influence that is already talking about topics related to or similar to what your hotel offers

That said, it's important to remember that influencers have a certain audience, and you want to use them in a way that will benefit your hotel. In this case, don't waste time on people with an audience who doesn't care about what you're offering or isn't likely to support your business. 

6. Guest posts

Guest posts are basically articles or content written by someone else that features links back to your website. Guest posting helps you find qualified leads and increase awareness about your brand at the same time, but just like influencer marketing, it's important to only use this strategy for relevant audiences in a way that benefits you.

Guest posts

The best thing about guest posts is that it's a win-win situation for everyone involved because both you and the person who writes the article benefit from increased exposure. 

For example, if someone writes an article on their blog about your hotel, make sure they include a link to your website, so they can drive traffic to it. 

7. Video marketing

Using videos to market your hotel or business is a great choice because people love watching things on videos rather than reading about them. It's more engaging and informative, plus video marketing works very well with other strategies since you can use short clips from infomercials as ads that link back to your website.

Other things you can do to increase your video marketing efforts are by adding video testimonials from previous customers, creating a commercial for your hotel, and offering webinars. This is another great way for potential guests to find out more about what's offered at your hotel, so they know what to expect when they stay there. 

8. Local partnerships

Partnering up with local companies can be a huge benefit for both your business and theirs. It's important to focus on businesses that are relevant, similar, or complementary to yours since you don't want to risk wasting time or money reaching out to the wrong crowd.

Since it's more of an offline kind of advertising, this strategy works really well with other strategies, meaning you should use it in combination with email marketing, influencer marketing, and guest posts. If you own a hotel in the mountainside, for example, partner up with a ski resort, so you can offer your customers discounts on lift tickets. 

9. Customer loyalty programs

You don't have to offer discounts or sales in order to get people interested in your brand. A strong customer loyalty program, on the other hand, can be the best source of hotel advertising out there since it gives you priority over your competition without having to spend any money.

Customer loyalty programs

Creating a great loyalty program is an investment that pays off because you get to reward people who are actively supporting your brand, which makes them feel appreciated, and in turn, they're more likely to continue doing business with you. 

Plus, there are plenty of tools you can use that to help automate the whole process, so it's not that difficult to set up or maintain. 

Final words: 9 best hotel advertising ideas you can use right now

In a highly competitive market such as the hotel business, it's important to distinguish yourself from your competition in order to get bookings. 

These 9 hotel advertising ideas are some of the best ways to get the job done, plus they're really easy to set up and implement, so you can get started right away. Just remember that it's better to focus on one strategy at a time in order to get more out of it.

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