10 Best Inspiring Movies For Young & Hungry Marketers

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Marketing is a dynamic field that requires creativity, persistence, and a never-give-up attitude.

As a young marketer, it can be challenging to stay motivated and inspired amidst the constant hustle and bustle of the industry. 

However, watching movies showcasing successful marketers' triumphs and struggles is one way to stay inspired

In these modern times, it is more important than ever to use the analytics and real-time insights available to you.

This article will highlight some of the best inspiring movies for young and hungry marketers. So, without further ado, let's dive in. 

1. The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short provides an inside look at the world of finance and the marketing strategies used by hedge fund managers to profit from the 2008 housing market crash. Let's explore how;

1. The Big Short (2015)

It features three distinct but parallel stories of the 2005 mortgage housing crisis in the United States.

Michael Burry, a quirky ex-physician turned one-eyed Scion Capital hedge fund manager, has ditched his suit for shorts, bare feet, and a Supercuts haircut.

He believes that the housing market in the United States is in a bubble that will break in the coming years.

Burry has a lot of freedom within the corporation, so he bets against the housing market with the banks, who are more than glad to accept his idea for something that has never happened in American history.

The banks believe Burry is a lunatic and are confident they will win the contract. Jared Vennett of Deutschebank learns about Burry's actions and, as an investor, thinks he, too, can profit from Burry's convictions.

An erroneous phone call to FrontPoint Partners gets this information into the hands of Mark Baum, an idealist fed up with the financial industry's corruption.

Baum and his associates, who operate at arm's length for Morgan Stanley, decided to team up with Vennett despite their lack of trust in him

In addition to Burry's data, they believe that most mortgages are exaggerated by bond agencies, with banks grouping all subprime mortgages into AAA packages.

Charlie Geller and Jamie Shipley, minor players in Brownfield, a $30 million start-up garage company, obtain Vennett's prospectus.

Wanting to get in on the activity but lacking the official clout, they enlist the assistance of an old "friend," retired investment banker Ben Rickert.

All three of these groups operate on the idea that banks are stupid and don't understand what's going on and that for them to triumph, the broader economy must suffer, resulting in the pain of the general investor who trusts financial institutions.

That latter point might irritate Baum. Some of these assumptions may be erroneous, and the manipulation may be considerably more subtle than anyone could have thought, throwing curves into the process.

Overall, "The Big Short" is a thought-provoking and entertaining movie that provides valuable insights into finance and marketing

It is a must-watch for young and hungry marketers looking to gain a deeper understanding of the market and how to spot opportunities.

2. The Greatest Showman (2017) 

This musical drama film tells the story of P.T. Barnum and the creation of the Barnum & Bailey Circus and shows how he used marketing and promotion to make it a success.

2. The Greatest Showman (2017)

Phineas Taylor Barnum, the American comedian orphaned, poor, but ambitious and with a mind loaded with invention, and new ideas, will be remembered as the man who could blur the line between fact and fiction.

Thirsty for invention and success, the tailor's son succeeds in opening a wax museum. Still, he quickly turns his focus to the unique and peculiar, bringing amazing, never-seen-before live acts on the circus stage.

Will Barnum, the greatest showman, put everything on the line to be accepted? 

He was not afraid to take risks and try new things, which is a valuable lesson for young marketers.

The movie also showcases the importance of storytelling in marketing. P.T. Barnum was a master of creating a narrative around his shows, which helped him to build a loyal following and create a sense of excitement around his performances.

That illustrates the importance of creating a compelling story to market your product or service, which can help to build a connection with customers.

Overall, "The Greatest Showman" is a feel-good movie that provides valuable insights into marketing and entrepreneurship

It is a must-watch for young marketers seeking inspiration and learning valuable lessons about creativity, perseverance, and building a successful brand.

3. Moneyball (2011)

This film tells the story of how the Oakland Athletics baseball team used analytics and data to build a winning team on a budget; it gives a good insight into using data in marketing. Here's how;

3. Moneyball (2011)

The Oakland A's won the most games in baseball in 2002, including a 20-game winning streak that set an American League record. They also had the Major Leagues' third-lowest payroll. 

How did the A's become the best team in baseball in an industry dominated by teams with massive payrolls? They made decisions based on data.

Moneyball tells how an analytical approach to winning baseball became the norm. The A's abandoned their intuitive, traditional method of scouting players in favor of one of the most unconventional methods available.

They got the most bang for their buck per dollar spent by signing cheap, undervalued players based on metrics that signaled success to only the A's and no one else.

Baseball and marketing have a lot in common in this regard. Previously, intuition drove critical decision-making before data.

When a few brave trailblazers proposed data as its alternative, they encountered a tidal wave of criticism. However, data has proven worth and has become the most critical component in both industries' decision-making processes.

The movie offers guidance on maintaining composure under pressure, collaborating successfully with particular clientele, and striking the most advantageous business deals even when time is of the essence.

Overall, "Moneyball" is an engaging and thought-provoking movie that provides valuable insights into data-driven decision-making and innovation.

It is a must-watch for young marketers seeking inspiration and learning valuable lessons about thinking outside the box, adaptability, and effective communication.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness

The movie tells the true story of Chris Gardner, a struggling salesman who becomes homeless with his young son

4. The Pursuit of Happyness

Still, through determination and hard work, he lands an unpaid internship at a stock brokerage firm and eventually becomes a successful stockbroker.

Young marketers should watch "The Pursuit of Happyness" because it highlights the power of determination and perseverance in achieving success.

Chris Gardner's story shows how he overcame numerous obstacles and challenges, such as homelessness and financial difficulties, to achieve his goals.

He never gave up and could stay focused on his dream despite the odds against him, which is a valuable lesson for young marketers who may face career challenges.

The movie also showcases the importance of networking and building relationships. Chris Gardner landed an internship at the stock brokerage firm through networking and building a relationship with the company's CEO.

That illustrates the importance of building a network of contacts and relationships in the industry.

Another vital lesson young marketers can learn from "The Pursuit of Happyness" is the importance of taking risks and being willing to work hard.

Chris Gardner was ready to take a chance on an unpaid internship and put in the hard work and dedication required to succeed in the field. It inspires young marketers to be willing to take risks and work hard to achieve their goals.

Young marketers should watch "The Pursuit of Happyness" because it highlights the power of determination and perseverance in achieving success.

Chris Gardner's story shows how he overcame numerous obstacles and challenges, such as homelessness and financial difficulties, to achieve his goals.

Overall, "The Pursuit of Happyness" is an emotional and inspiring movie that provides valuable insights into determination, perseverance, networking, and taking risks to achieve success.

It is a must-watch for young marketers seeking inspiration and learning valuable lessons about staying focused on their goals, building relationships, and being willing to work hard.

5. Boiler Room

When Seth walks into the offices of JT Marlin, a small-time brokerage firm in the suburbs of New York, he meets an aggressive cameo performance by Jim (Ben Affleck) that sets the tone for a firm that prioritizes money over everything else.

5. Boiler Room

Seth's strained relationship with his father and seductive glances from love interest Abbie (Nia Long) keep him motivated in his newfound work.

As he begins to thrive and develop a taste for the hard sell and high commission, a few fortuitous encounters cause Seth to question the integrity of the firm's activities, putting him in conflict with his father and whatever moral compass he still has.

With nods to Wall Street and Glengarry Glen Ross, it's a solid first movie for Ben Younger, whose script reveals a genuinely evil side to an already unethical enterprise.

The movie tells the story of a college dropout who gets a job at a small stock brokerage firm, where he becomes involved in illegal and unethical practices such as insider trading and fraud.

Marketers should watch "Boiler Room" because it highlights the dangers and consequences of unethical behavior in the business world

The movie shows how the characters become caught up in the high-pressure, cutthroat world of stock trading and begin to engage in illegal and unethical practices to make money and climb the corporate ladder.

The characters in the film make questionable choices, and they end up paying the price for their actions. It is a powerful reminder that ethical behavior is crucial in any industry and that shortcuts and illegal methods will always catch up to you.

6. 99 Francs (2007)

The movie helps marketers grow businesses by highlighting the importance of creativity and bold thinking in advertising

6. 99 Francs (2007)

Octave's character represents the creative and unorthodox approach required in advertising, and the movie shows how these strategies can lead to success.

It demonstrates that great originality frequently necessitates wildness, daring, and even dubious moral standards to sell extremely ordinary products, which occupy at least 80% of any market.

The movie helps marketers grow businesses by highlighting the importance of creativity and bold thinking in advertising.

Octave's character represents the creative and unorthodox approach that can be taken in advertising, and the movie shows how these strategies can lead to success. 

Octave is a master of creating buzz and making an impact with his campaigns, and the film illustrates how this can help businesses stand out and grow their customer base.

The movie also touches on the theme of authenticity and how it can be used in advertising; Octave's campaigns are not just about selling products but creating a story and a connection with the customer.

The movie illustrates that a marketing message that is genuine and authentic can be more effective than one that is simply trying to sell a product.

The movie also showcases the cutthroat nature of the advertising industry and the pressure to succeed at any cost.

The film illustrates how this pressure can lead to ethical dilemmas and the importance of maintaining integrity in facing these challenges.

Overall, "99 Francs" is a thought-provoking and entertaining movie that provides valuable insights into advertising and marketing.

It is a must-watch for young and hungry marketers looking to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and how to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

7. The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)

A documentary film that tells the story of Aaron Swartz, an internet activist and co-founder of Reddit, it also explores the issues of digital rights and internet censorship, which would be relevant for Digital marketers.

7. The Internet's Own Boy The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014)

This movie tells Aaron Swartz's story as a computer prodigy and information activist

Swartz's fingerprints are all over the internet, from his assistance in the invention of the basic internet protocol RSS to his co-founding of Reddit.

Swartz's pioneering efforts in social justice and political activism, paired with his aggressive approach to information access, landed him in a two-year legal nightmare. It was a battle that culminated with his suicide at 26.

Aaron's story moved people far beyond the online circles where he was a celebrity. This film is a personal story about what we lose when we ignore technology and its impact on our civil liberties.

8. The Social Network

If you're starting a business and facing challenges, this film will help you find answers to some critical concerns.

8. The Social Network

It tells the narrative of how identifying a problem many people have and then devising an inventive solution to it may shift consumer behavior and challenge old perceptions of things.

Watching this movie will compel you to try something new in your business.

It's a wonderfully uplifting and educational film that shows you that tremendous success can only be attained through hard work and conquering complex professional and personal problems.

The Social Network presents the riveting birth story of Facebook, the website that shifted tectonic plates in the digital marketing world.

As a marketer, it's fascinating to get an inside view at what motivated the formation of Facebook, the founders' thought processes when building it, the steps they took to grow it, and all the ups and downs Facebook went through as it evolved into the social media behemoth it is today.

9. The Founder

In The Founder, we follow the journey of Ray Kroc, a 52-year-old milkshake machine salesman, as he takes over the world's largest fast food business from its humble beginnings as a small but incredibly efficient burger joint. 

9. The Founder

In 1948, two brothers opened the first McDonald's restaurant in San Bernardino, California. 

The brothers are credited with inventing the notion of "quick food," Their equipment advances and "Speedee service system" reduced food wait times from 20 minutes to 30 seconds.

Richard McDonald conceived McDonald's "golden arches" and created the "Millions Served" sign.

Ray Kroc was given the rights to create and franchise McDonald's restaurants by the brothers in 1955.

When Kroc found that Mcdonald's had formed a contract with another individual to build franchises, he bought the man out and, in 1961, paid $2 million cash for the Mcdonald's name and rights to the "Speedee service system" concept.

The Founder can help marketers with their careers in several ways. Firstly, it highlights the importance of spotting a business opportunity and being able to identify a gap in the market.

Ray Kroc saw the potential of the McDonald brothers' restaurant and recognized the opportunity to franchise it, which eventually led to the creation of one of the most successful fast-food chains in the world.

10. Glengarry Glen Ross 

The early scene in which Blake, an arrogant hotshot dispatched from downtown to encourage a sluggish group of real estate salesmen, comes and verbally berates the beleaguered group is indelible.

10. Glengarry Glen Ross

The ABCs, as in "Always Be Closing," is a memorable statement from this film. Even in today's society, this remark has resounded throughout real-life corporations and sales teams.

Alec Baldwin's scathing, profanity-laced rebuttal is enthralling, humorous, and devastating. "Drop that coffee! "Coffee's for closers!" he scolds Shelley Levene (Jack Lemmon) as he shyly attempts to pour a mug.

Levene is a famous salesperson stereotype in film, personifying the pressure and rejection that can come with the job. (In and of itself, the character became a pop-culture stereotype.)

The film is a delightful throwback to a bygone era, with sales associates contacting prospects from phone booths, striving for that coveted stack of Glengarry leads. 

Wouldn't it be nice if they had a Sales Navigator to generate their own?

Bottom line

Several inspiring movies can help young and hungry marketers stay motivated and gain valuable insights into the industry.

They can also help foster the creativity and critical thinking skills essential for success in the marketing industry.

So, if you are a young marketer looking to stay motivated and inspired, check out these movies and see how they can help you grow your business.

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