Best Interactive Post Ideas To Help You Drive Engagement

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Running a business has become so competitive in the digital world that merely having a website is insufficient. Although it is fundamental to every online business, it helps increase your visibility in Google search results. 

In such cases, you must make interactive posts on social media for better engagement and traffic generation, which will lead to more sales. Gone are the days when people used social media for fun and games. 

You can advertise your merchandise on various social media platforms to gain your audience’s attention, and it’s much easier now, provided that almost everyone is on social media.

But, what are interactive social media posts?

To some people having posts on their social media handles is a form of interaction.

But, what are interactive social media posts?

This logic prevails because many users think that the content over social media is designed to be presented and shared with others, building a form of interaction every time we share them. 

For instance, posting the most simple thing like, ‘The sky is grey today!’ can get you comments, likes, and engagement on your post. However, this isn’t the true meaning of interactive social media posts. 

When discussing interactive social media posts, we refer to articles meant to pique the reader's interest and elicit a reaction or action. Although interactive posts exist in various styles, forms, and sizes, they always share characteristics.

They are designed to entice the reader to interact, engage in real-time, click on, play, or click through.

So now that we have an idea of what interactive posts are let’s look at some tips to increase your drive engagement among the audience

Tips to increase drive engagement among your audience

You need to determine your follower’s tastes and preferences and make posts that will benefit you and them as well. In the following blog sections, let’s learn more about effective ways to make interactive posts on social media to drive better engagement. 

Quizzes for your audience 

If the demographic is in your favor, posting quizzes is one of the best ways to grab your audience’s attention. They can be scored with personality quizzes, trivia-like, entertainment-based or knowledgeable, true and false, etc. 

Quizzes for your audience

Posting quizzes can help you understand your customer’s needs and preferences, and they will develop a sense of engagement with you. 

Contests and giveaways

People on social media love to test their luck, so a well-organized person may work to get their response. Many brands and businesses use this strategy to boost their social media engagement. 

A contest is great, but it will do wonders for your social media page if it comes with giveaways. Giveaways can increase audience engagement even more

Appealing infographics and numbers 

Visual content draws more attention than basic text, especially on social media. Posting infographics is an effective strategy, as it helps your audience retain your content

If you present some data and numbers in your content, your audience might be interested in and interact with your posts. 

Audience opinions

Your audience will feel more interested and engaged if you seek their opinions. So post surveys and polls on your social media platforms to seek their opinions in a more organized way

This will make them believe they are being heard and that their opinion matters. For example, you can ask them what they expect from your way of posting and advertising. 

Q&A sessions

Q&A sessions are yet another one of the best ways to engage with your audience directly. First, you can let them know about your business, and then make a post where they can ask you about your business or anything relatable. 

Q&A sessions

Answer their doubts and queries with accurate information. This way, they will develop a bond with you.

A Facebook Live, for instance, Q&A may be a great method to obtain real responses to inquiries. It makes the author seem more approachable to the audience, yet it might also be frightening and unprofessional. 

Having the audience complete a linked form or leave a comment on a post with a question is a quick substitute for a live Q&A.  

Go for polls

You may acquire your audience's thoughts by using polls. The audience has few options when a question or remark is put forth. It is one of the most engaging posts on social media since it is simple for the audience to participate with. 

The poll's questions can cover many subjects, including pop culture, content selection, or almost whatever the designer chooses. 

If polls are used frequently, be careful to switch up the poll type to encourage individuals to participate in several polls without getting bored.

If there isn't much participation, reconsider the questions you ask in the polls and why people would respond to the interactive social media post.

Opt for live videos

Live videos are the epitome of participatory social media postings, even though this isn't a post. Unfiltered, real-time content gives the audience a clear view of the author

Although the author is free to participate in the live chat or pursue other objectives, it is preferable to acknowledge the chat's words at least partially.

Although Facebook and Instagram also offer a decent amount of live content, platforms like Twitch and YouTube have this tightly incorporated into their systems. 

The live broadcast may be managed by a large team or a single individual who clicks the "Live" button. The primary determining factors are the number of followers and the type of live video.

Takeaway tips for designing interactive social media posts

Creating interactive posts is different from posting a meme or tweeting a few words or an image. A lot of effort goes into creating an interactive post. 

Takeaway tips for designing interactive social media posts

Listed below are some key factors that you must consider if you’re planning to design interactive posts for your social media:

Devise a strategy

Interactive articles should have a consistent message and be thorough for your target audience, just like all other elements of your content marketing plan. So while you’re at it, ensure you’re careful while selecting themes and styles that will appeal to your audience.

For instance, if you pick up an interactive infographic around Olympic sports while being a fashion firm, you’ll fail to capture your audience's interest. You need to put on content that’s relevant to your audience

Only once you start putting relevant and engaging content you’ll be able to pick up the right kind of engagement. 

Have the right content creators in place

Posting a brief essay-type post on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter is simple. However, creating an interactive sequence of postings calls for just a little more accuracy than simply penning an idea and clicking the publish button.

Therefore, it's crucial to have the appropriate content producers in place to produce the engaging posts you want to share on social media

That includes training graphic designers or writers to compose your written content and produce your visual material. You'll want a videographer and editor if you wish to publish videos.

Analyze your results

No matter what kinds of posts you write, it's crucial to analyze each one to determine its success (or lack thereof).

Once you’ve created an engaging post, ask three questions to yourself:

  • Did the post-drive sales?
  • Did the post increase engagement?
  • Did the post generate more followers?

Taking the time to evaluate every post gives you an idea of your future posts. It also allows you to put your campaign in a proper direction by evaluating individual posts.

Remember, it’s a good idea to try several interactive posts to determine the best format and content your audience reacts to.

Why are interactive posts important?

An effective content marketing approach includes more than just interactive pieces. They boost engagement and enable a two-way conversation between the content provider and the consumer.

Unlike other social media posts, interactive postings may teach you more about your followers and how they initiate their purchases. 

For instance, a survey or quiz post is more than just a tool to collect responses; it's also a chance to learn more about your audience and their interests.

Interactive articles can lengthen readers' visits to your company page because they are made to be interesting. Additionally, they motivate your current audience to spread the word about your work, which might lead to you gaining additional fans and clients.

One of the strategies for boosting audience trust and brand loyalty is through interactive postings.

Businesses need to learn more about their consumers, develop, and flourish by building stronger client connections, selling more goods and services, and raising income.

Wrapping Up

Social media platforms can help you with business branding and drive organic traffic to your website. But for that, you need to make trendy, relatable posts on various social media sites to engage your audience with you and your business. 

Social media engagement can go a long way toward increasing your site’s visibility and growth.

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