List Of The Best Magento 2 Extensions Of All Time

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Discover a comprehensive review of Mirasvit's Magento 2 extensions, aimed at simplifying your life and enhancing business efficiency. 

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In this article, we've collected our most popular and best extensions and summarized their main features in a few brief theses.

Must-have Magento 2 extensions for your store

Explore our must-try products, each boasting positive customer reviews.

Reindexing improved asynchronous for Magento 2

Elevating your store's performance, this extension offers flexible reindexing management, enabling convenient automation through scheduled processes. Perform instant reindexing as needed to restore data relevance. Maintain a reindexing history to monitor changes and manage performance.

Advanced Product Feeds

The Advanced Product Feeds extension provides an extensive library of ready-to-use templates for creating product feeds compatible with over 50 major search engines and marketplaces, including Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, and more. This feature saves time and simplifies listing your products on various channels.

Advanced Product Feeds

Furthermore, the extension provides extensive customization capabilities for individual feeds, empowering you to finely adjust the presentation of your product information based on the unique requirements of each platform.

This meticulous approach guarantees that your product feeds are finely tuned for optimal performance on each specific platform. Including import/export functionalities makes sharing feed configurations between different shops or replicating successful setups easy, enhancing operational efficiency. 

Advanced Reports

This tool revolutionizes data analysis by enabling the creation of reports that can include unlimited columns and metrics tailored to the unique needs of your business. It introduces flexible dashboards that allow for personalized monitoring of crucial performance indicators, making tracking and analyzing critical aspects of your store's operations easier.

Integrating with Google Sheets is a standout feature, providing a familiar and robust environment for further data manipulation and sharing. This feature guarantees effortless organization, visualization, and actionable insights from your data, enabling you to make well-informed strategic decisions.

Whether it's understanding sales trends or analyzing customer behavior, Advanced Reports provides you with the necessary insights to enhance your store's performance and foster sustainable growth.

Help Desk MX

This extension resolves the challenge of handling customer requests by offering a unified interface to gather and manage all inquiries from various channels, such as email and chat.

Additionally, the module includes tools for crafting custom fields, facilitating the collection of extra information to enhance service quality. Effectively assess customer satisfaction levels and analyze the performance of your support services.

Top Magento 2 extensions to boost conversion rates

Boosting conversions in your online store is crucial for effective sales and optimizing marketing endeavors. Additionally, it enhances shopping convenience and overall customer satisfaction.

Full Page Cache Warmer

Full Page Cache Warmer

Eliminates frequent Magento 2 cache clearing that slows down page loading. This extension keeps your store running efficiently by automatically updating the cache, so pages load instantly for both visitors and Google, improving page load times, Google rankings, and overall traffic.

Advanced SEO Suite

The extension gives you complete control over all aspects of your store's SEO, from meta tags to sitemaps. It increases organic traffic and Google rankings, supports better search results with rich snippets, and allows real-time on-page SEO performance testing.

Features include template previews, metadata rewriting for unique pages, and advanced markup for attractive display on search engines and social networks. It also makes optimizing your store structure and SEO audit to fix errors easier.

Google PageSpeed Optimizer

The module helps achieve high PageSpeed scores by enabling faster page loading with resource prefetching, delayed loading of non-critical resources, delayed loading of images, and image compression and optimization. It also includes a tool for monitoring Google PageSpeed test results and code minification.

Essential Magento 2 extensions for improved efficiency

Leverage Mirasvit's extensions to enhance your store's functionality and unlock new marketing opportunities.

Reward Points + Referral Program

Use the module to create your loyalty program. Use reward points to increase the store's attractiveness, attract new customers, and increase the value of their orders. Ensure flexibility and customization of scoring rules, maximizing their potential. Extend the program to optimize the cross-selling system and facilitate customer interaction through robust analytics.

Reward Points + Referral Program

Follow Up Email

With the Follow Up Email extension, you have access to effective email marketing by modern security and data protection standards. Automate the process of sending marketing emails, and use personalized and trigger emails to achieve your business goals. Analyze results and optimize marketing efforts with a convenient control system.


The Affiliate Extension streamlines affiliate programs, ensuring a hassle-free launch without unnecessary services and commissions. With a variety of promotional actions, it offers four program types to enhance affiliate income, coupled with flexible rewards and advanced options.

The extension provides diverse advertising opportunities, including referral links and banners, and supports transparent fund withdrawals via PayPal, Stripe, and Store Credit. It boasts detailed analytics and notifications, facilitating transaction exports and offering comprehensive insights through robust tracking of clicks, impressions, banner CTR, and more.

The workflow is convenient with automatic affiliate registration, approval, commission withdrawals, and adjustable coupon code parameters.

Powerful Magento 2 extensions for multi-channel selling

For Magento 2 merchants aiming to broaden their reach through omnichannel sales, Mirasvit presents a range of robust extensions crafted to streamline cross-platform operations and boost customer engagement. Simplify the management of your presence across various sales channels with these extensions.

Elastic Search Ultimate

This potent search tool is adept at supporting a multi-store environment, catering to businesses with several Magento stores across various channels. It guarantees that customers, irrespective of their shopping preferences, consistently receive pertinent search results, optimizing their overall search experience.

Elastic Search Ultimate

Social Login

Streamline the login and registration procedures for your customers with this tool, enabling them to utilize their current social media accounts. Tailored for stores aiming to minimize friction during checkout and boost conversion rates, this extension provides a familiar and convenient login method.

By offering customers a seamless and recognizable way to log in, you promote frequent purchases across various sales channels, fostering increased customer loyalty and engagement.

Innovative Magento 2 extensions for tailored solutions

For Magento 2 stores looking for customized solutions with innovative features, Mirasvit offers extensions that are cutting-edge e-commerce technologies.

AI Assistant

Transform your content creation and management processes with this innovative tool, leveraging robust artificial intelligence models like GPT-3 and GPT-4. Seamlessly automating the generation of product descriptions, meta tags, blog posts, and customer support responses, this extension not only saves valuable time but also guarantees engaging and optimized content.

The AI Assistant empowers you to enhance your brand visibility, optimize SEO, and boost customer engagement, eliminating the need for constant manual content updates.

AI Assistant


Elevate your Magento 2 store's data protection standards with this extension, designed to align seamlessly with the latest regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Providing a holistic solution for user consent management, cookie policies, and handling requests for personal data access or deletion, this tool ensures compliance with data protection laws.

By integrating GDPR requirements into your store effortlessly, you not only meet regulatory standards but also foster trust with customers, showcasing a dedicated commitment to their privacy and security. This extension is indispensable for Magento stores operating in regions with stringent data protection laws or catering to customers in such regions.

Cutting-edge Magento 2 extensions for advanced features

Such extensions include Elastic Search Ultimate, Advanced SEO Suite, Advanced Reports, Reward Points + Referral Program, Help Desk MX, and Affiliate, which we already wrote about above. This section will mention another valid extension: Automatic Related Products.

Automatic Related Products

The extension uses advanced algorithms to increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by showing shoppers related, complementary, or alternative products. This extension not only maximizes potential revenue by encouraging additional purchases but also enhances the shopping experience by offering relevant offers.

By automating product selection based on flexible rules, Automatic Related Products ensures that your recommendations are always relevant and aligned with customer preferences.

Automatic Related Products

Marketing-focused Magento 2 extensions to drive revenue

To drive revenue through enhanced marketing efforts on your Magento 2 store, Mirasvit offers several key extensions: Reward Points + Referral Program, Follow Up Email, Affiliate, Advanced SEO Suite, Advanced Product Feeds, and Push Notifications.

Push Notifications

It's a quick and efficient way to stay in touch, allowing customers to receive updates without opening your site. Compared to emails, they offer better visibility and no spam risks.

Features include setting display rules based on user actions or order changes, easy registration for personalized notifications, flexible rules creation for different tasks, and the ability to send notifications about promotions or essential updates manually. Subscribers receive these notifications within minutes of being sent.

Integrating third-party services with Magento 2 extensions

Integrating third-party services enhances your e-store by adding new functionalities from external systems, like payment gateways and analytics tools. 

This includes the already described Social Login and Google Tag Manager (GTM). We also bring to your attention Fraud Detection extension.

Fraud Detection

This extension allows you to determine the customer's location using Google Sitemap and rate the risks of orders from 1 to 100 using a scoring algorithm. This simplifies fraud detection and makes the verification process more efficient for stores.

Fraud Detection

The ability to customize to specific business needs provides flexibility. Key benefits include avoiding incorrect order cancellations, saving time through automation, visualizing customer locations on a map, and increasing customer awareness through social media without recurring payments.

Trustworthy Magento 2 extensions for customer confidence

Enhance customer trust and elevate their shopping journey with a curated selection of extensions: Help Desk MX, Advanced Reviews & Reminders, Social Login, Reward Points + Referral Program, and GDPR.

These extensions offer a spectrum of features, encompassing fraud protection, customer reviews, loyalty programs, advanced payment security measures, and more. 

Full Page Cache Warmer

The Full Page Cache Warmer extension enhances the performance and speed of your Magento site by preloading pages into the cache. This preemptive action ensures that when visitors click on your site, the pages load instantly without delay.

By improving load times, the extension elevates the user experience and significantly boosts your site's SEO ranking.

Checkout Suite

The tool simplifies checkout, reducing cart abandonment and increasing customer satisfaction. It offers a simplified, user-friendly checkout interface, customizable checkout fields, and support for multiple payment gateways, making it easy for customers to shop.

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