Best Paraphrasing Tools For Content Rewording (Free & Paid)

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These days, businesses and digital marketers can already use various forms of media to reach their marketing goals. However, the latest data from HubSpot revealed that the majority of them are still text-based.

It isn’t surprising, therefore, that on average companies maintain at least two to three content specialists.

While that’s not a problem, it can be costly for start-ups and solo entrepreneurs. Salary estimates for a copywriter alone are already over $45,000. 

The next best option for those who want to save money is to create content themselves. But learning takes a lot of time, more so making something from scratch.

To strike a balance between quantity and speed, many marketers and business owners now use the best paraphrasing tools.

What is a paraphrase tool?

A paraphraser, also known as an article spinner, article rewriter, or article reworder, it is a platform that creates different versions (called spin) from an original article (called a seed). It usually uses a special algorithm or a thesaurus to create synonyms for every paragraph, sentence, phrase, or word. 

Best Paraphrasing Tools For Content Rewording

Using your basic knowledge in math, a single copy with numerous combinations of words can ultimately produce hundreds of different versions. What can you then do with these? 

  • Upload them in different blogs – Note that Google frowns upon creating a blog network for the sole purpose of optimizing your keyword. Nevertheless, variations allow you to make sure you can upload fresh content on your blogs and attract crawlers to regularly visit the pages. 
  • Refresh old content – When it comes to content planning, you need evergreen or timely articles. Evergreen topics are those that will stay relevant to your audience regardless of time. Think about “how to find the right plumber” as opposed to “the hottest trends in 2021.” You can republish old posts, especially if they drive great traffic to your site. However, to give it a different or updated look, you can use an article spinner. You’re less likely to get dinged by search engines, particularly Google, this way.
  • Save yourself the hassle – Paraphrasing tools always spell convenience. In one click, you can already generate dozens of articles. You can also spin batch articles.
  • Start content marketing with a little budget - As you will learn later, some of the best article spinners are actually free or offer affordable plans. In the process, you can already implement your article marketing strategy without allocating a huge budget on labor, equipment, and software acquisition.

8 best paraphrasing tools to choose from

The world of article spinning has already come a long way since the early 2000s. Today, you already have a variety of choices. Here are 8 popular article rewording platforms.

To help us compare their performance, we are going to use the following text:

Can you grab the new set of plates I bought from Walmart? I'd like to set the table now.  
In the meantime, please call your friends now. I already set the date for your birthday dinner today.
While you're at it, though, I'll go upstairs to set my hair. I need to look smashing later.

As you can see, we’re going to use the term “set” in different ways. This helps us measure whether the spinner can understand the context of the article or the sentence.

1. WordAi


Several online marketers dub WordAi as the best rewording tool. I consider this as one of the best and definitely places among the top 5 on my list. But what makes it excellent?

WordAi claims to produce human-quality content through artificial intelligence and machine learning. It suggests that its spinning algorithm can not only read but also understand the context of the article. For this reason, it can:

  • Know how a word can be used in different ways in an article 
  • Provide the most fitting synonyms for the word

Refer below for an illustration:

wordai tests

In the first instance, the word “suspect” is used in different ways: a possible criminal and suspicion. In the second example, the term “book” actually has three different meanings. In all instances, though, the system provided the most ideal synonyms for the original word. 

WordAi calls its technology Turing, which is likely named after Alan Turing, the mathematician who helped crack the enigma code during World War II. 

But will it still work the same way using the text above? Look at the result:

Can you {grab|catch} the new {set|pair} of {plates|dishes} I {bought|purchased} from Walmart?  I'd {like|love} to {set|place} the table {now|today}. 
<div>In the meantime, please {call|phone} your {friends|buddies} {now|today}.  I {already |}set the date {for|to} your birthday dinner {today|now}. 
</div><div>{While|As} you're at {it,|it, even} {though|however}, {I'll|I will} go upstairs to {set|place} my {hair|own hair}.  I {need|want} to look {smashing|blasting} later.  </div> 

My rating? Not bad, although some synonyms sound awkward if you decide to use it. 

WordAi features

  • Perfect Tense integration to help correct grammar
  • Article Forge integration that can scrape other content online and already spin the article for you
  • Embedding of images and videos (and you can keep its placement even after spinning)
  • Title spinning
  • Bulk spinning
  • HTML support
  • Protected words and custom synonyms
  • Different settings for spinning (from most unique to most readable)
  • Foreign language spinning (supports up to 3 languages)

WordAi pricing plans

  • Monthly plan ($49.95/month)
  • Turing yearly plan ($347/year)

Regardless of which plan you choose, you get the following benefits:

  • One-click human-quality spinning
  • Unique content generation
  • Rewriting of sentences and paragraphs

Both plans also offer a 3-day trial, although there’s no money-back guarantee.

Does this have an affiliate program? Yes, and it offers 20% lifetime recurring commissions for every successful referral. You could potentially earn up to $120 a year for each person.

2. The Best Spinner 4

the best spinner 4

Probably the closest rival of WordAi when it comes to the “best online paraphrasing tool” title is the Best Spinner, which is already in its fourth version. 

Unlike WordAi that heavily uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, this article rewriter maximizes what it alleges to be one of the biggest user-created thesauri online. It is supposed to have millions of words or synonyms, and more are added as its thousands of users continue to spin copies using the software. 

What’s the quality of its spin? The thesauri actually provides excellent and plenty of system-generated synonyms. So far, the results are great. 

However, when checked through Copyscape, it only produced less than 70% uniqueness. For me, that’s still close to the original. To be safe, I would probably target at least 80%.

Based on experience, however, preferring uniqueness over readability can compromise the quality of the spun copies.

Best Spinner 4 features 

  • Foreign language translation (up to 14 languages)
  • Over 100,000 private-label articles you can use as seed copies, ready for spinning
  • Cloud thesaurus
  • One-click auto-rewrite
  • Copyscape API to check for uniqueness or plagiarism
  • Conversion of text to audio through a text-to-speech technology
  • Instant publishing of spun articles to WordPress
  • Side-by-side comparison of spun and/or seed articles
  • Up to 100 spun articles per seed copy
  • Up to 1.7 gigabytes of high-quality reusable images

Best Spinner 4 pricing plans

  • Basic ($67/year)
  • Standard ($127/year)
  • Pro ($297/year)

From these, you can get the following:

  • Monthly credits for audio conversion and translation
  • Compatibility with PC, Mac, and tablet
  • Access to full seed database
  • All bonuses

They significantly differ in the number of maximum credits. The Basic plan provides only up to 30 credits while Pro gives you 300 credits. The Standard Plan has 60 monthly credits. The spinner doesn’t give you any free trial, but you can opt for a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Does it have an affiliate program? Yes, it gives 50% recurring commissions for each sale. 

3. Spinner Chief

spinner chief

Spinner Chief is a paraphrasing tool that seems to combine the spinning processes of the Best Spinner 4 and WordAi. First, it uses Natural Language Analysis and artificial intelligence. It’s a cool way of saying its system is supposed to be capable of reading and understanding the context of the seed article.

Second, it has a built-in thesaurus, which expands based on the contribution from its over 200,000 users. It is also available in the cloud, so you can access it anytime, anywhere. 

Now, how does it look like as a platform? The interface looks clean and easy to navigate until you click some of the spinning options. That’s when you’re faced with the learning curve. 

Spinner Chief tests

There are too many options in each choice, especially when you get into Super Spin, that you are likely to get stuck picking the right setting. While I appreciate that, it doesn’t make the spinning software user-friendly. It also doesn’t help that it is riddled with misspellings. 

Now, let’s evaluate how it can spin our sample text. I used Free Spin without changing the preselected settings:

{Can you|Are you able to|Could you} grab the new set of {plates|dishes|discs} I {purchased|acquired|ordered} from Walmart? I'd like to set the table now. 
{In the meantime|Meanwhile|At the same time}, please call {your friends|your pals|your buddies} now. I already set the {date|day|time} for your {birthday|birthday celebration|special birthday} dinner today.
 {While you're|While you are|As long as you're} at it, though, I'll go {upstairs|upper level|2nd floor} to set my hair. I need to look {smashing|awesome|great} later.

It’s smart enough to leave our “trick” word intact except for the last part. However, in an effort to increase the percentage of uniqueness, it provided less-favorable synonyms. These include “discs” for “plates” and “special birthday” for “birthday.” 

Interestingly, the spun article looks readable:

Could you grab the new set of plates I purchased from Walmart? I'd like to set the table now. 
Meanwhile, please call your friends now. I already set the time for your special birthday dinner today. 
While you're at it, though, I'll go 2nd floor to set my hair. I need to look great later.

Spinner Chief features

  • Web and downloadable desktop versions
  • Grammar checker
  • Bulk spinning
  • Cloud thesaurus, which you can also manage
  • Team-centric functions including administration
  • Preview for the spun article
  • Protection for important keywords
  • Translation spin
  • Tips plugin, which lets you build a “tips article” from different sources
  • SK plugin, which does a lot of keyword research for you
  • Video scraper, which inserts videos straight from YouTube based on your keyword
  • Article scraper, which looks for already published articles online and uses them for spinning
  • Duplicate copy checker through Copyscape

Spinner Chief pricing plans

  • Free version
  • Elite version ($175/one-time fee)
  • Ultimate version ($271/one-time fee or $92/year)
  • Team version ($547/one-time fee or $244/year)

But Spinner Chief can also run promos and discounts. Now, you can buy the plans for the following prices:

  • Elite version at $88 one-time fee
  • Ultimate version at $135 one-time fee, $46/year, $23/month, $7/3 days, and $7 for 3 days then $149 one-time fee
  • Team version
  • 3 users: $273 one-time fee, $122/year, and $7/3 days then $280 one-time fee
  • 5 users: $413 one-time fee, $204/year, and $7/3 days then $420 one-time fee
  • 10 users: $689 one-time fee, $273/year, and $7/3 days then $696 one-time fee

Because it already has a free version, it doesn’t offer a free trial for the paid plans. However, you may request a refund. The policy, though, isn’t clear whether you’ll receive the full amount or whether you need to process it within 30 days. 

Does it have an affiliate program? Yes, and you can earn around 40% of the sale price.

4. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter

Another great paraphrasing generator is Spin Rewriter, which uses ENL semantic spinning technology. Don’t get too confused about the term, since it merely means it works the same way as the others before this. 

However, it stresses that the platform is keyword centric, which makes it appealing to digital marketers into blogging and ranking on search engines, particularly Google. Even better, the company has an SEO service. Specialists can already research the articles for you and spin them. 

Another outstanding feature of Spin Rewriter is its WordPress integration. For this one, you can spin already published posts and create multiple versions of an article without leaving the content management system (CMS). You may also integrate your WordPress blogs to your Spin Rewriter dashboard

But how did it fare when it tries to spin our sample text? 

Can you {grab| get| get hold of| order} the {new| brand-new} {set| collection} of plates I {bought from| purchased from} Walmart? I {'d like to|  wish to|  want to|  would love to} {set| establish} the table {now| currently}. 
In the meantime, please call your {friends| buddies| pals| good friends| close friends} {now| currently}. I {already| currently} {set| established} the {date| day} for your {birthday| birthday celebration} {dinner| supper} today. 
While you{'re at|  go to} it, {though| however}, I'll go upstairs to {set| establish} my hair. I {need| require} to look smashing {later| later on}.

Although I like the fact it tries to offer as many synonyms as possible, some alternatives feel off. For example, it used “establish” when the phrase intends to say “set my hair” or “set the table.”

Here’s how one unique article sounds like: 

Can you order the brand-new collection of plates I purchased from Walmart? I'd like to establish the table now. 
In the meantime, please call your close friends now. I currently established the date for your birthday dinner today. 
While you're at it, though, I'll go upstairs to establish my hair. I need to look smashing later.

Spin Rewriter features

  • ENL semantic technology
  • WordPress license and plugin
  • Archiving of spun and seed articles
  • SEO services like keyword research and link building
  • Copyscape
  • Batch spinning
  • Mobile apps available
  • Priority customer support and priority server for faster spinning
  • Extra account for an assistant
  • Manual rewriting of paragraphs and sentences
  • Protected keywords
  • Stock photo integration
  • Generation of up to 1,000 unique articles
  • Site Guardian Pro for site protection and monitoring

Spin Rewriter pricing plans

  • $47/month
  • $197/year
  • $497/one-time fee but a lifetime membership

Spin Rewriter currently offers a five-day free trial when you subscribe to the yearly plan. It will also reduce the price to $77/year. 

There are other possible costs if you use Spin Rewriter:

  • The Gold Membership is $97/year, but the special promo lowers it to $37 (single payment). With it, you can have 24/7 SEO service, an extra account for an assistant, access to the Android and iPhone app, priority VIP customer support, and a priority server.
  • If you want the WordPress license and plugin, it’s $97/year, but you can get it now for $37 (single payment). 
  • Those who like to get help for link building, you can choose among the options under Rankings Done Right package:
  • Small package for $27
  • Medium $47 instead of $497
  • Large $97 instead of $997
  • Extra large $197 instead of $1,997

Does it have an affiliate program? Yes, which is 50% of the total price the referral pays.

5. Chimp Rewriter


As content rewording software, Chimp Rewriter advertises itself as a complete content creation assistant. This is because it can already do much of the writing work, from researching the keywords to spinning. It also said that with it, you can skip hiring low-cost writers. To be honest, though, I don’t think these article rewriters can match the output of humans for now. 

Back to the review: what can you expect from Chimp Rewriter? First, it’s not web-based as the others. You have to download it first into your Windows, and it may take a while depending on the speed of your Internet. 

At first glance, the dashboard is okay – nothing fancy but not too cluttered to look at either. It’s easy for you to paste your text as a document and spin it, of which the outcome looks like this:

Are you able to grab the set that is brand new of I purchased from Walmart? I'd like to set the dining table now. 
For the time being, please now phone friends and family. Today I already set the date for the birthday supper. 
While you're at it, however, we'll go upstairs to set my hair. I have to look smashing later on.

Although most sounds all right, the first part is off. It also fails to maintain correct capitalizations for pronouns. 

Chimp Rewriter features

  • Global synonyms
  • One-click rewriter
  • Advanced spinning options such as spin reorder and spin together
  • Export manager
  • Bulk spin directory, bulk compare and tab compare
  • Submit to blog
  • Bulk submit
  • Related keywords
  • Find articles
  • Image and video manager
  • Protected terms
  • Integration with WordAi

Chimp Rewriter pricing plans

  • Monthly ($15/month)
  • Yearly ($99/year)

You can try the program for 14 days for free without having to input your credit card details. 

These plans don’t offer different benefits. You can install the software in two computers and request 1,500 APIs a month. You will also get free software updates. 

Besides a second license, your purchase includes an article pack (PLR articles) and a definitive guide to article spinning and rewriting.

Does this have an affiliate program? Yes, a commission of up to 40%. You can also apply for a second-tier commission.

6. ParaphraseTool.Online


ParaphraseTool.Online is an advanced paraphrasing tool that allows users to rewrite content intelligently, simplify complex text, and improve readability while avoiding plagiarism. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge AI technology, this tool caters to the needs of students, authors, bloggers, and content creators alike.

Key features:

  • State-of-the-art Rephraser:.
  • Human-Level Content: 
  • Preserves Original Meaning
  • Lightning-Fast Speed: 
  • High Compatibility:
  •  24/7 Customer Support:
  •  Multi-Lingual Support: 

Pricing plans:

Basic, Elegant, and Productive Modes: Free of cost.

Premium & Enterprise Modes: Paid versions for enhanced features.

ParaphraseTool.Online offers a free 1000-word limit, ensuring users can try out its functionalities before opting for the paid plans. With its top-notch content creation, ease of use, and multilingual support, ParaphraseTool.Online stands as the ultimate choice for writers, bloggers, and students seeking efficient and reliable paraphrasing solutions.

7. Prepost SEO Article Rewriter

Prepost SEO Article Rewriter

Prepost SEO Article Rewriter is an online paraphrase system that’s part of a slew of digital marketing tools. These include grammar checker, plagiarism checker, word counter, and backlink verification. 

Its paraphrasing tool still leaves a lot to be desired. As an example:

Can you seize the brand new set of plates I sold from Walmart? I'd want to set the desk now.
In the meantime, please name your buddies now. I already set the date to your birthday dinner today.
While you are at it, though, I'll move upstairs to set my hair. I want to appearance smashing later.

I spun the text using a simple setting. It didn’t spin at all when I switched to the Advanced and AI versions, although the latter is still in beta.

Prepost SEO Article Rewriter features

  • Three spin settings: simple, advanced, and beta
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Grammar checker

Prepost SEO Article Rewriter pricing plans

Its article spinner is free. It does have premium plans, but they mostly refer to its other services. 

Does it have an affiliate program? No, it doesn’t.

8. Small SEO Tools - Article Rewriter

Small SEO Tools - Article Rewriter

This is another paraphrase tool for free and works similarly to Prepost SEO, although it feels more comprehensive and properly maintained. It offers a smorgasbord of digital marketing tools for both content and design.  

Its spinning capability is crude, but it seems to sound better than that of Prepost SEO:

Small SEO Tools tests

The system changed the color of the spun article, though it still left a good amount of the text unspun. On the upside, you can download the spun article or copy it. You can also check directly for plagiarism and grammar. 

Small SEO Tools – Article Rewriter features

  • One spinning option
  • Print the document
  • Copy the spun article
  • Check plagiarism and grammar
  • Share the spun article online

Small SEO Tools – Article Rewriter pricing plans

This doesn’t cost anything, which is why I don’t understand why you need to register an account. 

Does it have an affiliate program? No, it doesn’t have one.

9. Spinbot

Spinbot text rewriting

Spinbot Paraphrasing tool is an article rewriter that developers and digital marketers can also integrate into their website or browser. It provides a very simple spun text, as shown below:

Would you be able to snatch the new arrangement of plates I purchased from Walmart? I'd prefer to set the table at this point. 
Meanwhile, if it's not too much trouble call your companions now. I previously set the date for your birthday supper today. 
While you're grinding away, however, I'll go higher up to set my hair. I have to look crushing later.

I think its spun copy is better than that of Prepost SEO and Small SEO Tools, but it still pales in comparison to the first five on the list. 

Spinbot features

  • Option to spin capitalized words or not
  • Protected keywords
  • Ability to remove captcha or ads

Spinbot pricing plans

  • Paid subscription to remove captcha or ads
  • Monthly ($10)
  • Six months ($50)
  • Yearly ($75)
  • It provides the source needed to cite a quote or passage properly
  • Spin credits for website or app
  • 1,000 credits for $5
  • 2,000 credits for $10
  • 5,000 credits for $20
  • 10,000 credits for $40

Does it have an affiliate program? No.


Based on the reviews, which one is the best online paraphrase tool? It depends on what you're looking for:

If you're on a budget, I would recommend Chimp Rewriter, which has the cheapest and simplest rates. I would suggest avoiding the free spins unless you just want to have a better idea of how article rewriting works or your spinning requirements are very basic. 

If you're an agency, try Spinner Chief since it offers a team version. Spin Rewriter is another option. 

If you want to do more than spin articles, such as research keywords or publish directly to WordPress, go for Spin Rewriter, Chimp Rewriter, and even Spinbot. 

I would suggest opting for article rewording platforms that use artificial intelligence, semantics, or machine learning if you want a more comprehensive and accurate output. You can also pick those that rely on human thesauri, but make sure their database is already extensive like the Best Spinner 4.

If you like a spinner you can access anytime, anywhere, try all except for Chimp Rewriter, since it's a downloadable system. 

Meanwhile, if you are thinking of spinning for foreign audiences, look for article rewriters with foreign-language support.

When it comes to features, here are my major considerations:

  • Ability to spin into deeper levels 
  • Ability to understand the context of the text
  • Higher percentage of uniqueness (preferably not lower than 50%) 
  • Bulk spinning
  • Locked keywords and proper names since this can help in branding and SEO 
  • API integration
  • Spinning with images and videos
  • PLR articles for seeding 
  • Grammar and plagiarism checkers
  • Bulk exporting

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