9 Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs in 2022

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Most of us dream of making $25,000 on a single affiliate sale. And with the amount of new merchants entering the market on an almost-daily basis, it’s easier than ever to find a company that would be willing to pay you handsomely for each lead that you generate from your site. 

In this article I’ll cover some of my favorite pay per lead affiliate programs, as well as some other great options for anyone looking to break into making bank from pay per lead websites.

What are pay per lead websites?

Pay per lead websites are a great way to make extra income when promoting non-affiliate products. These types of sites will allow you to earn money by making referral sales. That’s right…you can make money promoting a company’s product without actually selling the product themselves. There are many different models for pay per lead websites, and I will briefly cover some of them below.

Best Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

The model most commonly used in the affiliate marketing world is a bounty. The idea is that you get paid for every lead that you bring in through your referral link. Most pay per lead sites will also give you a certain amount of traffic before paying their affiliates for each lead.

Some pay per lead programs will also allow you to earn money promoting other people’s non-affiliate products as long as the person promoting his product has a relationship with the pay per lead website. These types of sites are called affiliate networks, and they can be just as profitable as a pay per lead site when implemented correctly.

For example, you can promote your program, get high quality calls, and convert the potential customers to make sales through a pay per call affiliate network.

The last model that I will be covering is the most unique, and it’s called a ppl site. These types of sites pay you based on how much in sales each lead has made within 60 days of signing up. This is very similar to how some Clickbank products pay their affiliates. The only difference is that the ppl sites will be paying you for each lead, not a flat fee.

What to look for in a pay per lead affiliate program

The number one thing to look for with pay per lead affiliate programs is the payout. As an affiliate, you need to know exactly how much you’ll be making from each of your referrals.

Payment Styles

When it comes to the dollar amount that you'll be paid for each lead, there are quite a few different payment styles that the pay per lead websites will offer. The two most common options are cash or check. Paying in cash is the most popular payment method, as it does not require any extra work from the affiliate. However, there are some companies that will only offer to pay by check.

Payment Times

Another important thing to consider is how long it takes for your check to arrive after receiving your referral. These times can vary from 7 days all the way up to 90 days depending on the company and their current volume of leads.

Another important thing to note with pay per lead affiliate programs is how often they will pay. Some sites will only pay once a month, while others offer you the ability to earn a bi-weekly check.


The next thing that you should look at is whether or not they have any restrictions on your referral links. Some affiliate networks will only allow you to promote their non-affiliate products, and it’s important that you know what your affiliate network will allow before signing up. If they do have restrictions on their affiliate links, make sure that you’re okay with that before signing up.

Best pay per lead affiliate programs to check out in 2022

Now that you know some of the most important things to look for when signing up for a pay per lead affiliate program, it's time to take a look at some of my favorites. Who knows? You just might find your pot of gold in this list!

1. Kasamba

Kasamba is a unique offering on this list. The website offers psychic readings and horoscopes to its customers. I love how they offer a whole range of esoteric services. Kasamba offers an affiliate program for all of their products. They also offer a promotion where you can get other affiliates to promote and help you out with your affiliate marketing career.


This is a great lead generation website, as it fits in nicely with our expansion into spirituality and psychic services.

My loyal followers know me for my love of niche sites when it comes to affiliate marketing. Trust me when I say that you can't get any nichier than Kasamba. I mean, think about it. How many affiliates do you know run a spiritual-centric blog?

Another thing I love about the website is that consumers can test it out for free. Since it's a service-based program, consumers will be able to give any psychic of their choice a 3-minute test run.

Now, on to the most important part. How much does Kasamba pay out? You'll be happy to know that this program pays up to $150 per lead to its affiliates. Talk about big bucks!

Commission: $150 per lead

Cookie duration: 60 days

Check out the affiliate program here.

2. Liberty Mutual

One of the oldest insurance providers in the United States, Liberty Mutual has grown to a multi-national company with millions of patrons in over 30 countries. Before we talk numbers, it's important to give you a bit of information about the company first.


For starters, Liberty Mutual is a direct sales company. It was founded in 1912, and it was one of the first direct sales companies ever to be created. Liberty Mutual offers a wide range of insurance services for its customers, including auto, home, life, business and health insurance packages.

The best part about this company is that it has been around for over 100 years!

In 2016, Liberty Mutual inked a deal with Amazon that would make it easier to search for car insurance on the eCommerce website. This deal was seen as a great way to give consumers an easy way to shop for insurance right on Amazon.

Now, let's talk numbers. Liberty Mutual offers affiliates only up to $10 per lead. While it may not be as substantial as one might hope, insurance is one of the easiest products to sell. Furthermore, although it is one of the smallest payouts on this list, Liberty Mutual has been around for over a hundred years and isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Commission: maximum $10 per lead

Cookie duration: 120 days

EPC: $34.09

Check out their affiliate program here.

3. Frontpoint Home Security

With over 100 years of experience, Frontpoint is one of the top security companies in the world. Frontpoint sells monitored home security systems and alarm monitoring services. Over the last 10 years, Frontpoint has expanded to more than a million customers located in over 40 states.


What makes Frontpoint unique is that it offers its client-base a DIY home security system. Instead of shelling out big bucks for a contract-based security system, you'll have access to nearly all of the same features for a fraction of the cost.

Furthermore, you're able to tailor your home security systems exactly the way you need them to be. This can include any feature from fire and flood sensors to anti-theft alarms. Think of it as a cheaper way to make sure your home is protected .

As you can probably tell, Frontpoint is a top-level security company. But what makes them attractive to buyers is how easy their systems are to install - you won't need to run a single wire through your home.

You know what that means right? You don't need to spend days or weeks going through the installation process!

As for affiliate value, the program is happy to shell out a whopping $175 per lead. Couple that with how easy it is to market a more convenient and accessible home security system, and you've got a recipe for quitting your day job.

Commission: $175 per lead

Cookie duration: 20 days

Sign up for the program via this link.

4. Watch Gang

Are you a big fan of subscription boxes? Or maybe your audience is. Whatever the case, Watch Gang just might be the next best thing for your career. Watch Gang offers a monthly subscription service that sends you a new watch every month.


As you can imagine, there are thousands of watch websites on the internet. But here's the thing: not many of them offer a unique experience like this.

Watch Gang has everything I look for in a holy grail program: nichiness, accessibility, and the ability to solve a demand. You might be asking yourself right now: "who in their right mind would want a new watch each month?"

To answer this question, you should also ask yourself how the watch industry continues to thrive. Assuming that every person only buys one watch in their lifetime, this would mean that the industry should have died out a long time ago.

Companies like Watch Gang exist because there are more Horologists out there than you think. Plus, you remember that giddy feeling you got when you finally got your first watch? Take that feeling and multiply it with the feeling you get each time you open a surprise.

The market lies in its novelty - and of course the value it brigs to its customers.

Now, Watch Gang isn't like every other subscription box you've come across. The company compiles all of its active subscribers and runs them through a raffle system for a brand new Rolex watch on a weekly basis.

So, how much does it pay out?

Unfortunately, it's not in the thousands. You'll get $27 per lead you shuffle into the system. However, this is a recurring commission for each month the lead continues to be subscribed. All in all, not too bad in my opinion.

Commission: $27 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

Check out what it has to offer here.

5. PetPlan Pet Insurance

PetPlan is a pet insurance provider who can cover anything from dog bites to cancer treatments for your pets. The company is owned by Guardian Life Insurance Company, the second oldest company in America and one of the largest direct life insurers in the country.


Since its inception, PetPlan has made it clear that they want to make pet insurance as accessible to consumers as possible.

It's the perfect choice for pet lovers because not only do you receive some of the best policies on the market, but you also get to make appointments at your pet's favorite vet for as low as $28 per visit.

With PetPlan, you're able to choose from one of two plans: a premium plan that covers 90-days worth of care and a budget plan that covers 30-days. If you have more than one pet, it's definitely worth investigating the policy because it really makes a difference when it comes to how much coverage you receive.

This information may change over time since insurance agencies tend to update their offers so you might want to check out their website.

Nonetheless, the program pays out $25 per lead. It's definitely a get rich-quick scheme, but there are many pet owners out there who would love to make sure their fur babies are insured.

I'm assuming that you're also included in this instance since you most likely run a pet blog. Kidding aside, if you're into this niche, PetPlan is your best option if you want a solid affiliate program that isn't going anywhere any time soon.

Commission: $25 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

Take a look at the affiliate program here.

6. Identity IQ

Identity IQ is an identity theft protection company that's been on the market since 2012. The company was founded by 7 major credit reporting companies, making it one of the most reliable companies in its niche.


What makes Identity IQ unique is that it's not only used to protect yourself against identity theft, but also to prevent misuse of your social security number and any other type of fraud or abuse.

If you're curious about the specifics of this proof-based approach, Identity IQ has a variety of different apps for both iPhone and Android that provide you with several different ways to monitor your identity.

I like how the company solves one of the biggest problems consumers today face. And while it may not be as niche-centered as other options on this list, it's still one of the easiest to promote. After all, with most consumers going digital, it only makes sense for them to make sure their digital footprints are well protected. 

In fact, Identity IQ offers a special deal for new subscribers. You'll have to check out their website for specifics, but I personally like how straightforward their pricing and offers are.

As for their affiliate program, it's surprisingly lucrative, especially when you're able to sell their premium plans. Though it's not in the hundreds, you won't have to spend much time convincing your audience that they need to protect their digital identity.

Commission: $35 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

Set up your affiliate link here.

7. American Express Canada

American Express Canada is a subsidiary of American Express and was created in 2008. It's the first Canadian-only card that delivers the full power and potential of a travel rewards credit card.


American Express has been around since 1850, so it's clear that they know how to make money. And with membership in their company, you haven't got a better way to earn money than by promoting this card.

As for the card itself, it provides a number of valuable benefits to its members including a welcome bonus and travel discounts. There's also an extensive rewards program that'll encourage you to earn even more points.

For those who aren't familiar with points, American Express gives its cardholders 1 reward point for every $2 USD or so spent on all purchases. So, if you're trying to collect one of these points, you've got to make sure that your purchases are large enough.

American Express does a great job of allowing consumers to redeem rewards for free flights, hotel stays, and other perks. Moreover, there's no minimum number of points needed for redemption, so it's great for consumers who are looking to rack up some major points.

However, this only applies to the travel and shopping categories. You'll need 10,000 points in order to redeem them in another category. Still, it's worth using these points if you're an avid American Express cardholder.

I'm sure many of you are wondering how much money they pay out per lead. Sadly, it's not in the thousands, but it's still a solid way to earn an extra buck or two on the side if your blog is devoted to the topic.

Commission: up to $200 per lead

Cookie duration: 7 days

EPC: $644.89

Get started on becoming an affiliate here.

8. BBVA Bank

BBVA is a financial institution based in Spain, but it has more than 150 branches across the United States. It also has a presence in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


BBVA was originally founded as Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria in 1871 by a group of wealthy financiers and they are still owned by this same group to this day. This makes BBVA one of the older financial institutions out there.

You may be unsure about how much money you'll make as an affiliate for BBVA, but all I can say is that you'll get plenty of opportunity to promote a plethora of products with the company. For example, it's possible to promote their credit cards, debit cards, financing options and checking accounts.

Just make sure that you pick the products that you want to promote if you're interested in making a lot of money. There are a lot of options out there. Plus, BBVA will allow consumers to find the products that are best for them.

In terms of their affiliate program, you can earn up to $85 per lead. It's a great deal for those who are able to get the word out about their services. I know that many banks offer their affiliates nearly nothing, so this is an outstanding opportunity for bloggers and content creators in this niche.

Commission: $85 per lead

Cookie duration: session-based

EPC: $346.45

Check out BBVA's affiliate program here.

9. Boat Setter

Boat Setter is a service that helps people find boat rentals. This may not make as much money as some of the other affiliate programs on this list, but it's still a good option for bloggers who want to earn a nice chunk of change.


The company provides customers with a variety of boats to rent out at a reasonable price. Whether you're looking for a fishing boat or something more adventurous, Boat Setter has what you're looking for.

And since the company is already well established, it's got experience in the industry that'll help you learn from them. Plus, it's easy to promote.

Obviously, Boat Setter wants you to promote its website. But you can also promote other products and services through their blog and social media outlets.

With their affiliate program, you'll earn an earnings-share of up to $20 per lead. While that's not in the millions of dollars, it's still a nice amount of money towards your future. Just make sure that you're promoting something of value to your audience. Furthermore, not many people know about this program - so it's not super saturated.

Commission: up to $20 per lead

Cookie duration: 30 days

EPC: $97.25

Check out what Boat Setter has to offer for affiliates here.

The takeaway

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to earn some extra money. It's a relatively straightforward process and the companies out there are willing to pay out fairly well.

Keep in mind that these affiliate programs won't always send you checks directly, but they'll make you part of their team so that they can promote the company. Many of the companies also offer you bonuses for referring new customers to them.

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