The 10 Best Small Business Ideas for Men in 2022

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Business changed during the pandemic, with many companies turning remote and beginning to operate online. In 2021, this remote work trend continued. We look at some business ideas for men who want to start their own companies in 2022. 

Want to start a business from home?

The pandemic and the subsequent rise of remote work has got many of us thinking seriously about this. Many men also faced unemployment during this period, so maybe thinking about how to get back into the job market or create their own work-from-home role. There are already plenty of ways how men can make money from home. You could do a little remote work on the side or just make investing a huge deposit of money in your venture.

If you’re really serious about becoming an entrepreneur or turning your skills to generating a profit, you will need to carefully think through your small business ideas. For example, what are the best business ideas for men if you want to leave your full-time job?

What are the best side-hustle projects that will generate serious revenue and make all the extra hours worth it? Can you cover your costs for opening your small venture?

All of these questions need to be addressed before you get started.

What to do before you start your own business

Before embarking on any type of business venture, you will need to draw up a business plan. A good business plan should essentially help you lay out your long-term aims, your business model, and how you’re going to practically execute this model.

Best Small Business Ideas for Men

You need to think carefully and realistically about what costs your business will incur and how you will cover these. 

You should also think ahead and consider your projected margins. This will allow you to balance these with costs and to plan for expansion over time. It is important to build some financial flexibility and room for expansion into your business model, as this allows you to adapt to hidden costs or things going wrong. It also takes any potential caps off your success as your business continues to grow.

Business ideas don’t always pan out perfectly smoothly the first time around. You don’t want to pour all of your money into something only to realize that things cost more than you thought or that your funds have dried up. Charting out a range of possibilities beforehand – and how you would realistically cope with any setbacks – can help you stay on track. 

Building a business plan also helps you to think about other logistical challenges your venture may face. For instance, it gives you the space to figure out whether you will need to hire a team or if you can cope with the workload solo.

It also lets you draw up a plan for the future and set dates for certain goals or achievements that you hope to reach. 

The 10 best small business ideas for men

1. Bakery business

One of the hottest social media trends during the pandemic was the image of people staying at home and baking fresh bread from scratch. Some people even got so good at it that they turned it into a small business venture.

This trend was popular for men and women alike and, for men who were laid off during the pandemic, it can be a great business option. 

There are, of course, a few things you need to think about before you start a bakery business. One is your ability to create delicious products that people will eat, and the other is your business skills. Bakery products are easy to advertise because they photograph well and make for enticing Instagram content.

However, the market is highly competitive, and catering is notoriously hard work.

Still confident you’ve got the skills it takes to run your own bakery? Think about how to get started. Can you run a moderately-sized venture like this from your home kitchen, or will you need to invest in space elsewhere? How can you promote your goods? Will you have a physical shopfront or offer deliveries via social media? All these questions, and more, require consideration before you get going. 

2. Business consultancy

During the pandemic, many business services and B2B (business to business) companies moved online. This means that many business consulting agencies now operate entirely remotely.

business consulting

Perhaps you worked in a specialized area before the pandemic, but lost your position due to lay-offs? For many men, business closures have presented them with the perfect opportunity to branch out on their own and expand on their skills. Starting a business consultancy agency is the perfect way to become financially independent and share your expertise. 

Draw up your business plan and consider your rates. It helps to check out the competition in your field and see what they are charging. You can run a consulting agency as an online business or hire an office space. Either way, bringing in clients should be your primary focus once you get started. 

3. Data entry

Looking for something remote to replace your 9-5 with? You can make a good living online by working for companies that require large amounts of data entry. The skill level for this one isn’t crazy high, so it’s a good option for men who’ve just graduated college or are looking for something to do in the evenings. 

Data entry positions are also extremely varied. You could get work filling in spreadsheets or transcribing documents. Either way, you can do it all from the comfort of your couch. 

Another great thing about data entry is that it’s easy to expand. You can select clients based on any criteria you want, and take on as much (or as little) as you need. You can also hire employees, if business is booming, and share out the work among them. Within a few years, you could be the head of your own freelance data entry agency. 

4. Offer a trade

Are you a skilled plumber, an expert electrician, or a wizz with computers and appliances? Handyman trades like this can be a great option if you’re looking to start a business. Trades are especially useful as business solutions if you live in a smallish neighborhood where news spreads by word of mouth and trade school programs are much cheaper than 4 year degrees.. This will allow you to hear about jobs through acquaintances or get recommendations from clients. 

Offer a trade

Advertising if you live in a big city can be more complicated and the competition will be fierce. However, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You will also have to get to know your competitors in a small place and make sure you aren’t under or overcharging.

5. Start an online shop

Ecommerce was already outperforming the high street before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. However, now, in the aftermath of that pandemic, e-commerce has totally outstripped physical shopping and shows no sign of slowing down. If you were already an aspiring shop owner before the pandemic, or you developed a product during lockdown, now is the time to branch out into e-commerce. 

The great thing about e-commerce stores is that they are open to any type of business. Whatever you produce or purchase, you can sell it online, so long as you have the infrastructure in place for postage or delivery. Setting up online payment options allows you and your customers to make every business transaction virtually.

You can also advertise online and target consumer bases via social media. It’s the perfect place to sell anything, from furniture to prints and outsourced products. More to it, by using a print on demand platform, you can even start an online business with no inventory

Starting an online shop means you will have to research the market and find out where and what is on demand. For instance, if you are thinking of starting an online shop with healthcare products, then the best bet would be to open and register your new company in Hong Kong.

6. Start a cleaning business

Cleaning is another one of these trade tasks that is always in demand. After all, no one likes cleaning their house and many simply do not have time for it. If you’re prepared to work hard physically and do a neat and careful job, then becoming a cleaner is an ideal job for you. 

Cleaning also has a low barrier for entry. You really don’t need more than a vehicle to get around it and somewhere to keep your supplies. Of course, you also need a regular client base, but this is something that you can build up over time and with the right marketing.

7. Airbnb

If you’ve got a spare room or an empty property in a desirable area, Airbnb is a great business idea for you. Property rentals are a great business for men who also have a full-time job because they don’t require constant attention. You can advertise them online and even hire someone else to do the cleaning/turnovers after each guest. 

If you live in a tourist hotspot, Airbnb can bring in a constant revenue stream all year round. You can also create a largely passive income stream for yourself, which can be helpful if you also work and have debts, such as a mortgage, to pay off.

You could even Airbnb property with an outstanding mortgage so that the purchase pays for itself. Perfect if you plan to have multiple properties in future, or you’re paying towards a retirement house. 

8. Upcycling and reselling

Charity shops and second-hand shops were mostly closed throughout the pandemic, but now stores have reopened. If you were laid off during the lockdown and are looking for business opportunities now, reselling goods online could be a great option for you.

Many people achieve wild success in business by buying old goods in charity shops or at car boot sales and reselling them online. 

You can also upcycle goods, by giving them a lick of paint or fixing broken bits, to increase their market value. You’d be surprised how valuable many of the things that people throw away actually are.

Many resellers do a great trade in goods like vintage boards games, PC or video games, and collectible toys. However, small items of furniture, homeware, clothing, and books are all profitable industries in their own right. 

9. Start a stream or podcast

Men who love to chat and have big ideas and a big personality are made to run podcasts or start a regular live stream. You’d be surprised how quickly you can generate an audience, so long as you have something to say. The good news is that your podcast or stream can be about anything you like. 


You could record yourself talking about the economy and business trends, or you can talk about an area you studied, give your political opinions, or give dating advice for men. Sign up with an affiliate site, like Twitch, and aim to get partnered.

This means that you get to keep a larger amount of the profits that you make from your stream, and that you get great advertising opportunities. You can run it all from home, and it has really low start-up costs. All you need are a computer, a microphone, and a reliable Internet connection. 

10. Content writing

Much like data entry, many content writing jobs can be done fully remotely and can offer flexible hours and a steady stream of work. The hardest part of early business management, when you want to become a content writer, is finding clients.

Content writing

However, if you market yourself correctly and ensure that you have a business platform on Facebook or LinkedIn, you will get tip-offs. 

Once you have work coming in, reliability is key. If you meet your deadlines on time and regularly take on work, you can quickly build up a stream of repeat clients. Remember to keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to take on projects outside your remit. So long as you are a hard worker and a wizz at research, you will have all the business skills you need to get started. 

If you want to improve your project management skills, you can consider help from different programs, such as an online project management program which can be an ideal solution for you.


Whether you’re going into a business for men or a business that caters to other businesses, being your own boss is a great opportunity. Becoming an entrepreneur requires hard work and dedication, but rewards, in terms of ambition, flexibility, and career trajectory, are unbeatable.

These tips for business are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what you can achieve. 

Final Call: Did you start your own business during the pandemic? Have you had success with it? Share your experiences in the comments!

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