10 Best Tech tools For Teachers and Students

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We’re in the new era of learning where technology plays a vital role for both students and teachers. Digital Learning has existed in various forms for many years. But it is getting more and more prominent with each passing year. This transition from physical learning to a digital one is transforming formal education and extending informal learning opportunities. 

One of the key benefits of digital learning is that it allows students to learn at their own pace and provides more opportunity for customization to the teachers. Learners get provided with study material and access to recorded lectures. We have a wealth of technology at our fingertips today and more individuals are able to mix and match the programs and courses they opt for. 

On the other hand, teachers get to track each learner’s progress more effortlessly. And let’s not forget that Digital Learning can be so much fun. However, it is vital to use the right tech tools to make the most of Digital Learning. But with so many options in the market, how does one pick the right tools? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

Here are some of the best tech tools that students and teachers can use to make the most of Digital Learning. 

10 Best tech tools for teachers and students 

1. Socrative 

Socrative is a system that has been designed by a group of engineers and entrepreneurs who are passionate about learning. Teachers can craft educational games and exercises that learners can solve using laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Best tech tools for teachers and students

As teachers get to see and analyze the results of these activities, they can modify the subsequent sessions to make them more personalized. This is a huge time-saving for educators, who can redirect resources elsewhere. Additionally, students get instant feedback from their teachers. Just like if they would when asked a term paper writer for help.

2. Mural 

This tool is ideal for virtual collaboration and can do wonders for both teachers and students. Mural allows students, teachers and other contributors to write on virtual sticky notes. The bonus here is that they can also edit and reorganize these notes in real-time. Using this tool, students and teachers can solve hard problems faster and escalate their learning time. 

All in all, it drives participation and facilitates teamwork by promoting brainstorming. Additionally, Mural can be a great ice-breaker and boosts team reflection. 

3. InVideo 

Another tool that students and teachers can use for Digital Learning is InVideo. This tool’s ready-to-use templates make it an exceedingly easy online slideshow maker to use. It offers you the simplest ways to pick a presentation or slideshow template and opportunities for personalization. 

From brand presents to an array of transitions, music and animations, teachers will get all the creative freedom they need. What makes this tool a fantastic online slideshow maker is its premium media library with background image remover and round-the-clock priority support. So, if you’re a teacher looking to explain a topic to your students with slideshows, this is the tool for you. 

4. Edmodo 

Edmodo is a great educational tool that connects students and teachers through a built-in social network. Teachers can easily facilitate collaboration and learning, as well as provide access to educational materials. Edmodo is also a great way to measure student performance, and it keeps parents in the loop by letting them monitor and be part of their child’s learning. Teachers can also use this tool to communicate with parents, making it very functional. 


With over 34 million users, Edmodo facilitates the creation of a more personalized and enriching learning process. By bringing all of your classroom tools together, Edmodo helps you save time. It also helps students find their voice and boosts their confidence. 

5. Thinglink 

This tool allows teachers to create interactive images for students using music, text, sound and photographs. This encourages a visual student-centric learning method. If you have a classroom with diverse language backgrounds and reading abilities, this tool is just what you need. 

Teachers can develop interactive teaching systems that arouse the students’ curiosity and make learning more fun and engaging. Moreover, Thinglink helps learners become more fluent in multiple media forms. Virtual tours and walkthroughs also give students access to real-world environments. 

6. ck-12 

cK-12 was established to make academic books for the K12 market more accessible to all. This tool has an open-source interface that facilitates the creation and distribution of educational materials throughout the internet. It contains interactive exercises, audio and videos that can be modified. The material can be downloaded and adapted based on the needs of students and teachers.  

7. StoryBird 

A one of its kind Digital Learning tool, StoryBird aims to promote reading and writing skills in learners through storytelling. Teachers can use this tool’s simple and easy-to-use interface to create artistic and interactive books. After creating stories, teachers can embed them in blogs, send them by email, or print them, amongst other options. 

In addition, StoryBird also allows teachers to create projects with students, organize classes and give constant feedback. 

8. Kahoot! 

An educational platform, Kahoot! is based on questions and games. It allows teachers to create questionnaires, surveys and discussions that complement their academic sessions. By projecting the material in the virtual classroom, this tool allows students to have fun and learn simultaneously. 

It promotes game-based learning, creating a dynamic, fun, social and educational environment. All in all, Kahoot! is a win-win for both students and teachers. 

9. ClassDojo 

ClassDojo is a tool that allows teachers to improve students’ behavior. How exactly? By providing teachers with the opportunity to give instant feedback so that good behavior in class gets rewarded. Teachers allot points to all the students. In turn, students build a more receptive attitude towards the learning process. 


By providing real-time notification to students, ClassDojo ensures that teachers and students work in an open and collaborative environment. These notifications and remarks can be simple compliments like ‘Well Done, John’ or simply a grade ‘A+’. All this information that teachers collect can be shared with administrators or parents at a later stage. 

10. Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is another tool bringing teaching and learning together. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps educators measure, manage and enrich learning experiences. Teachers and students can collaborate by working together on the same document for a session. 

Plus, a virtual classroom can be created using the Google Meet tool. Google Classroom works on every device and is exceedingly flexible. By simplifying everyday tasks, it saves time for both students and teachers. But above all, it is compliant and safe to use. 

11. Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a reliable solution to capture student feedback that allows to measure student satisfaction and run surveys to collect data and do research. By gathering student feedback, you can assess the student sentiment and effectiveness of the teachers, lecture quality and more. With Zonka Feedback student feedback software, you can collect feedback 24/7 through the year.Here’s what you get by using the tool:

1. Track staff performances.
2. Improve delight and satisfaction.
3. Feedback notifications and alerts.
4. Take student and teacher feedback online, through tablets, Emails and SMSes.

Zonka Feedback is one of the best student feedback software available today for its ease of use yet robust functionality.


It’s 2021, and technology is already playing a vital role in teaching and learning. Digital Learning has been gaining prominence, and it might become the norm in the years to come. The benefits of digital learning are plenty. From allowing students to learn at their own pace to providing more opportunities for customization to teachers, it is revolutionary in many ways. 

What’s equally interesting is that we have access to the right tools in today’s day and age to make digital learning effective and enjoyable. The tech tools mentioned above are some of the best available in the market. They allow both students and teachers to collaborate effectively. 

If, on the one hand, teachers get to provide instant feedback and study material to their students, then, students are motivated to push themselves in a fun, learning environment. So, go ahead and use the tools that match your requirements.

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