Best Tips to Increase Blog Traffic For Free

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If you’re studying this guide, I'm sure that you wish to earn money in the world of profitable blogging. You also want to be a 6-figure blogger who creates premium content for an ever-growing industry.

Hence, you aim to create a well-designed blog and start to populate it with quality content that you think is valuable to your readers. Maybe you’ve outsourced the tasks to experienced and skilled article writers, or you’ve produced it yourself. 

In either case, you have made sure that you are providing highly-sought-after information that you believe your audience will find helpful.

Next, you start to publish and sit back, expecting the traffic to pour in. No way that your excellent blog posts won’t draw in thousands of visitors, right? 

All in all, you have put so much work into your content marketing and you also understand that is what your target audience is looking for.

You're wrong.

Producing appealing content is just step one in developing a blog that will create monthly income, but there’s much more to lucrative blogging than that. 

Content is definitely the framework of your business and it’s one of the most crucial components in creating a niche site that will achieve good results on the SERPs and drive visitors. 

But bear in mind, if you really want to earn money with blogging, you need to study the best tips to increase free blog traffic that will generate ongoing income for you.

Makes perfect sense? 

Without powerful funnels that are working nonstop to generate traffic and connecting with potential customers, it doesn’t matter how useful or informative your content is. There won't be a sufficient number of people reading it. In case you’ve ever tried to earn money with a blog, you are already aware of this. 

What you might not know is that it’s incredibly simple to skyrocket your website in order to generate targeted traffic that converts. 

This article will show you some effective strategies that you can implement easily and quickly.

Additionally, all of these traffic generation methods are totally free. Therefore, you can implement as many as you want without any expense.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

What is high-quality content?

Yes, I'm aware that I've just mentioned that content is the framework of your blog and not the whole structure however the power of your blog depends on the quality of your articles along with the kind of content you're delivering.

In case you are just getting started as a blog writer, it’s not difficult to put up some content rapidly, then simply spend most of your time on generating traffic to your site. Way too many blog owners are unable to recognize that the driving force behind developing effective traffic funnels that comprise of repeat site visitors relies purely on the quality of the content you provide. 

Best Tips to Increase Blog Traffic For Free

If you concentrate first on creating pages that offer in-demand, informative, and relevant content, your website will have much stronger legs to stand on.

For a writer, research is an essential portion without it, he can’t write properly. A person must read multiple blogs, articles, journals, and papers to write on a topic.

He may fall in duplication and unable to remove it while he was doing a comprehensive research. It is almost impossible for a writer to extract 100% unique content to publish on his website.

To avoid such issues, he should browse an AI-based article rewriter. It has been seen that a huge number of bloggers are moving towards such tools to complete their work.

The reason why people consider this tool is efficient working. 

This tool will understand the meaning of the content and rewrite it by replacing synonyms and related words.

In the end, it will give you a final document with human-friendly language. 

Pro tip: To make content creation easier, I use the best article rewriter and spinner. Check out these tools. Some of them are really good. I personally prefer ChimRewriter.

That great content will reinforce your marketing strategies and make sure that any time you direct a visitor to your blog, they will interact with you, react to your posts, and come back to your website.

Seems logical, right? 

You want your readers to be so excited by the content on your site that they right away bookmark your address to allow them to come back to it, over and over. You want to hook them instantly, and ideally on their first visit.

Well, what type of content is the most effective? 

The type of content that entertains them or solves a problem. Think about your target market and what they're passionate about, or most interested in. Content that is made to satisfy a need, solve a problem, answer a question, or amuse a particular audience is usually effective.

And in case you take a look at many well-known blogs in your industry, you’ll notice that their content usually falls within one of these categories: Entertaining or educational.

When you concentrate on producing content according to this, you will have material that is “sticky”, and therefore your visitors will react to your blog posts and come back to your site because it talks directly to them, is appealing and on target. 

Create evergreen content

You also want to ensure that your content is evergreen. It means that your articles will still be relevant for many years to come, instead of just informative or useful for a short period of time. Although it’s practical to write current, buzzworthy news (that might be time-sensitive events) to generate organic web traffic, make certain that most of your content is evergreen.

content creation framework for first blog post

Pro Tip: research sites like Quora for frequently asked questions in your market and develop articles that answer those concerns. This could also be a really smart way to create headlines for articles and posts.

Make sure your content is shareable

Your writing should also be shareable. You would like your readers to link to your articles, send them to their friends, or share it on social media platforms. You might also include videos or infographics into your material so that it attracts attention and encourages social sharing.

Whatever you are able to do to be different that might capture attention instantly is essential.

You also want to publish posts often. Consider posting 2-3 times per week, when possible, especially when you're just getting started and your blog is lacking content. Search engines like Google love fresh content so the more you post and make updates, the better

Pro Tip: write at least 1500 - 2000 words or even more when creating articles. Most search engines favor longer content. 2500 - 3000 words are even better.

Keywords are important

Now, I will mention a simple word but I don’t want you to put your hands up in the air anxiously, okay? 

The term is definitely an essential one in terms of producing content that will attract a load of web traffic from the search engines. I'm sure you know what I’m talking about. It's keywords.

Keywords are vital elements of a successful SEO strategy when done properly. Even though search engine optimization has got a bad rap over the past few years as a result of blog owners stuffing keywords into the content (until it becomes almost unreadable). 

If keywords are applied properly they end up as extremely effective at supporting your blog rank better in the search results, which essentially means maximal visibility.

I’ll provide you with a brief rundown on how to utilize keywords effectively in the next section, Therefore, don’t skip it! 

SEO (Search engine optimization): how to apply it properly and quickly

The best way to make sure you are utilizing keywords correctly and efficiently is to do it in moderation.

It is as easy as that. Still, some writers are stuffing thousands of keywords within their articles and asking yourself why their sites aren’t ranking well.

Keyword stuffing is certainly not acceptable. In case your writing contains plenty of keywords that it gets practically unreadable, your site will end up penalized because search engines will immediately recognize what you are intending to do. If that occurs, your ranking will drop quicker than a stone in the water!

Therefore, including appropriate and targeted keywords in your material so that it allows your page to rank better in the SERPs whilst not affecting or disrupting user experience is essential. 

If you want your blog to be visited by a huge amount of people that use Google, you definitely have to optimize it and incorporate keywords into your articles.

What kind of, you ask?

The answer is long-tail keywords

What are long-tail keywords?

They consist of 3 or maybe more words that make a search term. For instance, “work at home jobs or “easy diet recipes. The explanation for using long-tail keywords is basically because those search terms are less competitive and a lot more targeted than main keywords that incorporate the whole market.


Imagine trying to get a good search position for the phrase "online business" or “diet plan”. You’d have a hard time to even appear in the first 100 results.

However, focusing on long-tail keyword research that drill down into your market (plus are much more likely what a person would use as a search phrase) will allow you to maximize your visibility and at the same time minimizing the number of other competing sites

A simple way to find out these long-tail keywords for your articles is to use Google and begin typing in key terms associated with your business, such as “diet plan”. Just check what appears as recommended phrases after you’ve entered in some words. 

That will give you countless tips and ideas while making sure you are working with keywords frequently used by your prospects.

After you got some long-tail keywords, type them into Google as well and drill down even more. It might take a while time but after you’ve done this, you’ll have a list of targeted and appropriate keywords for your content titles and headlines. 

You can go on even further and put those terms into Google Keyword Planner to be able to identify estimated traffic.

And lastly, you need to set up a good SEO plugin to quickly create sitemaps, meta descriptions, and other similar stuff.

I suggest you download and install Yoast or All In One SEO Pack.

Pro tip: Be sure to install an SEO plugin straight away. Include a site title and description. That way, you will enhance your search visibility immediately.

Network with other blogs

Would you like to instantly boost your website traffic without having to pay for the exposure? 

Well, you should network with other blogs in your niche.

Networking includes working together with authority blogs related to your topic. That way, you can use their credibility and quickly get traffic to redirect it to your own site, not to mention the backlink juice you receive.

Well, how can you make this happen?

You publish amazing content on other related blogs!

It is known as guest posting and it’s one of the best methods to send passive traffic to your blog without spending a dime. 

guest blogging

Additionally, this technique doesn’t only drive targeted traffic to your site but it positions you as an expert in your field by simply being connected to a trustworthy blog. And of course the potential for JV opportunities with other business owners!

Take into account: You could create content only for your site, and do all the work of driving traffic to your individual pages. And it's definitely very efficient, however, it requires a huge amount of time as well as even more content.

Alternatively – you could publish killer content on well-known blogs with significantly better traffic than yours and direct their users to your pages

Well, how can you discover guest posting opportunities? Just use Google search.

Utilize search phrases like 

  • keyword "guest blogging”
  • keyword "accepting guest posts”
  • keyword “submit a guest post”
  • keyword “guest post by”.

It's possible to uncover many opportunities by using search terms related to your business and guest blogging. You might also find guest posting opportunities by analyzing the inbound links from competing blogs to find out where they have published their guest posts.

Tools like Semrush or Kwfinder allow you to crawl through backlinks and discover other sites that your competition has written for.

Make sure to concentrate only on sites that are related to your business. You could do a quick Google search with the query: 

  • your keyword + blogs

If you'd like to determine the overall traffic of a website you are thinking about guest posting for, put the site into SimilarWeb and you’ll be able to view a traffic snapshot for the website. 

Email marketing is a must

One of the most essential elements to creating a profitable online business includes collecting the info from your target audience, building up an email list and then following up with them when you publish new content.

By the way, check out my other guide: Most profitable online business ideas to make money

email marketing2

It’s vital to continually be focused on growing your mailing list so be sure to set this up properly in the beginning so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to interact with your prospects. WordPress plugins such as OptinMonster allow you to follow up with your readers by adding them to a subscriber list. 

What kind of content should you email to your subscribers?

Every time you publish a new article on your blog, email the link to your users. It's also wise to spread out the traffic so that you are sending your followers to other places, for instance, your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter profiles. 

Include links in your mails to pictures posted on Instagram and don’t be afraid to become personal! People love watching pictures of your everyday life, and also infographics and other content marketing formats that are related to your content strategy and blog’s theme.

Inspire visitors to sign up to your email list by giving out a valuable offer, such as a guide, case study that isn’t available elsewhere. It’s quite simple to grow an email list of 1-5,000 leads if you create a simple process that will obtain their info and motivate them to connect with you.

Next, a couple of days later, follow up and touch base. 

Don’t allow your list to grow cool! Be sure to send a newsletter to them at least weekly so that you're in the front of their mind and they don't forget about you (and the way they subscribed to your list).

Below are some great email marketing services that you should check out:

Linking in, Linking out

You can find two simple and easy methods to boost your organic traffic and it involves link building techniques.

Linking in: This means building links to your on-site content to ensure that you help people discover your blog while enhancing SEO. Linking in also means building off-site links from popular sites to be able to drive traffic immediately.

Linking Out: It involves linking to other well-known websites so that you can increase your on-page SEO.

link building

You should always link new content to other articles on your blog when possible. For instance, if you publish new content that is relevant to an older post, create a link to it. Guide your readers through your website to ensure that they can discover other useful content and stay on your blog much longer. 

Not only will this enhance the user experience, but it will build an internal link structure that can help boost your entire SEO.

It's also advisable to invest some time posting user-generated content to different well-known domains so that you can siphon traffic through them that might help you rank quickly.

Therefore, you should really publish content on each of the heavy-hitters such as 

  • Quora
  • Yahoo Answers 
  • Linkedin 
  • Tumblr
  • Scribd, etc

Indeed, it will require some time, however, it’s a considerably faster approach to building links for your site that drive traffic than pretty much other sources – additionally, it’s free. 

Search engines consider each of these sites as authority sites and you understand what it means. Your content is going to rank much more easily than your self-hosted articles. 

Linking out includes creating links within your content that direct visitors to other well known and established sites in your industry.

Google loves this so linking to authority sites in your market will not only help your own content rank higher, but it will also allow you to create relationships and network with other site owners

Social media marketing and networking

You might have heard of the possibility of unbelievable traffic via Facebook advertising, therefore I’m just going to mention this briefly. 

At this point, don't worry about paid Facebook advertising. For now, you should concentrate on creating a Facebook page for your website

Drive traffic through social media platforms

By having a Facebook page, you publish content on it just like you would your blog. That may contain images, videos and blog posts. To make things easier, it is possible to use a plugin so that every time you publish new content on your blog, it immediately updates your Facebook page.

Take action now and create a custom-made Facebook page URL.

Next, get the plugin here. (It will take you a maximum of ten minutes to set it up, even if you’re a beginner.) 

Additionally, it's also possible to automate many other accounts such as Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Medium, etc.

The point actually is to automatize as much as you can because if you’re anything at all like me, updating manually every profile on a daily basis can be really overwhelming. There are numerous plugins available on the internet that will enable you to schedule your blog post and keep a pulse on your following.

The plan at this time is to set up a presence on the most popular social media sites, include them on your website, and integrate them into your marketing strategies as well as your email promotions

When you’ve set up all of that, get it to the next level by utilizing the power of push notifications.

Perhaps you've heard of this earlier. If you haven't, it's an easy method to inform your readers there is fresh content available on your site. Plus, the best part is that it’s totally free and automated!

The bottom line is, push notifications drive people back to your site on complete autopilot by contacting them about your new content available on your website. 

I recommend you choose a service that gives real-time tracking in order to monitor your traffic and visitor response rates. 

How to get started with video marketing

Video is the ultimate method to drive traffic since there is such a lot of traffic available. YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world, and it’s really hard to overlook such a giant source of traffic

You might think that video is too difficult to produce, or you don’t have the ideal voice or the right look for video recording.


You’re wrong!

It's not necessary to have a certain look to succeed with video marketing. In case you don't find yourself comfortable showing up on camera, it is possible to hire an expert to voice your videos, and you might use text-to-speech assistance, or simply you could apply music to your videos and place the text on the screen. 

Don`t forget about the perfect youtube thumbnail. They aim to attract people’s attention and convince them to watch your video. Here are a lot of variety of templates that help you to create thumbnails and rack up thousands of views

With an iPhone or a Mac, you can utilize iMovie to produce videos easily. The software is really user friendly, includes lots of tutorials available and it doesn't have advanced features (you don't need that for simple YouTube videos). The Mac version has additional features compared to the iOS version, however, you don't need them for simple videos, so either one will work great.

In case you have a PC or an android device (mobile), there are many more alternatives available for producing videos quickly, with a large number of popular apps you can setup.

You will find plenty of tutorials online on how to produce videos with different tools, so you can take a look at them to find out which one is best suited for you.

Additionally, I recommend you using TubeBuddy for Youtube. I'm also using it. It's a great keyword research and video SEO tool.

You can read my TubeBuddy review here. 

In case you feel confident being in front of the camera, you may also just record yourself. This provides you with the benefit of being able to do live shows that will surely help you reach a bigger audience quickly.

YouTube live videos (as well as other networks like Facebook) are promoted by the platform and can help you to get views even if you don't have many subscribers, especially when you're broadcasting a subject that many people find enjoyable. 

Another advantage of producing videos is that your creation can rank well in the search engines if you apply the right keywords in your title, description and tags. You might also rank near the top of the SERPs for competitive keywords.

This is because Google owns YouTube and YouTube videos are placed above the regular search results. 

Best tips to increase blog traffic for free: conclusion

Okay, so now you've got a number of effective traffic generating strategies to improve your blog traffic while establishing long-lasting success. 

Start with creating top-quality content that consists of appropriate long-tail keywords, and also move towards building a solid foundation for your blog.

Place an opt-in form to your mailing list on your blog and start collecting information from your readers so that you can follow up with them.

Next, network with other sites through guest posting, build up your social accounts and start publishing amazing content. (also promote it)

Now, you have learned all you need to establish a profitable and successful blog. The next phase is to get moving now.

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