9 Best Unbounce Alternatives & Competitors (Free And Paid)

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Unbounce is a powerful tool for creating landing pages and sales funnels that well, lower your bounce rates. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best tool in the market. Nor does it mean it’s a good choice for you and your business. 

Take a look at the top Unbounce alternatives (both free and paid) that I recommend.

What is Unbounce?

Before we get to the actual alternatives, let’s take a quick moment to look over exactly what Unbounce has to offer. Don’t worry though - this’ll be quick and over in no time!

Unbounce Alternatives

Unbounce is one of the top landing page builders in the industry. What it does is it basically allows you to build campaigns that are designed to collect and convert leads. You can also expect to see lower bounce rates since there are a multitude of tools available at your disposal all designed by top experts to help you reach your goals. 

Why is it so popular?

There are more than a handful feature sets that make Unbounce a worthy competitor in the field. For example,

  • You can build and publish landing pages in less than an hour unless you’re extremely picky.
  • It’s very easy to create variants for testing various versions of a design.
  • There is a wide selection of carefully created templates designed to lead conversions.
  • You can also tap into third-party integrations like ThemeForest for more options.
  • The templates are easily customizable to fit your brand.
  • The A/B split testing feature is useful and good. 
  • Its pixel perfect builder allows you to have all your elements exactly where you want them to be.

But what’s the catch?

Among the great things UB offers, there are also a few drawbacks - which is why you might be looking into alternatives right now. I’ll admit, the pricing itself is quite steep. This is especially true if you’re just starting out or don’t have much in your budget to invest in these kinds of platforms (which let’s be honest, you need to do if you want to find success.).

Here are some of the aspects where Unbounce could do better: 

  • The form builder is a bit simple and lacks a few key advanced features offered by its competitors.
  • You can only do A/B testing on pages you created inside Unbounce. Split testing is only available on campaigns created on the platform
  • Custom classes can’t be added to buttons. You’ll have to find a workaround like rebuilding them in HTML. But that also means you won’t be able to track goals in the software.

Basically, there’s little to say about what Unbounce lacks. However, that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. In fact, there are several other tools in the market you can use. And we’re going to look at them all today. 

Unbounce alternatives

Unbounce is far from perfect. But that doesn’t mean you’ll magically stumble upon the perfect landing page builder or digital marketing solution in the market. In fact, it can be difficult to rate a single “best” platform out of all the options out there. 

That’s why I always like to tell my clients that you should make sure you know exactly what you expect and need out of a service before searching for one. Of course, it can be helpful to stumble upon tools you didn’t know you needed but ultimately made use of. 

But the primary thing you need to be aware of is that you should always keep an open mind, but do not go into the market blindly.  

Now that I’ve imparted that little bit of wisdom with you, it’s time to take a look at all the alternatives you need to consider before jumping into Unbounce. 


clickfunnels page editor

Before signing up for ClickFunnels, make sure to get ClickFunnels 30 Days Marketing Plan. Everyone who has ever had a ClickFunnels account, needs these 30 day blueprints. The summit is totally free.

If you’ve been around the digital marketing scene for a while, you’ve probably heard of ClickFunnels. I mean, who hasn’t? But if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of it yet, it’s one of the most popular sales funnel builders you’ll find. 

It was founded by Russel Brunson - the Sales Funnel King, and is a top choice if you like to create fully automated sales funnels with a good amount of resources and a high conversion rate. I, myself have used it, and continue to use it to this day. 

But why should you choose it over Unbounce?

First of all, Unbounce only lets you create high-converting landing pages. Whereas ClickFunnels lets you create a whole campaign from your sales pitch to follow up emails and content that will convince your leads to support you and your brand. 

Here are some of my favorite features:

  • You can create a wide variety of funnels. There are templates for memberships, webinars, hangouts, and more. 
  • It can be integrated into an email autoresponder system.
  • It has one of the most extensive knowledge bases in the market that helps you not only create effective campaigns, but to maximize customer retention as well.
  • It’s affiliate program is highly lucrative which makes it an ideal resource for affiliate marketers.

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce?

Since ClickFunnels has more features compared to UB, it only makes sense that it would be at the very least a little bit more expensive than the latter. 

Its pricing starts at around $97 a month. It’s less than $20 more expensive compared to Unbounce. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a more all-in-one solution, I like how the added features aren’t that much more expensive compared to the simpler landing page only tool. 


leadpages site builder demo

LeadPages is another landing page builder which means it’s better suited as a competitor to Unbounce if you’re looking for something that allows you to focus on creating landing pages instead of entire campaigns.

The company touts itself as one of the best in the industry. And I have to say, it isn’t wrong. It doesn’t limit the number of pages you can create no matter what plan you’re on, and you can also integrate it with Facebook

These are some key points that I found to be problematic with Unbounce. 

First of all, you’re limited to a certain number of pages depending on the price tier you choose. 

And there’s also no integrations to Facebook which means you have to do it manually. Of course, this isn’t such a huge issue, but it’s still a nice advantage that LP has over UB. 

That said, it’s probably the reason why many marketers including myself consider LeadPages to be the top landing page builder in the industry. 

Why should I choose it over Unbounce?

LeadPages is a great alternative if you’re looking for something that’s more user and beginner-friendly. Don’t get me wrong, I like building my own funnels and landing pages from time to time. 

But that doesn’t mean I want to spend hours designing pages. Most of the time I need to focus on other things which means I need to be able to whip up promotions within a few minutes. 

Unbounce does a good job of giving me more flexibility. But LP allows me to create landing pages in a snap. Plus, if you’re just starting out, it’s interface is more user-friendly. 

Another thing you need to know is that you can build entire websites on LeadPages. 

The platform has an array of drag and drop widgets and tools that allow one to build an awesome website. However, it doesn't offer a blogging service but lets you add your own HTML. Therefore, if you are considering adding a fully functional blog it’s best to use a 3rd party blog platform. To make this process easy and fast and get the results that you’ve imagined we recommend you use DropInBlog to add a blog to LeadPages.

Additionally, LeadPages gives 15 days of free trial which is enough for you to get a taste of it and see if it is what you have been looking for. 

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce?

LeadPages is more affordable compared to the former. You can subscribe for as little as $25 a month

This is also one of the main reasons why I like to recommend it for anyone who’s just starting out because it’s more reasonably-priced while still providing you a good amount of features to choose from.


landingi creating a landing page

This tool is another landing page builder that I’ve enjoyed using in the past. A good number of my friends and colleagues use it for basic CRM and collecting leads. 

I like how there are over 200 templates to choose from which means you’re able to pick and choose from various designs when you’re in a pinch or if you don’t know where to start. 

Additionally, the analytics feature is robust and a good option to have if you’re looking to optimize your campaigns further. 

Why should I choose it over Unbounce?

The main advantage Landingi has over Unbounce is its email autoresponder feature. This allows you to follow up with your contacts from within the app itself without needing third party integrations. 

However, you need to understand that the autoresponder is basic and will only allow you to send an initial email after your leads sign up. 

If you plan to follow up further, you’ll need to invest in a complete email marketing solution.

Furthermore, I also enjoyed the fact that you’re able to keep track of reports through Google Analytics. This is more advanced compared to other services and for a fraction of the price. 

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce?

The former starts at $29 a month. This is significantly less compared to UB. I like how there are different price tiers that are realistically planned out so that the service can grow with the needs of your company or business. 

Obviously, this means it’s more start-up friendly. Which is why I recommend it for anyone who is just starting out and doesn’t have a lot of budget set aside for monthly subscriptions. 



I’ll be honest. I’ve come across several platforms in the past that charged me way too much for features I don’t even need. 

But I still stuck with them because I thought it was good enough. Still though, if you look at it from a wise business person point of view, those are expenses going down the drain. 

It’s never a good idea to pay for a service you don’t need. This is where InstaPage caught my attention. 

Why should I choose it over Unbounce?

The primary difference between both services is that the former focuses entirely on letting you build landing pages

This is good because of two reasons.

First, because platforms that focus on one feature tend to be more optimized since they’re not juggling several offerings at one time. 

This means you’re better able to create campaigns that are designed to convert. And because the tool focuses solely on creating templates and improving its features for a specific task, you’re not getting half-baked software at your fingertips. 

Second, you’re not paying for stuff you don’t need. If you’re looking for a platform that will help you build beautiful, conversion-geared landing pages, InstaPage does it. 

That means you don’t have to worry about email automation, or other features you won’t really use but still would technically pay for otherwise. 

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce? 

It costs nearly the same as the former at $79 a month. This is where most of my clients usually tend to get a little confused. 

Why would you pay for a platform that provides one service for the same cost as another that provides more? 

For one, you’re only spending your money on well-optimized features meant for the task you need to accomplish. This means you’re less likely to get distracted

Plus, InstaPage doesn’t come completely bare. Its heat mapping tool helps you determine certain areas that your leads and viewers tend to visit most often so you can focus your efforts on optimizing your pages. 

There are also different features and tools available that help with A/B testing multivariate testing, AMPs - accelerated mobile pages, and personalized user experience. What InstaPage is lacking, though is the blogging feature. However, there are options to add a blog to InstaPage by purchasing additional tools. 

So if you decide to use InstaPage for high-converting landing pages and you still want the value of an awesome high converting blog you have it and you should be pretty satisfied with the functionality and success. 


Kartra drag and drop page builder

This platform is better suited for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to sell their services or products. 

It’s typically recognized for its applications as an online shopping cart tool which allows your leads to add your products to cart and check out on your website. 

Basically, what it’s advertised as is an all-in-one marketing solution for small and large brands. It’s also a playground for affiliate marketers who like to have their features and resources all in one place. 

Why should I choose Kartra over Unbounce? 

The main thing you should keep in mind is that the former offers a larger feature set compared to Unbounce. 

Generally, you’ll be able to get more done on the platform than you would on UB. Sure the latter has faster loading landing pages, but that can always be remedied with a bit of back-end work. 

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce? 

Kartra and UB are very similar when it comes to pricing. In fact, the basic subscription will cost you a little under $100 for a basic plan. 

Admittedly, it is a little bit more expensive. But when you consider the fact that you’re able to do more on the software compared to UB, it makes sense. 

Furthermore, you also need to factor in the shopping cart tool which usually costs $15 on average to run on a third-party application. 

At least this way, you get all your components on a single dashboard and you don’t have to constantly go back and forth between apps. 

Kartra has a very intuitive user interface and this is why many find it particularly easy to use. One can easily figure out everything with a few clicks. The downside to Kartra is, however, the blogging features. If you want to also create a blog using Kartra they recommend the option to integrate WordPress which can be a nightmare.

There are other tools that you can use to add a blog on Kartra that can get your blog ready in a few minutes and you’ll have everything in one place. Having a functional and easy-to-navigate blog is beneficial for SEO, time management, and of course, can help increase the conversion. 


Builderall_Essential Plan

It can be difficult to find a reliable software to use for building effective web pages especially if you’re just starting out. 

Let me tell you that I’m not a big fan of paying upfront for services I’m not sure I’ll like. I feel like it’s such a huge waste of money. 

Luckily, this platform offers a free trial which will help you determine if it’s right for you and your business before you need to spend your hard-earned cash

But what exactly does it do? 

Builderall is a web page builder that is designed for newbies and those who are looking for a reliable tool to use in collecting leads. 

Why should I choose it over Unbounce? 

The app’s main advantage over UB is its price. Aside from that, it also allows you to build an entire website using its user-friendly drag and drop editor.

I like how the templates and the intuitive interface is optimized for lead generation and conversion. This means you’re most likely to catch the attention of your audience while nurturing them to eventually make a purchase. 

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce? 

By now you’re well aware that UB costs at least $80 to operate. Despite the simpler feature set of BuilderAll, it’s attractive and low primary price tier makes it an ideal option for anyone just starting out. 

For under $20, you’re able to create high-converting pages and even a website that can represent your brand. 

Most would say this is a great deal. And I have to agree, less than $20 is a very small price to pay for starting a business. Moreover, there’s also a free trial you can take advantage of if you aren’t too keen on investing your resources just yet. 



I’m sure you’ve heard of Wix at least in passing by now. Even simple blog owners have come across the platform one way or another. It’s one of the most popular website and page builders in the industry. 

There are free plans, premium price tiers, and it’s all very customizable. I have to admit, it was difficult for me to decide between Wix and WordPress when I was first starting out. 

Although, for many reasons I decided to stick with WP but in this case, the former is a worthy adversary when put up against Unbounce in my opinion. 

Why should I choose it over Unbounce?

For starters, Wix lets you build entire websites for your business or brand no matter what experience you have. 

When I was just starting out, the drag and drop editor was my favorite part of the platform. Most site editors require a bit of coding which isn’t ideal for beginners. 

But the good thing about Wix is that you can grow into learning how to fully customize your websites in the future.

So, why is this important? UB focuses on landing page creation for a variety of niches, which is nice. 

However, you also have to consider that landing pages will get you nowhere if you don’t already have a website. 

I like how Wix is a nice, low-cost option for start-ups with a seemingly endless list of integrations so you’re better able to choose exactly which tools you’d like to invest in.

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce?

Like I said, Wix is significantly less expensive compared to the latter. I mentioned earlier that UB costs around $80 to run even on a basic price tier. 

On the other hand, Wix costs just shy of $30 for the most basic plan. This gives you more room to spend on integrations if needed. 

Thrive Themes


This platform is an ideal choice if you’re using WordPress to power your websites. It has a wide selection of themes that allow you to build attractive and high-converting pages for capturing leads, facilitating sales, and more. 

But there is one catch: it’s designed for WordPress. This basically means unless you’re on WP, you won’t get much use out of it. 

However, the extensive template library that comes with it is one that gets most digital marketers like me easily excited.

Why should I choose it over Unbounce?

Don’t get me wrong, Unbounce has a good selection of attractive templates to choose from. 

However, you need to set aside time to integrate them into your WordPress website. It’s possible of course, but it does take some time to do so. 

With ThriveThemes, it’s already integrated into the latter platform so all you need to do is focus on building your pages

Plus, you don’t have to worry about making a mistake when migrating your themes. The software is designed for the website builder so there’s nothing you can do wrong. 

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce? 

It’s significantly cheaper compared to the latter. For under $20 a month, you gain access to an extensive theme gallery with selections for nearly every niche you can think of. 

I like how everything is easily customizable both for beginners and those of us who are a little more skilled when it comes to the techy side of things. 


elementor Drag and drop site builder

And finally, the last program on our list. I’ve reviewed this software before and found that it has applications for web developers of any level. 

One of its main selling points is that you’re able to build entire websites without needing a single line of code

This is great, especially if you’re not quite sure where to start. It integrates into WordPress which makes your job of creating sites and pages for the hosting giant much easier. 

You’re probably wondering why you would need such a plugin. The reason why I have Wix on this list instead of WordPress is because it allows you to create more unique pages. 

Think of it this way: if everyone started using the themes on WP with the same restrictions, wouldn’t the websites look very similar? 

Elementor manages to let you create more unique-looking pages and sites to fit your brand better and to distinguish you from your competition.

Why should I choose it over Unbounce? 

The main difference is that Elementor lets you create high-converting, unique web pages and campaigns for WP.

On the other hand, UB is only able to build landing pages. 

Do you see where I’m going with this? Basically, if you want a more cohesive website and lead generating outlet, Elementor does a pretty good job of giving your free reign over the design work. 

The best part? It has a drag and drop editor that lets you focus on working without having to worry about coding. 

How much does it cost compared to Unbounce? 

It costs under $50 a year to run. Imagine that? This makes it all the more ideal for startups or for businesses who want to save a little money without sacrificing the quality and efficiency of the tools they’re using. 

Final words: which are the best Unbounce competitors?

I’ll start off by saying that the platform has some great features. After all, it isn’t popular for no reason. That said, there are many alternatives to it if you find yourself wanting something a little bit different. 

Here’s a quick recap of what we discussed above in case you needed it:

  • ClickFunnels is the best alternative if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution. Its superior knowledge base and wide feature set allow you to create full blown sales funnels with the help of Russel Brunson’s teachings. 
  • LeadPages is an ideal choice if you’re looking for a more cost-effective landing page builder. It gives you the ability to create as many landing pages and websites as you want no matter which price tier you’re on.
  • Landingi is a great choice if you want a tool with a built-in email autoresponder feature. It’s pretty basic, but it allows you to keep in touch with your leads after they’ve signed up. 
  • Kartra is ideal if you’re selling products or services. The shopping cart tool integrates seamlessly to allow your audience to shop directly from your website or the pages you build. 

Overall, I firmly believe that you shouldn’t settle for a platform just because it’s popular. Don’t get me wrong, I like how Unbounce works. 

But it isn’t the best solution for everyone. So my advice is this: take a look at the needs of your business and choose your tools wisely

You don’t need to spend over $100 each month for a platform that only gets you minimal sales. Remember, to be rich and gain success, you need to be smart and wise at the same time.

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