Best Way to Revise an Essay – Making Your Paper Flawless

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The writing process of an essay can be tiresome, especially if the essay is long. But no matter how tired you get at the end of writing your essay, don’t turn it in as it is.

Instead, you need to refine it to showcase excellent writing skills and eliminate grammatical errors and other mistakes. Remember, a faultless essay attracts high marks. But how do you ensure your entire paper is error-free after writing it? 

Here’s some expert advice for carrying out a thorough revision process.

How beneficial is essay revision when writing academic papers?

As mentioned, an error-free essay attracts good marks.

Helps ascertain that the essay is well-structured

So, the primary reason to include an essay revision in your writing process is to eliminate grammatical errors, spelling blunders, and other mistakes that ruin your paper’s quality. So, let’s get into detail.

Makes the essay easy to read

A clear essay is easy to read and comprehend the discussion. And you achieve that through sentence fluency. Right from the intro, the paper should flow seamlessly to the concluding sentence.

Essay revision enables you to pinpoint ambiguous sentences that make it hard for readers to understand the discussion. Rectifying such sentences helps boost the quality of the entire paper, thus increasing the chances of scoring top marks.

Demonstrates excellent academic writing skills

When writing academic papers, you must showcase your competency on the topic or concepts under discussion. And what proper way to do that than presenting an essay written with a professional touch?

A properly written academic essay should be in the right language and tone, properly formatted, and free from grammatical errors and other writing mistakes. Essay revision helps you find grammatical errors and set the paper to acceptable academic standards.

Helps confirm if the prompt has been answered well

You might have committed no grammatical errors in your essay, used proper tone, and had good sentence fluency in the entire paper, but all that would be pointless if you hadn’t answered the essay question correctly.

The professor is interested in determining whether you have attained the learning outcomes on the tested concept. And they do that by analyzing how you’ve answered the prompt.

A wrong answer means you didn’t attain the learning outcomes, and thus you’ll fail the paper. Therefore, reviewing the essay after the writing process helps you ascertain whether you’ve given the correct answer.

Helps ascertain that the essay is well-structured

An academic essay comprises three segments; an intro, a body section, and an outro. Reviewing the first draft helps ensure that all the sections are well-written to complete the essay.

Best Way to Revise an Essay - Making Your Paper Flawless

Specifically, the intro needs to be engaging as it sets the mood for the entire paper. So, revision helps you determine whether the intro will motivate the readers to read the whole essay. 

The body section presents your assertion. It comprises paragraphs that discuss your points that bring out the main idea. This section should be well-structured by presenting the strongest points first. 

The outro is the concluding section that lets the reader know you are wrapping the discussion up. So, it should begin with a recap of the thesis statement, followed by a summary of the chief points, and end with a take-home point for the reader.

Important revising points to check

Wondering if you need the best essay writing service to revise your first essay to perfection? Well, the good news is you can do it by yourself by observing some crucial areas. They include:

  • Does the paper have a clear primary idea, and does the thesis statement highlight it?
  • Is the introduction captivating enough to keep the reader glued to the essay?
  • Do all the paragraphs relate to the main idea?
  • Is the primary argument of each paragraph clear?
  • Are all sentences direct and clear?
  • Is the word choice good?
  • Is there a good transition from one point to the next?
  • Is the entire paper properly structured?
  • Is the outro written well?

Tips for effective essay revisions

Still wondering, “Who can write my essay perfectly?” With pro tips for doing an effective revision process, you would be able to turn in a magnificent paper, all written by yourself. So here’re the things to do after completing the writing process. 

Read the essay out loud

You may not capture some mistakes when going through your essay silently. So, the best way to find grammatical errors and sentence structure issues is to read the paper aloud.

Read the essay out loud

Reading aloud helps you listen to the paper, enabling you to identify mistakes that won’t easily be noticed quickly. As you listen, pay attention to how your argument flows. 

Is there a smooth transition? Do you need to insert transition phrases? What about the word choice? Are there words that don’t sound right? Are they slang? Are they clichés? 

The idea is to ensure the paper sounds academically right. So, remove all elements that might compromise its quality.

Group reviews

Doing the entire writing process and revising the essay alone might not always be effective. Sometimes it’s best to get others’ views on what you’ve written.

In addition, it helps find grammatical errors easily and other rectifications needed to make the essay superb. Therefore, get roomies, friends, or classmates to review your first draft after completing it.

The best thing about group reviews, especially when done with classmates, is that you can easily tell if you answered the prompt correctly. 

Line editing technique

As it sounds, line editing is an approach where you revise the first essay by going line by line, with a keen eye on consistency, words used, and overall readability. So, it’s much more than just proofreading.

By paying extra attention to each sentence or line, you’ll be able to establish if there’s a good flow from one point to the next. You’ll also be able to capture even the smallest spelling errors without using a spell checker. 

Reevaluate your sources

A great academic essay is one with supporting evidence borrowed from scholarly sources. Scholarly sources include journals, books, and credible websites such as government sites.

Thus, during the revision process, counter-check your sources to ensure they are credible and scholarly. Using scholarly sources demonstrates that you did thorough research when answering the essay question.

It also validates your assertion since you support it with facts and examples from reputable sources. And that’s a key ingredient for a high-scoring essay.

Check uniqueness

A plagiarized essay would undoubtedly put you into trouble with your school and, if fortunate enough, score zero marks.

Check uniqueness

That’s definitely not what you want. After spending hours or days writing your essay, it would only be wise to spare some minutes and check its uniqueness. 

An effective way to do it is to run the paper through a reputable plagiarism checker. Most checkers highlight the sections that seem plagiarized, so you edit them accordingly.

Final thoughts

Revising an essay is a crucial step in the writing process. It helps confirm if the prompt has been answered well, makes the entire paper easy to read by eliminating grammatical errors, and demonstrates excellent writing abilities.

And all these constitute a recipe for scoring high marks. So, after completing the writing process, spare some time to fine-tune the essay. Then, apply the methods discussed above for effective revision.

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