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In my previous posts, we talked about the different ways you can work online or develop a side hustle. I want to thank you for all your feedback because I got some good ideas for my future posts. 

One of these is to talk to you about bookkeeping and one of the comprehensive courses I have seen online about it called Bookkeeper Launch. To be more specific, this article will be all about my Bookkeeper Launch review

In this post, you will learn:

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What is virtual bookkeeping?

Probably you’ve never heard of the term “bookkeeping.” If you did, then it’s also possible you don’t understand what it means. Let me define it for you.

Bookkeeping is the process of recording various transactions of an individual business owner or a company, Whether it’s a partnership or a corporation, it is part of the accounting system. 

What is virtual bookkeeping

As a bookkeeper, you maintain certain “business books.” These can include journals, ledgers, statements of account, cash books, or day books. You may need to update these at different times, although usually, you have something to record daily.

While it may sound as if your job is routine, you play a huge role in the organization or in the business. The records you keep will come in handy when accountants need to create financial statements or forecast sales. 

The organized information will make preparing tax returns easier and faster. Moreover, you help the business keep track of the movements of the assets and the growth or decline of their equities and liabilities. 

In other words, those you record will help everyone involved in accounting and operations make informed and even cost-effective decisions. 

Applying as a virtual bookkeeper

Usually, bookkeepers work in the office either on a part-time or full-time basis. These days, you can already apply for a virtual bookkeeper job. 

Contrary to popular belief, you need not have a college degree to become a bookkeeper, although some may prefer someone with an accounting background. As long as you have a high school diploma, then you’re already one step toward this type of work. 

Besides, programs like Bookkeeper Launch can guide you throughout the process. By the time you complete all the coursework, you are confident to do bookkeeping. 

However, aside from hard skills, you should also be an excellent communicator and a team player. You must also be assertive - never afraid to ask questions or clarifications. 

Moreover, you have to be diligent and comfortable working with repetitive tasks

The demand for bookkeepers

Another good reason to be a bookkeeper is the demand. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for auditing clerks, accountants, and bookkeepers may contract or decline by 6% from 2019 to 2029. This is because automation will gradually overtake the work

However, many factors can still make bookkeeping relevant:

Not all businesses are capable of going fully automated. The infrastructure and platform can be expensive, and maintaining them can be a hassle. Many businesses will still prefer to hire someone perhaps on a retainer’s fee or seasonally, which is a more cost-effective approach.

Many companies are going global. So that they can run their businesses more efficiently, they may outsource some of the routine tasks, including bookkeeping. In fact, it may be more beneficial for them to hire a local bookkeeper. These individuals have a deeper understanding of the regional laws that may affect the way they should record financial transactions. 

Not everyone is tech-savvy. In a survey, about 80% of business owners said that tech helps them succeed. However, in another study, over 40% don’t use these tools to their full capacity. At least 10% said they don’t have the time to use it every day, while a whopping 30% don’t know how to maximize them. 

Thus, even if the business can afford to buy an accounting platform, they still cannot enjoy its full value because they don’t know how to use it.

In the end, they will have to rely on the expertise of a virtual bookkeeper. 

Even better, you can learn how to start a bookkeeping business. In this setup, you can now handle clients from various industries. You can also build a team of bookkeepers, so you can multiply your income and grow your service fast.  

What can you expect when you engage in work-from-home bookkeeping?

In reality, there’s not much difference between working as a bookkeeper in an office and one who works from home.

work-from-home bookkeeping

However, the little differences can still matter to a lot of people. To help you gauge whether you’re prepared to do this job, check out what you can expect from the position:

Working hours

A bookkeeper can actually consider a variety of working schedules in collaboration or permission of the client. Full-time workers may still need to render at least 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week, while part-time ones can work half the time (that’s 20 hours weekly or 4 hours a day). 

Some bookkeepers serve their clients over the weekends, while others are on retainer. It means that they perform the role only when the customer needs them to. Usually, this happens during tax season or nearing a reporting period (or fiscal year). 

Many bookkeepers need to work according to the time zone of their clients. Thus, you may need to expect yourself to be fully awake in the middle of the night. The good news is since businesses are closed during weekends and holidays, it’s most likely you won’t have to report on these days as well. 

Salary and other benefits

Virtual bookkeepers earn the same way as other people doing online jobs. They receive either a fixed fee or per-hour wages. Note that the wage you receive may not be equal to the minimum salary of your state or median income of a full-time bookkeeper who reports in an office. 

Yours may be lower or higher. It depends on many factors, such as education, training, and experience. However, marketing also matters. 

If you can position yourself properly, you may receive the usual salary of a higher-level bookkeeper even if you’re just a newbie. That’s why one of the goals of Bookkeeper Launch is to teach you how to market yourself, so you can attract high-net-worth clients willing to pay a premium price for your service. 

Often, work-from-home bookkeepers don’t receive the standard benefits enjoyed by those who report to the office and are part of the employee roster. If you’re lucky, though, the business may still extend basic health insurance or bonuses for a job well done. They may also grant you paid leaves. 

Working environment

Compared to other work-from-home jobs, virtual bookkeeping is often less stressful. It may become tiresome during certain days. As mentioned, these can be tax season, changes in business calendar years, or financial reporting. 

Continue working hard

However, the job’s monotony may feel boring at times. You can avoid that by continuously enriching your bookkeeping skills or adding more related talents. For example, you can learn basic accounting or taxation. 

You may also work as a virtual assistant who specializes in bookkeeping. This way, you can handle a variety of jobs. 

Although you spend most of your time crunching numbers and recording data, you still need to work with a team. These include the business owner, tax specialists, accountants, investors, and other stakeholders. 

Skills needed

What do you need to learn to be a bookkeeper?

First, you have to be comfortable with numbers. You need not be a math expert, but you should know its basics. Introductory knowledge on accounting can also help. 

Second, you need to be thorough and have a high attention to detail. Even the smallest mistake can have a profound effect on the outcomes, like in the data reflected in financial statements or documents submitted to the IRS. 

Third, as more companies invest in business-related platforms, such as accounting software, you also have to be tech-proficient. You don’t have to be fully acquainted to this, but you must be someone who can understand quickly how these things work. If the company uses proprietary software, you must be easy to train. 

Fourth is communication skill. As I mentioned a while ago, you may have to work with different professionals. 

The ability to answer emails on time, participate in meetings, ask questions politely, discuss your output, and be accountable for your work can surely go an extra mile. 

What is Bookkeeper Launch?

Bookkeeper Launch describes itself as the “only proven system that helps you start a 100% virtual bookkeeping business from scratch.” It achieves this using a step-by-step blueprint: 21st-century bookkeeping skills, efficient systems, and marketing to attract high-quality clients. 

What is Bookkeeper Launch

To be more specific, this platform offers one of the most comprehensive courses about bookkeeping. It is in the hopes that by the time you’re done with it, you have all the tools you need to start a career or business in the field.

I would like to point out two of these entries in the blueprint. First, why did it say “21st-century skills”? The reason is simple: times have changed, which means the demands of the job and the clients are no longer the same as five, ten, and definitely twenty years ago. 

For instance, many of your potential customers perhaps want you to use the cloud. You need to know not only how to use the tool but also how to safeguard yourself against online theft or cyberattacks that can put your client’s confidential data in great jeopardy. 

Second point: what does it mean by attracting high-quality clients? Every virtual bookkeeper - or worker, for that matter - has a specific idea of a good customer. I definitely have one myself. 

But working smart doesn’t just mean looking for a client who pays. We don’t want businesses who underpay us either. Instead, we desire clients who can pay us slightly higher for the same amount of hours of work. Think of Pareto principle. 

Bookkeeper Launch is the brainchild of Ben Robinson, who’s a high-caliber certified public accountant (CPA). Stories suggest that he started his accounting and bookkeeping firm and felt frustrated when he couldn’t find enough qualified or worthy candidates to join his team. 

Started in 2015, the platform had other names until it became Bookkeeper Launch. The modules have also undergone upgrading or improvements to reflect the changes in the industry. Today, the company boasts of helping over 4,000 people around the world. 

Who is it for?

Bookkeeper Launch is ideal for the following:

  • People who want a side hustle and work as a virtual bookkeeper whether part-time or full-time
  • Individuals who want to transition from an office to an online job
  • Accounting firms, tax specialists, virtual teams, and digital marketing agencies that want to offer other services to increase their value to their clients
  • Anyone who is thinking of starting a bookkeeping business or career even if they don’t have any experience or background in the field
  • Business owners who like to do bookkeeping and accounting themselves (the skills they learn will also allow them to pivot fast when times call for it)
  • People who want to update their knowledge in bookkeeping

Bookkeeper Launch features

Bookkeeper Launch is a system that teaches you how to become a bookkeeper. To know how it works is to learn its features:

1. Overview of the system 

Let’s begin with an overview of the entire website. After you purchased your subscription or package, you can then open your account using your personal login credentials. This will then lead you to the dashboard, which pretty much sums up what you can expect throughout the entire course. 

Bookkeeper Launch review

The primary foci of the platform involve the basics, marketing, and skills building (or improvement, if you already have some experience). The entire program is self-paced, which means you can complete everything in a matter of days or go through it in months (or a year) - your choice. 

However, Bookkeeper Launch said that the system has been designed to be learned in 90 days or three months. 

2. Parts of the course

The entire course is divided into units, which are then further divided into smaller sections. The actual content depends on the version of the platform you purchased. 

Here’s an overview of the Bookkeeper Launch system:

1. Skills

  • Foundations
  • Setup
  • Transactions
  • Statements
  • Cleanup

2. Clients

  • Get Ready to Earn
  • Yakkity Yak
  • Networking
  • Irresistible Selling Statement
  • Specialized Groups

3. Systems

  • Lifestyle
  • Your Money
  • Processes and Checklists
  • Templates
  • Tools and Tech

4. Clients – Advanced

  • Get Your Website
  • Prospect Follow-Up System
  • Email Outreach
  • Referral Marketing
  • LinkedIn
  • Niches

When you click on each of these units, you will see the subunits. Each will then lead you to a video or text or a combination of both that teach you about the subject. As you complete each subunit, a bar that appears under each main unit will start turning green. This is how you can keep track of your progress. 

Since this is a system, you cannot jump from one course to another. In fact, in some sections, you need to complete and pass the exams before you can proceed and hopefully receive your certification. 

3. Teaching materials

The teaching materials are varied. Much like Coursera, students can access videos, transcripts, and audios. This way, you have different options on how to study. You can also read case studies and see templates that can help you when you’re marketing or recording financial transactions. 

bookkeeper Teaching materials

There are also workbooks and practice tasks to prepare you for exams. Students can expect to undergo short quizzes, which may appear after every subunit and major tests after they completed all the units of the course. 

The course doesn’t end without exposing you to some online tools used in accounting and bookkeeping. Bookkeeper Launch provides you access to Quickbooks Online since it’s one of the most popular out there. You will perform hands-on training and even undergo tests using it. 

At the end of completing the course, you will receive a third-party verified certificate of completion. It is actually a badge you can display on your social media accounts, LinkedIn profile, and, of course, your website

4. Student support

During and after your training, students can take advantage of different kinds of support. There will be live Q&A sessions, where the students can directly ask other trainees and, of course, teachers and module creators, including Robinson himself. 

Bookkeeper Launch Q&A sessions

You will also receive unlimited email support and be part of the growing private Facebook group. There’s also a Q&A lunch with a lawyer, which is helpful if you’re planning to run a virtual bookkeeping business. A lawyer can also guide you through the technicalities involved in bookkeeping. 

Once you already have clients, you can request personal assistance from the Bookkeeper Launch office if you encounter some issues. 

5. Other courses 

Besides the primary comprehensive training system, Bookkeeper Launch also offers piecemeal courses. From the looks of it, though, these are more marketed toward those who want to launch a bookkeeping business. The options depend on your goal: start, grow, scale, optimize, and transform. 

Under these, you can pick any or all of the following:

  • Cybersecurity for Bookkeepers
  • Marketing Machine
  • Build a 6-Figure Bookkeeping Business
  • Bookkeeper Lab Annual
  • Bookkeeper Lab Monthly
  • Outstanding Processes and People
  • Pricing and Packaging
  • New Client Onboarding
  • Advisory Services
  • Tax Biz 2020

Bookkeeper Launch pricing plans

For the main product, which is the Bookkeeper Launch, the price is $2,499. However, you can choose which plan works best for you as well as pay them in installments.

See the chart below:

Bookkeeper Launch pricing plans

 If you choose Pro, you can pay it in 12 months for only $249 if you cannot afford $2,499 outright. Under this plan, you will receive two bonuses called “Hacks and Facts” and “Profit Maximizers.” 

If you go for Premier, monthly payments are $299 for 12 months. In exchange, you get all the benefits under the Pro plan and more access to customer support such as coaching and mic sessions.

The Team plan is slightly different from the two since this is more ideal for a bookkeeping business or an agency. This is also great if you want to share the program with friends and family. The monthly cost is $499 for a year, but you will enjoy all the inclusions of Pro and a knowledge license for two of your team members or friends. 

The additional courses I mentioned above also have different price points: 

Cybersecurity for Bookkeepers ($97), Marketing Machine ($2,995), Build a 6-Figure Bookkeeping Business ($497), Bookkeeper Lab Annual ($370 a year), Bookkeeper Lab Monthly ($37 a month), Outstanding Processes and People ($2,995), Pricing and Packaging ($998), New Client Onboarding ($497), Advisory Services ($2,995), Tax Biz 2020 ($2,995 for full pay or $295/month for 12 months) 

If you’re not happy with any of the courses, Bookkeeper Launch offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. You just need to email them. Usually, it takes over an hour during business days. for them to send you a reply. 

Lastly, you can get a glimpse on how the masters teach by signing up on their Free Discovery Series. Here, they deliver short FREE courses straight to your inbox. 

Bookkeeper Free Discovery Series

Bookkeeper Business Launch review: pros and cons

Is Bookkeeper Launch the right program for you? 

To answer the question, let’s round up this Bookkeeper Launch review by enumerating the pros and cons. 


1. The system is as comprehensive as it gets

Bookkeeper Launch, the main product, is probably one of the most comprehensive learning or training systems I’ve seen online. 

Others, even those that tackle other subjects, pale in comparison. It covers virtually EVERYTHING you want to touch on whether you want to be a virtual bookkeeper or a bookkeeping entrepreneur. 

2. It tries to understand the perspective and need of its students

Learning can be boring, especially if it’s a technical topic like bookkeeping. That’s why I appreciate the fact that the modules combine a variety of learning materials. These include videos, audios, transcripts, quizzes, and a whole lot more. 

These help you keep engaged, not to mention give students flexibility on how they want to learn. After all, doesn’t the study say that at least 60% of people on the planet are visual learners? 

Another praise-worthy act of Bookkeeper Launch is its updating the units and courses to reflect the needs of the profession. It’s such a hassle as you might need to enroll again if you want to be refreshed or buy a separate course, but at least you know that you’re equipped to meet new demands of the job and the industry. 

Lastly, you can learn the course at your pace, and your membership doesn’t have to expire. This is unlike other courses, which you will lose if you don’t complete or take them within a particular number of months or weeks. 

3. The support is amazing

I also laud the fact that Bookkeeper Launch tries to go beyond the standard customer support options, like email, instant messaging, and phone call. You can participate in Q&As, talk to other professionals, and even receive counseling or advice if you have client issues. 

Personally, I can feel its sincerity to help you truly succeed in your newfound profession or business. That’s why I am not surprised that thousands have become successful after enrolling in its programs. 

4. It is actually affordable when you come to think of it.

Let’s talk about the obvious here: the prices are way higher than similar courses in the market. 

However, you can make it affordable. For one, once you get past the basics and develop the skills, you can already begin marketing yourself. 

Even before you completed the program, you may already be earning money. That can pay off your monthly payments. Otherwise, you can take advantage of the installment option, so you can take the course at a much lower price (although you can also save a lot if you buy it at one time). 

5. The learning gives you plenty of options when it comes to career growth

I also like the idea that you can have different trajectory paths after you completed the program. Besides being a virtual bookkeeper or entrepreneur, you can become a digital marketer or virtual assistant specializing in bookkeeping. 

If you’re an old-timer, the 21st-century skills can keep you relevant and even allow you to compete with the new breeds. From your Bookkeeper Launch, you can get other accounting-related certifications. 

6. It doesn’t try to sugarcoat the process

My opinion here may run counter to that of others, but I do like the fact that Bookkeeper Launch doesn’t make everything super easy. In fact, it’s honest to say that, for some, it may take at least 6 months before they can enjoy a return on their investment. 

Moreover, the program doesn’t let you finish units and subunits - and that’s it. It tests your knowledge every step of the way. It assesses you if you’re truly ready for the real world. The program forces you to work hard to truly earn that badge.

7. It’s easy to follow your progress

Although Bookkeeper Launch has several courses, it’s still convenient for you to track your progress. The dashboard is clutter-free, intuitive, and well-designed. The gradual change of bars to green gives you an idea of how far you are in completing the modules and even motivates you to work harder. 

Ben Robinson


1. Well, it is truly expensive

The price point can still be a major con. Others may still find the installment repayments too much, and the other courses don’t have the same option. Whether you like it or not, a lot still consider the cost as their major consideration in making a purchase. 

2. It doesn’t give you a paper certification 

After you completed the program, you will receive a certification badge you can display on your social media accounts or LinkedIn profile and website. While that’s great, perhaps it’s better if you can also print it. 

It’s nice to see and feel something tangible that speaks of your achievement. It also comes in handy when you want to apply again in an office or your client wants to interview you and see your credentials in person.

3. It might be overwhelming for new bookkeepers

The system tries its best to make it as easy for any inexperienced or new bookkeeper to follow. However, others may still find it overwhelming, especially when they need to complete plenty of units or have to choose a variety of other courses. 

Bookkeeper Launch review: Conclusion

Learning bookkeeping isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but there are strategies to make it comfortable even for the inexperienced individuals. One of these is the Bookkeeper Launch. 

Bookkeeper Launch is a training program that walks its students through the different stages of becoming a professional virtual bookkeeper or bookkeeping entrepreneur.

By the time they are done with the course, they should already feel confident to market and sell themselves to clients and handle every aspect of their job or business, including payroll and taxation. 

But unlike other programs, Bookkeeper Launch strives to maintain an excellent relationship with its students, which is great. It offers plenty of avenues, such as Facebook private groups and coaching sessions, for them to learn even when they have already completed the course. They offer modules that reflect the pressing needs of the industry at present. Thus, this makes the bookkeeping skills taught relevant. 

With all these benefits, the hefty price tag becomes justifiable.

Plus, the people behind it, the dozens of testimonials, and excellent online ratings mean Bookkeeper Launch is both real and credible.

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