3 Budget-Friendly Website Building Tips For New Startup Founders

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New startup founders usually face issues with their finances. For instance, they might fail to calculate the cash-burn ratio or spend money on bad hires. One thing entrepreneurs spend a lot on is building an online presence through high-quality websites. 

Did you know that professional websites can cost up to USD 9,000? Many business owners think they need expensive websites for lead generation and conversion. However, this expenditure ends up compromising other organizational funds. 

New startup owners won’t have enough financial resources to build a fancy website. Investopedia states that most startups fail because they run out of money. Thankfully, there are budget-friendly ways to create a business-ready website.

In this blog, we’ll discuss three tips to help you build a website without hurting your pocket.

1. Understand your audience

Many industry leaders believe that startups can never ‘fully’ understand or know their audience. That means you’ll have to make do with the little information you’ve collected. 

Did you know that most businesses fail because they cannot identify their target audience? Yes, your marketing strategies won’t work if you’re selling to the wrong people. 

target audience

That means your website won’t get any visitors, irrespective of how much money you spend on it. Hence, you should follow these tips to first identify your target audience:

  • Collect the correct customer data after segmenting your audience.

  • Check competitors and create a buyer persona.

  • Determine the service and product characteristics based on market research.

You can outline your website’s design once you’ve analyzed these parameters. Startup founders should also spend money on understanding buyer demographics and customer preferences. Getting these will help you create the website after determining customer behavior. 

Let’s say your audience is mostly teenagers. In that case, you must create a colorful website with unique fonts. You’ll also need to keep the content conversational. 

If the audience likes what they see, they’ll stay longer to explore your services or products. The customers will also convert faster and return to your website if they like the easy-to-navigate features. All this will ensure that you aren’t spending money on unnecessary features.

2. Focus on minimalism 

Recently, a new type of web design has emerged due to the ‘less is more’ belief. Many startup founders consider using minimalistic designs because of their low cost. On average, it can cost as little as USD 500, depending on the features you want.

Minimalist websites have essential elements and simple designs. There’ll be a lot of limited colors and white spaces. These web pages only focus on non-complex functionality. The simplicity of such designs avoids content overload for visitors. For instance, visitors only need a minimal number of clicks to get what they need.

Final words How to boost office productivity with these simple tips

Startup founders should prioritize simplicity when designing a website. Most users will find such websites more impactful, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing. Minimalistic designs are usually mobile-friendly and easier to navigate. 

An average person will only spend 53 seconds on a website. Hence, simple interfaces can enhance their browsing experiences and convert leads into prospects.

3. Consider using an AI website builder

What if minimalist websites aren’t the best fit for your business? In that case, startup founders would want all the dynamic features of a professional website without spending too much on it. 

For that, you can use an AI website builder tool. According to Hocoos, these tools are either free or only cost USD 15 per month. With this, startup founders can build business-ready websites within a few seconds. 

Utilizing these tools will help you generate brand-specific content, images, and design elements without hassle. You only need to answer a few business- and brand-related questions to generate the website. 

3. Save money

That means you don’t have to pay USD 75 per hour to a website developer or designer. Consider the AI website builders as an all-rounded solution. 

Even then, some AI websites lack creativity. That’s where the editing features come into play. You’ll have to edit the website’s design elements, content, and images based on your business needs.

AI for website design reduces redundancy and makes the process more efficient. It also offers a personalized experience to business owners and website visitors. With this tool, your team can analyze how users interact with the accessible web pages.


In summary, the quality of your website will determine your new startup’s success. However, startups need not spend too much on that.

First, you must analyze the audience's needs and expectations. Based on that, you can either create minimalistic web pages or use an affordable AI-based website builder.

But before anything, you should check your finances and create a marketing budget. Doing so will help you use the tips shared to build a sustainable and business-ready website.

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