Builderall Affiliate Program: What is Builderall Business?

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If you’re using Builderall for your business, you know how their comprehensive tools can help generate leads and increase your sales. 

But you see, Builderall isn’t just a marketing platform. It’s also an affiliate program that gives you an additional opportunity to earn money.

And by being part of this, you can earn commissions through sales and scale your business at the same time.

In this article, you’ll learn about everything there is to know about the Builderall affiliate program. You’ll also get my personal opinions about it and how you can promote Builderall for free.

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What is Builderall Business?

Builderall Business is what they used to call the Builderall Affiliate Program. But while terminologies changed, the ultimate goal is still the same: to help you earn a recurring income by promoting their subscription plans.

Learn more about how Builderall can help your business through my comprehensive Builderall review which goes deep into everything that the digital marketing platform has to offer.

Builderall Affiliate Program

How can you earn through Builderall?

With Builderall’s two-tier commission system, you get money when you personally sell someone a subscription or when your affiliate does. Here are the commissions you earn through Builderall:

Personal sales commissions

When you get someone to purchase a Builderall subscription from you, you get 100% of their first payment. The actual amount will depend on the subscription plan your customer got.

Personal sales recurring commissions

And for each month after that your customer remains subscribed to Builderall, you get a 30% recurring commission.

Yes, that is for each customer. So once you get the initial sale, you’re getting a passive income stream.

2nd tier recurring commissions

Apart from recurring commissions from your direct sales, you also get a 30% recurring commission from affiliates who signed up using your link.

What is Builderall Business

Do you want to see how much your potential income as an affiliate could be? Check out their earnings simulator.

Note that this assumes that the customer purchases the Premium Plan which costs $69.90 per month. The commissions would be smaller for the more affordable subscriptions.

What are the benefits of becoming a Builderall Affiliate?

Builderall is a great product

In fact, it’s so good that it practically sells itself. That means you won’t have to do much convincing to encourage everyone else to purchase a subscription from you.

It’s in high demand

Most businesses have an online presence. And for some businesses, they exist solely online.

With millions of businesses competing for their market’s attention, they’d want a cheap yet effective marketing platform like Builderall to reach their audience.

It’s in an eternal niche

And what do I mean by this?

Simply, that Builderall will always be useful to business owners and marketers. For as long as the internet exists as a medium to get customers, so will Builderall.

You earn commissions even after the initial sale

For as long as the subscription of your customer is active, you’ll get your 30%. The same goes for your affiliate’s customers.

This makes the affiliate program a profitable business and income stream. Getting customers to sign up for monthly or annual plans allows you to build your recurring income network for the future.

Get commissions from your affiliate’s customers

Thanks to the 2-tier commission system, you can also earn money from your affiliate’s customers.

And with your affiliates’ sales coming in your account as well, you don’t have to constantly work on getting sales.

Builderall has flexible pricing plans

For as low as $29.90 a month, anyone can already avail of a subscription.

And because they aren’t forced to commit to the most expensive plan, you can entice more people to become a customer.

Builderall is a great product

Most of the work has already been done for you

Builderall already has marketing and sales funnels that you can use to get customers and generate sales. You don’t have to start from scratch.

But to be clear, I don’t recommend that you rely on these alone. To appeal to your target market, you should create your own content.

Get more bonuses from Builderall

For every 100 active subscriptions you bring in through your affiliates or through direct sales, you get $500.

And that's on top of the commissions you earn. Apart from the money, having a goal will help you push forward to get more customers and affiliates.

Who can join the Builderall affiliate program?

If I’m being truly honest, I’d say anyone who has internet access has the potential to be a successful affiliate. There’s absolutely no cost for you to get started, so you’ll never lose money. If you are:

  • A Builderall user who wants to earn back their monthly subscription fee (and maybe even more) while promoting something you already know works great…
  • An internet marketer who is looking for more opportunities to generate sales and earn money
  • A full-time professional who is looking to add an income stream without sacrificing their career...
  • A business owner who wants to increase their business capital and practice their sales chops at the same time…
  • A newbie who wants to earn money by promoting a high-demand and easy-to-sell product...
  • Anyone who wants financial freedom…

Then you can be a Builderall affiliate. There’s no fancy certification required or upfront costs. All you need is dedication, and you can be successful.

How do you register to become an affiliate?

You can become a Builderall affiliate in five minutes:

1. Register

You can read more about the affiliate program here. And once you’re sure you want to be an affiliate click the big button that says “BECOME AN AFFILIATE TODAY”.

2. Enter your details

You’ll have to enter your name and email address, then create a password for your site. And once you press enter, you’ll get an option to upgrade to the Premium Plan. After that...

3. Congratulations!

You’re officially a Builderall affiliate. You can start earning money when someone signs up using your link.

How do you get paid?

By clicking on Menu on the upper lefthand corner, you’ll see “Affiliates” which will take you to the Affiliate Dashboard.

From here, you can scroll down until you see a button that says “GET PAID”. Click on this to withdraw your commissions to your selected bank account or payment gateway.

There are two types of affiliates:

  • New Affiliates who have not earned at least $250 OR who has customers who haven’t been with Builderall for at least a month. They will have to wait 35 days before their payment clears for withdrawal.
  • Recurring affiliates who have earned at least $250 OR who have already waited 35 days for their first payment. They will only have to wait 5 days to withdraw their earnings.

No matter what type of affiliate you are, you will still need to set up your e-wallet to get paid. If you haven’t set it up yet, view the YouTube video on the Get Paid page.

Basically, you only have to enter your details as they appear on your legal IDs. After that, the company will email you with how you can proceed with the application.

Once your details are verified, that’s it! You can start withdrawing your money.

Tips on how to promote Builderall for free

Want to get started but don’t know how? Here are a few tips to help you promote Builderall for free:

Identify your target market

The more specific you are, the better. Creating a target market allows you to speak to a certain segment of the audience directly.

And by doing this, you’re able to think of problems they have specifically which can be addressed by Builderall.

The result? Better audience reception.

Your affiliate links can still be seen by everyone. So even if they aren’t your target, they can still decide to purchase a subscription using your link.

Post on Facebook groups

Flooding your wall with affiliate links isn’t enough… It can even be counterproductive. 

What you want to do is hang out in groups where your target audience is.

Once you get in, start interacting with members by liking their posts, posting engaging content, commenting on posts, and answering questions.

If your target audience sees you as someone likable and reliable, they’re more likely to buy something from you.

Create useful blog posts

If you have an active subscription with Builderall, why not use it for something it’s meant to do?

builderall blog post

Use the Builderall platform to create a website and write engaging and informative blog posts for your audience. Its pixel perfect website builder has many stunning templates you can choose from.

With more information at their hands, the more confident they become in buying a subscription from you.

Plus, you only have to write the content once. After that, everything you wrote can be read by anyone.

You can even repurpose your blogs for posting on Facebook or any social media platform you want.

Show how Builderall has helped your business

If you’re a business owner, there’s no better way to convince people to use the software than by showing the results you got.

Now, they don’t have to be outstanding.

What’s important is you show how useful Builderall is to you. Here are a few angles you can work on:

  • Did Builderall help you save time?
  • How much did you save on paid subscriptions?
  • What do you love about Builderall?
  • Have your sales improved when you used Builderall?
  • Has your engagement rate increased?
  • Why did you get a Builderall subscription?

Your target market probably has the same concerns. Demonstrate how using Builderall can help make their lives easier and better.

Get affiliates to sign up using your link

Remember, you can also earn through 2nd tier commissions. And by bringing in affiliates, you’re getting more users to help you increase your recurring income stream.

join Builderall Business

And here, the focus must be the quality of affiliates instead of the quantity. Quality affiliates can bring in more sales per month. You earn more when they sell more.

Do I recommend joining the Builderall affiliate program?

Yes. I recommend it ESPECIALLY if you’re already using Builderall for your business.

Because even the cheapest paid plan already allows you to connect 3 domains, you can connect the domain of your affiliate site at no extra cost.

But even if you’re not a Builderall user, I still recommend it. If you put in the work, their generous commissions can easily replace your full-time income.

However, how much you’ll earn isn’t guaranteed by anything except these two things:

  • How much work you’re willing to put in
  • How good you are at marketing Builderall

But let’s say that becoming an affiliate ONLY gets you an additional $200 per month. That would already be great!

And the best part? Builderall is a subscription plan, so clients will pay for it every month.

So if they’re satisfied with the platform (which I’m sure they will be), they’ll continue paying each month. And for you, that means getting recurring commissions.

Becoming an affiliate is free. You aren’t required to pay anything to become an affiliate. That means that you get everything you earn in commissions.

In addition, don't forget to study my guide: Best affiliate programs with recurring commissions

The tips I gave you in the previous section are already enough to land you your first sale. So if you want a recurring income selling something that actually works, try becoming a Builderall Affiliate.

You have nothing to lose but have thousands of dollars to gain.

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