13 Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit for 2022

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The world is running amidst uncertainties, and no man knows what the future holds in store for them. This being the case especially after the COVID-19 pandemic which crippled most businesses, it becomes necessary to have a plan of action before everything seems lost. 

The financial crisis that hit almost all parts of the globe has made people unsure about their lives in terms of employment, money, and other things.

As an entrepreneur, you must learn some business ideas with low investment and high profit for 2022 to help you succeed financially at all times without worrying too much about unpredictable situations. Your success as a businessman will depend upon your ability to identify trends shaping various industries well ahead of others who are still trying to deal with challenges arising from the current crisis. 


It doesn’t matter if you wish to start a successful online business. If you follow outdated strategies, you might not enjoy huge profits later. Here are some of the business ideas with low investment and high profit that you may want to give a try in 2022: 

1. Food business

If you are interested in getting into a business with low investment and high profit, the food industry is one of the best options.

This is because it has proven to be quite profitable in recent times and continues to grow steadily. It offers an opportunity for anyone who wants to start a business without dealing with complicated technologies and processes since the investment up-front can also be very little. 

However, if you want your food business to keep growing after having started small depending on your location, there are some things that you need to consider doing, such as attending various trade shows where customers will have an opportunity to examine your products or purchase from you.

food blog

Additionally, try out various recipes so that more people will have the opportunity to buy from you. If you're still in campus, you may want to hire essay writers so you can devote enough time for your food business.

Tips for succeeding within the food business industry: 

  • Learn more about organic foods
  • Have a website
  • Make smart use of social media for marketing purposes

2. Cleaning service

The cleaning service business is one of the best low investment and high-profit businesses that you can start today, especially if you are opting to do it part-time since there is no need to pay taxes or hire employees as well as take long leave when ill because there's just you in charge.

You will also not be required to invest much in purchases, unlike other small businesses with a similar level of income generation such as decorations, etc. This means that your profits will easily outweigh your costs.

Tips for succeeding within the cleaning service industry: 

  • Ensure you have an impressive marketing plan
  • Provide customer support at all times and
  • Always be in touch with your clients

3. Mobile repair services

If you are into smartphones, tablets, or other types of smart devices that need repairs after facing damage from wear and tear, water spills as well as electrical issues; then mobile repair is one of the best business ideas with low investment and high profit that you can try out today especially if you aim to work part-time while still having time to enjoy life after work hours. 

However, remember that your profits will depend on how much you are willing to invest in research to find out what customers want and then how well you are able to meet their needs.

Tips for succeeding within the mobile repair industry: 

  • Learn more about different types of smart devices.
  • Buy backup parts every now and then.
  • Attend various trade shows to have an opportunity to connect with interested buyers.

4. Babysitting services

The babysitting services business is one of the best low investment and high-profit businesses that anyone can start today, including the stay at home moms or dads who might not have many financial responsibilities. 

It involves little training and can be done from your home too if you do not need a separate office space. You earn more by providing excellent services and being honest to your customers, especially if you are charging an hourly rate, unlike other types of small businesses with a similar level of income generation, such as food industries. 

Babysitting is another business that requires full focus implying that, you may need the help of professional writing services especially if you have a huge backlog of assignments.

Tips for succeeding within the babysitting industry: 

  • Learn more about child safety
  • Install a security system so that kids can play outside in your compound and
  • Always try to maintain a good relationship with the parents while taking care of their children

5. Handicrafts business

When it comes to starting a low investment and high-profit business, the handicrafts industry is one of the best ideas you can consider trying out today since it involves minimal costs for setting up your own business. Besides, you are also not required to have office space since you can do your business from home too if need be.

All this will translate to minimal costs and should be a great factor for anyone interested in starting a business with low investment and high profit.    

Nonetheless, remember that you earn more by selling quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction at all times.

Tips for succeeding within the handicrafts industry: 

  • Buy raw materials locally or from suppliers so as not to overpay on shipping charges
  • Always try to meet tight deadlines, and
  • Provide quality services to your customers at all times.

6. Online language learning lessons

When it comes to online businesses, one of the best ideas that anyone can try out today, especially if they are teaching a specific language, is to provide online lessons.

As long as you are fluent in the language that you are interested in teaching and have a degree related to the target language, it is possible to earn more by offering affordable online courses, especially if there are many people out there who want to learn how to speak or write in your target language.

Tips for succeeding within the online language learning industry: 

  • Ensure you have knowledge about best practices for providing online lessons
  • Research your competitors' prices so that you will be able to set up an affordable price range while still having enough profit margins
  • Always try updating your website content with new information

7. Organic garden farming business

When it comes to starting a low investment and high-profit business, starting an organic garden farming business might be the best idea you can explore. It only involves minimal costs of setting up your own business, especially if you want to do it from home.

However, remember that your profits will depend on how much you are willing to invest in research to learn about various organic gardening methods, installing a fence around your farm, and hiring workers.

Tips for succeeding within the organic garden farming industry: 

  • Invest in purchasing high-quality seeds so that you can yield better results
  • Always try searching for high-yielding varieties of crops while still ensuring that they are resistant to pests and are easy to grow organically

8. Blogging and affiliate marketing

If you are passionate about writing articles and have many good ideas on various topics, you can start your own blog within minutes today. All that is required is to learn blogging basics online like hosting an account at sites such as blogger or wordpress.com, amongst others.

How to Make Money With a Blog For Beginners

Be sure to create content with the most relevant keywords, and work with affiliate programs, especially if what you talk about tends to be similar to the services offered by your affiliates.

Tips for succeeding within the blogging and affiliate marketing industry:

  • Learn more about best practices when providing quality services while trying hard to maintain high standards of all times
  • Always try sharing new information with your readers
  • Do not let them lose interest in reading your articles

9. Forum owner

Forums are still thriving, especially if you want to provide discussion platforms for people with common interests. In fact, there are many forums that you can choose from when it comes to the niche that interests you.

All that is required is for you to register an account as a forum owner, ensure setting up topics with relevant information pertaining to your niche so that people will read them and find value in what they are saying, try interacting with your readers more often.

Tips for succeeding within the forum owner industry: 

  • Participate actively on your own forums by answering questions whenever necessary
  • Reply to new post threads as soon as possible so that people will see you are active on the forums

10. Online paid surveys

This is probably one of the most popular low investments and potentially high-profit business ideas you can explore if your main goal is to look for a way of making extra money online.

You might be surprised how much people will pay you just so that they can get results from their researches both online and offline; remember, however, not all paid surveys sites are legit, so make sure you choose only those which have good reviews online about their reliability. 

People who engage with these types of businesses often do it because they love what they do and take great satisfaction in helping improve various products and services they use every day.

Tips for succeeding within the online paid surveys industry: 

  • Only signup with legit paid survey websites
  • Work diligently to keep high survey participation rates. Doing so will help you maintain a good reputation among your clients since it will keep them interested in working with you in the future

11. Wood carving art craft business

Wood carving is one of the oldest skills known to man and remains very much alive even today. This is what makes it an excellent choice for any low investment and potentially high-profit small business ideas you can choose from. 

However, remember that success within this type of business requires patience, persistence, creativity, and also willingness to learn more about wood carving as your knowledge grows. If for any reason you feel stressed because of your assignments which limit your productivity in wood carving at craft business, consider hiring an assignment writing service to take care of some of the assignments.

Tips for succeeding within the wood carving industry: 

  • Consider starting out small and designing wooden items such as ornaments, frames, cute gifts, and other beautiful pieces of art using a variety of tools, especially the lathe tool, which is used to make carvings on various types of wood.

12. Internet marketing business ideas

Since online marketing has taken over most spheres of our lives, including the workplace, where it has become one of the leading methods used today when advertising different products and services, there will never be a time again when you do not get to use social media sites like Facebook or Google+, if you love sharing content online which is why this type of business could be right for you.

All that is required of you to succeed in making money online is to learn more about how internet marketing works and what it entails, decide which method appeals to you the most and build yourself a reputation as an expert within this field.

Tips for succeeding within the internet marketing industry: 

  • Participate actively on social media sites like Facebook or Twitter
  • Share helpful content with your readers regularly while also interacting with them so that they will see that what you are saying has value

13. ECommerce business

If you consider yourself good at making creative products such as handbags, jewelry, and other trinkets, then why not try your hand at the eCommerce business by setting up an online store where customers can order items they like from your collection.

ecommerce and dropshipping

As a creator, you will be responsible for designing your products, marketing them online, and also handling customer requests initiated through online orders.

Tips for succeeding within the eCommerce industry:

  • Start small when it comes to designing products
  • Focus on creating unique pieces that have never been made before
  • Use simple tools to ensure excellent quality is observed throughout your work

The bottom line

Starting a new business takes time, patience, and lots of hard work before you get to reap the benefits. If something in this list interests you, then use it as your primary source of motivation for success. 

Remember that business is not all about making money; find joy in creating beautiful pieces of art or other products while interacting with people who have similar passions like yours so that the journey will always be worthwhile in whatever profit or loss you incur during this period.

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