Can Clickfunnels Replace Your Website? Are Traditional Websites Dying?

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If you’ve been doing research lately about sales funnels, chances are you may have wondered at some point if Clickfunnels can replace your website.  

Of course, the type of website I am talking about is the platform with content like the About page, Contact page, blog, podcast, portfolio, store, etc.  

In this post, I am going to dive a little bit deeper on this topic, explain what sales funnels are and which types of websites can they replace.  

Today I’ll cover:

What is a sales funnel

Sales funnels have been there for a long time but really started trending in the digital age thanks to Russell Brunson, Clickfunnels founder and CEO.  


Sales funnel, simply put, is a type of website with three goals. First is to generate a lead, the second is to convert that lead into a sale and the last one is to keep that customer and build a long-term business relationship.  

It’s like having a sales person close sales for you while you’re working, traveling, eating, sleeping or spending time with your friends and loved ones. And that ‘sales person’ will never complain or ask for a raise.  

I have an entire article about sales funnels where I go deep on what they are, how do they work and how to create one for yourself fast so if you don’t know anything about funnels or want to learn how they exactly work, read that post.  

Although I mention why sales funnels convert better than websites, in this post I’ll go deeper so get back to this post after you read that one.  

Sales funnels vs websites 

Okay, why do sales funnels convert better than a typical website?  

You see, most websites have so many directions. You have the About page, Home page, a page with some of your portfolio, banners, maybe some articles. It’s difficult for the visitor to find what he/she is looking for.  

Sales funnels vs websites

What happens is that the user gets overwhelmed and leaves the site. However, with a sales funnel, you only have one direction. There are no distractions and the user can easily get what he/she wants.  

For example, if you have a store and you throw a bunch of products on your home page, it’s overwhelming. With a sales funnel, you don’t throw a bunch of products on the home page. You only give them what they truly need.  

That is the difference. Not saying that websites aren’t important. There definitely are types of websites that are very useful like a blog. A blog is a type of website that produces content and content marketing is a great way to grow your brand. The same goes for podcasts.  

But there are some types of websites that aren’t really going to make you a lot of money or even any money at all. Those are so-called “online presence” websites. Yes, they are useful for online presence but they aren’t going to generate you leads and sales.  

I’ll get into that in just a minute.  

online presence

What is Clickfunnels 

In case you don’t know, Clickfunnels is a software for building sales funnels. Sales funnel is the process and Clickfunnels puts all the steps of the process together.  

With Clickfunnels, you can grab leads by building a landing page with their editor, connect with your leads using their CRM software called Follow Up Funnels, sell to those leads by creating a sales page etc.  

For more detailed information about Clickfunnels and what it exactly does, check out my Clickfunnels review.  

If you already know everything about Clickfunnels and how does it work, let’s finally answer your question.  

Can Clickfunnels replace your website? Are traditional websites dying? 

Yes and no. As I’ve said, there are types of websites that a sales funnel built with Clickfunnels can and should replace but there are some types of websites that shouldn’t be replaced but a funnel can simply be added to that website.

Given the dynamic nature of digital marketing and sales strategies, a portfolio visualizer tool can be an invaluable asset for businesses looking to integrate Clickfunnels with their existing website or to analyze the effectiveness of their sales funnel strategies.

Let’s now cover those types of websites that should and shouldn’t be replaced.  

Company websites – These are websites you may know as “typical websites”. They have a Home page with a bunch of random, unconnected content, an About page, Contact page, portfolio and maybe some articles. These websites convert the least and should definitely be replaced with a sales funnel.  

Blog – Blog is a content marketing type of website that is very useful. A blog shouldn’t be replaced at all because content is what builds a brand and drives traffic. If you have a blog and you’re getting traffic, you should just add a sales funnel to that blog.  

Podcast – Same like a blog. You should definitely add a sales funnel to your podcast and keep producing content at the same time. From that content, send people to your funnel.  

eCommerce store – There are many people that are making great money with their stores but today’s eCommerce world is so competitive that, if you’re a beginner, there is a very small chance that you’re going to make it, even if you have a lot of capital.  

Instead, you should learn how to create a sales funnel for your products and launch because there is a much bigger chance that it will work and it requires way less money.  

This also applies if you already have a store and want to scale, send people from your funnel to the specific product you’re selling on it’s page in your store. For more about sales funnels for eCommerce, check out my eCommerce with Kartra article.  

To sum it up, there are some types of websites that you should replace with a funnel and there are others that you should keep and continue to develop. Content marketing sites are such an example.  

But let’s say that you really want to keep your website and still build a sales funnel. Could you do that?  

Can you use Clickfunnels with your website 

Yes, you can. There are multiple ways you can do this.  

What is Clickfunnels_

You can either add your Clickfunnels pages to your website domain from your control panel in your hosting account or you can simply link from your sales funnel to the product you’re trying to sell on your website.  

For example, if you have a sales page and people want to order, you don’t have to add a shopping cart to that page if you already have an order page and a fulfillment system set up on your website.  

What you can simply do instead is add a BUY NOW button that just links to your order page.  

Can you build a sales funnel with a website builder?  

It is very difficult to do this because website builders aren’t geared towards creating sales funnels but websites. You can try installing plenty of plugins and you will still need a 3rd party software to take care of some tasks anyway.  

Clickfunnels is the all-in-one software for building sales funnels. It has a page builder, an autoresponder to connect with your leads, an app for developing affiliate program for your products, a membership area tool etc. 


This is why I recommend not wasting your time and energy into figuring out how to create a sales funnel with your website builder just to save a few bucks. Instead, use a software that’s super simple to use and that has free step-by-step coaching on how to develop a sales funnel.

all in one platform kartra

Alternatively, there is an even better all-in-one platform and sales funnel builder for that named Kartra. It’s more advanced and cheaper than Clickfunnels.  

Hope that you’ve liked this post! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or contact me directly. I will reply quickly and try my best to provide you with the right resource for your problem. Have a great day!

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