Can You Use Clickfunnels With Shopify? Let’s Find Out This Integration

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As an eCommerce business owner that has recently started to learn about sales funnels, this is the question you’ve probably asked yourself at least once.  

Can you use Clickfunnels with Shopify? Can you develop a sales funnel and connect it to your already existing store?  

Maybe you already have a store that you want to scale with a sales funnel or you just really want both a store and a sales funnel. Whatever the case, in this post I’ll dive deeper in both of these tools and if you can use them together. 

Today I’ll cover: 

What is Shopify

Before I jump into these tools together, first let’s cover what they exactly are.  

Shopify is an app used for developing eCommerce stores and it is used by more than a million eCommerce business owners. It is fairly easy to use and anybody can set up a store with it quickly.  

With Shopify you can sell both physical and digital products and those products can be from any niche.  

Can You Use Clickfunnels With Shopify_

Regarding the store look, Shopify works similarly like WordPress by having themes, both free and paid.  

Shopify can be used by anyone from anywhere, it requires no coding knowledge at all. However, if you happen to know how to code, Shopify allows you to edit your store with code.  

Shopify pros: 

  • Unlimited number of products you can have on your store
  • Unlimited number of visitors you can have
  • Can have discount codes
  • Fraud analysis
  • Customer support
  • Can have accounts for staff
  • Can create a manual order, etc

Sounds good, right? Unfortunately, although a great tool, Shopify comes with a lot of cons for starters today.  

Out of every 5 eCommerce startups today, 4 will fail. This is because online shoppers are constantly looking for a better, smoother shopping experience and most of the stores don’t keep up.  

Add to that the overwhelming competition in eCommerce world. Everybody has a store today. Even my grandma asked me how can she get started. Unless you can outspend every other competitor of yours, you’ll probably be left behind.  

Here are some reasons why Shopify shopping experience is not as great: 

  • Overwhelming store front – It’s like entering a giant supermarket and having 5 promoters just throwing random products at you. It’s difficult to find what you’re looking for.
  • Insane amount of clicks it takes to complete a Shopify purchase
  • Inability to have post-purchase upsells (more about this later in the post)
  • So many click-aways. The visitor can easily click on some link by accident and go to another page he/she doesn’t want. This is bad for the shopping experience.

How to solve these problems? Continue reading to find out. 

What is Clickfunnels  

Clickfunnels is a Saas (software as a service) business, same as Shopify, which, instead of creating online stores, creates online sales funnels.  

Founded in 2014 by internet marketing guru and famous entrepreneur followed by millions of people, Russell Brunson, it became one of the fastest growing Saas businesses in the world.  

What is Clickfunnels_

Clickfunnels can serve any type of business, especially eCommerce. It has a bunch of eCommerce templates and it is very easy to use, although there is a learning curve like with any other software. 

However, you get a chance to schedule a 30-minute call with one of their experts for free and you can ask them whatever you want.  

You also get free courses on sales funnels, marketing and business just for becoming a member.  

For more on what Clickfunnels exactly is, how does it work and what you get when you sign up, check out my Clickfunnels review.  

Why use a sales funnel 

Sales funnel takes your visitors from non interested strangers to people that end up buying your product and falling in love with your product and your brand. Buying through the sales funnel is also a much better shopping experience.  

Why does a sales funnel offer a better shopping experience than a store?  

Here are a few reasons why: 

  • No distractions, no click-aways. There is only one direction. The user can find what he/she is looking for easily.
  • Instead of being thrown a bunch of products on, the user is only offered what he/she needs
  • It is easy to make a purchase
  • After the purchase, the person is offered some additional products to make them have the best possible experience (upsells) 

This is why sales funnels offer a much better consumer experience. If you want to find out more about sales funnels and how they work for eCommerce plus some examples, check out my post eCommerce with Kartra.  

Now, you don’t have to replace your stores if you already have them. You can simply create a sales funnel with Clickfunnels and use it with your store. Which leads us to…  

Can you use Clickfunnels with Shopify 

Yes! You can absolutely do this and it can generate you great results. Clickfunnels can be integrated with Shopify and even Shopify team itself recommends having a sales funnel for your products.  

Here is one more statistic. The average conversion rate of a Shopify store is only 2%. This means that if 100 people land on your store, only 2 will buy something.  

And what happens is that you will lose 98 potential customers. But what if you could keep them in your system even if they haven’t bought anything?  

This is done by collecting their email addresses and sending them emails with information, offers, discounts, etc. every day or every other day. This way, you get 2 customers for the first time but let’s say that 10 get interested in the next week.  

That is another 10 customers that would’ve been lost if you haven’t collected their emails!  

If you’ve read my Clickfunnels for eCommerce article, you would’ve seen how to create a funnel for eCommerce and some examples. But that doesn’t include how to connect a Shopify store.  


Because doing that is the easiest part. Seriously, it takes a couple of minutes. Instead of focusing on connecting these two tools, I want you to focus on your sales funnel.  

The funnel itself will be your biggest work and after you complete it, you can go through this article from Clickfunnels on how to connect it with Shopify. It’s short, don’t worry.  


Yes, Shopify can (and should) be used with Clickfunnels. The process of integration is pretty quick and using these tools together can create a much smoother shopping experience for your visitors.  

Thank you for reading this post! If you’ve found value in it, make sure to leave a comment. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me at anytime. I will gladly respond. Have a great day!

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