Carl bot For Discord: Dashboard, Reaction Roles, Commands, How to Use It

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Carl bot for Discord is a dashboard that contains all sorts of commands, reactions, and other settings for your discord server. You can use it to make your server more fun for everyone who comes over. 

In this article, I will cover how to use the Carl Bot dashboard in conjunction with Discord's built-in commands. I'll also go over what each reaction does and how you can use them on a server of your own design!

What is Carl Bot for Discord?

Carl bot for Discord is a dashboard that contains all sorts of commands, reactions, and other settings for your discord server.


You can use it to make your server more fun for everyone who comes over. Moreover, Carl Bot is excellent at managing menial tasks. Think of it as your very own personal assistant

Say you want to see how many users are online at any given time. Carl Bot can do that for you. It also lets you see who's muted and who's active on your server no matter where they're at.

There are over 50 commands available including sending various images ranging from memes to reaction faces.

You can even program it to send messages automatically depending on the actions of members in your channel

For example, you might want him to say "The dogs are running loose in the server," multiplied by the number of users who are inactive in your channel.

This is accomplished by creating a reaction role that you assign to one or more people on the server. In order to do this, you must go into your Discord settings and create a new role.

The process is relatively simple but I'll explain it fully just in case (more details on how to create new roles can also be found here. )

After you create a role you must give it a name. This is the only mandatory part of the process. The permissions are what really make your role unique, so feel free to alter them to your liking.

The commands that you can use right off the bat allow you to alter the name, icon, and color of your reaction role. I'll explain more about these in a bit.

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Carl Bot features

Carl bot is a discord bot (an automated program) that you can use to help run your server. It can perform many functions that would normally require a lot of work to set up and maintain. 

This includes reaction roles, auto-moderation, invite links, and more

Carl bot is only available for use by verified servers (meaning your server needs to have "Developer mode" enabled in order to run Carl bot), but this is a simple process that can be done by any owner in under 10 seconds.

Here, I’ll walk you through the different features it has to offer.

Moderation function

Carl Bot's moderation feature will aid you in administering your server and ensuring that it stays of the greatest quality possible.


This feature allows you to verify and assess other users' offences. Carl Bot also has a drama channel where you can get a breakdown of all the rules that users have broken in the past. 


You may quickly give sticky responsibilities to members' usernames to prevent them from leaving the server and rejoining later.

You may effortlessly manage many jobs at once, thanks to the moderation mechanism. The Carl Bot moderation feature can also be used to aid you in providing a safe(r) space for all your members.

For example, you can use it to prevent spamming, leaking personal information, or promoting discord's copyrighted assets. You can also see how many people are in your channel at any given time, even if they're not using Discord at the moment.

Reaction roles

As a Discord server owner, you may outsource part of your management to any community member by assigning them certain responsibilities. Carl Bot lets you assign responsibilities to people based on their emoji replies

create reaction

This is referred to as a responsible role. Its response roles are quick, simple to set up, configurable, and unrestrictive

reaction roles

Carlbot, unlike some other bots that give response roles, allows for "unique roles," which means that members may only choose one role from a message. 

self roles

There are over 250 roles in the Reaction Roles, so you have plenty of alternatives. It's also worth noting that this tool might assist you in dealing with spammers. You may quickly ban (blacklist and whitelist) them, enhancing Discord security.

For example, let's say you have a few members who frequently join the server, but they tend to be rude or spam. You may put them on a "ban" list so that they can't join the server anymore without first being contacted.

The reaction roles feature is especially useful for creating different roles that allow users to post in your chat with a certain color and preset message. You might want someone to message everyone who's muted on your server, for instance.

You can also use it to create reactions on your server. This is similar to the reaction roles feature, except that the messages must be pre-formatted and assigned to users.

Think of it as a programmable prompt that you can use to either just get someone's attention or trigger an action.


Carl Bot's Automod function is likely one of its strongest features. You can use Automod to design and define a set of rules for your server and guarantee that everyone adheres to them.


As previously stated, Automod enables you to examine all of the rules that members have already broken, among other things.

Although Carl Bot comes with a set of pre-programmed rules, you may add new ones at any time. The bot may be used to punish a variety of crimes, such as filthy language, faulty links, attachment spam, spam in general, and more. 

You may also establish a channel dedicated just to media files. Similarly, the Automod function may erase or delete any messages posted in that channel that do not include any attachments or links.

For example, you may create a rule that checks for the number of messages posted by a user on your server. You may also use it to delete all messages from a certain user if they break any rules.

Custom tags

Tags are used by server administrators to identify roles and invoke custom commands. Carl Bot lets you add custom commands that aren't included in the regular templates

custom tag

Users may create custom tags on Discord, which they can use to do different functions on the server. Carl Bot makes it easy to generate custom tags using curly brackets around them.

When I'm arranging an event and want my audience to participate, custom tags come in useful.

Custom tags may also be used to personalize communications. You may also give users persistent roles so they can't leave the service and come back later.

Furthermore, you can set up rules that guide the selection of tags. You may even prohibit users from editing their tags and keeping track of what's already been assigned to them.

For example, you may use a rule that chooses all tags in alphabetical order, and you can't assign the same tag to two users.

Since each individual user on your server can create their own tags, users can also programmatically send messages via Carl Bot. This means you can send messages to users using the commands "!tag," "event!" "!" and so on.

User engagement

Another feature I personally like is that Carl Bot provides one of the greatest starboards ever created, which is adored by everyone. It transmits messages at regular intervals and has a ping function as an option. 

It provides fast-twitch alerts, mentions roles that don't have mentionable feeds, and keeps track of all post counts

Wherever appropriate, it contains numerous attractive creatures, such as cats and dogs, as well as crucial user information for data purposes. 

What I really like about this feature is that the bot makes it easy to assist you in finding out information about users who've been on your server for a while already. You can see what they are talking about, and it's right there on the dashboard.

Other than managing Discord server effectively, Carl Bot also helps you to increase engagement with your members. It facilitates discussions and ensures that everyone stays interested and engaged until they leave the platform.

But that's not all ! There's so much more that you can do with Carl Bot to enrich the overall Discord gaming experience including creating a captivating social wall for your community.

If you're interested in using Carl Bot, head over to its official website and download it today.  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about this bot, feel free to share them through the comments section below.

Granulated permission system

Carl Bot comes with a sophisticated permission system that assigns a unique set of restrictions to each command. It handles all of your commands in bulk with little to no work on your behalf, and it adds global rules as needed. 

The next step is for this command to divert the output, place it in a different bot channel, and keep spamming instructions there. It maximizes the bot's capabilities without endangering anybody and simplifies the whole procedure.

I love the idea that I won't have to do anything once this system is set up since Carl Bot will take care of everything until a new upgrade or update is required.

It also allows you to rapidly override default settings and personalize all commands and their behavior. I can relax knowing that I'm not annoying any other mods or users using this method.

Log record

Another advantage of the Carl Bot is that it allows you to record every single message sent to the server, as well as member updates, the number of people joining and departing, and any other changes you've requested.


In a nutshell, it records anything and everything that has to do with your server. The application is useful for maintaining a record of every event that occurs on your server, which may be highly useful as an administrator.

It also keeps track of deleted, purged, and altered messages, as well as the Discord, invite URLs.

It enables you to divide logging into multiple channels and saves clutter by retaining all information and ignoring spamming individuals, channels, and prefixes. 

You may also utilize the log record capability to keep track of other actions like newly established server roles, emoticons, and channels.

If you want to organize your Discord server even better, divide the log into various channels to reduce clutter.

I like this feature since you can create a channel, and all specific notifications like people who entered the server can be placed there instead of having it in random channels and making the server messy. 

Powerful moderation

Carl Bot's moderating feature will aid you in administering your server and ensuring that it stays of the greatest quality possible. This feature appeals to me since it enables you to check and judge the transgressions of other users.

Carl Bot also has a drama channel where you can get a breakdown of all the rules that users have broken in the past.

You may quickly give sticky responsibilities to members' usernames to prevent them from leaving the server and rejoining later. The feature that makes you effortlessly manage many jobs at once is something I find really handy.


Carl Bot's recommendations feature one of the most useful since it allows people to submit new items and automates a voting system for them

It also sends a text message to the user every time a judgment is reached in their favor or against them. 

It separates the log channel from the recommendations that come with mod answers, and it uses an anonymous mode to prevent prejudice. It limits all indicators to a single channel in order to simplify them.

Carl bot commands

The Carl Bot has a lot of options in terms of commands, and you may add new ones. Some include member count, user ID, channel subject, and other variables included in Carlbot custom commands. 


This feature may be used to go beyond the basic settings and create a more robust and active community. Here are a few commands that I really like using:

  • !aww – Gives you a random cute picture.
  • !cat – Gives you a random cat picture.
  • !dog - Gives you a random dog picture.
  • !awwbomb – Gives you 5 lovely animal photos.
  • !catbomb – Gives you 5 random cat photos.
  • !dogbomb – Gives you 5 random dog photos.

The commands are not limited to these 6, you can create more commands that are for developing your server. Such commands include:

  • !modrole clear - Removes a modrole
  • !modrole bot commander - The bot will consider any person who has the stated role as a moderator. This prevents members with this position from using the commands kick, ban, silence, warn, or any variant of these.
  • !enable mod - All moderation commands are enabled.
  • !disable mod - All moderation commands are disabled.

These are just the basic mods I was able to explore, but I'm sure there are a lot more features you can explore and play with!

How to use Carl Bot

Carl Bot is very simple, but you may need to visit the bot's help page for detailed instructions. Here, I'll outline the basic steps.

First, you must go into your Discord settings and create a new role that you assign to one or more people on your server. Afterwards, you can alter the role's name, icon, and color. To create a custom role icon, you can use a special icon editor.

Then, Carl Bot needs to be authorized. This is not as simple as it sounds. You must first add it to your friends list. This is so it has a way of getting back in touch with you after you disconnect it.

Once authorized, just right-click Carl Bot and click "Add to Server" - the bot will then ask you to authorize it again. Go through this process two or three times until Carl Bot tells you that it's been authorized. 

Next, you need to enable developer mode on your server by going into its settings and clicking "developer mode. " 

You must then enable the Debug mode for the bot, which will enable it to talk to you at any time. Once this is done, you must add a new rule by typing commands in the bot's chat. 

For example, you may type "[AutoMod]rule <rule name>" and choose a rule from the list. You may also type "[AutoMod]add <rule name>" followed by your desired rules' various parameters. 

Finally, you can add the bot to your Discord server. Just click "Add Bot to Server," give it permission to act as the server, and select whether or not it should have access to the server's messages and logs.

You may then choose a name for the bot and give it permission to post in your server. You can also choose a color for your bot to use while chatting.

Carl Bot features an administration panel, and you should go here from time to time to ensure everything is running smoothly. Click the "Manage Server" button on the top-right of your screen to go there.

You may also check your bot's information panel to make sure its responses are correct, and you may set a message should you disconnect from Discord.

Best of all, Carl Bot is very versatile and easy to use. Do not hesitate to make it one of your favorite collaboration tools for managing your community!

Carl bot pricing plans

Carl Bot comes in three different pricing plans and all of them are easy to set up.


All the pricing plans offer a monthly subscription, here's a more in-depth look into Carl bot's prices:

Carlbot premium

This will cost you $5 a month. It comes with features that are useful for small servers or moderators with only one server. You don't want to pay for a package that has too many features for your server, do you?

Here's a closer look at the features included with this plan, which you'll have access to if you use it:

  • Levels
  • Roles with timed reactions
  • The role limit is 1000 reactions
  • The ability to highlight new starboard entries automatically
  • Instant auto feeds
  • Toggle role mentioned in brief auto-feeds
  • Increased purge limits
  • Voice-role links
  • Plenty of command blocks with one tag

Turtle King

This plan will cost you $10 a month. You can have access to everything with the Carlbot premium plan in addition to a few features, such as:

  • Premium for 3 of your servers
  • Additional discord benefits

I recommend using this plan if you're working as a moderator for multiple servers part-time to save on costs, and mostly because it's more efficient


At $25 a month, the $$$ plan offers its users the same features as the Carlbot Premium plan with additional features: 

  • Premium for up to 8 servers
  • Turtle's eternal love

With the number of servers this plan provides, I recommend this plan for people who work as a moderator for multiple servers full-time.

Carl bot Pros and Cons

Now that I've gone over Carl Bot's features, it's time to go over the pros and cons of using this application.


  • The commands are customizable per server
  • The pricing for the software is reasonable and the team was generous with the features. 
  • Provides bulk commands so you don't have a lot to do.


  • As of this time, there are no drawbacks to Carlbot.

Wrapping up: is the Carl Bot dashboard worth it?

Carl Bot is a great application for Discord server owners and moderators. It's simple to use and provides a wealth of capabilities for building a high-quality server

The software is also really versatile and strong; you can customize your features as well as your price plan, so I'm certain Carl Bot has something to offer everyone.

I strongly advise you to investigate this program since it provides you with several options for controlling your server. I am certain that you will like it as much as I do.

But then again, if you end up not liking it, no hard feelings. After all, what works for me may not work for you. 

The important thing to remember is that you should have fun with it and give it your best!

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