Best 4 Charles K Kao Quotes and Sayings

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Charles Kao is a distinguished electrical engineer who made a number of important contributions in fiber optics, telecommunication and physics. 

With this mindset in mind, we're counting down the top quotes from Charles K Kao himself. These are some of the most insightful Charles K Kao quotes on life and success.

Best 4 Charles K Kao quotes and sayings to inspire you

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1: "If you really look at it, I was trying to sell a dream … There was very little I could put in concrete to tell these people it was real."

In an interview, Charles K. Kao said that his life's work was selling a dream. He described how he wanted to give people a sense of hope and possibility but that he couldn't make any concrete promises about the future.

I can relate! I'm an entrepreneur who has spent my whole life trying to sell a dream.

And while it may seem like nothing more concrete than a physical product or service, the truth is that even those things are just ideas in our heads at the end of the day.

You must remember that you're selling an idea—not just the product itself, but how it makes people feel when they think about and use it—when you're selling something.

You need to know exactly what your customers want before you can even begin creating something they'll love.

I think Kao is right: if you want to sell a dream, you have to first figure out where that dream comes from… and then make sure it's something people really want!

2: "Ideas do not always come in a flash but by diligent trial-and-error experiments that take time and thought."

I love this quote because it reminds me that, even though your best ideas may not always come to you in a flash of inspiration, they are still worth pursuing.


The fact is that most of the time, we need to put in some serious work before we find success—and that's okay.

When I was a little, I always had this idea that I would be able to create something original all by myself, without the need for anyone else's assistance or direction in any way.

It seemed like all the great inventions were made by people who were just sitting around with their thoughts when suddenly—BAM!—they had an idea!

(I don't know if some of you have ever been struck by a lightning bolt while walking down the street, but… well… it doesn't happen.)

But as I got older and wiser (maybe), I realized that most of the time, great ideas come from years of hard work and trial-and-error experimentation.

That's where Charles K. Kao comes in: he knew how important it was to spend time thinking through every possible solution before settling on one.

For this reason, he sought out input from others along the way in order to ensure he was on the right track.

3- "When you are young, you are fervent about the things you believe in."

This quote is so accurate. Things that I wanted to accomplish and ways to change the world were all on my mind as a child. Now that I'm older, I look back at those passions with a little nostalgia: they were so pure and innocent! 

Best 4 Charles K Kao Quotes and Sayings

And now that they're gone? Well… they still sometimes come back to me in dreams. There are so many distractions and responsibilities to contend with in today's world that it is difficult to hold on to your values.

But Charles K Kao is right: it's crucial for us as young people to be passionate about what we believe in—and not only for ourselves but also for others.

That passion creates change; it creates growth; it creates new perspectives on old problems; and most importantly, it makes hope where there might not have been any before (or maybe just not enough).

4: "As a child in Shanghai, I attended a liberal primary school founded by scholars who had studied in France. The children of prominent families, including the son of a well-known gangster, were enrolled at the school!"

I'm a big fan of Charles K. Kao, and I've always been fascinated by this quote about his childhood education.


As far as I can tell, he didn't find the presence of his classmates' parents intimidating—in fact, he seemed to find it encouraging

He was also able to look past his own family's history as "gangsters" and focus on what they were capable of achieving instead. 

It's a great reminder that the people who love you will never stop supporting you, even when they don't always understand where your passions lie!

Conclusion: 4 Best quotes and sayings by Charles K Kao

A common thread runs through his contributions to society: helping people communicate better with one another.

Kao's life achievements have earned him a reputation as a visionary leader and an inspirational figure for all generations. His quotes are often quoted by people who want to live by his inspiring words.

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