10 Must Read ClickFunnels Books For Aspiring Digital Marketers

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Regardless of whether you are an aspiring digital marketer or a well-established entrepreneur, these 10 must-read ClickFunnels books could come in handy. 

This list can significantly help those seeking to improve their marketing prowess and elevate their businesses. So check out my comprehensive book list and get the guidance and support necessary for success.

ClickFunnels books: top 10 

Now that we've covered the basics of ClickFunnels let's dive into the top 10 ClickFunnels books that aspiring digital marketers should read to take their marketing skills to the next level. 

These books offer valuable insights, tips, and strategies for using ClickFunnels effectively and optimizing your marketing campaigns for maximum results.

1. Ask

The book 'Ask' written by Ryan Laves is mandatory for any marketing professional who wishes to comprehend his/her clients in depth.

ClickFunnels books top 10

Discovering your consumers' wants and delivering on them is made possible with the formula offered by Levesque in this book. 

As stated by Levesque, “Avoid guessing and opt for asking.” This simple yet powerful strategy helped him turn a $450 laptop into various multi-million dollar businesses.

According to Neil Patel's assessment, Ask is one of the most important marketing books released recently. Seth Odin also claims this is the best book on customer understanding he has seen. 

The brief yet informative 160-page reading material can offer marketers an innovative approach to convince customers to love their products truly.


  • The book emphasizes the importance of understanding your customer's needs and wants to provide them with the best solutions.
  • The author offers a unique and effective formula for market research, which involves asking customers the right questions.
  • Levesque provides real-life examples of successful businesses that have used his formula to their advantage.
  • The book is well-organized and concise, making it an easy and enjoyable read.

2. Blue Ocean Strategy

Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim authored Blue Ocean Strategy. This book offers an unconventional outlook toward competitive strategies in lieu of trying to outdo their competitors as a priority for success

Blue Ocean Strategy

The authors recommend that companies focus on generating novel marketplaces which will negate any competition.

Harvard Business Review recommends using the Blue Ocean Strategy, which offers an extensive process for finding untapped potential within the marketplace

Moreover, according to Steve Jobs' point-of-view, “It provides a potent structure for those who wish to reimagine how they create new markets.”

Companies from various industries successfully implement the blue ocean strategy, as shown in the book's case studies.

Blue Ocean Strategy provides valuable insights and effective strategies for succeeding in today's competitive marketplace to both entrepreneurs and corporate executives.


  • The authors provide a systematic approach to identifying and creating blue oceans, including tools such as the Strategy Canvas and Four Actions Framework.
  • The book includes numerous real-life examples of companies that successfully implemented the blue ocean strategy, such as Cirque du Soleil and Southwest Airlines.
  • The authors argue that blue oceans can be created in any industry, regardless of the level of competition.

3. Cashvertising

Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman is a must-read for any digital marketer looking to create effective advertising campaigns


The book probes into the psychology underlying advertising and trains readers in developing messages that deeply resonate with their audience.

Accordingly, if one desires to create groundbreaking advertisements, it would be beneficial for one to go through this book which Seth Odin recommended.

Furthermore, based on Joe Sugar Man’s observation, Whitman had brilliantly compressed all necessary information related to successful advertisement into an uncomplicated structure.

Marketers can gain from Cashvertising's practical advice on crafting headlines and establishing emotional bonds that appeal to buyer psychology. So if you are looking forward to improving your ad game, this valuable resource can help.


  • Probes into the psychology underlying advertising and trains readers in developing messages that deeply resonate with their audience.
  • Provides practical advice on crafting headlines and establishing emotional bonds that appeal to buyer psychology.
  • Offers examples of successful advertising campaigns that demonstrate the principles discussed in the book.

4. Copywriting Secrets

The key element of improving one's sales copies lies in reading 'Copywriting secrets.' By reading Jim Edwards' book, you can gain extensive knowledge on using words to persuade and convert your audience


Edwards presents 31 successful tactics for improving sales and creating a dedicated following. The finest attribute? One's personal content could be easily improved through the use of the Plug and Play Frameworks offered by this Book. 

It is designed to support you in developing convincing text that appeals to your followers, irrespective of whether it's blog posts or email messages, or social media captions.


  • Edwards teaches the reader how to identify the key emotional triggers that motivate people to buy.
  • He explains how to write compelling headlines, using formulas that have been proven to work.
  • The book covers how to create effective bullet points, calls to action, and other elements of copy.
  • Edwards shares his strategies for writing copy that connects with the reader on a deep level.
  • The book includes practical exercises and templates to help readers apply the concepts to their own copy.
  • Edwards emphasizes the importance of testing and tracking your copy to see what works best.

5. Dotcom Secrets

Reading Dotcom Secrets is necessary for those seeking growth in their online businesses. This book, written by Russell Brunson, covers 28 funnel secrets for increasing companies' game levels

Dotcom Secrets

This comprehensive guidebook offers valuable insights into discovering their perfect client base whilst establishing an efficient marketing funnel system and nurturing enduring business relations for ultimate triumph.

He also shares his personal strategies for marketing and selling products or services through scripts and frameworks

Brunson gives readers actionable insights they can use. If you want to succeed in online marketing as either a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, don't forget about the invaluable resource Dotcom Secrets provides.


  • The book is divided into five sections that cover the essentials of online marketing and sales funnel development.
  • The author emphasizes the importance of understanding your target audience and creating a customer avatar to guide your marketing efforts.
  • The book provides insights into how to build a sales funnel, including creating an irresistible offer and utilizing upsells and downsells to increase revenue.
  • Brunson discusses the power of storytelling in marketing and provides tips on how to use stories to engage and convert customers.
  • The book includes actionable tips on driving traffic to your website through paid advertising, social media, and search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Brunson also discusses the importance of building a community around your brand and using email marketing to nurture relationships with customers.

6. Expert Secrets

For those wanting growth in follower count and monetary compensation for what they know best, look no further than the pages of Expert Secrets. 

Expert Secrets

Anyone interested in increasing their outreach should definitely check out this amazing resource

This book equips you with the knowledge on how to pinpoint buyers in a competitive niche within your main market and construct effective proposals for every stage of their purchase journey

Expert Secrets offers readers plenty of valuable insights into how they can grow their businesses successfully.

Additionally, several highly beneficial bonus materials are available through its accompanying funnels, such as Hook Story Offer Frameworks or even some great slides from perfect webinars.


  • Brunson's "Expert Secrets" formula involves identifying your ideal customer, creating a message that resonates with them, and using that message to build a community and sell your products or services.
  • He emphasizes the importance of storytelling in building a following, and offers tips for creating a compelling origin story that will help people connect with you and your brand.
  • Brunson also shares strategies for creating an irresistible offer, building a sales funnel, and using webinars to sell your products or services.
  • He explains how to use social media and other channels to promote your brand and build a following, and offers advice for creating valuable content that will keep people engaged.
  • The book includes case studies of successful entrepreneurs who have used Brunson's methods to build massive followings and create profitable businesses.
  • Another highlight of Brunson's "Expert Secrets" is his emphasis on the importance of providing value to your customers. He encourages entrepreneurs to focus on solving their customers' problems and providing them with valuable solutions, rather than simply trying to sell them products or services. 
  • This approach not only helps to build trust and credibility with your audience, but can also lead to long-term customer loyalty and repeat business. Brunson offers practical advice on how to identify your customers' needs and create products or services that meet those needs in a meaningful way.

7. Network Marketing Secrets

If building a successful team in network marketing is a struggle for you, then Network Marketing Secrets should be on your reading list. 

Network Marketing Secrets

This book provides a detailed guide on using sales funnels to draw in highly motivated sign-ups for your team. As a seasoned network marketer, I understand the significance of recruiting the right individuals to your team. 

Network Marketing Secrets provides valuable insights on avoiding common errors and establishing an almost automated system that generates steady and sustainable leads. 

An individual who read the book expressed that it revolutionized their understanding of how networking works and granted them access to a lucid pathway toward accomplishment. Seize the moment now so that you can advance further in networking.


  • The book provides insights on how to build a successful network marketing business.
  • It emphasizes the importance of creating a solid foundation and a strong team.
  • The author shares his own experiences and strategies that have helped him succeed in network marketing.
  • The book also covers topics such as mindset, communication skills, and marketing techniques.
  • It includes practical advice on how to generate leads, follow-up with prospects, and close sales.
  • The author explains how to use technology and social media to scale a network marketing business.
  • The book offers a step-by-step plan for launching and growing a successful network marketing business.

8. Scaling Up

If advancing your enterprise matters most, don't hesitate to grab a copy of Scaling Up today.

Scaling Up

In his book about scaling businesses successfully, author Verne Varnish provides a comprehensive guide.

The book outlines the four critical aspects that every company must prioritize to expand successfully: (1) People management & development, (2) Strategy formulation & implementation, (3) Execution of well-crafted plans, and  (4) Cash-flow monitoring & optimization. 

Not just seasoned veterans but also business owners can easily comprehend Varnish's approach. You can dominate your industry and turn your business into a marketing monster using the practical tools and techniques in the book. 

Scaling Up is a plan for constructing a growth company, according to Jim Collins, who authored Good to Great.


  • Scaling Up is a comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of scaling up a business, including strategy, execution, people, and cash.
  • The book is based on the Rockefeller Habits, a set of practices that helped John D. Rockefeller build his oil empire.
  • Harnish stresses the importance of having a clear company strategy, setting priorities, and staying focused on what matters most.
  • The book provides practical tools and frameworks for developing a one-page strategic plan, conducting effective meetings, and implementing an effective cash management system.
  • Harnish also emphasizes the importance of building a strong leadership team and creating a culture of accountability.
  • The book includes real-world examples and case studies from successful companies that have used the Rockefeller Habits to scale their businesses.
  • Overall, Scaling Up is a must-read for any business leader who wants to scale their company and achieve long-term success.

9. The 4-Hour WorkWeek

Tim Ferriss authored The 4-Hour Work Week, an influential book inspiring several entrepreneurs to ditch the usual nine-to-five work schedule and devise their own personalized way of living

The 4-Hour WorkWeek

Ferris provides atypical yet efficient approaches for enhancing time management skills by outsourcing duties to virtual aides and establishing an automated business

His recommendations have sparked debate, but his fundamental ideas of generating passive income and enhancing productivity can benefit those seeking a more effective and satisfying lifestyle. 

Forbes writer Mike Collins believes, “The 4-Hour Work Week is an essential read for any aspiring entrepreneur.”


  • The concept of "lifestyle design," which encourages readers to create their ideal life by focusing on what they truly want to do and prioritizing those activities.
  • Strategies for outsourcing and automating tasks, allowing you to work smarter, not harder.
  • Tips for negotiating remote work arrangements and travel opportunities with your employer or clients.
  • Suggestions for generating passive income streams, such as creating an online business or investing in rental properties.
  • Insights on how to prioritize and eliminate distractions, and how to better manage your time and energy.

10. The E-Myth

Reading The E-myth by Michael Gerber is essential for business owners who wish to create a firm base for their company.

The E-Myth

It provides practical insights and strategies for building a successful business by addressing common assumptions and myths that can cause failure. 

This book underscores the importance of a robust strategy, highlighting that one should concentrate on broader perspectives and minutiae. 

Anyone planning on starting their own company or has already taken the leap should read The E-myth revisited as per Forbes' recommendation.


  • The "Entrepreneurial Myth" that assumes that small business owners are entrepreneurs and have the necessary skills to run a business.
  • The importance of working on the business, not just in the business, to create systems and processes that can be replicated by others.
  • The need for a clear organizational structure with defined roles and responsibilities.
  • The importance of creating a comprehensive business plan that includes marketing, finance, and operations.
  • The significance of developing a unique selling proposition that sets the business apart from competitors.
  • The value of continuous learning and personal development as a business owner.
  • The role of technology in streamlining business processes and improving efficiency.
  • The benefits of creating a franchise prototype as a model for business growth.
  • The importance of providing exceptional customer service to build customer loyalty.

Final thoughts on clickfunnel books

Digital marketers can use ClickFunnels to create powerful sales funnels and increase leads and revenue

By adhering to our recommended guidelines for utilizing ClickFunnels effectively, as well as avoiding typical pitfalls and examining triumphs in similar cases, you can optimize its potential to meet your marketing objectives. 

The recommended ClickFunnels books discussed in this post are highly beneficial for improving your knowledge and skills

Insights on strategies and tips from successful marketers and entrepreneurs who used ClickFunnels are invaluable. So, enhance your digital marketing expertise by beginning to read these books today!

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