Clickfunnels Founder: Who is Russell Brunson?

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In the last few years, some overly excited guy with his weird software called “Clickfunnels” has managed to completely change the game of online marketing.  

You could see Clickfunnels ads everywhere, all the time. On Google, Facebook, Instagram. Heck, they wouldn’t even let me watch my favorite cat videos on Youtube because I’d see 3 of their ads throughout every video I’ve watched. 

This paid off for Clickfunnels big time for sure, especially for their owner, Russell Brunson, who has successfully generated a following of millions of entrepreneurs and over 90.000 Clickfunnels customers! 

And a lot of those customers have managed to completely change their lives by using Clickfunnels and implementing what Russell teaches. 

But, who is he? Who is Russell Brunson? What is his story? 

In this post, I’m going to cover everything you need to know about Russell Brunson and his story. I’ll cover things like:  

So, let’s hop right into it!

Who is Russell Brunson?

See this guy screaming in the camera? Well, that’s your Clickfunnels owner – Russell Brunson. 

He was born in 1980 in Utah but now lives in Boise Idaho with his family. This also happens to be the location of Clickfunnels headquarters.  

Clickfunnels Founder - Who is Russell Brunson

Russell is a serial entrepreneur with an obsession of helping other entrepreneurs around the world. This is what he claims gets him the most excited (as you can see in all of his ads). 

He has popularized the term “sales funnels” and started the Saas business – Clickfunnels, that helps people create high converting sales funnels from scratch, without any programmers. More about Clickfunnels in my Clickfunnels review.  

Russel Brunson and Clickfunnels

Early life 

Russell Brunson showed an interest in marketing and business from a very young age. He recalls one night when he was 12 years old, sitting with his dad and watching TV.  

Throughout that night, an infomercial appeared on TV and caught Russell’s attention. The advertiser was talking about small classified ads in newspapers and this is where it all started. 

From then on, Russell started collecting junk mail with a bunch of money making opportunities which he studied excessively.  

The first time he invested into an opportunity was when he started sending promotion mails to random people he found in his pages he collected.  

Russel Brunson early life

Although that obviously didn’t work for him, it’s what “planted a seed”, as he claims. 

As he grew up, he kinda forgot about making money because he started wrestling. He was a state champion and became an all-American in his senior year of high school.  

He continued wrestling in college and by the time he graduated, he was one of the top ten wrestlers in the country.  

Beginning of his business career

In college, Russell meet a beautiful girl named Collette which he wanted to marry. The problem was that, if Russell married her, his dad would stop supporting him financially. Not knowing what to do, Russell went back to the world he was studying as a kid and started exploring ways to make money on the internet. 

He started off with selling CDs with coloring books for kids which didn’t make him a lot of money. 

His first success was the product he created in 2003 called ZipBrander. This was a marketing tool that drove targeted traffic to your website. Two years later, Russell had another success with an info product teaching how to make potato guns.  

how to make potato guns

Potato guns?! 

Yes! This course also had an upsell of his entire potato gun kit – and people bought it. This product ended up making thousands of dollars for Russell and his partner.  

With his products and great marketing skills, he ended up making a million dollars within the year of graduating college.  

He sold everything – physical products, info products, coaching, consulting etc.

He also reached the top rankings in one network marketing company in just six weeks, generating 1.5 million leads in that time. This company ended up buying him a Ferrari as a prize.

Clickfunnels story

And finally, the part you’ve all been waiting for – Clickfunnels story. 

Although Russell had a number of successes with his sales funnels, he still found it very hard to create them. There also wasn’t any software that would simplify the work for the regular non techie.  

And because of that, he partnered with Todd Dickerson in 2014 and founded the new software company that would help regular people like you and me to create powerful sales funnels, without any coding or a tech team. 

And the software was Clickfunnels, brilliant marketing tool that not only helps you create high-converting sales funnels in minutes but also saves you and your business a lot of money. 

Before Clickfunnels was founded, you’d need following things to create a sales funnel: 

  • Web designer to make your page look good
  • Programmer to set up your shopping cart and connect your autoresponder etc.
  • Analytics person, etc

Now? You only need Clickfunnels and that’s pretty much it. It made the game so much easier (and cheaper). 

And that is all thanks to Russell and his brilliant idea. 

How Russell and Clickfunnels demolished the competition

Clickfunnels was going against these two big fish with over $150 million in funding combined with only around $1000 and a vision. 

How Russell and Clickfunnels demolished the competition1
How Russell and Clickfunnels demolished the competition2

And the vision won! What Russell and the crew did was, well, it’s obvious.

They’ve set up a sales funnel that sold Russell’s book on the front end, had many backend upsells like an audio book and more advanced Russell’s training. And inside the book itself, Russell mentions Clickfunnels. And that’s how they did it. 

It costed them around $20 to sell a book and they would make around $40 back PLUS they would get a customer signing up for the free trial.  

From 2014 until now, Clickfunnels has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and has 90.000+ active customers right now. 

Russell’s other great products

Besides Clickfunnels which is the most popular, Russell has launched a lot of other products that became big successes.

Here they are: 

  • One Funnel Away Challenge – This is the Russell’s most popular training and for a good reason. For only $100, Russell, along with two marketers Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian, teaches exactly how to set up a sales funnel and sell anything you want.
  • DotCom Secrets – His most famous book which is also free. The book teaches how to scale your online business
  • Funnel Scripts – Russell and Jim Edwards created this product in 2017. Funnel Scripts is the software that generates sales copy for your emails, webinars, sales pages etc. The tool works like this – you enter the information about your ideal customer and then the tool generates copy based on that information.
  • Expert Secrets – This book teaches how to establish authority in your field and build an audience of loyal fans that are willing to pay you for your advice.
Russells other great products

Russell also holds a famous event called Funnel Hacking Live where he and 20+ other entrepreneurs speak and teach how to use sales funnels to scale your business

Quick facts about the Clickfunnels founder

  • Russell Brunson’s age – At the moment of writing this post, Russell Brunson is 40 years old
  • Russell Brunson’s family – He is married to Collette Brunson and they have 5 kids together. They live in Boise Idaho.
  • Russell Brunson’s net worth – He became a millionaire long before he launched Clickfunnels. His estimated net worth is around $37 million.
  • He is very charitable man that owns non profit organizations such as Village Impact which donates $1.00 for every funnel launched inside Clickfunnels community (a lot).
  • All in all, he is a great guy.

Final thoughts

By popularizing the concept of sales funnels, Russell definitely changed the game of business as we know it. He and his company enabled regular people to start/scale their business online and impact millions of other people.  

I am definitely glad to have discovered Clickfunnels and their training like the One Funnel Away Challenge which changed the way I see marketing forever. 

So if you’re looking for a proven guru to follow and take advice from, he definitely earned the rights to be that person.

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