ClickFunnels Pricing Plans: How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

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Are you looking for an easy step-by-step solution to scale up your business through building effective sales funnels?

Well, this is the exact blueprint that ClickFunnels pricing plans has got in store for you.

ClickFunnels is the most sought-after software today that helps you accomplish extraordinary things for your online business. It enables you to build high-quality landing pages, which allows you to sell a product and capture a customer’s interest even more efficiently.

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How ClickFunnels works

When we talk about ClickFunnels, the main goal is to create and build beautiful pages of a sales funnel to grow a business online. A stunning web page that is designed to boost your product sales is what you’ll get in real-time. 


You don’t need to learn all the complicated codes or become a web programmer yourself, as ClickFunnels gives you the tools and techniques you need to market, sell, and deliver your products online.

Can you make good money out of it?

Sure, you can!

While it is true that running a business online isn’t an easy task, yet ClickFunnels helps you have everything handy. It gives you the ability to make use of different funnel types such as subscription websites, order forms, webinar funnels, membership sites, etc. That said, you can also host your content behind a members only paywall.

With this business tool, you are given the confidence to build all these functions in one platform. Whatever your business concepts are, ClickFunnels helps you make it real in your website. With that all being said, there is a massive opportunity for your business sales to scale up!

With my first time exploring ClickFunnels, I was also quite hesitant and intrigued by how its concept works. Nevertheless, the sooner I got to use the tool for my business, the better I understand why every business owner should get one for their business, too.

Building a website from scratch is a walk in the park with ClickFunnels as everything can be managed in a single platform. From designing web pages, monitoring its performance, as well as setting up email autoresponders, and providing online support, you can do this all and more with this business tool.

What are the different ClickFunnels pricing plans?

If you are looking for affordable and cost-effective ClickFunnels pricing plans, there are several options you can choose from. 

ClickFunnels offers three main packages, and each plan provides distinct features designed for your goals in line with business growth.

ClickFunnels pricing plans

Standard Plan

  • With 20 funnels for your online business that you can build instantly with a “drag and drop” button for its pre-designed templates.
  • Has about 100 pages which you can beautifully design for each of your funnels.
  • Allows you to set up one user as your team member with their login details and admin rights.
  • With three payment gateways. This means that you can connect various payment processors and get paid instantly.
  • With three multiple domains that allow you to have various brands and products in one single account.
  • Online chat support which caters to all your technical questions related to funnel building through their support team.
  • Connect with their FunnelHacker Community through their forum.
  • Learn more through their online courses and training from the most brilliant minds of marketing and personal development.

Having said all that, this plan is highly suitable for small business owners and for those who have just started building their own business.

Creating your own sales funnel for the first time is going to be worth the jump!

Platinum Plan

The second most recommended ClickFunnels pricing is the Platinum Plan. This is an ideal plan for large business owners who need to build multiple funnels for their business. Check out these awesome features that you get to enjoy when you go Premium: 

  • Build as many funnels as you want and within each funnel, you can also create unlimited subpages;
  • It allows you to have up to three users and give them their logins and admin rights;
  • If you have multiple brands and products for your business, this plan offers up to 9 domains. This allows you to run them all in one single ClickFunnels account.
  • It has nine payment gateways that allow you to connect from the different payment integrations including ApplePay, AndroidPay, PayPal, and a lot more;
  • You are given VIP access to ClickFunnels forum so you can ask questions and get answers through their forum threads.
  • You can also have direct contact with their live chat and email support. In all cases, their friendly support team is always ready to help.
  • You can also connect with your customers through email and text messages through the follow-up funnels.
  • Get to enjoy the “virtual hackathons,” an exclusive feature where you can directly learn from expert coaches who will show you how you can build your funnel instantly, from start to finish.

As you might have seen, the Platinum plan offers way better features to enjoy compared to the Starter Plan.

If you need such a feature for your business, then this should be the ideal plan to consider.

Clickfunnels backpack

Two Comma ClubX Plan

The third ClickFunnels plan to consider is the Two Comma ClubX, and this will cost you about $2,497 each month. This plan may sound a bit expensive compared to the other two, but this offers extraordinary features designed for large business enterprises. 

Should you need unlimited funnels, subpages, and exclusive VIP features for your online business, consider getting this plan, and here’s what you can get.

  • Share and build unlimited funnels and enjoy its “drag and drop” style using the pre-designed templates.
  • Create unlimited subpages within each funnel you create.
  • It allows you to set up ten members and each can have their admin rights and login details.
  • Allows you to connect to 27 payment gateways, hence, getting paid is as efficient as possible.
  • Connect to up to 27 domains and create multiple brands or products for your business.
  • Connecting with your audience through the Follow-up funnel comes in an unlimited feature.
  • Enjoy a priority support plus a VIP phone support straight from their online support team.
  • Be guided by their expert coaches and learn from their step-by-step guide in building your funnel from start to finish.
  • Get to enjoy the online forum community and enjoy additional hours for training courses straight from their marketing experts.

Significantly, this plan allows you to create unlimited offers and hence, expect unlimited growth for your business!

How to choose the right ClickFunnels pricing plan for your business?

If you are just starting out with your entrepreneurial journey or planning to scale and expand your business, then ClickFunnels can do that for your brand. Here are some essential points to consider in selecting the right plan for you.

Clickfunnels target audience

Consider business size

To deal with the monthly ClickFunnels costs, you have to choose the plan that is perfectly suitable for your business. Whether you are a small or large business enterprise owner, it is a given fact that this business tool offers massive potential for your business to grow. 

Thus, for startup business owners, choosing the $97/month subscription is already an ideal choice. Right here, you can start building your funnels and create subpages through its pre-designed templates. 

On the other hand, if you think your business needs you to make unlimited funnels and pages to attract more traffic and generate more leads, then consider choosing the different ClickFunnels plan as the ideal choice. 

Determine the features you need for your business to thrive

This is another factor to consider to decide on which ClickFunnels pricing plan to avail. The main goal in mind is to reach potential customers, generate more leads, and show the value of your products and services.  

At the same time, you need to convince them to buy what you offer them without doing a hard sell. When you use a tool like ClickFunnels, you are making everything easy and handy for you.

Clickfunnels membership access

In selecting a plan, make sure to consider the features that it offers you. If you wish to maximize the use of the platform, then you may go and select the Platinum and even the Two Comma ClubX membership. 

These two plans offer certain unlimited and VIP features that are not provided to the Starter Plan. Having known its benefits and potential uses in building your web pages, building your sales funnels through this tool is way more efficient than working with web programmers to design your page.

Advantages of ClickFunnels - does it match your business goals?

 The main goal of ClickFunnels is to make your business grow quickly and efficiently. 

Through the use of its distinct features, which are offered in each ClickFunnels pricing table, you will make things less complicated as you allow your web visitors to enjoy visiting your website over and over again.

ClickFunnels eases all your inconveniences and confusion, and with that being said, the high potential return for your business is possible. Here are the advantages you can surely enjoy.

  • Allows you to build sales funnels quickly, which is a huge time-saver compared to working your website with a programmer.
  • Allows you to create everything on your website in one single business tool.
  • Allows you to edit and modify your funnel through its easy-to-use style editor.
  • Offers free training courses and weekly webinars for ClickFunnels users.
  • New features always being added every now and then.
  • Offers free trials.
  • SSL certified and protected.
  • With an email auto-responder feature that allows you to generate leads.
  • Allows you to use professionally-looking pre-designed templates for your subpages.
  • Offers multiple domains for various brands and products.
  • Provides multiple payment gateways so you can accept payments for your products as quickly as possible.
  • Offers exclusive and VIP membership for Platinum and Two Comma ClubX plans.

Is ClickFunnels a worthy investment?

You bet it is!

ClickFunnels templates

While some consider ClickFunnels a bit pricey compared to other business tools, this tool definitely gives a bang for your buck.

I highly recommend this tool to all those who wish to leverage their business and achieve unlimited growth potential. 

So, whether you are an e-commerce CEO, Instagram marketer, book publisher, advertising company owner, content creator, social media influencer, entrepreneur, or just someone wanting to scale and take flight, then ClickFunnels will get you to that dream spot without a squint!

Top 3 reasons why you need ClickFunnels for your business

Make use of various funnel types in one tool

Creating sales funnels need not be hard for a business owner like you. ClickFunnels has its pre-designed templates that you can simply use, edit, or modify whenever you want to. 

Using this tool allows you to save time and effort rather than having it designed by a web programmer.

Learn from the brilliant minds of marketing and personal development

As you plan to enhance your webpage, to enhance your skills and talent in marketing must come with it. ClickFunnels is a tool I know which provides online training courses for its users. 

You can have the chance to learn straight from the coaches in the fields of marketing and personal development. 

Your membership in one of the ClickFunnels pricing plans allows you to have access to webinars, online forum communities, and participate in the training of their marketing experts.

Generate quality leads

Generating quality leads means scaling up your sales profit. As such, this is one of the top reasons why getting ClickFunnels is a must. 

If you have a hard time getting quality leads, let this tool do the hard work for you. If you can make use of this feature, generating more revenues is also possible.

how much does ClickFunnels cost

Conclusion: how much does ClickFunnels cost?

Starting a business is usually a lot of struggle. You need to learn every detail from start to finish, from building a website to promoting a product to gain more sales. 

I understand that most of you have spent lots of your penny trying to increase the traffic of your website to grow your income, but have failed to do so.

By creating a professionally-looking web page, you surely can dramatically increase your sales and be able to reach out to more customers. 

However, making such a business profitable isn’t always a walk in the park. You need to select tools that would help you boost your leads and earn more sales from it eventually.

If you don’t have technical knowledge of creating a good-looking website, let ClickFunnels do the work for you. 

I hope I have given you all the precise points that would clear all your doubts. May all these details compel you to get this tool and start growing your business in real-time. The manner we do our business online is different from how we do business in person. 

Therefore, if you are an online business owner with little or more knowledge in marketing, this is the right time to start using ClickFunnels. This tool is a business asset worth investing for entrepreneurs like you.

I highly recommend that you should get the best funnel builder in the market today if you wish to achieve the unlimited growth potential for your business.

Do you want to bring your online business to the next level? Check out more information on my detailed ClickFunnels review

Before signing up for ClickFunnels, make sure to get ClickFunnels 30 Days Marketing Plan. Everyone who has ever had a ClickFunnels account, needs these 30 day blueprints. The summit is totally free.

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