Clickfunnels Shopping Cart And Order Form – How Does it Work?

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Everything is nice and steady. The visitor watches the video, reads the text, checks out your offer, and gets sold on! Now, he/she is ready to buy. 

Shopping cart is the most important element of your sales page. It is your money maker, literally. 

This is why many marketers get so overwhelmed when picking a shopping cart service that they end up giving up and just having a simple PayPal button, without understanding that this is losing them so much money. 

Today, I’ll get a little bit more into shopping carts and what you should look for in a shopping cart. Then I will get into Clickfunnels shopping cart tool and what benefits it offers to users. 

Let’s ride!

What are shopping carts and what do they do

Shopping cart is not just a tool that charges money. Instead, a great shopping cart should be able to improve the shopping experience for the consumer while making you, the seller, more money at the same time.  

Clickfunnels Shopping Cart

Most people use a simple PayPal or Stripe checkout button as their “shopping cart” which is still great for the consumer because, as shoppers, we like the simple paying process when buying something.  

However, as a seller, you’re leaving so much money on the table by doing this. You still have a chance to improve your customer’s shopping experience while making more money for yourself. How?  

By using a real shopping cart that comes with great features that enable you to set up more flexible shopping experience for your customer. Let’s take a look at what those features are now. 

What to look for in a shopping cart service

Choosing a great shopping cart service can be overwhelming to many because there are so many companies that claim they’re “the one”.  

Luckily for you, by coming to this post, you’ve already gotten a chance to look at the great shopping service from Clickfunnels and see what does it offer and how does it benefit its users.  

However, note that Clickfunnels is a more of an all-in-one solution for marketing your products and services. It’s not dedicated specifically towards shopping carts.  

If what you’re looking for is a tool dedicated specifically to shopping carts, check out ThriveCart which is one of the best in the shopping cart market.  

On the other hand, if you’re already interested in Clickfunnels and just want to see the functionalities of their shopping cart, keep reading because there are quite a few features that they offer that really come in handy for improving your customer’s shopping experience.  

For other features of Clickfunnels, check out my Clickfunnels review. Let’s now see what features the ideal shopping cart has.  

Accepting payments 

Obviously, the most important feature of them all. Every shopping cart should offer flexible payment options. Maybe a user can’t or doesn’t want to pay with Stripe at that specific moment. What if he wants to pay with PayPal, Authorize, or Apple Pay? 

What to look for in a shopping cart service

Your shopping cart should offer its users more different ways of payment. Also, is your purchase a one-time fee? Or do your customers have to make recurring monthly or weekly payments?  

This is another important feature you should look for in a shopping cart – different ways of paying for the product. Digital sales tax is another thing you shouldn’t look over when choosing a shopping cart service.  

Looking at the different ways of payment with the different payment processors like PayPal or Authorize, ThriveCart, the tool I’ve mentioned above, beats Clickfunnels here.  

Regarding this feature, Clickfunnels supports 8 different payment gateways and 4 different 3rd party product access providers, comes with digital sales tax and does enable different ways of payments for your products.  

Payment gateways supported by Clickfunnels are: 

  • Apple/Android Pay
  • EasyPayDirect
  • Keap
  • NMI
  • PayPal API
  • Recurly
  • Stripe

And 3rd party product access providers supported by Clickfunnels are: 

  • JVZoo
  • ClickBank
  • Warrior Plus
  • PayPal


Almost as important as accepting payments. A great shopping cart needs to be able to keep your customer’s shopping information safe and secure from things like identity or information theft. 

And I can confidently confirm that shopping through Clickfunnels carts and order forms is totally safe. Tens of thousands of businesses use the software and billions of dollars are generated through sales funnels made with Clickfunnels every year. 

Converts customers 

With almost 70% of shopping carts being left abandoned, it’s important to have a shopping cart that’s converting.  

First of all, you want your shopping cart to have a great design. Would you put your credit card info into a shopping cart with an outdated design?  

And the ability to add things like testimonials and potentially timers and limitations that spark the sense of urgency. Discounts and coupons are also a must because they drastically increase the conversion rate.  

Being a funnel building platform, it makes sense that Clickfunnels has all of these features nailed down. I mean, the goal of Clickfunnels is for you to make the most amount of money out of every visitor that goes through your sales funnel. Having that said, Clickfunnels shopping cart is definitely great for converting your visitors.  

Boosting sales 

It’s no secret that ads are getting more and more expensive. Therefore, it’s important to make the most out of every visitor that purchases your products.  

For example, let’s say that it costs you around $50 to get a sale and your product costs $50. What profit do you get out of your sales? None!  

Now, imagine that you would add an offer in your checkout about $30 product that goes hand-in-hand with your product and that out of every 5 customers that buy your front-end product, 2 buy the second offer.  

And finally, after they purchase, they get offered a higher-end $150 product that is the best solution for them. And out of every 5 that purchase your second offer, 1 buys that last offer. Way more profit there, my friend.  

Great shopping carts should come with features that help the seller increase his/her revenue per sale. As mentioned above, these features are bump-offers, one-click upsells, etc.  

As already mentioned, Clickfunnels in its entirety is geared towards converting visitors and generating sales. And their shopping cart is super flexible considering features for boosting your sales. You can add as many upsells you want, one-time offers, etc.  


You want your shopping cart to be able to connect with various 3rd party software. Besides payment processors we’ve already mentioned above, you want it to be able to integrate with various marketing tools as well. For example: 

  • Your email autoresponder – This integration is a must for sending post-purchase emails. 
  • Membership software – If you’re selling access to specific locked content or area, you want your shopping cart to be able to integrate with your tool in order to give your customers access to your product.

Clickfunnels can be integrated with a ton of software, one of which is Zapier. Through Zapier, Clickfunnels can be integrated with 1500 apps, as said on their website. You can say they’ve got this feature checked.  

Great support 

By great support, I mean that the company you’re paying for shopping cart service has a great customer support team that resolves issues quickly and also has ways of reach in cases of emergency like live chat for example.  

It’s also of big importance that there is a community where customers can connect with each other and help solve each other’s problems.  

Regarding this, Clickfunnels has an over-all great support team with live chat and a huge community of customers that provide a ton of value and helpful information inside of it.  

Support can be slow at times which happens, I mean, they’re human. But overall, they really do their best and resolve problems in a relatively short amount of time.  

Summary – is Clickfunnels shopping cart good? 

Yes! Clickfunnels shopping cart has all of the features that are important for every shopping cart service. Note that there are other platforms dedicated specifically to shopping carts that do provide some great solutions as well.  

However, if you don’t want to deal with 3rd party shopping cart software and want everything in one place then you’re definitely not making a mistake by using the shopping cart from Clickfunnels.

How Clickfunnels shopping cart and order form work and how to set it up

Clickfunnels shopping cart is not the type of cart some of you may expect. The type of cart I mean on is the one you see on many eCommerce stores where the customers click Add to Cart button, goes to the cart page with all of the products that were added to cart, proceeds to the page where he enters the shipping info then the page with billing info, etc.  

Clickfunnels order form

No, those carts provide really long and not-so-great shopping experience. Clickfunnels shopping cart enables fast, one-step or two-step shopping experience where the user is only asked to fill out a few fields and that’s it!  

On the Clickfunnels checkout page, you can also add videos, testimonials, text, etc.  

And inside of the cart itself, you can add one-time offers and can send them to the upsell page and if the user doesn’t buy, it sends them to the downsell page, etc.  

It’s really a way more flexible tool than a standard eCommerce shopping cart.  

Something like this. Forget about the standard outdated stores and websites, you’re selling through a sales funnel. If you’re new to the funnel world and want to learn what they exactly are, check out this article where I go in-depth.  

If you’re wondering why you should use a sales funnel, basically, it helps you convert way more people that visit your page and make the most amount of money per visitor. Read the article to see how.  

With something as important as a shopping cart, you certainly don’t want to make mistakes, otherwise, you won’t get paid.  

Anyway, hope that this article was of value to you. If you have any questions, make sure to leave a comment. Thank you and have a great day!

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