ClickFunnels vs Unbounce Comparison: Which One Wins?

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I’ve been asked time and time again which platform I thought would win in a ClickFunnels vs Unbounce fight. And the answer is: I can’t tell you that. You have to decide for yourself. After all, what’s best for me might not be the best choice for you. 

Personally, I feel the “best” platform should ultimately be decided by you. But how do you make a decision? Well, that’s what I’m here to help you with. 

ClickFunnels and Unbounce are both great brands. In fact, they’re two of the best landing page tools in the industry. But which one is the right choice for you? Keep reading to find out. 

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What should I consider before choosing a landing page builder?

There are several things you need to think about before you choose a landing page builder. Generally, I always say you should consider more than just the most popular software in the market. There are always new tools popping up and chances are if you aren’t happy with the software you’re currently using, you just haven’t heard of the right one yet. 

ClickFunnels vs UnbounceUnbounce

That said, since choosing a landing page builder is a highly personal process, I recommend you stop and think about what you expect from your software. Here are a few things you should consider or ask yourself before narrowing down your list: 

  • Are you a beginner? Or do you have experience and are itching to apply your self-taught tactics? While there are plenty of landing page builders out there that offer free templates, it pays to know whether you can customize them or if you have to stick to their layouts. 
  • Do you know how to code? Ask yourself if you’re ready to do some coding. Or better yet, ask yourself if you’re willing to learn and use at least a bit of coding to personalize your sales funnels. If not, then you should look for a beginner-friendly drag and drop builder. 
  • What features do you need? Make sure the software you’re considering has everything you need. There are many all-in-one solutions out there. That said, you should also make sure you’re not overspending for features you don’t need. 
  • On that note, make sure your software is great at what it does. The danger with all-in-one platforms is that in most cases, some of the features are either a hit or miss. Make sure you’re not paying for features that will ultimately be your downfall. 
  • What is your budget? Investing in your business is important. But since most platforms require a monthly subscription, make sure you don’t end up bankrupt because of the software you choose. You shouldn’t be afraid to start slow if needed.

Choosing a landing page builder should never be done lightly. It’s a commitment to your business and you should tackle it with utmost priority. Take the time to think about these things so you know where to start looking and what you’re looking for. 

Don’t be afraid to spend your time researching several tools to guarantee you’re making the right choice. Be afraid of wasting money on software you’ll end up ditching. 

Pro tip: Several tools offer a free trial. Take advantage of it and make the most of the free trials you get so you can get a feel for the platform and what it can do for you.

What should a landing page builder do for me?

Most people don’t stop to consider that there are several things you need to make sure your landing page software not only performs admirably, but it’s also important that it’s able to deliver on all fronts. 

website elements

Here are some of the things you should look for in a truly trustworthy landing page tool: 

  • A smooth and hassle-free experience. Make sure your software is as free from bugs as possible. Technical difficulties and bugs are inevitable, but they should happen as little as possible and should never be so major as to affect the results of your work or funnels. 
  • A user-friendly interface. Most people don’t give the interface much thought. But trust me, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, you’re definitely going to want the best interface possible. It boosts productivity and helps guarantee success. Plus, a great interface speaks volumes of the performance software will deliver. 
  • Pre-made templates. Even if you plan on doing a lot of coding, it’s still helpful to have several templates to choose from. Whether it’s for inspiration, or for those tough times where you forgot you needed to create a campaign and need it ASAP, having pre-made customizable templates is a must. 
  • Great integrations. While you want your platform to be able to do everything you need it to without relying on third-party software, it’s still important to have a good variety of integrations to choose from. You know, just in case you need them for your business. 
  • Marketing automation. Automated marketing is a godsend to digital marketers and business owners alike. It makes it incredibly easy for you to connect with your audience at any given time and to maintain a healthy relationship that leads to high conversion rates. 
  • Search engine optimization tools. SEO plays a huge part in the success of your funnels. Make sure your software has an effective SEO tool to help you maximize the efficiency of your funnels. 
  • All the features you need. It’s vital that the software you choose has everything you need. But more than that, it needs to be able to deliver. Make sure you’re making the right decision by choosing software that can deliver results with as little issues as possible.

Now that you know what you need to look for, it’s time to look into two of the most popular sales funnel or landing page builders in the market. But before we look at the Unbounce vs ClickFunnels debate head-to-head, let’s take a close look at both platforms individually. 

What is ClickFunnels? About the platform

ClickFunnels is a leading sales funnel software in the market. It was founded by sales funnel king Russel Brunson in 2017. The software is dedicated to being an all-in-one platform for digital marketers and affiliate marketers alike.


Brunson and his team are dedicated to keeping the platform transparent and productive. This is only one of the reasons why ClickFunnels is so popular. 

Aside from delivering a sales funnel builder headed by the sales funnel king, it’s also dedicated to automating your entire sales process. 

What does this mean for you and your business? Simple. It means you have more time to focus on improving your business and doing the things you love. 

ClickFunnels boasts one of the highest efficiency rates in the industry. This should come as no surprise since Brunson’s expertise is heavily applied to every aspect of the site. 

Not to mention, there’s plenty of resources to choose from to make sure you get the results you need. 

Basically, the platform is designed to make sales and business easier for you. It’s also designed to make sure you get the most out of your subscription. 

What can ClickFunnels do for you?

I’ll be honest. While ClickFunnels is more than just good software, it’s certainly not for everyone. That said, there are many things ClickFunnels can do for you. 

clickfunnels affiliate

Let’s take a quick look at the most important features ClickFunnels offers:

  • Great affiliate program. Whether or not you’re an affiliate marketer, the ClickFunnels affiliate program is definitely something you should look into. It offers a high ROI and you don’t even need to have a product to start earning from it. 
  • Vast template library. ClickFunnels comes with a template library that contains plenty of great templates designed for high conversion rates. This makes it easier for anyone in a pinch or not tech-savvy to create effective funnels in a snap.
  • It is bountiful in resources. ClickFunnels offers many courses that help you take your business further. Most of the courses come from Brunson’s personal repertoire so you know you’re learning something important. 

Of course, there are more features you should be aware of. But before we take a good, long look at all of ClickFunnels has to offer, these main points are definitely enough to convince you that it’s worth considering.

ClickFunnels best features

ClickFunnels does a great job of putting together important features and making them all work together to automate your business.

Basically, one of the best things ClickFunnels has going for it is the fact that it’s designed to do your work for you. It should automate your whole sales process with high efficiency.

Clickfunnels cookbook funnel builder_classic builder

To do this, it definitely needs to be packed with several great features. And I say great because they cannot be mediocre - otherwise, the platform would not be able to deliver. 

Let’s take a look at the features ClickFunnels has to offer:

Drag and drop builder - ClickFunnels utilizes an intuitive, well-designed, and highly organized drag and drop builder that removes the complication of building your sales funnels. The builder makes it easy for you to build a sales funnel with or without coding experience involved which is always a plus. 

A/B split testing - the A/B split testing feature makes it easy for you to view various versions of your funnels and compare them to see which would perform better. This not only increases the chances of creating and launching an effective campaign, but it also makes sure you’re not missing anything important. 

Great integration choices - despite ClickFunnels doing a great job when it comes to providing you with as many features as possible, it still takes integrations into account. If you ask me, there’s a good variety of choices. Plus, it’s easy to integrate other apps into the software without much of a hassle - if any.

WordPress plugin - ClickFunnels also features a handy WordPress plugin that allows you to add pages you create on ClickFunnels to your WordPress website. If you don’t want to take my word for it, WordPress rates the plugin a 4.4 on its plugins repository. 

FunnelFlix - touted as the Netflix of sales funnels, the FunnelFlix feature gives you access to course materials designed to help you maximize sales funnels. This gives you tips and tricks and some of the best, most effective advice you can get to make sure you’re able to make the most out of your subscription. 

Follow-Up Funnels - ClickFunnels also offers an effective email autoresponder feature. This feature is extremely helpful and effective if you want to maintain a good relationship with your leads. This also means you don’t need to monitor your business 24/7 just to make sure you’re not losing potential customers. 

Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to discuss all of the features ClickFunnels has to offer in detail. Instead, here’s a quick look at other features it offers (based on the Startup plan)

  • Membership funnels
  • Unlimited members 
  • Automatic webinar funnels
  • SMTP integration
  • Billing integration
  • Order and upsell pages
  • Funnel sharing
  • Trigger prompts
  • Advanced funnels

The pros of ClickFunnels

There are many things that ClickFunnels does right. That said, it isn’t surprising for them to rack up such a long list of pros. Let’s take a look at what ClickFunnels does right below:

  • Has plenty of resources for making effective funnels
  • The drag and drop builder is intuitive and easy to use
  • There are plenty of high-conversion templates to choose from 
  • The FunnelFlix feature makes it easy to learn the best trade secrets in the industry
  • The platform offers a great range of integrations
  • Offers a lucrative affiliate program
  • It is designed to fully automate your sales process
  • Founded by a solid and reliable team
  • The templates are designed to convert and capture leads
  • Features a great WordPress plugin
  • A/B split testing feature
  • The drag and drop builder can be used for coding as well
ClickFunnels templates

The cons of ClickFunnels

Despite everything ClickFunnels does right, we can’t deny that there is certainly room for improvement. 

In fact, there are quite a few things ClickFunnels could improve upon. For example:

  • It is quite expensive the cheapest plan offered is at $97 for a monthly subscription
  • The customer service team needs improvement
  • The user base has somewhat of a cult following
  • The software is too reliant on Russel Brunson’s ideologies
  • The software is too templated, most users use the same templates and once you use a template, you can’t really change much of how it looks
  • Some technical difficulties from time to time
  • The dashboard is dynamic. Too dynamic.
  • Might be a bit too simple for some users

Who is ClickFunnels best for?

Now that you know as much about ClickFunnels as possible, it’s time to answer the most important question: who is ClickFunnels best for? 

As I said, ClickFunnels isn’t for everyone. But if it is the right choice for you and your business, then you’re definitely in for a treat. 

Clickfunnels target audience

The platform is designed to make you money. This means you don’t have to worry about losing money if you decide to put in the work.

But the question remains, who would I recommend ClickFunnels to? 

Personally, I believe ClickFunnels is best for larger companies. But more than that, it’s best if you already have an established source of income and are not afraid to invest it in a subscription. 

After all, ClickFunnels is not cheap. In fact, it’s one of the most expensive platforms out there. 

But if you’re willing to put in the work, you’ll certainly get more than your money’s worth. This is mainly because the platform is designed to make you money. 

On that note, this also makes the tool ideal for affiliate marketers. In fact, the affiliate program ClickFunnels offers is one of the best in the market. 

Summary: I highly recommend you give ClickFunnels a try if you’re able to invest in a more expensive platform. I’d also recommend it if you are an affiliate marketer. Because the platform is designed to make you money, you’re only guaranteed to earn your money’s worth at the end of each billing.

What is Unbounce? About the platform

Now that you know all there is to know about ClickFunnels, it’s time to take a look at Unbounce. Much like its competition, Unbounce is geared towards making sales funnels fast and easy for any user.


It features an ergonomic drag and drop builder that is designed to keep you productive. Furthermore, it’s made to help your funnels convert. To do this, the platform employs what is called Conversion Intelligence. Have you heard of it before? 

Conversion Intelligence basically combines your own professional expertise with Artificial Intelligence to make sure you’re creating highly optimized content. 

Unbounce is known as the first landing page builder in the market. It was established way back in 2009 by Rick Perreault and a team of experts hell-bent on giving businesses the ability to manage their own business without having to rely on developers. 

Initially, Unbounce didn’t set out to bridge the gap between affordable campaigns and high-quality funnels. All that mattered was that you would be able to control your business with or without knowledge of sales funnels and developing them. 

Since then, Unbounce has become widespread. From nothing more than an idea to a necessity for many business owners, making sales funnels and digital marketing more affordable and accessible. 

What can Unbounce do for you?

Unbounce is best known for one thing and one thing only: it helps you create campaigns in a snap. Yes, you heard that right. If you’re someone who doesn’t have hours to spend creating campaigns or don’t want to wait for some tech and marketing genius to take days to create a campaign, then Unbounce will fit in nicely with your business. 

unbounce features

When we first started using Unbounce, we decided to give every feature a whirl. Yup! That means even the ones we don’t need. Our team is highly dynamic and landing pages are definitely something we need on a nearly daily basis. 

But we can’t plan out months of content beforehand. We simply didn’t have the resources to hire professionals to do months of work in advance. It just put our business out of pocket and would make things more complicated. 

Since Unbounce is touted as a fast and reliable landing page builder, we just knew we had to try it out. Here’s what we gathered: 

  • Landing pages in a blur. Unbounce is reliably and arguably one of the fastest ways to create a landing page in the industry. But more than that, we can’t simply go around using software that is fast without seeing any results. Despite its speed, Unbounce is designed to help you optimize your campaigns in a cinch without having to worry about deliverability and conversion. 
  • A/B split testing. Unbounce offers an A/B split testing feature which is always useful for anyone who wants to build campaigns. After all, being able to view your landing pages and compare them to various versions is important if you want to make sure you’re not missing anything. 
  • Easy personalization. One of the best things about the Unbounce builder is the fact that it’s easy to use and intuitive. But more than that, it gives you enough room to play with templates and build your own campaigns from scratch as you see fit. 
  • Conversion-driven tool. As I said before, Unbounce is conversion-driven. They’re focused on making your campaigns work and it’s just one of the more beautiful things about this platform. That is, aside from being able to build effective campaigns quickly. 

Unbounce offers a plethora of great features and there’s certainly more than those I just mentioned above. We’ll take a closer look at each key feature later. 

Unbounce best features

Now that you know more about Unbounce, it’s time to take a closer look at the key features it offers.

unbounce landing page templates

This will help you better determine whether Unbounce is a good option for you or not. Take a look at those features below: 

Drag and drop builder - Unbounce features a clean, organized drag and drop builder that allows you to maximize the time you use to build campaigns. This also means you’re not likely to get distracted doing things you’re not supposed to - or worse, forget things you need to do. What’s more, it’s designed for newbies and pros alike. Whether you’re a noob and don’t know anything about coding or building a sales funnel or a pro who knows everything there is to know about sales funnels, it’s easy and works well for every need. 

Template library - Unbounce gives you access to over 100 conversion-driven templates that are fully customizable. This only means you have enough room to play around and build from a base instead of starting from scratch which would normally take hours if not days. 

Clone and editing feature - the clone and edit feature allows you to save time by copying and saving your more successful campaigns so you can use them again for another day. They will still remain customizable and will essentially work as your own personalized template. 

Pixel-perfect feature - Unbounce allows you to fully customize your landing pages down to every detail. You don’t have to worry about using the templates and having them look like every other campaign out there, because it’s easy to make it your own. The pixel-perfect positioning allows you to determine exactly where you need each pixel to be.

WordPress plugin - Unbounce also comes with a WordPress landing page plugin that allows you to publish your pages to your WordPress site quickly and efficiently. 

Popups and sticky bars - if you think the landing page builder is good, you’ll also enjoy the popup and sticky bar builder. No matter where you stand on the popup and sticky bar debate, you can’t deny that they help increase conversion effectively. 

Scheduling - campaign scheduling allows you to create campaigns in advance and send them automatically even when you’re not online. This is part of the automated marketing feature and helps a great deal by keeping your campaigns relevant. 

While we can’t look at each feature in great detail, we’ve already talked about all the most important ones. For now, take a look at other features Unbounce offers you and your business.

  • Triggers and targeting
  • Popup and sticky bar templates
  • A/B split testing
  • Advanced analytics
  • Dynamic text replacement
  • Smart traffic conversion
  • AI optimization
  • Automated CRO
  • Accelerated mobile pages
  • Form builder

As you can see, Unbounce offers plenty of features that would help your business thrive. The only thing you need to worry about now is whether or not these features are what you need for your business.

The pros of Unbounce

  • It gives you the ability to build high-conversion landing pages quickly
  • You can publish your landing pages without any issues with the WordPress plugin
  • Great template resources
  • Third-party theme integration
  • You have full control of your landing pages even when you’re using a template
  • Easy and intuitive drag and drop builder
  • The A/B split testing feature is reliable
  • Reasonably priced
unbounce landing page preview

The cons of Unbounce

  • The form builder has room for improvement and could add more features
  • You can only split test landing pages built within Unbounce
  • Custom classes are not available for buttons. You will have to rebuild them using HTML
  • Does not have many resources inside the platform
  • No webinar tool

Who is Unbounce best for?

Ultimately, we’ve found that Unbounce is ideal for you if you’re in consistent need of landing pages and if you need them quickly. There are several things that Unbounce could improve, but there’s no denying that it’s one of the most powerful sales funnel builders in the market. 

unbounce target audience

Everything aside, I have determined that Unbounce would be better for business owners who have no need for extensive coding. After all, any extra work you do outside of the drag and drop builder means you can’t track your landing page analytics inside the platform. 

While this may cause some dismay for those of you who prefer to add a touch of personalization to their landing pages through coding, this can be seen as a godsend to others who would prefer to build effective landing pages without having to code a single digit.

ClickFunnels vs Unbounce: which is better?

Overall, I found that ClickFunnels and Unbounce cater to two vastly differing customer groups. For one, Unbounce doesn’t give you much power to customize more than what the drag and drop builder allows you to do. Whereas with ClickFunnels, you’re free to code to your heart’s desire. 

And on that note, ClickFunnels doesn’t allow you to use the drag and drop builder to personalize templates as much as Unbounce does. This often leads to several users utilizing the same templates and having their campaigns look the same as each other. 

That said, ClickFunnels is certainly a great tool for anyone who is looking for something that’s more powerful in terms of sales funnel builders. Since you don’t have to rely on the drag and drop builder much in fear of your campaign looking like your competition's, you’re able to practice your coding and techy skills with great fluidity. 

But more than that, their affiliate program is also steps ahead of Unbounce’s which makes it more ideal for affiliate marketers. 

On the other hand, Unbounce is the better option if you’re looking for a fast and effective landing page builder that allows you to take full control of customizing templates without having to code. I’d better recommend it to newbies or users who are in consistent need of landing pages within hours.

Before signing up for ClickFunnels, make sure to get ClickFunnels 30 Days Marketing Plan. Everyone who has ever had a ClickFunnels account, needs these 30 day blueprints. The summit is totally free.

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