ClickMagick Review 2021: Details, Pricing, Pros & Cons

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One of the most important aspects of running marketing ads to monetize your website is with the use of click tracking tools.

With the right click-tracking tool, you can gauge which of your marketing ads are generating leads and which ones are just wasting your time, money, and effort.

Traffic is the lifeline of any online business, and as an internet marketer, your goal is to figure out where these are coming from. 

I’ve tried my hands on a couple of click tracking tools but there is one that’s been receiving a lot of hype lately, ClickMagick.

And so, I gave it go. Here’s a complete ClickMagick review 2021.

I included everything you need to know about ClickMagick, what I liked and disliked, and even a list of alternatives you might also want to consider. 

Let’s go straight and deep dive into this highly recommended click tracking tool.

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What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a tracking tool used to monitor link traffic from clicks across multiple devices and across diverse ads from pools of platforms.

Simply put, it tracks every click that enters your campaign or website from all locations.

ClickMagick home

This software is highly strategized to organize all tracked data to aid you in managing your ads across any platform.

Although most click-tracking software focuses on generating statistics from solo ads, Google Ads and from any traffic that enters your domain, ClickMagick goes beyond counting clicks.

It became unique for its filter feature that controls the quality of your traffic. This is helpful especially for those who want to turn their online investment into an authority domain.

It also has unique features that most click trackers do not:

  • Bot filtering to control quality traffic
  • Split testing to compare version performance
  • Advanced geo-targeted monitoring in real-time across various time zones
  • URL or link cloaking for easy integration with other platforms
  • Custom domain integration

ClickMagick is a software that not just tracks your traffic through clicks but also helps track the performance of all your sales funnels

No matter where a click comes from social media reposts, ad campaigns, emails, upsells and downsells, ClickMagick will surely tag and organize all these clicks for easy monitoring.

It’s a complete tool that surely helps you redefine your marketing strategy to generate income.

Let’s dive deeper and know more about ClickMagick.

Who is ClickMagick for?

ClickMagick works for website owners as well as online marketers that buy and sell traffic.

Who is ClickMagick for
  • Website Owners. For anyone who wants to monetize their website, tracking is essential. ClickMagick can easily be integrated with Google Analytics and using these tools will not just help you analyze your traffic and improve your monetization strategies.
  • SEO Specialists. Generating leads is the lifeblood of SEO. And knowing which technique works best for a certain site will help an SEO specialist understand which techniques work.
  • Social Media and Ads Managers, Internet Marketers. ClickMagick will also help you create effective marketing strategies to further increase your means of monetizing your website through ads and social media.

ClickMagick Review 2021 - What are the best features?

ClickMagick is among the 5 most recommended click tracking software available yet. Let’s see what makes ClickMagick a real top contender:

Link tracking

As someone who works individually or works in a small team, marketing is something that you need to be good at. And here’s how ClickMagick comes in.

ClickMagick link tracking

ClickMagick calls their click tracking feature a ‘secret to winning online’.

A successful ad is all about reaching the right people. And to figure out who is clicking your ads or where these clicks are coming from is essential in helping you figure out who your real market is.

ClickMagick identifies that. And it allows you to save a ton of money. So while your competitors remain baffled by how you’re willing to use ads to broaden your scope, get ahead of the competition with ClickMagick’s link tracker.

As you begin to track your metrics, you’ll get overwhelmed with the numbers to track. From clicks to KPIs, stats, money spent, and corresponding earnings, it often gets stressful to track that.

ClickMagick keeps all your numbers neatly organized for you to easily monitor.

Campaign builder

One of the trickiest parts of creating a campaign is doing the UTM (urchin tracking module) parameters. It’s quite tedious and really time-consuming.

ClickMagick UTM campaign builder

ClickMagick shortens this process with its UTM builder. You can adjust default parameters and even customize them in individual cases. All-in-all it makes all your parameters consistent and easier to identify.

The campaign builder also makes ad campaigns easier to set up.

Multi-mode website rotator

Yet another headache in managing ads is setting up your links.

Website rotators or link rotators are handy for all types of users. Whether you are sunning a single ad catering to multiple customers or you want to test out your affiliate links, ClickMagick comes in extremely handy.

website rotator

Using ClickMagick's spillover rotator mode, it evenly distributes the traffic to your affiliate links. You can even activate or temporarily deactivate these links whenever you want.

What makes this feature particularly different from other affiliate link tracking software is that ClickMagick affiliate links are tracked with precision. It also has a multi-mode feature so you can pre-set the distribution of your links.

 1. Fulfillment. As the name suggests, fulfillment needs to present or ‘fulfill’ the first link before moving on to the next.

 2. Sequential. Your links change following a sequence you’ve chosen to automatically rotate from one link to another.

 3. Spillover. Spillover literally refers to the traffic spilling over from one link to the next link. You can, however, customize this and create a backup link when a spillover happens.

 4. Random. This preset will automatically rotate your links and randomly distribute the traffic among the links. It has an auto-shuffle given a time you choose or the conditions you set.

This is a particular favorite among ClickMagick users because whichever setting you choose, all affiliate links will get an even or close to even distribution of traffic.

There is also a ‘blank referrers’ option. This is quite helpful if you want to hide or mask where the clicks are coming from due to safety reasons.

Free link cloaker

Monitoring affiliate links can be tricky especially if you have extra long URLs.

ClickMagick link cloaker

You need to be particular and check on which affiliate gains a ton of traffic and which ones don’t. However, upon close inspection, you need to identify these links individually but may have trouble if the URLs are completely in random codes.

The ClickMagick cloaker organizes your links to make them easier for you to identify. Instead of the long affiliate links, ClickMagick will immediately change your affiliate links to a subdomain:

This way you can manage your links with ease. 

More importantly, on a user’s side, no one would dare want to click on a link that looks like it will lead to a spam site or a scam. Even I have reservations about clicking really long links. 

What I like about the link cloaker is that you can cloak 2, 10, or even an unlimited number of links depending on your subscription plan.

In my opinion, however, you can get free tools out there that provide free link shorteners, you can easily cloak unlimited amounts of links with free tools.

The only difference is that ClickMagick’s free link cloaker creates an affiliate link using your domain name.

Dynamic sub-ID tracking

In addition to link cloaking, ClickMagick allows you to create dynamic sub-IDs.

It works by creating just one tracking link for a specific offer or product and you can use this link anywhere.

But despite using one link, you can still track the source of the click on your ClickMagick dashboard. It will help you identify which platforms are generating more leads than others for that particular offer.

As long as you are using a single sub-ID for a single product or offer and place it in different pages on your website and other ad placements in social media and more, your dashboard will display various metrics for each location.

Organic and platform click tracking

This is a magickal feature to use especially when you are an experienced online marketer.


ClickMagick’s advanced tracking features allow you to geo-track your links. 

What this does is that you can select which countries you want to include in your tracker. ClickMagick will only get clicks from your selected countries.

ClickMagick geotracking

Personally, I love this feature. I can set targeted ads for certain locations or countries. I can optimize Australian ads for Down Under, have affiliate link tracking for subdomains set in other languages, and only get the traffic I need from these locations.

It’s ideal for website owners who want to create ads for various subdomains of their website. This is also great for eCommerce sites that wish to sell and upsell their products through affiliate links. 

Precision tracking

Affiliate link tracking using the platform makes tracking easy and highly organized.

ClickMagick can make separate tracking by device (i.e. mobile and desktop users), by location (via the geo track feature), and even track an entire sales funnel.

ClickMagick Review

The sales funnel tracking is intriguing as well, it can identify the entire flow of clicks that leads a user to click or open your link. 

By the way, if you want to choose a great funnel builder, check out my guide - Best Sales Funnel Builders

Tracking isn’t just limited to that but it also organizes your data by cost (i.e. cost per click, cost per action, and cost per sale).

Furthermore, you can also add a password to your links to limit unauthorized access via these links.

Organic tracking

Uniquely enough, you can track your visitors' activity on your site with ClickMagick.

This isn’t something new because you can also see the activity of your visitors on Google Analytics, however, it’s much easier to understand and visually using ClickMagick.

What I do like about ClickMagick is that it simplifies this. You can track links that found you through Google.

In addition to organic tracking, you can also track third-party websites.

You can also track links of sites you are affiliated with.

You get to understand if your affiliate links are earning from ads or organic traffic.

Traffic quality control and measurements

Wouldn’t you like it if you can also control the quality of traffic that enters through those paid links?

One of the most sinister tactics that competitors do is clicking on your links to drive up your cost. This will increase your expenditure but won’t give you any sales to compensate for your losses.

Traffic quality control and bot filtering

To prevent overspending on wrong clicks, ClickMagick has a click shield.

You’re going to figure out (sooner or later) when you’re generating low-quality traffic from your links but with ClickMAgick, you get this info immediately.

As a matter of fact, it can calculate how likely most of your clicks are converting or not. It even has a traffic quality meter dedicated to it.

The traffic quality control measures your click quality rate. It divides the clicks into three tiers.

Tier 1 clicks come from countries that generate high leads like:

  • United States
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada

Tier 2 and Tier 3 are links from other locations that are less likely to convert. 

New features

  • Cross-device checking. From different operating systems and types of devices, ClickMagick can identify these devices and track them separately as well.
  • Mobile sales tracking. For every sale you make through clicks made on mobile devices can be tracked by ClickMagick too.
  • A/B Testing. You can test out various versions of your ads to see which ones get more attention. By A/B testing, or split testing, you can put-up ads and various campaigns and immediately get statistics you can analyze.
  • Clickshield. Every time someone clicks on your ads, you pay for every click they make> this can be a strategy by competitors to drive up your costs by clicking your ads every time they enter your website. To ensure that you’re paying for the right quality leads generated by your ads, ClickMagick protects your website from generating costs beyond what should just really be paid.

ClickMagick pricing

ClickMagick has monthly and annual subscription options. But all these features can be offered in its 14-day free trial.

ClickMagick pricing has 3-tiers: Starter plan, Standard plan, and Pro plan.

The three different tiers offer varying features and figuring out which services you need is vital before choosing which plan you should get.

ClickMagick 14 days free trial

Starter plan

I’m quite surprised that ClickMagick starts at only $27. Other click trackers offer a really steep price for a monthly fee but have lesser features compared to this software.


With the starting plan alone, you get unlimited conversions with up to 10,000 clicks per month and 6-month data retention. You get all the core features I’ve mentioned.

The main difference with the starter plan is that you’re only allowed to track 1 funnel and up to 2 custom domains. Customer support is also limited since they prioritize higher monthly subscriptions.

Ideal for:

This is great for smaller websites like blog sites and smaller affiliate websites. This is especially helpful if you have a newly built website or landing page. If you wish to have a quick breakthrough in gaining traffic in your industry/ niche, this is the perfect plan.

ClickMagick pricing plans

Standard plan

Pricing: Sitting only at $67 a month, it’s no wonder that this is the most popular plan they have. On average, this is 20$ cheaper than other click tracking tools.

Additional Features:

The standard plan is way more than a level higher than the starter plan. The starter plan comes with 100,000 clicks per month. In addition, you get 5 funnels and 10 custom domains, you can track.

Plus, you gain access to the full video tutorials of ClickMagick as well as real-time chat support with 1-year data retention.

Ideal for:

Affiliate marketers are going crazy about this plan. The standard plan is great for business websites offering their services online. This is also great for websites that have a couple of sales funnels in monetizing their websites.

Pro plan

Pricing: This is honestly very enticing because you get all their features at less than $100. With just $97, you have all your click tracking problems solved by just one tool.

Additional Features:

Get every core feature, real-time chat support, and data-retention of up to 2 years. Plus, you get an unlimited upgrade on the number of funnels and custom domains you can track.

Ideal for:

You won’t have trouble with conversion tracking. From large sites with multiple subdomains and eCommerce websites, the pro plan is a superb choice. You get all the features you need without any limit.

ClickMagick pros and cons

There you have it! These features are great but let’s talk more about the pros and cons of getting ClickMagick.


  • Tracking software is superb and highly organized making every metric easy to understand and follow.
  • ClickMagick makes all click tracking needs easier and more efficient because most of their tools are decently organized.
  • One of the perks of getting ClickMagick is getting real-time updates and notifications on your mobile device. You don’t have to worry about running to your computer almost every day to check on your dashboard. You can do all that on mobile and receive text notifications of your most important metrics in real-time.
  • You never have to worry about ClickMagick downtime. It’s always stable with 24/7 uptime ensuring that you’re getting your metrics immediately.
  • You’ll love that it’s compatible with Google Analytics and other SEO tools to make you more efficient.
  • ClickMagick tracks all your links from anywhere you put them making sure that you are reading accurate metrics every time.
  • There are just so many features you can enjoy and maximize to optimize all of your links thus leading to increased ROI and, of course, income.
  • Every subscriber is given a full tutorial on how to use all of the features of ClickMagick.


  • If you own a small website with little traffic, ClickMagick is not a tool you need.
  • For those who are new to click tracking tools, ClickMAgick is barely ideal.
  • Chat and Customer Support is not as up to par as its features.
  • Get the Magick with advanced Tech Know-How. To make the most of this software, you need to be somewhat tech-savvy. 
  • The full use of the app needs familiarity with tools like CPanel, Google Analytics, and other ads management tools.
  • Though custom domains sound great, they can also pose issues with downtime and DNS issues.
  • Primarily, I hate that it only gives a 14-day trial.

ClickMagick alternatives

There are also other great click tracking tools out there this ClickMagick Review 2021 won’t be complete without one. Let’s look at other options:

Voluum is labeled as one of the most advanced click tracking software in the market. And I can understand why.

Voluum homepage

Voluum is a lot like ClickMeter, to be honest, with the following features:

  • precision organic tracking
  • advanced click bot protection
  • custom domain tracking
  • split-testing and ads campaign management

What does set is apart, aside from its ridiculously steeper price, is its speed.

It generates high-speed redirects and optimizes your links with its own AI-based tools.

It doesn’t just collect data but it also analyzes it for you providing you with suggestions that you can easily implement.

For further information, visit my detailed Voluum review post. 


One of the most affordable click tracking software in the market, Linktrackr is a real treat.

linktrackr homepage

This software is popularly known for its link cloaking. Unlike what a typical click tracker does, Linktrackr provides cloaking for users but not to search engines ensuring that you won’t get flagged for spammy techniques.

Aside from that, there are also other features you would love to consider:

  • Traffic-tracking control against bulk traffic sites, auto surf sites, banner exchanges, and more.
  • Multiple plans fit for a wide range of budget
  • Access to branded domains
  • 30-day free trial

Linktrackr works well for click tracking that is highly dependent on organic traffic generated from clicks. But if you’re someone who is dependent or highly reliant on traffic from wholesale traffic sites and the like would probably have a hard time using Linktrackr.

These valuable metrics are measured and neatly organized for all users at an affordable price starting at $9.

One of the perks of using Improvely is that you get the most advanced fraud-protection services.

Improvely homepage

This ClickMagick alternative is created to match and work with top ads platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Adwords, Adroll, and more. This makes it easier to screen out unwanted traffic from clicks fraudulent sources.

But their most prominent feature is customer profiling. The tool identifies individual visitors to your site and indicates how often they visit and for how long. It also indicates how much value they have to your brand, their location, their organic value, and more.

Other features include:

  • team tracking fit for small businesses
  • repeat visitors tracking
  • split testing
  • ads and keywords list protection

In a gist, Improvely is a software that is ideal for internet marketers working in teams. Each user is entitled to track their own links and share it with the team. 

This streamlines and advances online marketing strategies to make them more effective and efficient.

ClickMeter is a newbie’s best friend and is also included in the top click tracking software.

Clickmeter homepage

ClickMeter sure does its best to simplify the entire process of creating ads, generating affiliate links, and tracking them with as little coding as possible.

Its core features include:

  • advanced real-time click tracking results
  • top-notch click fraud protection
  • great user-interface
  • simplified processes in tracking links

Overall, ClickMeter is great for starters but not the best for internet marketers and site owners in the upper echelon.

It’s way cheaper than most of our click tracking options but it does have its limitations making it ideal for smaller websites.

Putting it all together

ClickMagick really seems to have it all. From tracking links to even controlling the quality of your traffic, you get most of what you pay for with this software. In fact, you’re paying for less compared to other expensive click tracking software.

ClickMagick is a sophisticated tool that simplifies all data you need to collect and analyze your metrics and implement changes to improve generating leads and making conversions.

Overall, I’m a huge fan. But ClickMagick is meant to help those with a large number of traffic entering your website. 

It’s absolutely perfect for those who buy and sell traffic, internet marketers, eCommerce sites, and also SEO specialists.

In case you want to learn about other alternatives, check out my guide: Best Link Tracking Software

I probably wasn’t able to tackle every single amazing feature from this software but here are some noteworthy features that most users are really loving:

  • Precision tracking is their forte, no matter what type of metric you are looking for, everything is tracked and presented in a well-organized dashboard.
  • Its split-testing is superb because it makes it easier for you which links are performing and generating leads and conversions.
  • Third-party website tracker allows you to find out if you’re getting an ROI from all your ads placements beyond your website.
  • Clickshield prevents you from driving up your costs and maintain the quality of your incoming traffic.

As I said, there are a ton of great things about ClickMagick but all comes at the cost of your prior knowledge about internet marketing.

To make the most of all its features, you need to have a basic understanding of how click trackers work.

With all that said, ClickMagick is a great tool that ranks high up in the list of top-performing click trackers.

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