7 Ways To Combine Email Marketing With SEO To Grow Traffic

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Whether you are doing affiliate marketing or blogging, email marketing is still one of the best ways to grow traffic. According to Kinsta, email marketing remains at the top three distribution channels of both B2B and B2C marketers.

But how can you combine email marketing with your SEO efforts? There are seven ways by which you can do this. 

These methods are what I have tried and tested over the past years, and I can guarantee that they work. In the end, I recommend that you practice them all. 

Can email marketing really improve my SEO?

Yes, email marketing works, and it can improve your SEO. Email marketing can drive traffic to your site. While the impact is indirect, traffic from email marketing delivers SEO juice.

7 Ways To Combine Email Marketing With SEO To Grow Traffic

How? When people click a link from your email, they get redirected to your webpage. They read and stay on the page, click other links, and also search the internet about your brand. 

All these actions get the attention of search engines. For example, the traffic from your email campaign affects your average session duration. 

If a person searches your brand on Google, you get an increase in CTR. 

There are many ways by which you can combine your email marketing and SEO efforts, which we will discuss in detail below. 

How to combine email marketing with SEO

1. Incentivize sign-ups for your brand

The first step to boosting your traffic with email is rewarding your audiences. You see, an email address is a personal thing. People do not want to give it to you—they do not like spam. 

One common email marketing mistake that people make is that they only want to take but not give.

To make the best out of your email marketing campaign, you must give something in return. In marketing, it is known as a lead magnet. A lead magnet is what you offer the consumer in exchange for his email address.

Here are some examples of lead magnets:

  • eBook
  • Webinar
  • Excel sheet with formulas
  • Success checklist
  • Listicle or directory
  • Online course
  • Coupon or discount code

There are many more lead magnets that you can give away. However, if there is one thing I must tell you, the lead magnet has to be free. Otherwise, the consumer will not pay for it.

Lead magnets work because the consumer is getting value out of them. So make sure that your offer is something that your target market values. Otherwise, they will not see it as a practical exchange.

In essence, you must put the consumer’s interest before yours. You develop trust and confidence if your target market can get something free out of you. You do not look like a greedy businessperson who only wants money.

“Value for value” is the principle you want to apply. Incentivize your target market, and the customers will willingly give you their email addresses. 

In addition to this, be clear about what the consumer will receive, how he will receive it, and what to expect.

For example, make sure that the consumer knows that he will receive an eBook and receive email notifications from you.

2. Promote your content to get a traffic rush

Neil Patel, one of the gurus in SEO and traffic, once said that marketing is the key to traffic. While some pundits advocate that you must publish a lot of content, Neil suggests that you focus your efforts on promotion.

So, how do you do this with email marketing? You can do this in two ways:

  • Advertise on email
  • Send emails to people who are not on your list

There are ways by which you can advertise your content on email platforms only. One example is Yahoo! Mail. 

If you look at the screenshot below, you can see an ad. But, of course, there is an associate cost for it. You can do the same with Google Mail if you want.

2. Promote your content to get a traffic rush

Its benefit is that you can reach people who are not likely to find your website. Like all internet advertising platforms, these ads are intuitive. Companies use an algorithm to determine the best audiences for ads.

The second method is to send email marketing materials to people, not on your list. You can find people specializing in this activity on freelance sites like Fiverr.

Generally speaking, it is illegal to do this. However, many bloggers have a legitimate list of emails from their subscribers. These subscribers agreed to receive email marketing materials.

What happens here is that the blogger will put your ad on the email body with a link to your site. If the consumer clicks it, you get traffic and a new subscriber.

Do not get this kind of service from people who randomly send emails. What you want is someone who has a specific type of consumer demographic. 

3. Create more inbound links through your SEO email

One thing that most email marketers do is focus on selling. This approach is wrong. I am telling you this because I am also a consumer. I’m not too fond of content that sells products.

Instead of product marketing, focus on content marketing. Surely, you have blog posts that you want your consumers to read. Link these blog posts in your email body, and you will see traffic come to your site.

It would also help if you offered free content by email. For example, the email below is from Thinkific, a platform where you can upload online courses.

3. Create more inbound links through your SEO email

As you can see, there is a link to a blog post in the email body. The image is also hyperlinked to a webpage where people can enroll in a webinar.

The webinar is free, and it encourages Thinkific course creators to join. The benefit of joining is simple: it teaches course creators how to make money. Because of this, the recipient is likely to participate.

Once the webinar is over, the participant will likely sign up for a paid account with Thinkific.

Think of ways by which you can do the same to your blog or business. For example, offer valuable information in the email body—a video, online course, or blog post that your target market will be interested to see.

From here, you can drive traffic to your website. And if you do it right, you will also make sales. This approach will improve your conversion rate better than traditional in-your-face marketing

4. Turn your most engaged emails back into content

One thing that people miss out on is recycling content. At the outset, it may seem cheap, but it is not. You can reach out to different people for the same content if you release it in various media.

An example of recycling is turning an email into a video. You can use the same content and upload it on YouTube. Another excellent option is to launch a podcast hosting event.

The advantage of a podcast is that you can take a video of your talk show and release the video on YouTube.

Repurposing your content allows you to reach many people. For example, some people do not like to read, but they want to watch or listen. If you recycle your email content, you give people a way to connect with you.

Here are some more benefits of repurposing content:

  • You reinforce your message
  • You beat creativity blocks
  • You have new content all the time
  • You diversify your marketing channels

Do not recycle all your email content. Instead, choose only those that have the highest engagement. If people responded positively to your email content, you hit the nail. As such, you want to duplicate that success in other media channels.  

5. Segment your list as it grows

Segmentation is a fundamental approach to email marketing. It is a process where you split your email list into groups based on profiles.

Here are the benefits of email segmentation:

  • You create a targeted email message
  • You can increase your conversion rate
  • You send personalized content
  • You get to send polls to specific people only
  • You reach the right people with the right ads or marketing message

For example, let us say that you have 98 people on your email list. Let us say that during the sign-up process, you asked them where they are located. What you want to do now is to split this list into new ones by country.

It may look like this:

  • USA – 42 subscribers
  • UK – 20 subscribers
  • Canada – 13 subscribers
  • India – 10 subscribers
  • Germany – 18 subscribers

Now that you have this list, you have the liberty to send your email campaigns only to people who belong to a specific country

So, for example, if you want to target US customers only, you do not have to send the email to everyone, but only to those in the US.

There are many ways by which you can segment your list. It all depends on how they registered. Some marketers use different email sign-up forms, but all the emails go to the same email software.

A huge email list can also be costly. For example, some software companies charge by the number of emails you send. It makes financial sense to only send an email to specific individuals, not all of them.

6. Conduct surveys to create new content

If there is one thing that makes email marketing effective, it is communication. Sometimes, we just tend to assume what people want. Because of this, nobody reads our content.


Engagement is the key, and here are its benefits:

  • You gain people’s trust because they are part of a community
  • You help inspire people
  • Your topics have an instant audience because they demand it
  • You make them a part of your goals and aspirations

To increase your traffic from email marketing, send a poll to your subscribers. Ask them to participate and create the content that they want. They will take this opportunity, as people have a natural tendency to want to be heard.

You can do the same for non-subscribers. For example, you can create a pop-up on your website. Allow the user to give you a topic of his choice. In exchange, he submits his email address to your subscription list.

You must tell the new subscriber that you will notify him via email if his chosen topic is selected.

Again, you must not draw subscribes by lying or by using clickbait. Be transparent. If you do not keep your promises, you will suffer the consequences later.

Like what? If you do not engage your subscribers, they will not open your emails. In addition, they are highly likely to unsubscribe. Without a high open-rate, you cannot expect to get traffic, much less expect conversions. 

7. Build your brand’s reputation

The last tip I have for increasing traffic is building your brand reputation. Your activities in this area are for long-term results. Do not expect your brand to become an iconic name right away, magically.

Here are some of the things you can do to build your brand reputation:

  • Make use of social media
  • Create communities on different channels like YouTube
  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Treat your fans and followers as buyers
  • Stick to your commitment and deliver your promises

Transparency is the key to building a brand. If people know your objectives and motivations, they have reasons to support you. Be patient. Building a brand takes a while.

Be consistent in your branding strategies, and you will receive the fruits of your labor later.

Branding is a difficult thing to do. You may need the services of a professional to get it done right. My advice is that you take it slow. You must plan your brand identity properly.

For example, you cannot change your icon if you feel like it. Before you even release a logo, make sure that it is the logo you want to use.

Bonus: free social media engagement from emails

If you want to drive traffic to your site, there are other alternatives to social media that you can use.

These tools allow you to create links in your social media bio, deactivate links in your campaign, and link your bio or campaign in as many places as possible. 

Final thoughts

Email marketing is a fundamental aspect of driving traffic. Search engine optimization is an excellent process to drive traffic, but it is not enough. You need to supplement it with other ways to get organic traffic.

The best benefit of email marketing is higher conversion. Getting sales from SEO organic traffic is tough. You need to spend a ton on ads to get a sale. Your subscribers can instantly become warm leads with email marketing. 

All it takes is a little nudge to make them buy. 

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