Dos & Donts While Writing a Content That Can Make or Break Your Website

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To grab the attention of more visitors on the site and keep them engaged, you have to follow multiple tactics.

Many writers just focus on writing the lengthy content without focusing on the actual intent of the article. That means they add ideas in the article that are not even related to the topic.

It is the worst practice of SEO and can lose the interest of the audience very quickly. To keep the audience engaged it is important to make your lines more information for the readers. For it, you have to focus on the intent of the topic that what you are going to discuss in the article. 

There are several factors that you must remember while writing. By focusing on the topic intent you can easily improve the quality of content.

Let’s dive deep and we will talk about the do’s and don’ts that you need to focus on while writing an article.

Elements to remember in content writing

Firstly, we are will talk about the steps that must be followed in writing the article as they will help to seek the attention of more readers.

Dos & Donts While Writing a Content That Can Make or Break Your Website

Make a research before writing

Before starting to write on a topic, it is necessary to get the ideas from different resources and read the thoughts of other authors that what they are thinking.

You can’t start writing on a topic without knowing that topic. If you are lacking this element, you will surely lead to add irrelevant ideas to the content.

Once you read the thoughts of other authors, you will have more knowledge about that title and can explain things in a better way. So, you have to focus on this element and make research before you start to write.

Make the proper structure of topic

Once you are done with researching, the next thing is to pen down important ideas that could help the readers to understand the actual intent.

The thing that could make your article easy to read is by making a structure of the entire content. You have to focus on this element to give an engaging look to your content.

When a reader will visit your site, he can easily get an idea that which section would help him regarding his problem. This can be an easy option for them to skip the lengthy articles and reach the actual point that could be helpful for them.

Add CTA buttons

While reading the content, sometimes a user needs proof of that line that you have added in the article. You may have added a quotation or a stat that is to explain your topic in a better way.

But the thing is that reader would never get satisfied unless he is getting the evidence about your thoughts. So, you have to add CTA (Call to action) button in the right place so the reader could go there and get more ideas about that topic.

Sometimes you are telling about a product to the audience and how they could benefit themselves using that item. Here, you have to add the link of that product so they could directly reach that item instead of wasting their time searching it on the search engine.

Keep the content original

The main element that a writer should never forget is that the content he is adding must be original and unique that could increase the knowledge of a reader.

Suppose you are writing about the characteristics of a mobile phone. At first, you will get ideas about the topic from other resources and read the thoughts of other authors.

But the element that you have to focus on is that your content must be different from the one that you read from other websites.

If you want to write those lines in your content then you must present those ideas in a unique way that could amuse the audience and help them read the entire article without getting bored.

Keep the content to the point

You must remember this element that the article should be to the point. Add those lines that could benefit the readers and could keep them engaged.

Keep the content to the point

Sometimes a writer focuses on the length of the article and adds to many ideas in a single title no matter they are related to the topic or not.

You must focus on this thing that the content should be short and precise. And it can be only done once you set the word count limit for the content for each heading.

If you are not able to control the length of the article, then you can go for a free character counter. This tool will tell you the total words and characters present in the article along with keywords density.

The best thing about using this amazing tool is that you will not have to visit multiple software for checking each thing.

 When you upload the content in this online tool, it will provide you with the results instantly without asking for a subscription.

Use more headings

Headings and subheadings will help the readers to understand the topic more conveniently. So you have to focus on this element.

When you make the headings of each section and discuss it separately, it not only gives a charming look to the content but also makes it easy to understand.

Users can easily get to the required section which can help them solve the issue. So, you have to keep this element in mind.

If you write lengthy paragraphs without giving titles, it could be difficult for the reader to reach that section that is actually beneficial for him.

Use images in the article

Images can make things more clear in less time. If a reader does not understand the intent of the article, he could go for the images and try to understand the intent of the topic from there.

A topic could be new for the reader so, at that time, a picture can make things more clear for him without wasting his time.

Also, this factor will be handy in reducing the word count of the article and keeping it to the point, and keeping the content short and accurate.

Focus the right keyword

A keyword is the main element that will get the right traffic on your page. So, you have to choose the keyword wisely and get a rank on it.

Let’s take the example of a keyword “Wrist Watches” and “Top wrist watches”. Both of the words are the same and have a similar intent. But the results would be different in both cases.

When you will use the first keyword, it will show you the results of top brands that are rated by Google. But when it comes to the second keyword, you will get the results of articles that are related to the best watches.

So, it’s upon the usage of your keyword. You have to choose the right one that could get you the right audience. Otherwise, it will increase the bounce rate of the website and make it Spammy.

Get healthy backlinks

Getting backlinks from healthy and well-ranked websites will help you rank better on the search engine and the chances of getting more audience also get increased.

Google also takes it as a positive element and tries to keep the page on the top that is promoted by a healthy website having huge traffic volume.

So, you should reach out to such websites that are already grabbing the attention of visitors and get backlinks from there to increase the volume on your page.

Focus on the SEO

SEO is the main element that could help you in getting more audience on the page. Although, it is not a ranking factor that still plays a vital role in making the content attractive.


And once you provide the audience with the engaging article, it will automatically increase the ratings of your site.

To make the SEO better, you have to follow all the above points. The article must be to the point and should have the right keywords.

Also, you need to get backlinks from top websites so that Google could prefer you. These are some elements that are necessary to be followed while writing a striking article and make your website strong.

Factors that you should avoid

In the above section, we have talked about the Do’s that are necessary to make the content unique and grabbing for the visitors.

Now, we are going to discuss some other elements that should be avoided in the article. You have to remember these tips to make your article informative for the audience.

Don’t distract your readers

One of the main elements that you have to remember is that you must keep your readers engaged. Don’t let them be distracted or bored while reading your article.

It can be done once you eliminate all the lines that are not relevant to the topic. You should keep the topic to the point that can value the time of visitors.

When a person will visit your site, he will look for the pain point that can solve his problem. So, adding extra examples without proper need can be a bad factor.

Avoid repetition

Repetition is another element that will lead to making the content boring for the readers. So, you have to avoid this element.

Some writers make this mistake in the content by adding the same lines multiple times in their article. This not only increases the length of their article but also gives it a promotional look.

The search engine will also take such content to the end of the list as it will just waste the time of a reader. This is the factor that you need to escape.

Eliminate the grammatical issues

Make sure that the content is free of grammatical errors. Don’t make such errors in the article that could disturb the fluency of the text.

Grammar is the main element that will make the lines more fluent and easy to read. If you are not considering this factor, you would lose the interest of the audience.

For it, you have to proofread the article twice before uploading it. You can also get help from an online grammar checker if you are facing any difficulty regarding this.

Evade using the content of others

The plagiarism factor will make your website Spammy and lose its worth. So, you must keep this thing in mind that you can’t copy the content of any other author and use it as your article.

Certainly, you will read the thoughts of other writers for getting knowledge about that topic. But if you use the same line in your content, you will have to face consequences.

Therefore, you have to rephrase those thoughts and present them in your words so that it can give a new look and help the readers to learn something new from your page.

Don’t make the paragraphs lengthy

Lengthy paragraphs are not easy to read and understand. You have to focus on each line and read it twice or thrice to understand the intent.


You have to avoid this element in your article and make the paragraphs short. Cover each point in one paragraph and for the next point, you should go to the new paragraph.

It will not only make the article interesting, but also easier to read and understand. This will directly lead to value the time of readers.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Although, keywords play a vital role in getting traffic on the page but using a single keyword multiple times can give it a promotional look.

So, you have to keep the content away from keyword stuffing and make it natural. Use the keywords in those lines where it is actually needed.

Bottom lines: do's & don'ts while writing a content that can make or break your website

Every blogger and webmaster wishes to make his website on the top of SERP. But this is not as simple as you are thinking. There are numerous elements that you need to remember while writing the content.

If you are writing an article for your website and want to get more traffic on it, you have to make sure that the content is informational for the readers.

Writing lengthy articles without focusing on the actual content will only lead to losing the interest of the audience. So, you have to remember these important elements.

Here we have discussed all the factors that are necessary for writing and getting more visitors on the page and hope it will give you a lot of benefits.

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