How To Use a Custom Printed Tablecloth To Promote Your Business

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Using custom-printed tablecloths for advertising is not only cost-effective but also an impactful method of marketing and advertising your business.

From trade shows to fundraisers, custom tablecloths have been used for decades to increase brand awareness with style

Here’s how you can effectively utilize custom printed tablecloths to make your brand stand out while strengthening the brand identity.

Types and materials for tablecloths

Before we share with you ways to use tablecloths for impactful advertising, let's briefly read about the types and materials used, so you can pick the tablecloth appropriate for your business.

Custom Printed Tablecloth To Promote Your Business

Throw tablecloths

This traditional tablecloth style provides a loose cover that surrounds the table to the floor.

The cloth drapes down from each side can be used to advertise your business. Depending on the type of tables you will be using, you can order custom-made tablecloths to make your stall stand out.

Stretchable tablecloths

These unique clothes are made of stretchable material and give a unique look to your table. Due to the stretchable material, the cloth forms a concave shape below the table and the floor, conforming to a great outlook.

The cloth is designed to cover almost every space except the back, allowing you to easily place extra merchandise or products below the table. 

These tablecloths are stretchable, but they do have a limit when it comes to the size of the table. Therefore, make sure you know the size of the table before you purchase a tablecloth. 

Fit table covers

These covers are similar to throw tablecloths but provide a slim fit with no excess drapes hanging out from the sides of the table.

This gives your table a boxy and sleek look that is perfect for any outdoor event. However, keep in mind the dimensions of your display table, as these table covers come in three different sizes. 

You can order your custom tablecloths and covers if you want the table cover to fit in perfectly.

Types of Materials

Different types of fabrics are used to make tablecloths, with each one having varying physical and chemical properties. Let’s scroll down and read a bit about these types briefly.

  • Spandex fabric is a great pick when you want to display your advertising material. Spandex is bound with a thin layer of foam and then placed as a tablecloth to keep the logos and your brand information always visible. The fabric can retain almost any color and does not fade even after multiple washes. 
  • Polyester is the most common material used to make tablecloths. Images and relevant information can be directly printed on the cloth, making it a great choice if you want to display a graphic design. The fabric has an affinity with colors that allows it to completely absorb and radiate colors effectively. Some manufacturers are also producing fire-resistant tablecloths that use fire-roof polyester thread. 
  • Vinyl covers and tablecloths are water-resistant and can be used easily at any open-air event. These cloths can provide your products with enough protection from rain or heat. Many food stalls use this type of fabric to protect the food from getting spoiled due to bad weather.
  • Nylon tablecloths feel similar to polyester but have a firm and matte outlook. It is also water and stain-resistant, which makes it a choice for most marketing events.

Choosing the type and fabric of the tablecloth is crucial, as it helps you advertise effectively. Depending on your usage, budget, and the type of advertisements you want to display, you can pick one that serves the purpose best.

Now that we have discussed the types of tablecloths and the different fabrics used to make them, here are some tips for using custom printed tablecloths for effective business promotion.

Choosing the cover

Make sure the design you choose is simple, clearly written, and visible from a distance. 

Most advertising experts suggest displaying the logo, your brand tagline, and a simple website or phone number. Most business owners prefer displaying the contact information on each side of the tablecloth. 

The colors you choose should be bright as used by restaurants while the shared information is visible. Lastly, remember to never use any form of color that could hide the advertising information.

Tablecloth designing

Having an attractive tablecloth can give your stall a sleek outlook and even attract other customers' attention

Using a bare table will put a poor impression on a customer, whereas an attractive tablecloth can grab the customer’s attention from far away. 

With a  variety of promotional table cloths available to choose from, these will exhibit a professional brand image.

Tablecovers, banners, and brochures can also be added if you want to completely educate the customer and increase brand recognition. 

There are tons of tablecloth manufacturers in the market to fulfill your requirements.

Nonetheless, it is always feasible to compare the prices and the material used to make tablecloths as it ensures you don’t receive substandard tablecloths which could negatively affect your business. 

Promoting your products

If you’re promoting a product or a service, printing the information directly on the tablecloth can do wonders. Individuals looking for the product will most likely engage with your stall after seeing the offer you have put up.

Promoting your products

Marketing specialists suggest promoting the product at an exclusively discounted price, so your product gets the recognition it deserves. 

Besides setting up your stall with custom tablecloths, table covers, banners, and brochures, use directional signboards or cues in an event that could point the visitors towards your stall.

If you have the budget, handing out a small brochure with the promotional offer and the direction towards your stall can make a huge difference in terms of sales. 

Advertising your business

Tablecloths indeed display a positive image and build a strong brand identity at events. The pictures and video footage of the event will automatically work as an effective marketing tool for your business. 

You can even ask the visitors interested in your product or services to take a picture with the tablecloth visible in the background and share it on the social media platform they are using.

Individuals willing to post the pictures can be incentivized by giving a one-time discount or an offer they would most likely accept. Doing this builds the identity of the brand and leads to better marketing results.

Adding information

Besides putting on your brand logo, remember to add your domain name to slowly build up brand recognition. As you would have enough space to add information, use 4-inch letters to write, so the information can be visible from a distance. 

The standard printable area on the tablecloth is around 6x8 feet, which is enough to display your logo, domain name, and your tagline

However, using a bigger tablecloth and adding too much information will make your stall look unprofessional.

Selecting colors

As we all know, each color is associated with emotion and has meaning. You can try this marketing approach and only select the tablecloth colors that can engage the customer.

Selecting colors

Depending on your brand image, the colors can be either vibrant and bright or light colors to match your brand image. 

Marketing gurus advise using one color scheme, so your marketing campaign can align easily with the brand image your business is developing. Lastly, avoid using colors that can camouflage the displayed information. 

However, if you don’t want to keep the same color scheme, consult with your graphic design and marketing team to come up with similar color schemes that provide a fresh outlook but still keep the brand identity intact.

Costs of tablecloths

Generally, the cost of the tablecloth depends on the type of material you have ordered. The quality of the material used will also influence the final cost.

Costs of tablecloths

Furthermore, if you order a tablecloth of bigger dimensions, it will most likely cost more. Different tablecloth manufacturers will offer you different quotes for the same order requirements. 

Therefore, make sure you get in touch with each one and compare the offered services. You can check online reviews and even get recommendations if you are confused about which deal would suit you the best. 

Not every event you visit will be the same. Some events might be indoors, whereas others would be outdoors during bad weather. Therefore, keep in mind the different scenarios you can face when ordering custom printed tablecloths for your business.

As discussed earlier, maintaining a professional image is crucial, as it will assist you in making the right connections and promoting your business in the right manner. 

Final words: How to use a custom printed tablecloth to promote your business

Tablecloths have a lot of benefits for your business. The tablecloths provide functionality as they are specifically designed to store your products and display the branding effectively.

Furthermore, this marketing strategy is by far the most cost-effective option that is used by every successful business out there. 

Now you have gathered all the information related to custom tablecloths, which will help you in customizing them to improve the marketing outcomes.

Use the information provided above to make better decisions in terms of promoting your business. 

Then you can enjoy showcasing your brand and products in the best light.

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