Decoding TikTok ‘Branded Effects’ For Marketers

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TikTok is an app where entertainment and advertising are difficult to separate. While many dislike advertising, TikTok marketing makes it so you can't help but join in on the latest fad or challenge, even if it's a brand doing it. One example is TikTok's branded effects, which can attract more TikTok followers to your profile if done right.

This article will explore these branded effects, give some examples, and explain how your YouTube account can jump on the bandwagon. Let's begin.

What are branded effects?

TikTok launched its branded effects in early 2023. To understand the effects of such kind, it's first vital to discuss what normal effects are in the TikTok sense. Effects are what give your video a unique flair. Some upshots are as simple as a color filter, while others allow you to change your face and voice or add augmented reality (AR) elements to your videos.

Decoding TikTok 'Branded Effects' For Marketers

There’s always a new effect coming out, so as you may have guessed, they are ripe for TikTok trends. Whenever there is a new effect, TikTokers worldwide are there to make video memes and have a good time with them.

So, as you may have guessed, Branded Effects are when a brand has its own effects for customers to try out. TikTok uses Effect House Branded Effects to help businesses create their own effects that can make their brand stand out.

Taking advantage of these trends could put your business on other people’s FYPs, generating traffic and engagement.  However, make sure that your brand can use these effects. The wrong effects will look jarring, and could possibly have the opposite effect if used incorrectly.

TikTok explains to businesses how to create their own effects and use them to promote their next big product. If you're a business trying to appeal to the Millennial or Gen-Z audience, having your own effects can help you grow.

Examples of branded effects

As you may have expected, many well-known brands used this immediately to design their own effects, and they had success. Let’s look at some major ones and how these campaigns have changed their businesses.


We all know Pepsi, but we may not know that Pepsi had a new flavor in Pakistan, so to promote this, Pepsi started a campaign called #NewPepsiHitMeLike that challenged users to try the new Pepsi and show their reactions.

This campaign has it all. It has a catchy branded hashtag that is easy to spread. In addition, it had a new jingle that people could use in their videos. This jingle not only spread the brand more but it also got stuck in users' heads.

But perhaps the most prominent example is the Branded Effect. It had animations, text, and backgrounds that fit Pepsi's branding. While each video had the users make their own twist on the challenge, it all had consistent branding. The effect was used millions of times, ensuring it was a success.


While it is gross to go from soda to toothpaste, our next stop is to look at what Colgate Thailand did for their Branded Effect. They had a catchy hashtag, #ColgateKiss, and a unique Branded Effect. This effect gave users a kissy face with hearts and their own branding.

Kissing is one way for influencers to make the fans swoon, and what better way to show this than a brand that ensures that the kiss comes from a clean mouth? Colgate’s kissy effect was once again a success.


Trying on shoes can be such a hassle. You have to go to the shoe store, find your size, try it on, and have to socialize. However, Nike made it easy when they had a branded effect that allowed users to try on their shoes virtually.

You can see where this is going. Users could "slip on" an AR pair of shoes to show what their feet would theoretically look like in a new couple of Nikes. It was another success and a creative way to try on clothing in an age where you can't try on clothes immediately if you shop online.

These are just a few examples of branded approaches people have used to promote their brand. This comes from major, recognizable products. However, developing effects is something that even smaller businesses can do, and your company may want to invest in.


You may have heard of Mucinex, a cold medicine. Their advertising campaign tends to have Mr. Mucus, a CG mucus character. While gross in concept, his personality has made it a popular drug when you're feeling stuffed.

Mucinex had a Branded Effect where Mr. Mucus appeared in your video and danced. This effect had the hashtag #BeatTheZombieFunk, combining advertising with TikTok's favorite pastime, dances.

Why use branded effects?

Why use branded effects

We've looked at some examples, but now, let's examine why people love branded methods.

People like effects

The first reason is that people are still fascinated by cool filters, AR effects, and other tools that can make their videos and photos unique. People may flock to try it when you have a remarkable effect that stands out.

People do it for engagement

As we said, many people dislike being advertised to. How many people have you seen complain about ads? So, why does TikTok seem to get a pass? One reason for this is that TikTok advertising is a two-way street.

Let’s explain. Normal advertising is a one-way street. You are telling someone to buy your product, and they do so. That product may benefit them, but not the advertisement itself.

Meanwhile, Branded Effects can let a user gain some engagement in the process. When people search the branded hashtag, they may see a user's video; if the video is good enough, they may give it a like.

In addition, you can share the video, giving their account exposure.

Because of this, people are much more open to upvotes for the products.

It makes you stand out

There are many companies on TikTok, each competing fiercely. No matter how niche your business is, there’s probably an account that offers something similar. Because of this, you need to stand out.

One way to do so is through a Branded Effect. Many smaller businesses will not bother creating one, so if you learn how to create a branded effect, you can get a head start on the competition.

It can get your message across

What we love about this topic is how easy it is to get your message across whenever you use them. You can integrate your brand’s messaging through cool approaches, games, and filters, making it easily digestible for your audience. Not only that, but it ensures that your message feels less salesly.

These reasons and more are why many brands are interested in this activity of such type. If you’re a brand, it’s an exciting new time.

How do I get my own branded effect?

If you're a company, your first question is, "How can I get a Branded Effect?" You may want to know if you need any experience developing your effect. Luckily, TikTok has a skilled team of developers who can help you.

You can view their contact form to talk to someone who can help you. Here, you can enter information about your business, including your budget, and someone will get back to you to discuss which effect you want.

How much does a branded effect cost?

You may wonder how much it costs. Due to it requiring a skilled team to create methods, it’s something that smaller businesses may not be able to afford. While expensive, a successful Branded Effect campaign can give you a profit.

Of course, many companies may not be able to afford this. As a reminder, this is a relatively new service TikTok offers. The future may bring more affordable Branded Effect campaigns.

How to create the perfect branded effect

Like all TikTok campaigns, the approaches of the types mentioned require you to know your audience and what they enjoy. However, there are some essential tips to get you started. Let's look at some of them.

Know what type of branded effect you’re going for

Know What Type of Branded Effect You’re Going for

First, you should know what kind of Branded Effect your business should have. Let’s look at the three major types.


This filter has 2D image animations and can give extra color to your fans' videos. A 2D Branded Effect is simpler and takes a shorter time to develop. It's good if you want to dip your toes into the world of TikTok Branded Effects

2D Pro

This combines 2D with beauty filters. For example, if you're selling makeup products, the filter may beautify your users while adding cool 2D approaches. If your product company focuses on the face, you should check this out.


3D approaches use animations, 3D images, and other methods to simulate wearing clothing, interacting with objects that aren't there, and more. As we showcased with the Nike Branded Effects, 3D images work well if you want a user to try on clothes.

But it's not just clothes that a brand can use. If you're making a game, you can use a 3D effect to show an item or a character. There are also 3D Special Points. These green screens or cloning ponts can engage your audience like none other.


There's also a fourth effect that many brands like to use: gamification. This is when you add a filter that makes the video feel like a game. Using a template, a user can play a game, get a high score, and challenge another user. While it can be a fun game, it can have your branding. This ensures your product's message is not lost in the game.

Make it look natural

The sweet spot for the point mentioned above looks natural and not too advertise-y without losing your brand's message. You want something that others can view and not feel like they're in the middle of an ad. For example, someone may be entertained by their friend trying on a virtual shoe that they may not care that it's from Nike.

A good start

A Branded Effect should have a beginning that incentivizes users to keep watching. Some businesses will use an explosion of branded colors, while others will open with a CTA telling users to beat their game.


On TikTok, the word "challenge" rules all. If a user feels like a challenge is fun and trendy, they will want to do it. Remember, the term "challenge" can be a little loose. Trying on a virtual pair of clothes and seeing how they look is considered a challenge.

Creates engagement

Creates Engagement

You want to create a challenge that engages your audience and invites others to comment and try it out on their own. Besides creating an engaging effect, you can engage your audience by interacting with them.

Long or short-term?

Ideally, you'll want to create a Branded Effect that can last long. The campaign can be expensive. However, if you do well enough, your effect may be around the block for a while, primarily if it provides an experience that makes people return to it.

Of course, like all TikTok fads, things eventually end. So, you'll want to create new effects that will keep your audience intrigued and interested to try your product.

Final thoughts

We love TikTok for how creative it can be when it comes to helping businesses market. As people become wearier with ads, creating creative ad campaigns encouraging participation is one way your business can grow.

Branded Effects are the latest way your business can thrive by combining product awareness with engaging fun. If you have the money to invest in it, the methods of such types can be an excellent way to promote your brand and take it to the next level.

So think about what effect would work best with your business, and then talk to TikTok's customer support to see if they can make your dream a reality. We hope this article was helpful to you.

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