Diana And Roma Net Worth: How Rich Are They?

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Just like there are YouTube stars like Mr. Beast and Pewdiepie that teenagers watch. There are also stars like Diana and Roma on YouTube that little kids watch. 

People who have kids at home might be familiar with the name. After all, the Kids Diana Show is the most subscribed and viewed channel in Ukraine and stands at number 5 in the whole world. 

All of this they have achieved at the age of 12 and 10 years. Since they are so popular on YouTube, people want to know their net worth and about their lives. 

If you have the same curiosity, then you are at the right place. In this article, we will have a look at Diana and Roma Net Worth. We will also know more about their personal life, and their achievements. 

Diana and Roma early life

Eva Diana Kidisyuk was born on 31 March 2014 in Kyiv Ukraine. Her brother, Roma, is 2 years older and was born on 22 October 2012 to Valaymyr Kidisyuk and Olena Kidisyuk. 

They worked as an entrepreneur and moved to Miami, Florida for better opportunities for themselves and their kids. 

Recently they had another baby and named him Oliver.

Diana and Roma YouTube career

When Olena and Valadymyr had Roma, they started filming his videos and uploaded them on YouTube to share them with friends and family. They did the same thing with Diana when she was born. They started filming her videos playing with toys, sleeping, etc.

Diana and Roma youtube channel

Soon, the channel started becoming more and more popular as other people discovered the channel. 

In the year 2015, they renamed both the channels. The channel featuring Roma was named Kids Roma Show and the channel featuring Diana was renamed to Kids Diana Show. 

In just a year, the channel became so immensely popular among kids that both parents had to quit their business in 2017 to focus on the YouTube channels. They also started hiring a video crew to make videos for their channel. Since then, the channels have seen positive growth. 

The channel Kids Diana show has a total of 119 million subscribers. It is the most subscribed channel in Ukraine. It is also the 5th most viewed and 5th most subscribed channel on YouTube

The content of the channel revolves around Diana unboxing toys, playing with them, going on an adventure, educating kids along with entertainment, singing songs, etc. 

The video’s script is prepared by Olena and played by Diana. The show is also dubbed in 20+ languages for international viewers. 

The channel has amassed more than 97B+ views. It gets around 10B+ views each month across all the channels.

The channel Kids Show Roma is a little less popular. It is also prepared by Olena. It revolves mostly around Roma. But lately, the channel has been featuring Oliver a lot. 

Sometimes, you get to see Diana and the whole family in the videos as well. Kids Roma Show has 37M+ followers and has garnered 12Billion+ views across all the languages.

On both channels, kids come around to see and explore the world of Diana and Roma. They want to see them play with their expensive toys, and go into adventure parks, rides, etc. 

Both the kids Diana and Roma say very few words in the videos like Hey Daddy, Wow, Yay, etc still they are popular. These videos also educate people on how to talk to parents, manners, etc. 

Diana and Roma additional ventures

Diana and Roma’s parents have not just kept limited to YouTube. They also post on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc. 

Diana and Roma

In the year 2020, they signed a contract with a children’s media company, Pocketwatch. 

It spearheaded Love Diana, an animated series that had Roma and Diana, play with their friends and save them in a fictional world. This also became very popular and gained millions of views. It is available on Prime, HBO, and YouTube. 

They had also partnered with Walmart to create a new line of toys based around Diana and Roma. It is called The Princes of Play. It contains Dolls, Hair accessories, plush toys, play sets, and many more things. 

Diana and Roma net worth

Diana and Roma have a net worth of $350 million. However, this is just an estimate. We do not know their net worth for sure because they have never revealed it to anyone. All we know is that they have a luxurious house in Miami, Florida where they live, a few expensive cars, and some real estate properties. 

How do Diana and Roma make money?

As stated earlier, Diana and Roma have a net worth of approximately $350 million. However, the question that arises is how did they make so much money and what are the different sources they make money from.

You will find the answers to these questions in this section. 

Since Diana and Roma have multiple channels in different languages, we will combine all the views roughly. The rough estimate is that they have garnered over 320 billion views on all the channels.

Diana and Roma net worth

Ad rates in the US for kids' channels are $4-10 for 1000 views. Since they may have some demonetized videos, let's assume the ad rate is $3 per 1000. Since most of the views come from tier 3 countries, let's assume the overall average ad rate of $1 per 1000 views.

They have a total of 320,000,000,000 views. This makes the earning 320,000,000,000/1000*$1=320,000,000

This means that they have a net worth of 320 million from ads alone. If we look at their brand collaborations, it is safe to say that they have made around 350 million.

Why are Diana and Roma so popular?

If an adult looks at the content on Diana and Roma, they would wonder why are they so popular. All they do is act like live-action cartoon characters and play with toys. 

While this may seem useless to an adult, a kid loves seeing and exploring the lives of other people. They also love to see other kids playing with the toys they do not have. 

Also, the channel uses attractive and bright colors which attracts kids making them popular

While most people praise Diana and Roma’s parents, some criticize them as well. 

They say that they are exploiting the kids for profit making them do pretentious things that do not have anything to do with reality. Also, they are depriving them of social bonding since the kids are mostly busy with work. 

The parents responded to this and said that their kids are being more creative by being involved in this creative work which is good for them. 

Diana and Roma personal life

Although we get to see a lot of the Kidisyuk family online on YouTube and on different platforms, not much is known about their personal life. 

No one knows what they did before they started full-time on YouTube. All we know about them is that they came from Kyiv, Ukraine, and settled in Miami Florida

Diana and Roma family

They have 3 kids. Roma is the eldest, Diana is the middle one and Oliver is the youngest. 

Not much is known about the kids as well because they don't go out to school much. They are homeschooled to be able to focus both on their studies and YouTube at the same time. 


Diana and Roma have become a household name for kids who have internet access They are the world’s fifth most viewed and subscribed channel on the internet. They are the most viewed channel in Ukraine. 

In the kids channel, Diana and Roma stand at the second most viewed spot after the famous Cocomelon channel.

Diana and Roma have a very colorful and playful life. With their channel, kids explore the idea of playing with toys and parents and friends instead of being busy on the phone. 

Diana and Roma have captured the internet with their cute faces and witty expressions. They have created a net worth of $350 million without speaking many things with the help of their parents. 

They have been around since 2015 and still keep entertaining little kids with their perky videos. We hope that this article has provided you with all the information that you need on the Diana and Roma Show.

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