How Can Digital Marketing Improve Your Health Practice?

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Modernizing your healthcare business

Medicine and technology are hand-in-glove. In some cases, that’s quite literal.

Consider gloves used in conjunction with computerized technology that gives you the ability to manipulate robotic surgery implements. Hands can only be so small, and very precise control is necessary for some surgeries.

That’s just an illustrative example, and hopefully, you get the point. As modernity has progressed, so also have medicine and technology

The more technological capability we have, the better medicine we as a society are able to supply. Computer tech has led to nanotech, and now quantum computing is on the horizon.

It’s conceivable that, before those reading this have reached advanced age, there will be microscopic computers capable of functioning at the level of today’s supercomputers.

That may seem far-fetched but remember: the smartphone in your pocket now has more technological capability than all of NASA during the Apollo missions.

So what’s the point of drawing these obvious comparisons? Well, it’s not just surgery tech that advances.

Marketing also is enhanced through modern marketing. In this writing, we’ll explore how digital marketing for doctors can enhance the profitability of your medical practice substantially.

1. Healthcare practices can hone outreach specifically

Digital marketing solutions can “listen” for things which might indicate a potential patient for the products or services your healthcare clinic provides.

How Can Digital Marketing Improve Your Health Practice

There are a few different ways this can be done. Likely, reading that sentence, you thought of YouTube, Google, and Facebook; and how their algorithms seem to be eavesdropping on your day-to-day conversation.

Maybe you’re talking about a funny story when you were at the dentist, and when you go to check Facebook, suddenly all these ads are scrolling down your feed which are promoting orthodontic services.

This is being written in 2023, and by now, most of us have experienced this phenomenon in one form or another.

What is happening is, automated AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms catch on keywords and send targeted ads to those from whom the keywords came.

It’s a bit invasive, really; but you don’t have to be invasive to similarly take advantage of adjacent tech for the promotion of your medical business.

Essentially, you can design videos, blogs, tweets, and other online advertisements that specify precise markets that would benefit from the products or services you supply

Then you can work with marketing groups for proper distribution. Perhaps you use the algorithmic model outlined in this section, or perhaps not; either way, the capability exists.

2. Modern marketing expands tangible visibility

With modern digital marketing, you’re not restrained to magazines or television, or billboards.

Certainly, you can still use these options, and there are digitized marketing packages which will distribute your materials across multiple sorts of media.

However, modern digital marketing will put your advertisement materials on YouTube, social media, and other online avenues. You can back-link to your website, and more. The key here is leaning into mobile outreach design.

More than half of all internet activity takes place on mobile devices in modernity. That means whatever marketing you do needs to be calibrated for more than just desktops and laptops.

Yes, that is a bit more expensive, but it’s a lot more expansive, too.

Everybody’s got a smartphone, a tablet, or some other web-connected Internet of Things (IoT) device. When you stratify outreach across mobile and non-mobile web portals, you exponentially increase your overall reach.

3. Facilitation of enhanced competitive capability

If you’re not using digital marketing solutions, you’re undermining your overall competitive viability.

3. Facilitation of enhanced competitive capability

If you’re an orthopedic practice, and another in your town uses digital marketing, then when someone conducts a Google search, they’ll be sent straight to that clinic.

Unless you’re also online, you won’t even pop up in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

However, if you start marketing online, you maintain your digital presence, and you proactively expand that presence, then suddenly you’ve got equal footing with that prospective competitor.

Now you’re more viable in a competitive sense. Accordingly, refraining from digital marketing can collaterally harm you in your local market.

4. Specific services can be promoted following data

Digital marketing requires data, and we’ll explore that concept in more detail in a further point. What’s worth considering here is, when you’re optimizing outreach to match actual demand, you’ll more efficiently hit diverse profitability targets.

Digital marketing will allow you to hone in outreach to those products or services that are most popular, or which need more visibility.

If you’re a maternity clinic offering ultrasound services, but collaterally you offer childcare options as well, you can digitally focus outreach toward clientele most likely to need or require such specific solutions.

You can leverage existing data to hone outreach so it is better targeted. Think of digital marketing like a “scope” on your advertisement “rifle”.

Maybe you’re an expert marksman and can nail a target at 300 yards with no scope.

Most people can’t, but with a good scope, you’re able to hit the bull’s eye easier. Digital marketing helps you calibrate advertisement salvos more efficiently, allowing you to conserve marketing ammunition that, let’s be honest, isn’t cheap!

5. Digital marketing enables loyalty management and checkups

Digital marketing isn’t restricted to new clientele. There’s something called Customer Relationship Management, or CRM. 

CRM software basically builds a database of existing customers. So say you’re an orthodontic clinic. To hit your numbers, you need 50% of existing patients to get two or more orthodontic cleanings a year.

With digital marketing utilizing software like CRM, you can automatically send email reminders. You can notify patients on social media.

Also, you can offer certain coupons and discounts that facilitate a greater likelihood of conversion regarding one outreach campaign or another.

Similar tactics can be used to rope in new customers, but in a nutshell, going this route allows more efficient management of existing clientele as well.

6. Digital marketing requires collecting and using real data

This was alluded to earlier: digital marketing helps generate data and facilitates better use of that data.

6. Digital marketing requires collecting and using real data

It’s integral to collect and interpret diverse data whenever you’re running a digital marketing campaign. The more data you have, the more effectively you can paint a digital “picture”.

Think of it like drawing a silhouette around a hidden image, then gradually revealing that image one pixel at a time.

As you run marketing campaigns aimed at specific clients within your target market, you’ll be able to get an idea what is more or less effective. As data reveals what’s effective, you can concentrate outreach energies on appropriate techniques.

As you concentrate outreach on varying techniques, you can discover things which make associated marketing more effective

You’ll discover text size, keywords, images, videos, links, infographics, coupons, the time when you post, and how fast you respond to inquiries are all data points you can leverage toward increased profitability.

7. Proper marketing positions clinics for coming changes

This is a rather important point—technology is in continual flux. Before there were any billboards, radio ads, or television ads, flyers pasted on light posts were some of the most effective marketing techniques out there.

There was a time when the printing press was cutting-edge technology. A printed flyer, by dint of it being printed, was engaging.

People weren’t used to mass-produced printing. Well, soon that became a basic feature of outreach for varying companies. As radio developed, soon radio spots became similar. 

Then television spots became hotly sought by advertisers. Telemarketing followed. Eventually you had billboards and neon lights everywhere. Following these things came the internet.

After the internet hit the market, technology miniaturized to the point where you can access the web from your phone more efficiently than on your desktop or laptop.

Now, in the wake of the 2020 health crisis, “zoom” meetings have come into prominence, and this has given more solid ground to newer medical techniques like telemedicine.

You’re going to be involved with telemedicine in the near future if you aren’t already, and this is a prime opportunity for digital marketing

You can onboard patients to an email list for a coupon while in the zoom “office”. Tomorrow, some new techniques will come. You’ll have a lot easier time tapping into it if you’re up-to-date on existing digital marketing techniques.

Utilizing digital alternatives to enhance profitability

At the end of the day, there are a lot of things to recommend devoting more of your advertisement outreach budget to digital marketing.

Utilizing digital alternatives to enhance profitability

Certainly, magazine spots, local radio spots, television commercials, and billboards still have their place; as do PR exploits utilizing local news publications and direct-mail adverts.

However, digital marketing is fast proving itself a superior addition to these legacy marketing techniques. Soon, today’s cutting-edge techniques will be tomorrow’s legacy tactics.

Conclusion: How digital marketing can improve your health practice

Leaning into digital marketing now helps you keep pace with the industry as it changes.

Also, you are better able to collect data, utilize patient management software to initiate checkups, and use data for the specific promotions

Additionally, digital marketing has the potential to seriously enhance competitive viability, make you a more visible practice in your local market, and continuously hone outreach for the most effective outcomes.

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