DotCom Secrets Review: Russell Brunson’s Book

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It’s no secret that Russel Brunson has a cult following of thousands—if not millions, of entrepreneurs, affiliates, and web marketers. And it’s all for good reason—his strategies work. 

And every single one of those followers are eager to cash into their life’s work. 

Today’s DotCom Secrets review talks about the pros and cons of one of the Sales Funnel King’s most popular books and whether it would benefit your venture. 

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DotCom Secrets review: what is the book about?

DotCom Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Growing Your Company Online is part of the Secrets trilogy that Russel Brunson of ClickFunnels authored. The book, along with the two other installments are geared towards helping entrepreneurs, web marketers, affiliate marketers and many more enterprise owners build an empire from scratch. 

DotCom Secrets review

This book in particular focuses on sharing relevant content that helps you build a successful operation. The unique thing about the book itself is that it doesn’t just focus on online businesses.

It helps you build your company or brand from ground up digitally or physically. 

What makes the book such a hot commodity among its followers is the fact that Russel has written it in such a way that it will remain relevant for past and future business practices.

That means the book still remains relevant and will remain so for years to come even though it was published in 2015. 

But is it just for startups?

Not necessarily. DotCom Secrets is geared towards helping businesses establish themselves. But that doesn’t mean you’ll only benefit from it if your venture hasn’t taken off yet.

The book aims to help entrepreneurs and enterprise owners grow a successful company regardless of whether you’re already operating or not. 

How will I benefit from the book if I already have an existing business?

The book is aimed towards helping you scale your venture, no matter how new or old it is. Think of it as a road map that will guide you through the ins and outs of creating and nurturing a successful establishment. I know how this all sounds.

Believe me, before I even started reading the books, I felt as though it was oversold and that it just had a really good marketing strategy tied to it. 

DotCom Secrets free book

But boy was I wrong. Sure, there are some things I’d like to change. For example, I’m not a big fan of supporting idealists who have a cult following that would lynch you the first time you said something contradictory about their idol, but it’s clear that Brunson knows what he’s talking about.

And he takes that knowledge into his books to help others build an empire much like he has. 

There is a reason the book is flooded with positive reviews. 

The simple answer is: it works. But more than that, it’s filled with useful and valuable nuggets of information you can use to catapult your operation into the big leagues. Of course, that isn’t to say that your venture will increase overnight. 

Much like loading a catapult and setting it back, you’ll have to put in enough effort and hardwork to see your life's work propelled. The reason why the book is so enticing is the fact that Russel does not stop selling you on his ideas.

You’re kept highly motivated while reading and that motivation inspires you to continue building your brand and to keep your eyes on your goals. 

Is DotCom Secrets good for my business?

The first time I skimmed through the book, I thought it would only work for digital marketers and online company. And in some ways, the book is geared towards encouraging you to take advantage of the digital movement.

After all, with everything online now, there’s really no reason for you not to take advantage of digital marketing, right? 

Is DotCom Secrets good for my business

But that’s simply not the case. Once I settled into reading the book in its entirety, I found that the book indeed gave insights, tips, and tricks that were relevant to brick and mortar businesses as well. But more than that, I also found that you’ll be able to boost your confidence significantly from reading the book.

But if you aren’t convinced you need this offer in your life, there are a few things you need to consider so you don’t end up wasting your time. 

Are you ready to put in the effort?

I’m not gonna lie, reading the book itself requires some amount of effort. You’ll have to put in a significant amount of time to make sure you’re absorbing all the right information and that you’re able to apply it properly to your business. 

This will take time and determination to push through with the book. Of course, it isn’t that hard to finish reading the book.

But if you really want to get the most value out of it, and make it work for your venture, you need to push away the idea that you can just skim it and expect your company to thrive. 

The book is not good for you if you do not want to spend time trying to absorb and apply its ideas to your brand. 

Are you ready to apply its teachings to your business diligently?

Each investment is different. And there are certain aspects you may not need or that you may need more than most. So you will need to pick and choose which teachings in the book will work for your company.

But that doesn’t mean that most of its content would end up as white noise for you. 

You will need to apply a significant amount of trial and error to figure out the best approach for your enterprise. The book only gives you tips on how to achieve and identify the needs of your industry.

Like I said, you’ll have to put in the effort. If you don’t follow your structure diligently and consistently, don’t expect to see the same results others are. 

The book is not ideal for you if you’re not ready to put in the work to focus on your business and maintain consistency.

Are you looking for an overnight solution?

There’s no such thing as an overnight success. Even when it looks like a brand has grown overnight, the truth is, it took a long, long, while and numerous hours of effort and hardwork to get it there even with professional help. 

While DotCom Secrets is touted as a shortcut to scaling your business, it’s certainly not magical.

It won’t land you a spot in the Two Comma Club overnight. You’ll have to put in hard work and time to see any results for your ventures. 

If you’re looking for an overnight solution to your investments, this isn’t it.

Why is DotCom Secrets worth my time?

It’s an established fact that all books in the Secrets Trilogy authored by Russell Brunson are a valuable investment for many entrepreneaurs, marketers, and the like.

Why is DotCom Secrets worth my time

But it goes beyond the hype and the Sales Funnel King’s cult following. Here’s why the book is worth your time: 

  • It will help you elevate your business. Whether you’re just starting out, or you already have an existing pursuit, the book will take it to the next level. The book focuses on helping you scale your company no matter which stage it’s in. So if you want to avoid your brand becoming stagnant, take advantage of Russel’s teachings in this book.
  • It helps you get better results on ClickFunnels. This installment serves as a valuable resource for ClickFunnels users. Of course, it’s only one of the many ways you can maximize the results you get on the platform. But it’s undeniably one of the best and most flexible resources you can get your hands on.
  • It’s written in such a way that it can keep up with trends. Haven’t you wondered why it’s still making noise five years after it was published? The author did an amazing job of keeping it valuable for years to come. It’s been tested against the many trends that have come and went since it was published and will continue to do so for decades to come. 
  • It saves you time. I know, I know, I said this book would take time and effort. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t save you time and effort from having to figure out what you need to do for your ventures from scratch. It’s a good guide to help you get off your feet and keep yourself motivated.

How is it different from Expert Secrets and Traffic Secrets?

All three books in the Secrets trilogy serve their own purpose. But if you want to get the best results, you should consider reading all three pieces.

While all three books are geared towards helping you improve and reach your goals for business, they also target very specific kinds of challenges you may face. 

What is Expert Secrets for?

This book helps you establish your brand. This covers everything from finding the right brandvoice, building a fanbase to rival Russel’s, and how you can earn money from sharing valuable content.

In other words, it shares how you can imitate the way Brunson runs his brand. And it also means you’re earning from more than just what your business sells. 

What is Traffic Secrets for?

The newest installment to the series focuses on identifying your dream customer and filling your funnels with traffic. It’s all in the name, really. It focuses on gaining and generating valuable traffic that will boost your company and allow you to nurture those leads to get a higher conversion rate.

What is Traffic Secrets for?

Basically, it helps you identify your ideal customer base, find the best ways to connect with them, and to nurture them so you’re able to gain better conversions. 

To put it simply, all three books focus on different aspects of running, nurturing, and sustaining your ventures. Think of DotCom Secrets as your guide to establishing your business, while Expert Secrets helps you find more ways to cash in on your brand and establish your brand’s identity.

On the other hand, Traffic Secrets guides you through the process of filling your sales funnels and converting them into leads. 

What’s inside the book?

The first book of the trilogy is categorized into five sections. This makes it easier to navigate, and helps you more easily focus on what you need to do for your venture. Each section tackles different parts of the online marketing process and establishing your brand.

To make the best of the book, make sure you take your time to review each section in-depth. Let’s take a closer look at these sections. 

What’s inside the book

The first section: value ladder vs. funnel

The first section tackles the pros of utilizing a value ladder and funnels for your operation. The author also reveals five secrets to help you better visualize how this works: 

  • The secret formula
  • The value ladder
  • From a ladder to a funnel
  • How to find your dream customers
  • The three types of traffic

The second section: communication funnel

This section takes you through how you can utilize your brand to your advantage in your funnels. This helps you build better communication techniques that keep your audience well invested in your brand.

In this section, he also reveals other secrets that help you achieve this goal. 

  • The attractive character
  • The soap opera sequence
  • Daily seinfeld sequence

The third section: funnelology

The third section is dedicated solely to building high-conversion funnels. You’ll be taken through a series of steps that will help you build funnels that work and how you can utilize them to your venture’s advantage.

Russel also reveals a few secrets to the trade in this section. 

  • Reverse-engineering a successful funnel
  • The seven phases of a funnel
  • The 23 building blocks of a funnel
  • Frontend vs. backend funnels
  • The best bait

The fourth section: funnels and scripts

This section reveals the exact script and funnel formula that the author used for ClickFunnels. If you aren’t already aware, ClickFunnels is one of the most heavily advertised platforms out there of its kind.

And its funnels seem to work because over 100,000 users are using the platform on a daily basis for their businesses. This section takes you through creating three different types of funnels.

The fifth section: ClickFunnels

Arguably, you can’t leave the software out of the equation. The platform is a powerful tool in and of itself.

Clickfunnels add media_add video

And since the book is geared towards helping you maximize what ClickFunnels can do for your business, it’s understandable that an entire section would be dedicated to how you can scale your ventures on the tools. 

DotCom Secrets pricing - how much does the book cost?

The book is available for free here. Take note that you will need to pay for shipping which will cost you around $10 to $20 depending on where you live. But if you ask me, that’s a small price to pay for such a significant book. 

Moreover, if you buy your copy directly from the website, you’ll also get a few free bonuses:

  • A copy of Funnel Stacking: The Three Core Funnels and How They Stack Together
  • A PDF of 108 Split Test Winners
  • An eBook copy of Network Marketing Secrets
  • A Funnel Audibles CD
  • The 30-Day DotCom Secrets Challenge

Upsells: what else can I get with the book?

You can’t expect to go through checkout on a Russel Brunson product without being upsold. And this book is no exception.

There are various upsells that you’ll be faced with on the site, but here are some that you really need to take a closer look into:

The audiobook

The author pushes the audiobook hard. Of course it isn’t free, and will cost you $47. I know, I know, you might be thinking: I can order a free copy, why do I need the audiobook?

It’s simple. The audiobook makes it feel like you’re listening to a live talk by Brunson himself. Plus, you get a free audiobook copy of Traffic Secrets as well. 

Traffic Secrets training

This upsells costs $297 and will give you access to hours of exclusive training material that helps you grab your audience’s attention and keep them loyal to your brand. It’s a great upsell to consider if you don’t mind dishing out hundreds of dollars for a quality resource that your business needs. 

This training session will take you through hours of effective tactics that will ultimately fill your funnels and raise conversions. 

The pros of DotCom Secrets

  • The book is free! You can get it for free on the official website. All you have to do is pay for shipping.
  • It helps you scale your investments more easily so you don’t have to rely on trial and error.
  • It helps you build meaningful relationships with your clients. 
  • It helps you succeed on ClickFunnels

The cons of DotCom Secrets

  • It takes up a significant amount if time
  • The book is best used alongside ClickFunnels. Though that doesn’t mean you aren’t able to use it to your advantage for other platforms.

Is it still relevant?

True to his promise, Brunson has managed to compile his thoughts and ideas into one book that has the ability to remain relevant for years to come. It was relevant back when it was first published in 2015, and it still remains relevant to the market today.

Don’t get me wrong, the book is a viable shortcut for a successful business. But it does take some effort to make it work for you. For example, you need to really digest everything the book contains if you want to be successful. 

DotCom Secrets everything you get

You won’t get around to it by just skimming through the pages and hoping that by some miracle, you’re able to get the gist of what Russel is trying to teach you.

Each line is filled with purpose and value so make sure you hold on to each and every sentence you read and ask yourself this: 

how can I apply this to my venture?

So, is the book still relevant? Yes. It definitely is. And I personally think the book will continue to hold value and merit years into the future even when new trends have emerged or businesses have evolved beyond what they are today. 

The most interesting thing about the book itself is that it’s very flexible. It works for a multitude of brand models, and you’ll get an insight into how ClickFunnels grew from a small startup to one of the biggest CRM and sales funnel platforms in the industry. 

If you want to make sure you’re doing the best for your business, and want to make sure you’re doing everything right from the start, grab your free copy of the book now and join thousands of happy entrepreneurs in their quest to land a spot in the highly coveted Two Comma Club. 

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