Dubai Hills: Luxury Living Among World-Class Golf Courses

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Dubai Hills is a luxurious residential area located just outside of Dubai's city center. With world-class golf courses, amenities and facilities, shopping and dining options, and community events and activities, it offers residents one of the highest standards of living in the region

The development features masterfully designed homes that exude sophistication while offering modern comforts for those looking to invest in an idyllic lifestyle. Moreover, the area provides excellent investment opportunities for those interested in taking advantage of its location near some of Dubai's key attractions.

In this article, we will explore the many features that make Dubai Hills such a desirable place to live. For investors and homebuyers, there are many appealing Dubai hills properties in UAE to consider in this exclusive development.

Location and accessibility

Located in the heart of Dubai, Dubai Hills is easily accessible to world-class golf courses and other amenities, making it an ideal location for luxury living. This master planned residential development is located between Al Khail Road and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, giving easy access to all parts of the city. 

Dubai Hills Golf

The nearby metro station allows residents to get around easily. In addition, the Golf & Country Club offers leisure activities such as golfing, swimming and a wide variety of dining options. Shopping malls are also located close by allowing for convenient shopping trips.

The architectural design of the homes at Dubai Hills provides luxurious living with plenty of space and modern amenities. Homes feature floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light while maintaining privacy from outside onlookers.

The villas come with private gardens perfect for outdoor entertaining or peaceful relaxation. Residents can choose from one, two or three bedroom units which offer a range of different layouts and finishes tailored to their needs and desires.

Architectural design of the homes

The homes in the area feature cutting-edge architectural designs that create a unique balance of modernity and comfort. With a variety of influences from classic Arabic style to contemporary design, they offer homeowners an ideal living experience.

The structures are designed to provide an energy efficient environment with natural light and air flow. The residential buildings include both villas and apartments, each of which have been built with high quality materials for maximum durability.




Natural Light

Brightens interiors & Saves Energy

Skylights, Sunrooms, Large Windows

Air Flow

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Open Floor Plans, Recessed Porches


Enhances Durability

Steel Framing, Concrete Exteriors, Brick Facades

The stunning visuals provided by these features make it easy to appreciate why Dubai Hills is known as one of the most luxurious places to live in the world. Additionally, all residences come equipped with state-of-the-art technology including smart home systems and automated security systems for added convenience and safety.

This level of attention to detail allows residents to enjoy their living spaces without sacrificing performance or comfort. From the carefully chosen finishes on the walls to finely detailed landscaping outside, every aspect of these homes has been crafted with precision and care.

As such, Dubai Hills offers luxury living at its finest with superior architecture making it stand out among its peers.

Amenities and facilities

This exclusive community provides a range of amenities and facilities that make it an ideal destination for luxury living.

Dubai Hills facilites

Residents of Dubai Hills are privy to lavish outdoor activities such as tennis, squash, and basketball courts; state-of-the-art gymnasiums; and a selection of swimming pools. Additionally, the area offers dedicated parks with play areas for children and landscaped gardens.

Furthermore, the community boasts a host of leisure amenities including cinemas, theatres, libraries, restaurants, cafés and retail outlets. The area is also home to some of the best medical care in the UAE with several medical centres located nearby.

Security is paramount at Dubai Hills which is why round-the-clock security services are provided by professional guards who patrol all public areas within the development. The buildings themselves come equipped with advanced safety systems like smoke detectors and fire alarms as well as CCTV cameras for surveillance purposes.

Community events and activities

Moving away from the shopping and dining opportunities available in Dubai Hills, the community also offers a wide range of activities and events for its residents. From hosting music festivals to coordinated cultural events, there is something for everyone within this diverse community.

Community members can take advantage of the various recreational activities and events offered by the local government, including fitness classes, outdoor movie screenings under the stars, and art exhibitions.

Additionally, golfing enthusiasts can enjoy world-class courses within the vicinity, such as Dubai Hills Golf Club. This expansive 18-hole championship course has been designed by golf legend Ernie Els himself—a perfect way to spend an afternoon on the greens!

Dubai Hills Estate

The community also encourages its residents to come together through organized neighborhood get-togethers ranging from barbecues to sporting competitions and more. These social gatherings create an opportunity for citizens of all ages to have fun while building meaningful relationships within their local surroundings.

Moreover, these activities create a sense of attachment between people living in close proximity with each other—allowing them to make lasting memories that will last long after they've moved away from Dubai Hills.

Investment opportunities

Offering a variety of amenities and facilities, Dubai Hills provides investment opportunities to those interested in luxury living. It is the perfect place for those who seek high-end homes, world-class golf courses, and a vibrant lifestyle.

The community is surrounded by lush green landscapes and offers a range of residential properties that are ideal for families as well as investors. With its strategic location near Dubai Marina, it has easy access to the city's main attractions and landmarks.


For those looking to invest in real estate at Dubai Hills, there are many options from luxurious villas and apartments to townhouses and penthouses with unobstructed views of the golf course or nature reserves.

Each property comes equipped with high-end features such as energy efficient appliances, modern fixtures, spacious balconies, etc., making it an attractive option for potential buyers. Furthermore, residents can enjoy exclusive access to world-class dining options, children's playgrounds & sports courts, shopping areas & leisure centers nearby.


Dubai Hills offers a unique combination of luxury living and world-class golf courses, all within easy access. The architectural design of the homes is second to none, while amenities and facilities offer something for everyone.

Shopping and dining options are plentiful, with community events and activities available year round. With such an attractive mix of features, it is no surprise that Dubai Hills has become one of the most sought after investment opportunities in the region.

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