Ed Mylett Net Worth: Secret Of His Financial Success

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From being a depressed person after meeting an accident that shattered a great baseball career to being a successful businessman, entrepreneur, keynote speaker, 2x best-selling author, one of the fastest growing social media personalities, and business coach, Ed Mylett has come a long way. 

Ed Mylett has a net worth of $400 million making him one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs who has had success because of the hard work they put into everything. 

Many people inspired by Ed Mylett, want to know his backstory and many other things. In this article, we will take a look at Ed Mylett’s Net Worth, how he made his money, how his early life was, his personal life, and his career. 

So to know the secrets of Ed Mylett’s financial success, read the whole article.

Ed Mylett's early life

Ed Millet was born in Diamond Bar California on 27 April 1971. This is where he grew up along with his three little sisters. 

Not much is known about his family apart from the fact that his father was an Engineer by profession and his mother’s profession is unknown. 

Ed Mylett

Ed was very close to his father and considered him his best friend which can be seen in his videos and the Facebook post Ed shared when his father died. 

However, in the early days, Ed’s father was an alcoholic. Ed admits growing up in a dysfunctional family. 

He and his sisters always used to wonder whether their father would come home drunk. Most days when he came home drunk, his family had to suffer a lot. They wished that their father would leave drinking. 

Due to his father’s drinking habit, Ed needed an escape. That escape came in the form of doing good academically and doing good in the Baseball field

Fortunately, Ed’s father left drinking and became sober after a while and had a great relationship with Ed. 


Ed Mylett went to the high school in Diamond Bar, California. After graduating from high school, he went to the University of Pacific in Stockton, California. He graduated with a degree in communication from college. 

Although Ed’s main focus was baseball in college, his communications degree helped him a lot in his later years as a non-athlete. 

Ed Mylett: A baseball athlete

Ed Mylett was a fantastic baseball player in college. He played for the Pacific Tigers. 

What started as an escape from his father’s drinking, became his passion. 

He had won three-time Academic All-American. It was a scholarship that was given to the most outstanding student-athlete in a season. With his hard work, he won it not only once, but thrice.

As a player, he was an inspiration to his teammates. He had an incredible work ethic. 

Ed said in an interview that in Baseball, he learned that he can outwork others. He would always do one more lap than his teammates at the end of the practice which made him better. 

Ed talked about the power of “One more” in his book The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success.

Ed baseball

Apart from hard work, Ed also used to create strategies according to the opponents so that his team won. 

Unfortunately, his dreams of becoming a professional baseball player were shattered when he met an accident in his early twenties and was told that he could not play baseball anymore after his recovery. 

Ed Mylett career

Start of his entrepreneurial journey

After Ed was told that he couldn't play baseball anymore, he came back to his parent's house for some time and fell into depression. 

He had no work for at least a year. At the same time, his father had left alcohol and joined a recovery group. Here he found out that Mckinley is hiring for a counselor. 

Mckinley was a residential facility for orphaned teenagers and children who had faced abuse at home. 

Ed’s father came home and told Ed Mylett about this job and asked him to go for it. Since Ed comes from a dysfunctional family himself, he understood how much help those kids needed and took the job

This job proved to be a very pivotal point in his life. This is where he learned to appreciate the importance of serving others.

Mylett wanted to help those kids but was financially very weak. So to support himself and these kids, he took up many odd jobs in different places. He also helped many business owners in helping them build their businesses

This is where Ed’s financial journey began. From this point, he made more than $400 million by getting involved in different ventures using his business strategies. 

Ed’s first million at World Financial Group

After learning that he had to make money to help others, Ed Mylett started working for Word Financial Group in 1992

Word Financial Group is a financial organization, started in 1991, based in Duluth Georgia, that sells financial planning and financial products. 


Mylett joined the company in its early phase. With his dedication, hard work, and excellent communication skills that he garnered in college doing a degree in communications, he got his first breakthrough.

Ed Mylett was able to generate very good revenue for the company and in return, he made his first million before crossing his 30. After very little time, he was a multimillionaire too. Before reaching 40, he had a net worth in eight figures.

This exponential growth made him enter the WFG Millionaire Hall of Fame. By 2024, he has a net worth of $400 million.

Ed didn't just make money at WFG but also was in the top position. After working for a few years for the WFG group, he was one of the Top Marketing Directors

Soon after that, he became the top marketing head of the company. Ed Kept working hard even after so many promotions and earned the post of CEO Marketing Director. He was the youngest to earn that post in his company. 

Subsequently, he was promoted to Senior Executive Vice Chairman. 

In 2006, Mylett was promoted to the Chairman’s Council. As a member of the Chairman’s Council, Mylett worked with several other executives to develop WFG’s business models and relations.

In 2009, a new post was launched in WFG, Director of Field Marketing and instantly, Ed Mylett was promoted to that post. 

As a Director of Field Marketing, Ed Mylett uses his teaching skills and field experience as a "peak performance coach" to train WFG associates. 

He trains them by taking group sessions, one on one sessions. Ed Mylett also regularly participates in strategy sessions about raising the financial stats and the number of new associates recruited to the company.

Ed Mylett social media 

Ed Mylett did not use any Social Media before 2017. He believed that it would not add any benefit to him. 

However, when his Friend Tony Robbins asked him to come on Social Media to share his business strategies with his personal experience for free, he was convinced. 

Mylett asked his son to set up his Social Media accounts and soon he started uploading content. 

In just 11 months, he was a celebrity. Since he was sharing his strategies with 30 years of experience on the internet for free, people started following him everywhere. He was titled “the fastest-growing business personality in the history of social media” by many online publications. 

Right now, he has 2.9 Million Followers on Instagram and 954K Subscribers on YouTube. He keeps sharing knowledgeable content on his social media accounts regularly that helps many people make their first income and stay ahead of others by maxing out. 

Ed Mylett podcast

Even though Ed is a great business coach and ranked the #1 Mindset and Performance Coach in the world by USA Today, he wants his fans to grow more. 

Because of this reason, Ed started a podcast, “The Ed Mylett Show”. He wanted to train the next entrepreneurs by transferring his and his guests’ knowledge to others.

On this podcast, Ed brings peak performers from different industries. The guests share their life journeys, their experiences, and how they achieved success. 

Ed’s podcast became an instant hit as soon as they were launched. He has brought guests like David Goggins, and Mathew McConaughey on his show.

They are available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Google Podcasts, and many other podcast platforms.

They have received more than 10000 5-star ratings. This is enough to tell how good the podcasts are. 

Books authored By Ed Mylett

It is said that when Ed used to hire people for WFG, the first question he would ask was what books have you read. 

Ed Mylett book

He is a big fan of reading books hence he has written 2 books for people to read. Those books came out and became best sellers. 

One book came out in 2018, titled #MAXOUT Your Life. This book contained strategies on what to do to become an elite performer. It is focused on helping people who want to become the best version of themselves by maxing themselves out. 

This book contains strategies like setting goals the right way, developing your win, building confidence, etc. 

The other book came out in 2022, titled - “The Power of One More: The Ultimate Guide to Happiness and Success”. 

This book became a best seller too. 

This book contains strategies based on the 30 years of experience of the successful business coach Ed, to help you live an extraordinary "one more" life.

After reading this book, you will learn the true power of one more and how you can outrank others and build a great life for yourself with this strategy. 

These books have helped a lot of people build a great life

They have also contributed to Ed’s total net worth of $400 million as he gets a royalty on each sold book even today. 

Ed Mylett personal mentorship and public speaking

Apart from all the above-mentioned things, Ed Mylett is also actively involved in personal mentorship and public speaking at events. 

He has personally trained multiple top athletes, politicians, business owners, and celebrities to give their peak performance and also to improve their financial standing. 

He also goes to different events to share his knowledge of leadership skills, business strategies, etc. 

He is fully capable of speaking in arenas of 50,000 people and also in front of online audiences and has already done it multiple times. 

Ed Mylett's net worth | How he got rich?

Ed Mylett has a total net worth of $400 million in 2024. He was included in the 50 wealthiest under the age of 50 Forbes list in 2022. 

Ed Mylett net worth

He has made this much money by venturing into different things. He has been working for the WFG since 1992 and most money comes from there. After that, he provides private business consulting. This contributes a lot to his total wealth. 

He has personally mentored professional athletes, entertainers, business executives, and politicians in the world. He is often called a “success and fulfillment whisperer”. 

Some of his money comes from public speaking as well. People can hire him to motivate and tell his business strategies at events. 

Other revenue sources include real estate, book sales, and ad revenue. He might have many more secret financial assets that are unknown to any of us. 

Ed Mylett’s personal assets

By working extraordinarily hard, Ed has created a lot of assets for himself. Some are known and some are unknown. 

He has bought 3 houses. Apart from houses, he has also bought 3 jet planes to take him anywhere he wants. 

He also has many sports and luxury cars. One of them is Ferrari. Apart from all these, he has many more things that we don't know of. 

The best thing about Ed Mylett is that he is debt-free. He has bought so many expensive houses, jet planes, and cars without taking a loan. 

This is evident enough to tell that he is a legit entrepreneur businessman and has enough money with himself. 

Ed Mylett's personal life

Ed Mylett got married to his high school girlfriend Kristianna in 1997. His wife has supported him in each of his decisions and helped him grow. 

He has 2 children with his wife and lives in California in his Laguna Beach House. 


Despite having a net worth of more than $400 million, Ed Mylett lives a very humble life. 

Mylett dedicates his immense success to God, the lessons his father taught, and his mentors.

In his free time, he loves to play golf, read books, or learn about health. 

Since he is an ex-athlete, he loves being in shape. He regularly lifts weights to stay healthy and in shape.  

Ed Mylett weight height age

Ed Mylett was born in 1971. So that makes him 53 years old in 2024. 

He is a tall man standing at a height of 5 ft and 8 inches. He weighs around 85 Kg making it perfect for his height. 


Ed Mylett is not just an entrepreneur, business coach, public speaker, and book writer but an inspiration to many. 

His strategies on how to max out to become the best version of yourself, how to set goals, and how to outrank others by doing one more principle have helped a lot of people succeed in life. 

Ed’s business strategies for financial success have made him $450 million. Those strategies are helping others to succeed financially as well.

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