The Best EduBirdie Review From Writing Field Experts, Academicians, and Students 

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It is legal to hire professional online writing services to get your paper done in no time. is one of the highly preferred companies by students, field experts, and academicians. 

We decided to dig deeper and find out more details so that the readers can be well-informed in a well rounded way. We consolidated dozens of reviews for Edubirdie from different professionals and students in 2023 and created this review. 

About Edubirdie

Main Website:

Starting Price:

$13.99 per page

Total writers


Payment Options:

Visa, MasterCard, DISCOVER, AMEX

Minimum Delivery: 

3 hours

Discounts on Papers


Refund Policy:



From 2015 to 2023


Canada, USA



Main Address

3422 Old Capitol Trail #267

Wilmington, DE, US


+1 (888) 337 5415

+3 (595) 691 8356




4.7 stars

4.83 stars


5.0 stars

Executive summary is one of the online platforms that offer writing services to a wide range of clients. Their professionals provide services such as proofreading, ghostwriting, essays, and research papers.

The Best EduBirdie Review

The service aims to help students achieve their academic goals. The platform has served clients since 2015. 

How much is Edubirdie's price?

From our reviews, we established the service charges from $13.99. The writer checks how soon the deadline will be, the length of the paper, and the service level requested. Through bidding, the writer offers the price and directly communicates with the client. 

Is Edubirdie's reputation online worth trusting?

The reviews we came across were from the USA and many other parts of the world. Based on expert opinion from Aresearchguide, Edubirdie is a legit website with an established reputation. We closely examined them and agreed the platform is highly reputable online. The review shows the platform is one that a client doesn’t need to hesitate to order services. 

Is Edubirdies reputation online worth trusting

How is Edubirdie's paper quality?

Edubirdie essay writers create papers from scratch. Based on our Edubirdie legit service reviews from reseller ratings, writers use various tools for writing such as a dictionary and grammar checkers. The aim is to ensure every paper is quality. From our reviews, we established the team writers work under another team of editors. 

Is Edubirdie a scam based on its service review?

Absolutely not. Part of our reviews on Edubirdie involved conducting mystery shopping. We placed orders with the writers and we received papers written by experts. Although we came across a few Edubirdie scam claims, we could not find any concrete evidence to confirm the claims. Moreover, we noted the websites that published the claims were scam sites. 

Is Edubirdie a scam based on its service review

Are there advantages and disadvantages of using Edubirdie?

The Edubirdie reviews from top field experts and academicians that we came across pointed out several pros and cons of the platform. 


  • Every client is free to choose a writer 
  • They have a strict hiring procedure 
  • Their paper quality has high Edubirdie ratings
  • It is a safe website that interacts with clients 24/7.


  • Their charges are based on the educational level of the writers. Those with masters and PhDs charge higher.

Do clients get any guarantees from writers?

From the platform, we took note of a variety of guarantees. The writers guarantee to offer high-quality papers. They guarantee to use the best definition and meaning of words including a guarantee of privacy and timeliness. 

What is the range of services offered by the platform?

The platform offers a wide range of services. Their level of professionalism erases any doubt in any client who might be asking if is Edubirdie legit. They have services for.

  • Essays

  • Dissertations

  • Coursework

  • Research papers

  • Presentations

  • Case studies

Does the platform have a complicated process for placing orders?

The platform’s process for ordering papers is straightforward. After login to my account section, a client connects to the website and gives their order details. They get a quotation and the writer proceeds to write. Clients can get discounts through the Edubirdie discount code. They can also use promo codes or coupon code. 

How is the quality of papers delivered by the professionals?

Reviews from Yelp show the platform is focused on ensuring clients get high-quality papers. They have a team of professionals whose work is to double-check every paper for quality. We confirmed this from reviews published on other websites. 

Edubirdie reviews

Does the platform have experienced writers?

Edubirdie boasts more than 500 writers with exceptional experience. Their experience ranges from 2 to more than 10 years. They are well-rated online for completing papers on time and delivering one of the best qualities. 

How is their customer service?

From our reviews, the platform is available to interact with clients 24/7. Their contact number is always open including their chat and email services. We confirmed they have an experienced support team ready to help anytime. 

Offers and extra services

Edubirdie has a wide range of offers such as discounts, promotions, and free services. Clients access their informative blogs for free. They offer free tools such as an essay generator, word count tool, and citation generator. 

More reviews

Fresh reviews for Edubirdie keep flowing all the time across platforms such as Reddit and Facebook. Most of the reviews acknowledge the platform is genuine and offers exceptional services. 

more Edubirdie reviews

Edubirdie FAQ

How to use Edubirdie

You need to have an account to use the platform

Is Edubirdie free? 

The platform charges for writing papers 

Is Edubirdie services legit? 

Edubirdie is legit and does not scam clients

Is Edubirdie good? 

The platform is a good choice for all clients

Is Edubirdie safe? 

Edubirdie ensures great safety for all its clients

Final rate

We had to give our final rate after deeply reviewing the platform across dozens of websites.

The service is genuine and ready to assist clients 24/7. We were happy with the service and recommend it to academicians, field experts, and students across the world. 

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